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PAS rightly convinced that DAP is anti Islam

DAP is unable to shake off its anti-Islam reputation. Why?

Because DAP itself wants to play the religion card.

A couple of days ago, DAP sec-gen Anthony Loke invoked Deepavalli as a reason why parliament should not be dissolved. He said conducting the general election this month would be disrespectful to Hindus.

Other DAP leaders flash the religion card too now and again. But at the same time, they insist on playing the victim also.

For example, DAP evangelist Hannah Yeoh has accused fellow Malaysians of “spinning” that her party is anti Islam (see 11 March 2020 tweeted article above by @MerdekaSuara).

‘Media sosial penuh dengan spin tuduh DAP anti-Islam, kata Hannah — Suara Merdeka

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This allegation of being Islamophobic is unique only to the DAP.

Establishment Chinese parties, for instance, may at times have been accused of racial chauvinism but still, MCA (and ex-BN) Gerakan do not have an anti-Islam reputation such as the DAP does.

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DAP’s split personality?

As recently as last week, PAS reiterated that DAP is anti Islam.

“DAP jelas memiliki rekod buruk lagi hina dalam isu-isu membabitkan Islam,” said Khairil Nizam Khirudin in his Sept 30 press statement.

Khairil, who is PAS information chief, cited the DAP women’s wing as “mengkritik khutbah Jumaat berkait kewajipan wanita Muslim menutup aurat” as well as singling out former Dewan Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming for “menyindir purdah yang dipakai oleh sebahagian wanita Islam”.

PAS sudah cukup rimas dengan kerenah DAP yang suka bermuka-muka, i.e. the evangelist party speaking from both sides of its mouth on the issue of Muslimah dress.

PAS epitomises the concept of ‘what you see is what you get’. The Islamist party makes no bones that it is purveying political Islam.

With DAP, on the other hand, what you see is a chameleon costume party.

DAP insists that its non-Muslim women are wearing selendang as a mark of “respect for Islam” and browbeats anyone who disagrees with its hijabi propaganda.

A DAP stalwart who has called out the party leadership on the matter of faux Muslim costuming is Ronnie Liu.

Hijabi Hannah berated Ronnie as “toxic” when it is actually her party that is schizophrenic.

“Ronnie does not represent me”, Hannah had asserted in April 2021.

“The DAP that Ronnie Liu wants is not the DAP which I joined,” she added.

The truth is Ronnie belonged to the DAP Lama of its previous chairman Karpal Singh.

DAP Baru which Hannah joined in the new millennium has been made over in the shape of its current Born Again Christian chairman Lim Guan Eng.


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6 thoughts on “PAS rightly convinced that DAP is anti Islam

  1. Your description that the DAP has a split personality is incorrect. The DAP has a fake personality is a more apt description. Sorry. Why must the BACs or born again christian Leadership of the DAP after getting rid of the 30% Chinese chauvinism with a Lee Kuan Yew bias, reach out to the Muslims and attack PAS ? I would not even categorize the BACs as extremists but zany. Just 500,000 zany BACs want to rule Malaysia via their Muslim proxies if any ! The many twists and turns of this zany bunch have lost them many friends even the 99% Chinese and Hindoos if I am not mistaken. Therefore, the 15th GE must be held as soon as possible as led by the paramount UMNO to defeat all these fakes and one tent Chiefs who have popped up to take advantage of UMNO self-inflicted absence from the Malaysian Political scene between 2003-2022. Fortunately, the Malaysian majority is still sane and NORMAL. Hopefully, with the forced defeat of the fakes, the majority will have the cake and share it with all. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. Akan Datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  2. The more I think about the dire dilemma affecting the BACs or born again christian DAP Leadership today, the more I fear for their forthcoming defeats at the Federal and State levels by the ‘politics shy ‘ and slow moving MCA and the MIC Hindoos. If at all, these BACs have only themselves to blame for their future 15th GE catastrophe. Who ever thought of mocking another community by wearing their indigenous costumes should be devoured by the Satan in Timbuctoo ! If their political rivals UMNO, PAS, MCA, MIC, PBM etc just point out that the BACs of the DAP are NO MALAYSIAN CHINESE because they have cleansed out internally their Chinese-ness of customary beliefs, culture, practices, fine arts, furniture, porcelain etc. No decent Chinese worth their 5,000 years of ancestral roots will vote for them. Vote BN ! It is as easy as this for MCA, MIC, PBM. Or why vote for hollowed out Chinese looking DAP robots who have no human caring and compassion unlike our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans who safeguard our beloved Malaysia and the revered Constitution and us, the Rakyat ?

