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PAS more genuine than DAP

“… the Bangsa Malaysia Kool-Aid is perhaps the biggest con the opposition has ever come up with,” wrote Malaysiakini columnist Thayaparan in his Sept 15 article a fortnight ago on the eve of Malaysia Day.

I shall fine-tune Uncle Thaya’s hypothesis and observe that the DAP’s ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ snake oil is most certainly a big con. I shall explain why with reference to the DAP chairman’s most disunifying press statement which he issued today.

The top story in Malaysiakini presently – at the time I’m writing this (now) – is headlined Stop viewing non-Muslims as political foes, Guan Eng tells PAS

But wait!

Stop viewing Muslims only as votes to be baited and fished through cheap gimmicks, Helen tells DAP is my alternative suggestion for discerning thinkers.

Guan Eng said in his press statement (see his tweet below) today: “PAS reinforces exclusive, racist and extremist approach of treating non-Muslims as opponents that PAS is willing to negotiate with instead of inclusively embracing them as fellow Malaysians”.

Helen says: DAP reinforces its Bangsar Malaysia con of treating Muslims as a gullible vote bank that the party is willing to pander to by any hypocritical means necessary.

Guan Eng accuses PAS of expecting non Muslims to first agree with prioritizing the ummah unity agenda.

Helen says a picture speaks a thousand words — look at the photo below of DAP Selangor’s Chinese non-Muslim Aduns.

Guan Eng said today: “Non-Muslims should not be downgraded but embraced instead in an inclusive nature by any responsible political party that seeks to unite the nation.”

Helen says: Do Muslims want to be pandered to superficially by a political party that is unable to shake off its anti-Islam reputation?

BELOW: More of DAP’s non-Muslim women

Guan Eng said: “PAS must be reminded that non-Muslims are Malaysian citizens who are not political opponents of PAS.”

Helen says: DAP must be reminded that its leaders are self-proclaimed Malaysian Firsters. Why then is Guan Eng’s press statement released today via Facebook only in English and Chinese, with no version provided in BM (at this present moment)?

According to Guan Eng also, the PAS president has shown “open hostility and contempt towards the rights and dignity of non-Muslims”.

Guan Eng accused Hadi Awang of labelling those who encouraged the use of English “as having a colonial mindset”.

Sinchew recently published a feature on Sept 4 about a Malaysian Chinese actress who once auditioned for the role of Princess Hang Li Po in Takhta 3 Ratu.

The actress Lim Mei Fen could not even get her tongue around the word ‘laksamana’, much less string together any impromptu sentences, and was asked by the director: “Tak boleh cakap Bahasa Melayu kah?”

The Sinchew story added that such “a lame command of the Malay language” is “almost a universal problem among her [Mei Fen‘s] fellow Chinese Malaysians”.

So, here is Sinchew acknowledging that the ethnic group which makes up the DAP’s strongest supporters have difficulty in speaking our Malaysian first language …

Guan Eng said it is “shameless for Abdul Hadi to seek non-Muslim support for PAS“.

Helen says it is shameless for DAP to preach Bangsa Malaysia given how the party is sidelining bahasa Malaysia.

Guan Eng concluded his tirade by calling MCA, MIC, GPS-Sarawak and GRS-Sabah “eunuchs” for “whitewashing the racism and extremism of PAS”.

Helen asks why oh why are the DAP Christian women whitewashing themselves to look like PAS muslimah lite?

Firstly, a comment on PKR politician Elizabeth Wong. She was pictured wearing her pink tudung properly and gets a PAS – ‘pass’ pun is deliberate – for her effort above covering all her hair.

DAP’s Segambut MP and Subang Jaya Adun, on the other hand, both deserve a fail. YB Hannah Yeoh and YB Michelle Ng (pix below) get grade ‘F’ as wannabe hijabis.

