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Snap election

In Denmark.

Danish PM Mette Frederiksen just called an early general election after her minority government collapsed.

The snap poll is set to take place on Nov 1 — seven months ahead of the end of Frederiksen’s term in office.

A smallish party – the Social Liberals with 14 parliament seats – withdrew support for Denmark’s ruling left-wing coalition amidst opposition threats on tabling a vote of ‘no confidence’.

Frederiksen herself only narrowly evaded impeachment a couple of months ago over her country’s holocaust of farm-bred minks.

The super kiasu and very kiasi Danish government cold-bloodedly ordered the slaughter of 17 million innocent and healthy minks during Covid.

The killing was carried out without any legal authority, a parliamentary probe found in June this year.

BELOW: Little dead furry animals all in rows

A commission which investigated the Mink Murders was appointed by the Danish parliament and comprised one judge and two legal experts.

The commission said in its report that the culling was ordered based on “clearly illegal instructions”, and criticised the “reprehensible” move.

Hastily buried en masse in shallow graves, the dead animals had risen out from the earth — requiring Danish health authorities to dig them up again for safe reburial.

Karma is biting back at the murderous Danes clinging on in government.



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  1. The Danes are supposed to be the happiest people on Earth according to a World Index. Singapore has always claimed to be World’s Second Best to the US. However, in the World’s Myopia Index, Singapore is Numero Uno with 80% of the population myopic. A Singaporean specialist admitted that they have been tackling this rising problem for over 2 years. Without myopia and the snap election coming in a matter of weeks, it is foolhardy for UMNO not to recognize that its enemies are in disarray and weak at the moment. The new BACs or born again christians of the DAP require time to consolidate. . Some even fall on their knees to beg UMNO to delay the GE until next year. The longer UMNO waits, the stronger its enemies become to overwhelm it. No mercy should be shown by a resurgent UMNO. Remember UMNO’s antagonists were brutal and unforgiving. Our beloved Malaysia cannot be fainthearted at times like this. There are even writings on the wall condemning the infantile antics of the BACs who had enjoyed free rides at the expense of others for far too long. Especially the misled 99% Chinese who voted for the DAP at the 14th GE. Now, it is exposed that the BACs led DAP are NOT Chinese because they have NOTHING CHINESE INSIDE but only look like Chinese. Will the 99% Chinese NOT vote for the DAP which has lost its traditional Chinese Chauvinism with a Lee Kuan Yew bias oomph ? And vote for the Chinamen’s party the MCA at the next 15th GE whilst the Hindoos for the MIC ? Or the PBM as a preferred choice for Chinamen and Hindoos ? Our beloved Malaysia was once known as boring and downright uninteresting ! Now no longer, thanks to our colourful politicians who turned their profession from lawmaking to lovemaking like the love of watches, shoes, trips to Istanbul, pieces of plastic paper signed by the Gabenor of BNM, the millions of bumps on the roads of KL etc.etc ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. Vote BN.

    1. The media’s latest report showed that on 3 October 2022, 10 Cabinet Ministers petitioned the caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong to postpone the 15th GE until next year. First, DYMM will comply with the Constitution and the Law. Second, what sort of Ministers are these who neglect their duties and responsibilities to the Rakyat. Third, these Ministers do not want full Malaysian Style democracy to return via a GE. All the more, because of these autocratic or authoritarian self-serving individuals, the 15th GE must be held as soon as possible so that electoral POWER returns to the Rakyat to boot out these 75 incompetent individuals living on Public money as Ministers as soon as possible. The political paramountcy of UMNO must be exerted in the political arena once again. And our beloved Malaysia marches on as one of four important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not bite-size Singapore. This is only a whisper away given the return of NORMAL Leadership with square pegs for square holes and round pegs for round holes !. Vote BN. Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  2. Fortune favours the brave. An early 15th GE is the best solution to untie the gridlock which our unique Malaysian Style democracy is facing. The dangers now growing bigger and bigger in the World are beyond comprehension. The quicker the 15th GE is over, the safer our beloved Malaysia will be. God has blessed us all the time. Just look at tiny Singapore which has to import 180 Indian doctors over 3 years. But Malaysian doctors not invited after Singapore took all the freebies since 1962 ? Vote BN

    1. By delaying the GE, the BN troops may get tired with waiting and the enemies grow stronger Then, the cost of victory rises against a stronger enemy in an un-famliar terrain. God will bless the BN. Only God knows why. Vote BN.

