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Rishi Sunak speaks perfect English

People of Indian ethnic origin account for only 2.3 percent of the British population, according to Index Mundi.

Though a small percentage, they’re the super achievers in UK politics.

Newly minted prime minister Rishi Sunak was born in 1980; his parents had emigrated to England in 1966.

Sunak is a second-generation Brit who speaks plummy English in a Boris Johnson-type accent. He did not attend Indian school.

BElOW: Rishi Sunak’s old school taught its lessons in English (not Punjabi)

Aside from the new premier, reinstalled British Home Secretary (minister) Suella Braverman is similarly of Indian heritage. Madame Secretary too speaks perfect English — video below.

And she has an interesting viewpoint on ‘empire’ as well.

Sunak’s paternal and maternal grandfathers were born in the Punjab province of then British India.

Meanwhile in Malaysia, our former prime minister of 24 years also had a paternal grandfather with origins in British India.

Malaysians with grandfathers from Kerala speak better bahasa Melayu than Malaysians with grandmothers from Tongsan.

“Almost a universal problem” among Chinese Malaysians is their “lame command of the Malay language”, reported a Sinchew article last month (Sept 4).

And that’s why the UK and Malaysia both have/had groundbreaking PMs with grandfathers from India.

There are/were no ministers of Chinese descent in the Sunak, Truss or Johnson revolving door cabinets (from 2019 to present).



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9 thoughts on “Rishi Sunak speaks perfect English

    1. with a never retire chairman, sun sure rise in the ccpland.

      The east is red, the sun is rising!
      China has bought forth, Xi Jinping!
      He strives for the people’s happiness,
      he is the people’s great saviour!
      He strives for the people’s happiness,
      he is the people’s great saviour!

  1. With the appointment of Rishi Sunak as the 3rd British Prime Minister within 4 months, let us hope this significant event will open the eyes and minds of those who think the English language is a relic of colonialism. The English language is easy to learn and easy to use. Hence it became a universal language for commerce and industry which are important components of an economy. The Indian Leadership under Pandit Nehru in the immediate years after Independence in 1947 had the vision of keeping the English language as a unifying factor, for progress in academia and more. even though India’s socialist policies were not pro-West in those early years. Out of this wisdom which had no tinge of Nationalism or inferiority complex because Pandit Nehru was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge University, the 350 millions English speaking Indians grew and grew which now form the bulwark of the fast developing India. In the 1970s, Malaysia had more foreign exchange reserves than India. With a complete understanding of National Interest before self-interest, the Indian political leadership nurtured centres of education excellence in Mumbai, Kolkata , Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and the important Dehra Dun-Mussoorie education complex to create Indian elites for the good governance of India. Most Indian elites remained in India to serve the Nation. With her success in the practice of Democracy, India has become an attractive bastion of investment to the West. However, certain ancient social practices which concerned marriages, caste, tribes etc remained. In the Sunday Bombay Illustrated, one full page of match-making appeared regularly with the marriage seekers attempting to match their zodiac signs for a compatible marriage. India survived for 5,000 years and would do so similarly in the future though at her own pace. Rishi Sunak is the culmination of all what were good about Mother India.

  2. chinese in uk not interested to be pm, all they want is to be a “bridge” between uk and china, they cant let go of their motherland, if given chance, they gonna build a confucian school for the son and daughter of hawker, taxi driver, labour and worker.

  3. I suspect Suella Braverman is a Indian Jew. I have met a few dark skin Indian Jews from Mumbai. It is unlikely she is Goanese or Anglo-Indian with that name.

    1. Braverman is her married name. Her maiden name is Fernandes. She can trace family tree to Goa.

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