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DAP is now Zahid’s BFF

People in BN want to buang Zahid and DAP is eagerly rushing nak pungut dia.

For starters, MCA has called on the Umno president to resign as BN chairman.

A proximate reason for the fallout is a letter that Zahid handed to the Agong pledging BN’s full backing for Anwar to become PM.

MCA, which has two MPs out of BN’s 30 total, did not agree with the contents of the Nov 22 letter — signed by Zahid and submitted to the Agong without MCA’s knowledge.

The letter also goes against the ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ determination made earlier by the Umno general assembly.

Caretaker PM Ismail Sabri, who is also an Umno vice president, was reported yesterday as saying the party had not committed itself to Harapan — his version of the telling contradicts Zahid.

Nonetheless, after a marathon meeting last night which dragged on past midnight, the Umno supreme council circled their wagons around the beleaguered party president who is facing calls from the grassroots to segera “undur”.

There is a lot of uncertainty in the air, needless to say.

BELOW: Dear Dapsters, he’s your guy now

The following unverified news was reported by Malay Mail early this morning.

Aside from MCA, other BN components MIC and Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah have also called for a vote of no-confidence in Zahid Hamidi continuing as the coalition chairman.

Among BN leaders who have demanded Zahid’s resignation are KJ, former information chief Shahril Hamdan, Selangor Umno chief Noh Omar, Johor Menteri Besar Onn Hafiz Ghazi and MIC vice-president C. Sivarraajh.

Zahid’s men are striking back at MCA.

It is grateful DAP supporters who are defending Zahid against the criticisms, and gushing over his Umno lieutenants.

Jamal Yunos – who led the Red Shirts to barricade Chinatown (Petaling Street) in September 2015 – said “MCA ini sepatutnya sudah tidak wujud”.

Maybe Jamal will get his ‘Bubar BN’ wish soon. In the meantime, DAP and Dapsters have become the staunchest cheerleaders of Zahid who is the party’s unity government ticket to Putrajaya.



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9 thoughts on “DAP is now Zahid’s BFF

  1. GE15 is a fight between PAS and DAP, i.e., conservative/traditionalist against liberals/progressive. PAS won hand down. UMNO BN is at a tipping point. Choosing to side PAS would be a death knell for UMNO as it would absorbed by Bersatu, partner of PAS. Choosing PH would cause UMNO to be rejected by malay muslim in UMNO and moderate malays outside of UMNO in next GE because of the anti-DAP sentiment from decades of hate polity. UMNO has to take a neutral stand for its own survival.

    1. Why do you think there is decades of hate & despite against DAP? Because DAP itself is a venomous organization that hates & prejudices against Muslims just because Muslims are the majority in their own country and can’t be brainwashed by Chinese easily. Not all but a lot of Chinese are hardwired to be racist bigots, even against their fellow chinese who are tolerant of Muslims

      1. Mr A. You are right. Now the naked DAP without its weapons of hate and fear, hangs its head in shame !

    2. hahaha Jamal Jamban, the corrupt Zahid are now Hannah Yeoh, Gobind Singh, Hindu extemist Ramasamy best friend..muahaha..These buggers have no inkling what they are fighting or want except more money to steal like Nazjib and Zahid.

      1. Sir, Is’nt Rojak a truly Malaysian National dish not yet grabbed by tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore like Pulau Pinang char kway teow or assam laksa ? What we see now is just Political Rojak of the Malaysian kind with no ideologies or philosophies. So love and kisses are the only medium of social intercourse between these political folks. Kok or no Kok ? Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  2. dear helen
    the ge15 results really shocked me..the dealings, swings, scheme of things that followed protrayed the ugliness ,cruelty and hypocrisy of politics…the art of the impossible

    zahid turned from zero to hero n kj mail sabri,mca were reduced to attacks for asking zahid to resign.just a few days ago zahid was the most hated corrupted man. i am totally shocked and disgusted with whats happening.umno swings shamelessly from no anwar no dap to embracing both…

    no doubt ph n bn will win big in future elections albeit sleeping with their worst enemy..

    take care helen and thank you for your writings.

  3. How many Malaysians are aware that our beloved Malaysia/Malaya was never conquered by anyone, the British, the Japanese, the Communists and the Extremists ? Thanks to the wisdom of our Royal Sultans through the Ages and now today, the Wisdom, Caring and Compassion of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong who should be rightly regarded together with the Royal Sultans the Hero and heroes of present day Malaysia ! Just look at the performance of our elected representatives who should be ashamed of themselves since 1981, all loaded with rewards and money ( which is now confirmed by themselves in the media from RM 1.2 million to RM 19 millions before the age of 40 .) And they fragmented the Malaysian Political fabric into many pieces without a simple majority ! Man proposes. God disposes ! Our wise, caring, compassionate Yang Di Pertuan and the Royal Sultans stepped in and stopped the rot ! However, this is our beloved Malaysia, we live and let’s live. We are tolerant and forgiving.. As an ASEAN diplomat quipped, ‘ The Americans easily forget. The British try not to forget. The French never forget. The Chinese never, never, never forget. The Malaysians forgive and forget ! Yes ! Tolerance should always be a part of our Malaysian character. We practice democracy too with a style of our own which fortunately our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans understand ! Hopefully, our Honourable Prime Minister, the 10th, remembers that the lightning never strikes twice. Congratulations ! He now has the Politics wrapped up inclusive of the loud mouthed, holier than thou BACs or born again christians, in a little bag ! As DSAI rightly recognized that it is the socio-economics which has to be addressed quickly and efficiently for all the Rakyat or else that will be the end of the Unity Government which is Unique in this World ! To deliver the socio-economics holistically, the RIGHT MALAY PERSON HAS TO BE FOUND TO DO THIS DIFFICULT TASK. A person who is qualified and has an impeccable record untarnished by the MACC ! Hopefully, the 10th Prime Minsister will NOT expose himself the risk of being a Minister of Finance again or appoint a NOBODY for this task which will EITHER MAKE OR BREAK THE UNITY GOVERNMENT. Chop ! Chop ! Chop ! and with this failure, the rest of our beloved Malaysia, the young and the old, suffer again ! God blessed DSAI for the important task of guiding our beloved Malaysia to be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore. This task is only a whisper away with the right SOCIO-ECONOMICS. God blessed DSAI with this significant task of a Life-time. As it is said, ‘IT’S THE RINGGIT, NOT THE SONG !’ Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  4. mca finally show they do have balls. and since we have no problem to love mahathir, of course we can also love zahid.

    1. In their desperation to be in Power again in Putrajaya, even the thick skinned DAP discovered the POWER OF LOVE AND KISSES specially for their ex-Sarawak victims.

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