  3. The 2023 Budget is an Election Budget for a Snap Election. A Budget with goodies for all which has to backed up by money from somewhere. No key areas were highlighted. For the cognoscenti, security, education and health should be the areas which look after the citizens now and thereafter. But nothing was said and nothing will be done. At least, some allocation to fight the rising corruptions would have satisfied some curious souls. Here are some succinct comments on this Budget. 1. FMT ‘ Budget 2023 falls short for Private Sector says MEF. 2. FMT. ‘More for development but who is paying say economists.’ 3. Malaysiakini. ‘ Budget priorities in the wrong place – economist.’ Malaysia’s wherewithal is much governed by external factors like the FED’s policy on the base lending rate which is dependent on its outlook on the US economy and inflation, the War of Sanctions, the US-Sino Trade dispute, the demand for Malaysian exports etc. And last but not least Malaysia’s political stability. Until we get rid of the last clown or fake from the Government, investors will always hold back till confidence and trust return. The World is so transparent these days, It is pointless to hide anything under the carpet. The longer the 15th GE is delayed, the more difficult it is for UMNO to win all. This is precisely what its enemies want. Vote BN.

  4. On the 2023 Budget, I inadvertently left out the most important socio-economic activity of all, that is TOURISM. Nothing was mentioned on tourism which is the best to garner foreign exchange, revenue, creation of jobs for all with a snowballing effect. All countries go for tourism at all times even the US, Japan, etc. The IMF always recommended it. Prime examples were Germany, Italy and Japan after World War II which arose again from the ashes by means of tourism as the benefits were manifold. Malaysia has been treating tourism like Cinderella with gentle neglect. The foreign tourist ministers never traveled outside their countries. But Malaysia’s ministers used the Ministry of Tourism like their own travel agency and traveled to the fleshpots of the 1st World countries continuously. In the early 1980s, it was alleged even a member of the Tourist Board was sacked for corruption. I know the fellow ! A MCA Minister was allegedly accused of corruption. This was the person who took her whole family to tour the Southern Antipodes and promoted London with an exhibition of expensive Malaysian orchids at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. For her efforts in promoting London instead of Malaysia, she was awarded a gold medal by The Queen which rightfully belonged to Muzium Negara. The present Minister decorated many ministries in which she was entirely ornamental like the Ministry of Law in the PMO. It seemed that such ministries were treated like back-burners by all PMs. Front got, but no backsides to follow up by the aspirants from the East. Tourism will be the most important revenue earner for Malaysia whether we like it or not. But it was forgotten in the 2023 Budget ! Where else but Malaysia. Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  5. yes we shd take a cue from uk denmark sort of politics to have a election or change of pm every one or two years. thats how we ensure all the malay/muslim party can share the govt equally like a nep policy that cater for people with special right.

    chinese must continue to vote ph and not get involve in this musical chair of politics. umno/pas politicking is a cancer of society and must cut it out.