Earlier this month, a young Kurdish woman named Mahsa Amini was rounded up by the Iranian morality police in Tehran for not wearing her hijab properly. Mahsa’s hair was showing — just like the Christian Hannah (on the right in pix) and her Christian mentee, Michelle.

If DAP non-Muslim politicians insist that selendang is the right and proper attire, then it is only respectful to at least wear it like PKR’s Elizabeth and not askew like these Subang wefie cosplayers.



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14 thoughts on “PAS more genuine than DAP

  1. The 99% Chinese must remember the DAP now led by the born again christians or BACs are NOT Chinese because they only look Chinese but inside all vestiges of things Chinese, the beliefs, the culture, the arts etc have been cleaned out in their quest to destroy Satan. These Chinese looking BACs have destroyed their past in their zeal for a newly created belief of their own making. Hence, they mocked others by displaying themselves as a part of them which they are definitely not ! It is like crossing the red line in the sand without a care for the many red flags they raised. Hopefully, the general public disregard these 7-day wonders when the 15th GE comes around soon and decide once and for all that only 100% Chinese with 100% Chinese ballast in them are Chinese. The others like the BACs or born again christians are just Chinese fakes.

  2. Take the tudung off or put it on will not make non muslim citizens equal to muslims

    If you wore it because you can , well good for you
    If you chose never to wear tudung also good for you

    What if one day to put on or off is law
    Don’t play play the religious police ; are ready to receive instructions

    Don’t appeased to the bigots

    Non Muslim is not equal to Muslim
    Muslim is not equal to Non Muslim
    Crazies definition of citizenship

    We can be Bangsa Malaysia, keluaga Malaysia
    Non religion or race required

    1. Sir,
      Malaysia is the best Country in the World.
      Malaysia has the best geo-strategic location, the best peoples and the best natural resources
      But only with a penchant of giving freebies to impoverished but rich tiny Singapore via red hot retreats on abang adek terms.
      And sooting herself in the foot always.
      Malaysia will never be perfect. Reformists or no reformists. Madam A or Sensodyne C4. Thanks to the revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans with God’s Will.
      So, do not be fooled by tiny Singapore which has nothing, not even Leadership but only BS manufactured in huge dollops by its humongous Ministry of Information staffed by ex-Penangites !
      Vote BN !

  3. The DAP had a chance to be dominant if they had been more flexible after the 14th GE. But unfortunately, the DAP led by the BACs or born again christians became more exclusive and pushed on with their hidden agenda which is to control the PH Government under the aegis of DSAI. The BACs had calcuated that TDM will not last. But the BACs did factor in the fact that there are many sides to an equation even though they are not stupid and must not be underestimated. What has gone wrong for them since 2020 was the fact that they operated without due regard for our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. This is a unique feature in the political history of the World. And this is what keeps our beloved Malaysia together today ! The Constitution favours the majority . Of course, the BACs are technically sound on the legalities of matters of public concern, the dots and the commas. But are they conversant with the nuances and the broad strokes of the political market place in peculiar Malaysia ? If they are that good, the BACs would not be up the greasy pole of no return today being outflanked by UMNO. An UMNO which was nearly destroyed by weakness of the flesh ! OMG ! Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the paramount UMNO now arises with the Rakyat giving them a second chance to make good, very good with a NORMAL Leadership. Anything outside the norm will be unacceptable. As for the BACs, their pleadings to delay the 15th GE will fall on deaf ears. Why should the 32 millions listen to just 500,000 Chinese looking robots with nothing Chinese in them ? The sooner the 15th GE takes place, the better it is for our beloved Malaysia to sort out the wheat from the chaff. With the ascendancy of the BACs in the DAP and its subsequent subjugation of its members after achieving control of the DAP, the Party now ONLY accepts fellow BACs . Therefore, all the 30% hard core Chinese chauvinists can kiss their Lee Kuan Yew biased efforts since 1966, a very good-bye ! Man proposes. God disposes. As for the 95% Chinese who voted in 2018 for the forever recalcitrant DAP stuffed with the BACs, if these 95% Chinese do not vote BN to protect their own self respect, interests and the honour of their ancestors but only vouch for these Chinese looking foreign robots which promise them nothing, they should throw themselves from the 88th storey of the Petronas Towers in shame. To again vote for these Chinese looking foreign looking robots which had been alleged to have misled them, the Malaysian Chinese.- the 95% non-christians, it is the most anti-Chinese act of all in the 5,000 years history of China. Vote BN.