  3. Why did Malaysia’s apparently most squeaky clean politician retire at this juncture when his ‘Hasta la Vista, baby’ the DAP requires his most experienced advice and contemplation ? Your guess is as good as mine. Was there a coup d’etat by the BACs or born again christians of the DAP specially engineered by or for Junior who in his zeal over-reached his inborn DNA talents ? Or in the rojak of Malaysian Politics, there is no easy answer ! Whatever the reason or no reason at all in our homegrown politics of the Machiavellian kind, we are forced to accept the rise of the BACs or born again christians using the once venerable DAP 1966 as their stalking horse, not Trojan Horse of Lee Kuan Yew’s fame. Not only that, the Malays in the DAP lost out relatively at the last DAP elections and may be considered neutralized in political terms. No new Malaysian political party can thrive without being Muda and Bangsa these days. Hence, the recent anointed BACs now feel free to underline the gift of their gabs ! By attacking the PAS whilst it was alleged they prefer to lick UMNO boots these days instead of TDM’s ! Running dogs for you and me! Ouch ! That was a phrase from the 30% Chinese chauvinists of the DAP 1966 which has long gone with the wind concerning the BACs. Undoubtedly, many tomes have been written and will be published on the 15th GE of our unique Malaysian Democracy where our respected and revered Royals have always played a key role in Malaysia/Malaya history since the beginning of time. In time, the BACs or born again christians will be forgotten because Age respects no Man or Woman BACs or no BACs ! But our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat will live forever. Vote BN !

  4. The PH coalition has declared that the PH controlled States will sit out the 15th GE this year. If this is not bad politics what is ? – To tell your enemies that you are battle-shy and prefer to sit at home to cook nasi lemak than to fight the enemy like heroes !. Then, when the 3 States, Selangor, Negri Sembilan and Penang open up in a matter of months, it will be just an easy walkover for the BN because these PH States have missed out on the goodies reserved for their Rakyat. The prevailing winds in favour of the BN are blowing strong and in the right direction which is now doubly confirmed by the PH with a propensity to be accident prone. Why ? First, in 1997, if the DPM had taken a holiday in the US, he would have returned as the undisputed Honourable Prime Minister. He did not but preferred to stomp the streets to the embarrassment of his supporters. Second, in 2008, if the 32 Aduns had been compromised before the GE and not after, the Duo would have been in Putrajaya since. This would have cost them no money as they now discovered. Third, in 2013, if the Duo had declared a 100 day- Gandhi hunger strike under the glare of the World’s media, they would have been ensconced with POWER in Putrajaya. Fourth, in 2018, the Duo had the good fortune to hang on the coat-tails of TDM into the halls of Power in Putrajaya. They had the Power. But due to the dire lack of IQ, and experience, and greed, the Duo were thrown out naked into the street by lesser souls. They paid the price to this day. No Malaysian will vote for born losers. The Duo can kiss their re-kindled hopes a very good-bye ! As for their disappointed followers, the MCA, MIC or PBM may welcome them with open arms or live the lives of political orphans ! . Vote BN for an assured future !

  5. (PAS epitomises the concept of ‘what you see is what you get’. The Islamist party makes no bones that it is purveying political Islam.)

    Well, in many cases throughout it’s decades long history, the PAS chieftains of “political Islam” has been clearly anti-sunnah of the blessed Prophet (s a w.), not least of which is to pronounce other decent Muslims as “kafirun”! So what exactly is the nature of this beast termed “political Islam”? Is their political islam different from ISIS’ political islam, if not then in what respects?

    1. One Party believes in a religion of over 1,200 years. The other religion arose out of a an oversight or quirk of the Malaysian Legislature which created a loophole for a crooked Chinese tycoon to exploit for money laundering in 1975. The loophole was the INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP. Thereafter, hundreds of these TAX FREE places of worship popped up. This also permitted the heads of these places of worship to collect 12% of their flocks salaries TAX FREE. With so much TAX FREE money in their hands, the BACs of born again christians became cocky and NOW ATTEMPT TO GRAB POLITICAL POWER IN MALAYSIA. from the majority which is un-Constitutional. . In Japan, the Japanese found PM Ishida poll ranking dropped because it is alleged his LDP is infested with members of the Unification church. China, Hong Kong, India, and Singapore do not want these foreigners. Here are the facts. My illiterate sister-in-law who earned a living in a Jalan Imbi hair salon as a hair-rinser, formed her owned RM 2 incorporated church. She made millions of ringgits which she invested in Marble Arch area, London and made millions of ringgits more. She died young and left the business to her daughter. My cousin who is the head of a place of worship rides around in a golden Mercedes S long wheel base driven by a chauffeur. To compare the born again christians of the DAP Leadership with PAS is like comparing chalk and cheese. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth !

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