    1. Does anyone know how many political parties Malaysia has ? If a person is an elected rep, the tax free goodies are beyond imagination. For example, an elected rep will get permission to carry a gun which is also paid for by the Gomen. . I recommend a Walther PP as the best for a greenhorn. I know of only one instance when such a gun was used, not a Walther. He shot his wife’s lover and was jailed – a crime of passion. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  6. The Malaysian Political atmosphere is now electrified with the expectation of a snap 15th GE to be announced in a matter of hours. If this really happens, kudos to the venerable UMNO which has finally recovered its soul, bearings and the leadership Will in the Sovereign and National Interest of our beloved Malaysia. Fortune favours the brave. It is time the one-tent Big Chiefs fold their tents and ride off into the dying sunset with their money bags. It is time for the BACs or born again christians to be exposed to all that they only look like Chinese on the outside but nothing Chinese inside. Do not be misled again – the 99% Chinese who were fooled by them, the robots, in the 14th GE. As soon as they, the BACs were in POWER, they forgot their promises to the 99% Chinese. Vote MCA or MIC this time. Even the 30% hard-core and original members of the DAP since 1966 are aghast at the demagogic behaviour of the BACs led DAP Leadership. Some want to leave this very minute. This time round without TDM’s boots to lick like running dogs, the BACs have the work cut out for them. To boot, the BACs have to defend why they renege on the 99% Chinese after the 14th GE and cared only for Singapore and themselves and also they have to prove they are Chinese whom they are DEFINITELY NOT because they are 100% foreign inside. Hopefully, the ‘politics shy’ and slow moving MCA will pick up some gems from here ! There is no question the born again christian DAP Leadership will lose many seats. But by how much is the vital question. I guess the DAP will lose 20 Federal seats or more to MCA if the MCA has the political gumption.
    The media is already screaming loud and clear this evening, thus :-
    Malaysiakini 9 Oct. ” Report. PM met Agong this afternoon on Parliament dissolution.”
    The Star. 9 Oct. PM has audience with the King. Talk of Parliament dissolution heats up.”
    FMT. 9 Oct. ” PM to make important announcement tomorrow.
    The Star. 9 Oct. ” PM awarded a high honour.”
    The Malaysian Democracy train had been derailed since 2004. It is time the BN led by UMNO and the Rakyat put it back on track again to chug-chug its way to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not bite-size Singapore. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  7. Kudos to the UMNO and the BN for having the courage and gumption to go for the 15th GE now. Not a moment too soon as the World’s problems rise and the threat of the monsoon faces us again. The gaggle of Opposition voices was to wait for external factors to help to push them to victory. This is not going to happen. Malaysia with one of the most durable democracy in the World must have the mettle to show all that Malaysia is but a short march to being one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not bite-size Singapore. It is towards UMNO and the BN that all Rakyat must support and look to but not the flea-size political parties established by people who made their MONEY from politics in UMNO ! Or are they attempting to cover up the source of their huge wealth which is beyond our imagination ? As for the foreign BACs or born again christians who now control the DAP and pushed aside the Lee Kuan Yew biased veterans of 1966, they are far, far away from their Promised Land which is in Palestine and not Malaysia. They have also got to explain why they only cared for Singapore and themselves in the PH Government 2018-2020 after 99% Chinese voted for them in the 14th GE. The foreign BACs have to prove that they are 100% Chinese inside even though they look 100% Chinese outside. They cannot because they are foreign robots which China, India, Japan and Singapore do not want them. It stands to reason why the 99% Chinese should vote for BN and the MCA because the foreign robots, the BACs have misled them in the 14th GE. Once bitten twice shy as they say. The 99% Chinese are nobody’s fools when it comes to safeguarding their interests of jobs, family and peace and prosperity. The foreign BACs have utterly shown their dark side in their quest for POWER in the PH Government even TDM could not stand the proverbial stink which these BACs tried to hide. The final result is for all to see since 2018 ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth. The 99% Chinese should throw themselves from the 88-storey Petronas Tower if they still vote for the foreign born again christians DAP in the 15th GE after being conned big-time in the 14th GE when they the foreign BACs lasted only 22 months just enough to please Singapore and themselves after telling all for decades that they were the best available in the political market. If the 99% Chinese think like Chinese, the foreign born again christians DAP should win ZERO parliamentary and State seats. The tail should not wag the Malaysian Tiger !