  4. I say again that all Chinese outside of China support the incumbent Governments, even in Singapore with the exception of some Malaysian Chinese. It is only in Malaysia the Chinese behave differently being partially instigated by outsiders who are actually jealous of the Malaysian Chinese enjoying a wonderful life compared with them.

  5. i agree many msian not limited to chinese support ccp because they share the same characteristic. for eg, ccp say judiciary must come under party, most msian vote mahathir that treat the judiciary like his pets. ccp also claim in order to reign and rule, any maneuver, lawless tactics, invasion is justifiable, many msian also said as long as for sake of religion, one can curi, tipu and rombak. deng xiaoping said to get rich is glorious, most msian especially chinese take that statement as their bible thus kissing umno and mahathir ass is deemed glorious as long as one can get rich. ccp said hker demonstrate due to foreign power instigation, umno govt also said bersih is funded by ned ie usa imperialist to overthrow incumbent malay govt.

    that said i still look highly one that support ccp like how they support umno, at least no double std and consistent.

    1. HY. I agree. It’s all Realpolitik ! The tussle may come to Malaysia if we are not careful, fair and just. TDM was Japan and the US indirectly. China backs MCA as her previous Ambassador showed. This present one is more diplomatic. The lines in the sand are being drawn all over the place by the big antagonists raising red flags like in a minefield. The astuteness and wisdom of the incumbent Government hopefully will see us through. Sanctions after sanctions in a World which once enjoyed Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights – Uncle Sam’s own words via Clinton 1992 – from 1990-2013 ( Annexation of Crimea) are now showered like confetti on each other by the antagonists. Humankind certainly produced no surprises when it comes to walloping each other since Adam and Eve. As they say it’s the DNA !

  6. Here is a piece of arrogance and misrepresentation from the DAP which appeared in the Malaysiakini yesterday. ‘ LOKE WARNS GOVERNMENT IT WOULD DISRESPECT NON-MALAYS IF GE 15 FAST-TRACKED.’ Who is this fellow to represent the non-Malays ? The DAP BACs or born again christians are only 500,000 strong in a Nation of 32 millions. This is sheer misrepresentation by giving a wrong slant to the 99% non-christian Chinese who want a quick economic recovery through an early GE 15. This fellow and the DAP do not represent the 99% Chinese at all. This gaffe is of the 1st Order. They want the non-Malays to continue to suffer ?

  7. The 99% Malaysian Chinese should now assess the dismal record of the BACs or born again christian led DAP which never fulfilled their promises to the 99% Malaysian Chinese as opposed to its original Chinese chauvinistic Lee Kuan Yew bias Leadership since 1966. I am certain Lee Kuan Yew would not agree that the DAP be taken over by Chinese-looking robots with nothing Chinese inside. The 99% Malaysian Chinese who voted the DAP never thought the Chinese looking robots will take-over and control the DAP like what happened now. Of course there are alternatives like the ‘ politics shy ‘ and slow-moving MCA or the fast growing PBM. With the MCA, at least the 99% Malaysian Chinese are aware that the MCA is Chinese through and through, outside and inside unlike the BACs or born again christians led DAP which is now proven to be completely foreign in thoughts and actions but only look like Chinese. The DAP does not serve the 99% Malaysian Chinese interests today. Why not let MCA or PBM take your vote sincerely and honestly ? Both will never spew forth venom from a two-sided forked tongue without the 99% Malaysian Chinese permission . I am certain the 99% Malaysian Chinese are nobody’s fools. If anything, the 99% Malaysian Chinese will out-last these 7 day wonders or fly-by-nite BACs or born again christians who all have overseas havens. As Lee Kuan Yew said in 2002, ‘ In future, when there are riots in KL, we have to grow barnacles in our hearts and not open our doors to them ( the 99% Malaysian Chinese who are NEVER TROUBLEMAKERS ) ! Think the 99% Malaysian Chinese. Please do not be misled again by people who stir-up your emotions and your logic of 5,000 years standing. Think !

