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For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!

Malaysians are so divided. We’re polarized from young with Malay kids going to sekolah agama and Chinese kids going to SRJK(C).

To foster ‘keluarga Malaysia’ (Ismail Sabri’s slogan) 我们都是一家人 (Anwar Ibrahim’s motto), our children must all be put under one roof under one Malaysian First school system.

We must have a Malaysian Malaysia education syllabus and the medium of instruction in school must be our Malaysian language — which is BM under Article 152 of our federal constitution.

Children of different ethnicities will learn their lessons together, and be good friends hashtag # Kita Kawan chattering together in the Bangsa Malaysia tongue while sharing in the ‘Diversity’ of our various cultures, customs and traditions.

Since we’re going to have an inclusive Unity Government, this gomen must unite the rakyat starting with ‘inclusion’ from a tender age.

It is so disunifying that our pupils are segregated from young in their separate schools.

So let’s support the Unity Government to take Malay kids out of the madrasah, and to take Chinese kids out of sekolah Cina and put them in Satu Sekolah.

How wonderful then that a kid whose father votes PAS and another kid whose mother votes DAP are sitting in a classroom with their desks side by side.

Tomorrow will be better for the future of our united 1Malaysia when the new Unity Government implements One School For All untuk Anak Malaysia in A Big Happy Family environment.

And your entertainment this afternoon, dear readers, while the election vigil is still being dragged out — the song 明天会更好 performed by various artistes who got together to promote world peace and global harmony.

Quite an appropriate music selection, really (smiley emoji). Enjoy!



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12 thoughts on “For national unity, satu sekolah untuk semua!

  1. You are absolutely right on a school for all Malaysians. Here are the facts on Chinese vernacular school education in Malaysia/Malaya. First, we must understand what was taught in the Chinese vernacular schools pre- and post-British Administration. The Chinese themselves do not know much about the other clans in the 3rd Generations. . Do not expect our compatriots, the Malays, the Indians and all the others to understand us the Chinese whom everyone assumed we are the same because we apparently look the same. The fact is each clan is different from one another like chalk and cheese. So how do we Chinese expect the non-Chinese to understand us ? If the Malaysian Chinese have no credible leaders who are worldly wise and understand the World around them, we ordinary Malaysian Chinese citizens are in real trouble like NOW ! A bunch of CHINESE LOOKING NOBODIES from the DAP claiming to represent the Malaysian Chinese who voted them 95%. STUPID. The MCA began well in 1950 but after the 1960s and the departure of the first generation leaders and money politics took over, MCA began to lose its oomph, influence and respect by the Chinese and others. Before 1951, the Federation of Malaya, the Chinese schools were established and supported by the Chinese community. My father founded the first Chinese Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur, the Confucius, in 1908. These Chinese schools imported the teachers from China as well as the text-books which were published by the Commercial Press, Shanghai. As Chinese politics raged on the mainland of China, these schools evolved into using the Mandarin language and also adopted the China’s schools curriculum until 1950. The Peoples’ Republic of China became the Government on 1st October 1949. The curriculum before 1950 taught subjects exactly what were taught in China because the same Commercial Press textbooks were used. The political struggles in the local Chinese schools before 1951 also reflected what were happening in China. The British kept a close eye on these activities . Chinese education is always close to the hearts and minds of all Chinese. Post-1950, the British began to change the Chinese schools curriculum and dispatched inspectors to sit in the schools classes. Political pressure weighed in on these Chinese vernacular schools to have a truly Malayan curriculum as Malaya approached Merdeka. But at the highest level, the treatment of the Chinese vernacular schools of the future were left out of the Constitution ! What do the students learn in these Chinese Vernacular schools ? First, the Mandarin language up to 1,200 characters. A Taiwan University graduate would know 3,000-4,000 characters out of 10,000 ! Second, maths, science, social sciences are well taught. Third, some caring parents send their kids to Secondary National Schools which is the right thing to do. Fourth, BM is taught as a subject. Fifth, Malaysian subjects are taught in Mandarin. . Hence, we now have immense political problems of unifying our beloved Malaysia’s diverse population which erupted into our socio-political fabric via the GEs ! In time,, we will have more and more Chinese school graduates seeking further education in China, Taiwan or a couple of local universities. Thereafter, Canada would be their first choice for further employment. One of the biggest problems for any Chinese Leadership to resolve ! How to do so when the Malaysian Chinese have NO TRUSTWORTHY AND HONEST LEADERSHIP RESPECTED BY ALL TO REPRESENT THEM TODAY ? Finally, any person with determination can learn the Mandarin language in 3 – 6 months ! No problem.

    1. Syabas ! I studied English, Urdu, Hindi, BM, Mandarin, Classical Cantonese, Latin. I am still a Chinaman ! My kids went to SMKs and the best overseas universities. . My grand-doter scored 8As in a SMK. No problem. The problem is MENTAL.