  8. Finally, the expectations of the Rakyat for a GE have been fulfilled. The ball is now up in the air ready to be grabbed by the Party with the most number of votes. By any reckoning, it should be the UMNO and the BN. Not only that, all sorts of things will happen with the rumour-mongers having a field day because this 15th GE is no common run of the mill GE. This GE will either make or break our beloved Malaysia which had the good fortune to be resilient to ride out the many vicissitudes which came her way through the years. Thanks to the brutality and the greed of Humankind – from the dark depths of the Japanese Occupation 1941-1945 into the foreign inspired Communist Insurgency 1948-1992 with May the 13th thrown in between, Malaysia has had her fill of giant sized crises ! Yet, we as Malaysians were intrepid enough through our in-born DNA moved together in the right direction in line with fair play and justice. Three important factors come to mind why this was so. First, our revered Constitution, Second. Our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Third. the Rakyat of Malaysia. These are the stabilizers of any NORMAL nation. And these are the attributes which will return to drive our beloved Malaysia and the Rakyat forwards to be one of the 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, not bite-size Singapore. Hence, the whole Nation should be on tenterhooks until the next Government is formed with only half of the former number of 75 members. We must always remember this is not our grand daddy’s government ! I look forward to a Government which is strong and stable led by UMNO with the BN to put our beloved Malaysia on track again. For those who still want to have POWER, an ancient saying, ” For a good Mind and Body, do not mourn the past. Nor worry about the future. But live in the present, wisely and earnestly ! ” Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  9. What more can we say ? As our beloved Malaysia returns to the hustings because some one was responsible for this mess many years ago. We the Rakyat have to vote in a government which has a NORMAL Leadership cognizant of the virtues and failings of its predecessors. A Prime Minister should stay only for 2 terms. Not only that, he has the important task of not only grooming his successor but also guide a phalanx of elites, Malay elites, to strengthen our mental resources which are passed on from generation to generation. Now, we have found 3 generations of Malay elites immolated themselves on simple material things. Recently, an autobiography was published in which the many inaccuracies were shot down by the victim who truthfully lambasted the writer. In one episode, a-civil servant became the adviser to the Prime Minister. Later, he became a politician who made millions of ringgits illegally ! This is the sort of ‘elite’ or fake we must avoid at all times and removed from our System !. An elite should be a person who serves the Nation without thinking of making money ! Without real Malay elites, it is well nigh impossible for the non-Malay elites to progress. It’s all in the revered Constitution. An area well exploited by the BACs or born again christians and the NGOs. An area of contention which is easily avoided by NORMAL Leadership in the Government. We must all be born optimists in matters concerning Humankind. See how the West are battling each other to the death which has never stopped since Adam and Eve. Here is a pointer to our Asian values which placed a person’s Life as the top priority. Taiwan said a few days ago, ” War is not an option in our conflict with China.” There will be no war across the Taiwan Straits. Definitely, no war in Asia.

  10. I have touched upon the fact that our beloved Malaysia requires many Malay elites to progress and to function in her quest to move up the gravy train of the World’s nations. At the moment, the few true Malay elites are shunted aside to twiddle their thumbs. These unfortunate but successful elites are not considered advantageous to the Sovereignty and National Interest of the Nation. Here is a true example. At the turn of the 21st Century, a brilliant Muslim Indian graduate returned from London and was employed in a Government cyberspace agency. His boss requested him to prepare the annual budget which he did accordingly. But his boss told him to add another RM 5 million ringgits to the total expenditure for the year. The young man was upset. He turned to his father for advice who told him to do as he was told. The young man amended the budget reluctantly and resigned from his job. He returned to London quietly. How many brilliant graduates Malaysia lost because of the force of circumstances ? How many elites Malaysia lost because of corruption ? The success of the ‘ Talent Corp’ to persuade these brilliants to return home has never been reported. As Malaysia is a small country, a small country only produces a small quota of true elites annually with he active participation of the Government. As it is, has anyone ever thought about how our beloved Malaysia gave away Pulau Batu Puteh which she owned since the beginning of time to bite-size Singapore which was founded only in 1819 ? Of course, this was done through a moment of human weakness as always as recorded in our political annals ! The Government running off to the Hague immediately after TDM retired to find out whether Malaysia owned it or not which its predecessors confidently assumed she did. THIS ACT WAS THE FAILURE OR ABSENCE OF ELITISM IN MALAYSIA WHERE NATIONAL PRIDE, SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST WERE ABSENT because there were no true elites but fakes, clowns, liars, copy-cats etc ! To rub salt into the Malaysian wound, the legal eagles of bite-size Singapore published a book to tell the World how smart they were in comparison to the dull Malaysians. Later, the ex-Ipoh, head of this Singapore team was appointed a Patron of the Malaysian Royal Asiatic Society where all the historical documents stating Malaysia owned Pulau Batu Puteh were kept in London ! But God had other ideas. In 2020, Covid-19 struck Singapore which she never recovered to this day. The Ukraine War followed. Her pivot tourism trade, her SIA, her much touted Changi Air Terminals I, II, III & IV, hotel businesses with all the paraphernalia of the tourist trade and revenue collapsed overnight. Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy for the Survival and Sustainability of bite-size Singapore was no more like humpty-dumpty on the wall who had a great fall ! And many more crises to come as Singapore’s Prime Minister warned twice in Rwanda and Singapore in 2022 ! Then, the obvious lack of political leadership showed that a Singaporean trained in Malaysian ways in Malaysia was parachuted into the PMO to be a big Minister of the once squeaky clean Singapore Government ! Even some dirt now becomes gold in bite-size Singapore ! As shown on the CNA daily, Singapore is now going for fauna and flora, exotic cuisines, imported billionaires and humbly claimed to be Numero Uno according to the World’s Myopic Index. As a matter of course, Singapore was accustomed to claim always as the World’s Best but only next to the great United States. The problems of Singapore today are the problems of a society which lacks true elites. Where have they all gone ? Washed down into the Singapore River ! Even though Lee Kuan Yew took great pains to create thousands of them with his 1972 Two Child Family Policy, it produced no genius like him and his wife and had to be abandoned. The fact is even Hitler dared not fiddled with human genetics. Our beloved Malaysia should now produce true Malay elites by the thousands taking a leaf from Lee Kuan Yew’s monumental mistake of his 1972 Two Child Family Policy. Let there be many true Malay elites. And a very few of them will beat the World in conjunction with the non-Malay elites as per our revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. Man proposes. God disposes ! Vide Bite-size Singapore’s odyssey !