  8. The difference between PAS and the DAP is that the former has always been a principled Islamic political party with a constant Leadership whilst the DAP changed its political spots from Chinese Chauvinism with a Lee Kuan Yew bias since 1966 to a BACs or born again christian Leadership in April 2022 with a scattering of non-Chinese as ornaments. Politics is a serious business. It can cut both ways. Think ! Or the DAP has never been truly sincere or loyal in the implementation of its ultimate actions or promises with a heavy overlay of lip-service to garner support. Or the DAP has been as slippery as an eel since 1966 !

  9. The pictures always showed the DAP’s BACs or born again christians in Malay costume. If these BACs are not politicians out to evangelize or politicize others, no one cares two-hoots for such antics. But it becomes a mockery and infringement of another person’s rights if a traditional costume is treated without any respect by strangers who do not wear it indigenously. The zany actions by the BACs in their zeal to please superficially have etched an indelible mark in the minds of the other communities about what these BACs were up to. Why did they leave the confines of their many Income Tax Free palatial ‘churches’ and venture forth into hitherto uncharted areas ? To evangelize or to politicize ? However, we may note that these pictures were taken long ago in Malaysian Political terms. The ardent attempts by the swallows of the BACs to win over TDM have failed because he has moved on to form a new Malay Front. The efforts of the BACs have come to nought. This leaves DSAI stuck to them perennially . In harsh terms, the BACs led DAP has gone nowhere in particular even in their much touted strong-hold of Pulau Pinang. Any layman will tell us that the BACs led DAP is at its weakest now coupled with internal dissent. Any general worth his sword will tell us that there must be harmony in the camp before an army can win in the battlefield. I do not see the BACs led DAP will win any battle for sometime. Vote BN !

  10. The pigeons are coming home to roost. The games played by all since 2003 are over by the next 15th GE which will also spell the end of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ! The paramount UMNO with a NORMAL Leadership must return to lead our beloved Malaysia and fulfill its destiny since its formation to be the political backbone of the country since 1946. The unfortunate odyssey of the poor UMNO Leadership (2003-2018) since 2003 led us to the brink of disaster which opened the door for a short-while to the BACs or born again christians of the DAP who were caught unawares and unprepared at their good fortune. They just managed to deliver to Singapore and a few other tit-bits for themselves before Presto ! They were thrown out into the streets. Serve them right for being arrogant and insouciant at the most critical moment of their overall strategy in May 2018. They thought they had won due to their own apparent cleverness. They did not know that in our beloved Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected !. They could not be flexible and move with the mainstream of Malaysian Politics but stuck to their peculiar ways steadfastly. From that point, the BACs lost their bearings. And now they attempted at every turn to make amends from tudungs to picking on PAS or trying to represent both the 99% Chinese or Hindus which never permitted these BACs to impinge blatantly on their precious rights. Go home, BACs wherever you came from ! The fall-out will be the huge loss of Federal and State DAP seats by these foreigner usurpers without the support of the 99% Chinese and Hindus who finally recognize that the ‘politics shy’ and slow-moving MCA, MIC or even the PBM represent them better. At least, these parties the MCA, MIC or PBM are politically honest and sincere without deviousness. Vote BN for your good-selves, family and all in this vital 15th GE. You can now see the danger of being misled by silver tongued operators from the FACTS presented here.

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