  2. 明天会更好 (tomorrow will be better) was the graduation song for many chinese school during my time. the song was written by taiwan singer songwriter lo tayu who also wrote the very popular 东方之珠 (pearl of the orient) and 皇后大道东 (queens road east) that talk about hk achievement and return of hk back to motherland.

    most chinese msian from the chinese medium school were greatly influenced by taiwan (under kmt) and hk (under british), we also preserve much culture that is no more practice in china, thus what we (taiwan and hk as well) have is something very domestic that have nothing much to do with china, for eg our own srjkc. what we sing, do, learn, play, dance can be related to twn hk and our own history that has nothing much to do with china. most of us dont know what is anti right movement, to destruct four olds, big leap forward, cultural revolution and gang of four etc, we dont learn all this in our srjkc.

    srjkc is essentially a msia school, how to integrate the msia chinese school student into the national school system without deterioration of it core value required wisdom of politician. china value system is communism and no more chinese, while msia value system also not that msia anymore, perhaps we shd go back to basic. i dont know integration is the way forward, or shall stick to multiculturalism. i think both can work well as long as we share a common objective and aspiration, with a value system that is more open and inclusive, not overly ideological and religious.

    1. The song — yup, our generation.

      Taiwan pop culture — yeah, in the days before Internet and streaming.

      You and I are no longer young, huh? 😁

  3. This the best moment in time to unite our kids in 1 school. Only PH and PN can do this if both can form a strong government with 2/3 majority in parliament. Our kids have been divided for a very long time. The result is shown after GE15. PH-PN goverment is the way forward.

  4. When we talk about merging schools or turning Chinese vernacular schools into model National schools, we have not taken into consideration the interests and the desires of the Chinese community, Chinese school teachers, the graduates, the Chinese media, NGOs, and the supply chains which are connected with them. The main one is the political parties. Hence, this National Interest problem was never resolved since 1957. I reckoned it was the haste in crafting or fashioning the Constitution to embrace a future National Schools system was left out by the British in the Constitution. This neglect has festered to this day and becomes more and more difficult as the Federal Government weakens with the growth of more political parties each jostling for public attention. In the meantime, more and more people are involved in this problem which naturally becomes bigger and bigger. Both the DAP and the MCA seemed to keep clear of this difficult National problem by keeping quiet about it. Historically, both are culpable in not providing the right approach or lead in benefiting the Nation and the Chinese. This problem is now like an albatross hanging around their necks. the DAP and the MCA. They must never forget that this is a very important problem for the Chinese to solve themselves because they know best. But the act of pushing it under the carpet will not fully utilize the benefits which should accrue to the Chinese vernacular schools graduates immediately. This hiccup for them has been going on since 1957 or earlier. The benefits are not for a few but thousands of eager students. Now the DAP has taken on the mantle of the Leadership of the 95% Chinese who voted for them in the 15th GE, how will the DAP respond on the future status of the Chinese vernacular schools if they have satisfied already all of Singapore’s desires via two DAP Putrajaya sojourns ? Charity begins at home, DAP !

    1. Uncle,

      Real ‘Chinese’ are only a small percentage of our population, i.e. the 6% (minuscule minority) non-DAP voters out of Malaysia’s 23.2% Chinese ethnic minority.

      The 94% (vast majority) out of Malaysia’s 23.2% Chinese are not bangsa Cina. They’re Malaysian First Bangsa M’sia.

      They truly prefer to attend Sekolah M’sia. They think any identification by race is “racist”.

      1. I disagree with your view that the real Chinese is only 6% of Malaysia’s 23.2% Chinese minority. I agree with you if you say that the Chinese Christians are less than 6% of Malaysia’s 23.2% Chinese minority. When I say that the Malaysian Chinese are like that of an UP-TURN PALM OF THE HAND. I hope you understand. This is the true demographic representation of the state of the Malaysian Chinese today. They are Leaderless because of the weak leaderships of the MCA and the DAP. The former has lost its oomph of yesteryear and the latter has been hijacked by an un-Chinese and foreign group known as the Born Again christians before the DAP could be reborn as a Premier Malaysian Multi-racial Political Party after the departure of Lee Kuan Yew. The hard core chauvinistic Chinese have either been pushed aside or gone forever. As I said before, for a minority group which is the born again christians to politizise their religion and seek POWER in the national arena in a Muslim country of 70% Muslims led by a few amateurs, the question we should all ask is WHAT ARE THEY UP TO ? The majority of the Chinese might not have noticed, but the Conference of Rulers did, They wisely and promptly advised that the Prime Minister should not be the person to appoint 5 nominees to the JAC or the Judiciary Appointments Committee ! This strongly CONFIRMS MY VIEW THAT THE BACs or born again christians have been infiltrating into the august Malaysian Judiciary secretly since 2008 !. The upper echelons of our Malaysian Society did, the Rulers or the Royal Sultans of Malaysia. Being a foreign inspired group, the BACs or born again christians have an important role to play IF THEY STAY OUT OF POLITICS. But their role takes on an entirely different meaning when they openly politicised their religion in direct confrontation with others. And their religion is foreign-inspired and recently, popped up in Malaysia in 1975. I am only a layman observing the antics of a peculiar foreign inspired group whose record in the PH Government 2018-2020 is opened for all to see – for themselves and Singapore. AS A SAYING GOES THAT A LEOPARD DOES NOT CHANGE ITS SPOTS. Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

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