  11. With the coming of the 15th GE and hopefully the return of Good Governance by the new Government, our beloved Malaysia will zoom to the stars unlike Icarus or Lee Kuan Yew of bite size Singapore to the Sun. What is this intangible thing which all Rakyat hankered for ? It is just Normal Government led by a Normal Leader to rule over the 32 million Normal citizens of our beloved Malaysia. All the requisite elements of Normal Government has always in place. But when a Prime Minister who overstayed his job and appointed himself also the Minister of Finance, it is not only BAD governance but also zany. In common parlance, it was out of this World with the political mess which followed subsequently . It goes without saying that there is something wrong somewhere – a quote from an UMNO warlord after he discovered that I was the only non-ennobled amongst my friends. With this remark, he moved to the next table and kissed a Singaporean lady of a certain age on both her powdered cheeks with relish. She was his Swiss banker ! If a Prime Minister is Normal, he naturally would exhibit normal characteristics, habits or behaviour which his underlings would emulate. In no time at all, the whole government including its civil servants and the uniform branch would be NORMAL. No more malingering, or sick leave or the repeated deaths of relatives or 2-week study leave or conferences. . Noble professions like the armed forces and the police, the teachers and the medical staff should be accordingly honoured and not be treated like serfs in a medieval kingdom. If the Leader grabbed money, the whole government and its employees also grabbed money. Many years ago, Tun Tan Siew Sin offered me his own Batu Berendum Federal seat with his advice. He said, ‘ People who hold Power in high places must come from a proper background with a clean record !’ I declined not because I did not qualify but for other reasons and recommended a friend who lasted just 4 years in Malaysian Politics. Normal Governance or Good Governance will be the wherewithal of the success of the post-15th GE Government. It is as simple as this to propel our beloved Malaysia as one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, not bite-size Singapore ! Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  12. The front lines of the forthcoming 15th GE have been quickly carved in concrete. There are going to be 3 battle groups eg. BN, PN, Harapan. The extremist groups are the PN on the right and the Harapan on the left whilst the BN is the middle of the road. The 99% Chines who voted for the born again christians of the DAP in the 14th GE are not expected to be misled again and vote again for the DAP hiding under Harapan. The 99% Chinese should vote for BN for Peace, Harmony and Prosperity. The majority of the Malays are expected to vote for the BN as both the PN and the Harapan have only wishful thinking to offer to the Malays. The Malays should vote en mass for the BN with UMNO leadership in keeping with the historical heritage of the Malays who should be paramount in their own country as per the revered Constitution as safeguarded by our caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. This is the only democratic way to put Malaysia on her tracks again. The political POWER must return to BN hands to lead the Nation to greater heights of achievement. Vote BN

  13. It is time to review the media’s headlines on current affairs which appeared today either for information or amusement, Snap Elections or no Snap Elections, thus:-

