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Harapan unimpressive despite all their crowing

Harapan has gone to town blaring that they’re the “winner” this election because their 82 (one Muda + 81) parliament seats are more than the rest of the trailing coalitions — see results table below. Continue reading “Harapan unimpressive despite all their crowing”

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For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!

Malaysians are so divided. We’re polarized from young with Malay kids going to sekolah agama and Chinese kids going to SRJK(C).

To foster ‘keluarga Malaysia’ (Ismail Sabri’s slogan) 我们都是一家人 (Anwar Ibrahim’s motto), our children must all be put under one roof under one Malaysian First school system. Continue reading “For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!”