    1. The Star. 12 October . ‘ Singapore growth to ease in Q3. Keeps MAS in balancing act. ‘ For the very first time, it’s an ‘ All balls out situation for bite size Singapore ‘ as the British used to say ! Singapore has always claimed to be the World’s best but second to these United States. In the 2022 World’s Myopic Index, Singapore ranks first ! 80% of her population are myopic !
    2. The Star. 14 October . ‘ Singapore announces S$ 1.5 billion support package for all Singapore households ‘. Even an impoverished but rich country today does not escape the wrath of Covid-19, the Ukraine War and the worse to come !
    3. The Star 14 October. The all smiling MCA Leader says. ‘ MCA leaders will emerge unscathed from any graft probe.’ To quote what an UMNO war lord once remarked when he discovered I was the only one not ennobled amongst my friends,’ Something is wrong somewhere !’ With this remark, he moved to an adjacent table and kissed a Singaporean lady of a certain age on both her powdered cheeks. She was his Swiss banker !.
    4. The Star. 14 October ‘ Fresh Malaysian chicken fly off shelves in Singapore despite higher prices.’ Why does the chicken liken cross the Causeway ? Because Dear Sir and Madam, it is fresher on the other side !
    5. The Star. 14 October. ‘ Price increase for all Massimo bread products except sandwich loaf.’ In Malaysia even an ordinary loaf of bread gets top billing. Money talks!
    6. FMT 14 October. ‘ Budget 2023. Debt to pass on will likely weigh on future incomes.’ And much more to come.
    7. FMT 14 October. ‘Only strong government can undo Mahathir’s damaging policies says fund manager.’ Once bitten thrice shy ?
    8. Malaysiakini. 14 October. ‘ UMNO has murky instances of bribery. Hadi on why PAS is partnering PN.’ This is the reason why our Malaysian Politics become uninteresting !
    Who says our beloved Malaysia is a boring and uninteresting place ? Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  14. In the frenzy of attempting to win in this Snap Election, there will be ambitious candidates who will use any tool to belittle our beloved Malaysia in comparison with tiny, bite size impoverished but rich Singapore. This form of comparison is nothing further from the truth because it is like comparing chalk and cheese which is Malaysia. Here are the facts. The strategic geographic and political importance of Singapore in Cold War I, 1948-1989 as compared with its tiny presence in the forthcoming and nascent Cold War II, 2022 – ?. History records that Cold War I was a duplication of the armed might of the nations in World War II with add-ons like atomic weapons and more of the same. With the huge effort in besting the other side in terms of money for research, efficient killing weapons, communication, transport etc. by both parties, the World in conflict which is happening now, has radically changed in terms of everything. Even North Korea can retaliate with an ICBM or two. The War in Ukraine is the first testing ground for the latest weapons, mode of communication, transportation, etc by both sides. Even Elon Musk, a businessman, could help Ukraine in a big way with his satellite system. What is holding back the Russian blitzkrieg ? The more superior arm supplies and information of the West, much of which are not reported. The present conflict is slowly and seamlessly evolving into a war dominated by robots, drones, cyberspace, satellites, and sci-warfare, and spies in which its participants are located thousands of miles from each other. Human spies will be used extensively around the World in which they were once limited to spying on commercial undertaking since the end of Cold War I, 1948-1989. Of course, soldiers are required to sustain any territorial gain. But the risks and cost could be heavy as was shown in Ukraine which has become a testing ground like the Spanish Civil War 1937-1938. when fighting methods, aircraft, tanks etc were experimented by Hitler and the Soviets. History is now repeating itself in Ukraine in a war without end. The strategic importance of Singapore in the Cold War I showed her usefulness in geographic terms both military and political . This was underwritten by Uncle Sam’s blessing for Singapore to conduct the highly profitable Cold War I trades and activities which accrued to at least US$ 300 billion by the end of Cold War I, 1948-1989. But Uncle Sam kept a baleful eye via the UN economic expert Dr Albert Winsemius, who was appointed Adviser to the Singapore Government 1962-1984. He probably had the Dual Role of advising the Singapore Government to achieve all the glittering projects we see today and spying for the CIA. Fortunately, for the Uncle Sam, Lee Kuan Yew was no kleptocrat unlike all the satraps set up by Uncle Sam all over the World especially in South America, from the 1930s-1989. Here hangs the tale of the future of tiny bite size impoverished but rich Singapore in the forthcoming Cold War II ! All that required by Uncle Sam of Singapore in Cold War I have vanished through the decades of scientific and political developments. The once strategic geographical location of Singapore has long gone with the wind. Now Singapore is replaced by Malaysia – a country first recognized as strategic by the Japanese Imperial Army in 1941. The Japanese captured Singapore via the Peninsula. At present, there are many financial havens whilst rocketry and drones have reduced the once strategic location of Singapore to zilch ! Today, as reported in the CNA, Singapore has a support package of S$ 1.5 billion for all households, the GST may be expanded and its latest 3rd quarter GDP eased to 4.3%. Last but not least, the restricted role by the Leadership of the Singapore Government which has to bear the consequences of the collapse of Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy for Singapore due to Covid-19, the Ukraine War and the rising of Cold War II. The former lush revenues of pre-Covid years from tourism, trade and all have been reduced drastically by events. Man proposes. God disposes. How, Singapore ? Confederate with the United Kingdom and become the very First Tele-parliament in the World. The sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Why ? The British are now up a greasy pole of no return with the prospect of Scotland leaving the Kingdom. Even the very best Leader will not save the United Kingdom except for the stuff which Singapore has plenty but no accessibility ! Where else but Singapore ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  15. How many readers noticed the incongruity of the MCA Leader’s statement in The Star yesterday when he proudly and smilingly said, ‘ MCA leaders will emerge unscathed from any graft probe.’ ? In all countries of the World, it is not only expected but also a normal expectation that all their politicians are like Caesar’s wife to be beyond reproach. Hence, the MCA Leader’s statement on the MCA’s leaders state of corruption is laughable and without merit. If this is the type of politics to be practised by the MCA which is already well-known with it ‘politics shy’ and slow-moving tactics, how are they going to beat the weak and vulnerable BACs or born again christians of the DAP Leadership hands down ? The many weaknesses of the BACs like that they only look like Chinese outside but nothing Chinese inside. The fact that the BACs are steeped in anti-Chinese ideology which is foreign to the Chinese. That history has recorded that the 99% Chinese who voted for the BACs in the DAP were misled blatantly not only at the 14th GE but also when the DAP’s BACs were in the PH Government. And many more. These BACs now put the blame on TDM for not honouring the PH Manifesto promises of reforms and the UC Examinations. All in all, nothing was done at all for the 99% Chinese who voted for the BACs DAP, during the PH Government 2018-2020 which is a long time in Malaysian Politics. With such gems of piercing through the indefensible armour of the DAP, what more does the MCA Leadership wants to win the day ? Especially, India, China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore do not want these BACs or born again christians of the DAP which they now control ! The journey of 1,000 leis begins with the very first step, MCA ! Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  16. With the BN putting up 191 candidates for the 15th GE, the victory of the BN as led by the UMNO is assured. There have been too many frivolous incidents which gave space to the Opposition this year. In fact when the Opposition bluff was called, their weakness was exposed when at first, they gave the lame excuse of monsoon floods to come and finally, the Opposition States of Kedah, Penang, Selangor, Negri Sembilan, Kelantan and Trengganu will not dissolve their State Assembles. By exposing their real weakness in not participating in the 15th GE and when these State Assemblies are due to dissolve in the near future, in only a matter of months, the BN will just roll them over for their selfish personal interests to hang on to Power at the expense of the Rakyat. This is bad strategy on any count. On this score, the Opposition has shot themselves in the foot ! Or non-starters par excellence ! The paramountcy of the UMNO via the BN must return to regain the precious time and values which have been lost or thrown overboard by those amateurs who were so satisfied by warming the seats for others. Tan Sri Halim Saad in his rebuttal of the falsehoods about him written in a book revealed that ordinary Civil Servants were able to give bad advice to a Prime Minister, become a politician in command of the Nation.s coffers and was alleged to have sticky fingers as well ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. It is time our beloved Malaysia returns to Earth from its zany orbit since 2004 and let Normality be our watchword in our quest to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not bite-size Singapore! Acheh !

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