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Unique unity government

We now have a PM who was once convicted of corruption. He is a uniting figure.

The Anwar administration has brought together, in its unity government, the bloc’s biggest party whose chairman is on trial for corruption involving (a still invisible) undersea tunnel, dan sebuah parti mendatang (bermaksud orang baru datang Harapan-plus), yang mana presidennya sedang berdepan 47 pertuduhan rasuah di mahkamah.

PM10’s gomen is truly one of endless possibilities.

BELOW: DAP chairman facing corruption charges + Umno president facing corruption charges = WINNING!


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8 thoughts on “Unique unity government

  1. Oyez, Oyez, Oyez ! Malaysia has finally adopted a Unity Government in which all are welcomed. But for how long, please may I ask ?

  2. GE15 summary.
    1. PAS benefits UNDI18 the most
    2. UMNO benefits from anti-hopping act
    3. DSAI finally gets PM
    4. DAP gets UMNO that it hates for decades
    5. DSZH is a hero to PH


    1. Mr A. 6. Our beloved Malaysia is saved from DAP, UMNO, PAS, etc. etc ?

      7. Our wise, caring compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong the HERO ?

    2. 6. Hopefully. Malaysia needs a healing time and process. BN may not be saved though. It’s grassroot is divided too. Let’s see what happens at PAU early nxt year. It’s an endless possibility like HA wrote.
      7. Yes he is, beyond comparison. DSZH is a hero to PH but may not be to others (PN). Tuanku YDPA is a hero for all Malaysians. He gave chance to PN-PH to form government. Despite PN refusal, YDPA stopped the impasse in only few days with a decision involving the other kings. PN benefits from the country’s peaceful environment and stable society where everyone can continue lives and perform ibadah. Obeying YDPA decision is also considered ibadah as he is the Ulul Amri. DSHA knows better!

  3. Happy Thanksgivings
    I am thankful my homeland continues working towards a solutions to inclusivenesses
    Glad we can work things and always has an eyes toward our future ,all our children
    We are not alone

  4. The PM issue has been solved……rightly or wrongly.

    At the next session of Parliament we may see the Liars, Hippocrates & Unprincipled MPs on one side of the House.

    Wonder what awaits🤔

  5. this is a new new msia, thus unique is okay one.

    my only concern, i support anwar for advocating the values that i share, but we know his character is not that steady, a bit frivolous, and indulging in politicking. hope he really change after all this years. lge is the best example when one send a kid to do a mans job.

    1. Singapore has already made an early siren call to DSAI to visit early. We must not forget only certain Malaysian Prime Ministers are given the ‘abang-adek’ or ‘very hot retreats’ treatment by Singapore. These seductive words were specially manufactured by Lee Kuan Yew’s humongous Ministry of Information manned by bitter ex-Penangites. As history recorded, all the Malaysian goodies flowed only ONE WAY into Singapore. Malaysia got NOTHING in return from our nearest and dearest ! . How come ? Here is the list of free Malaysian goodies inveigled by Singapore.

      1. 1962. The Water Agreement. Singapore pays 2 sens per 1,000 gallons of raw Malaysian water. Malaysia buys back 1,000 gallons of treated Singapore water at around RM 3 per 1,000 gallons. The treatment plant is on Malaysian soil in JB ! With the depreciation of the Malaysian ringgit, Malaysia pays the raw water for Singapore,
      2. 1970. All MSA (airline) software were given free of charge to Singapore. The DPM Tun Dr Ismail nearly sack the 3 wise men responsible for the free gift. Later, one of them was awarded the LL.D by the National University of Singapore.
      3. 1972 – 2000. The Singapore-Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange shares were rigged up and down by unofficial hands. On the up cycle, Singaporean owned shares were unloaded. On the down cycle,the shares were picked up again by the unofficial hands. This yo-yo cycle was operated successfully till the Malaysian FX controls were suddenly imposed in 2000. Thereafter for 2 weeks, the Singapore Straits Times published the most insulting letters against the Malaysian authorities !
      4. 2004. The new Malaysian Government joined hands with Singapore to find out from The Hague which country owned Pulau Batu Putih. Conveniently forgetting that Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles and the previous Malaysian Governments were certain the isle was owned by Malaysia since Jurassic times. Of course, Malaysia lost. To rub salt into the wound, Singapore’s top legal eagles published a book which applauded the clever lawyers of Singapore in comparison with those from Malaysia. Not only that, the ex-Ipoh leader of the Singapore team is now a Patron of the MBRAS which housed all the documents in London affirming that the Pulau Batu Putih is owned legally by Malaysia ! Stupid.
      5. 2004-2020. Lee Kuan Yew crafted the sinews of the original CPTPP agreement which has only one main beneficiary, Singapore. All it meant was that goods from Singapore are imported into Malaysia without tariff and vice-versa. Like this, overnight all the factories in Malaysia will go bankrupt competing against the cheap RE-LABELLED products from Singapore. Malaysian workers will be unemployed and the Government in trouble. Not only that the Leader of the Malaysian negotiating team kept it secret for 19 rounds of negotiations. Her husband was the Chief of SBT in KL. When there was a delay in signing by the Malaysian Government, she, a CIVIL SERVANT, said in the New Straits Times in bold red headlines that Malaysia MUST sign the Singapore inspired free trade agreement. Just before this event, a hard core PAP cadre was appointed the CHIEF EDITOR, UMNO-owned New Straits Times with a lush Apache contract with Sime Darby in his pocket.
      6. 2018. When Malaysia cancelled the HSR, she had to pay Singapore S$ 320 millions. The HSR runs through 99% Malaysian soil . Singapore’s old Keppel Golf Course of 300 acres would be turned into a multi-billion dollars township ! Stupid.
      7. 2015. KTM’s landed assets from Woodlands to Tanjong Pagar with its 25 miles of steel rails were converted into half an office building in downtown Singapore. The PH Government sold it for RM 2 billions in 2019
      8. The decades old smuggling of sand and rocks out of littoral Malaysia has been left unchecked by successive State governments.
      In each and every one of the above one-sided deals, our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest were never considered by the top Leadership.
      Why ? Vide. President Zelensky said Ukraine will fight Russia for every inch of Ukranian soil !
      To prevent more one-sided deals only in favour of Singapore WITH NOTHING FOR MALAYSIA, IT IS BETTER FOR OUR PRESENT UNITY GOVERNMENT TO AVOID BEING CLOSE TO SINGAPORE TO BE EMBARRASSED BY SUCH ABSURD DEALS AND BE ACCUSED OF BEING CORRUPT ! No more ‘ abang-adek’ or ‘ very hot retreats ‘ for Malaysians, Singapore !
      These are the known free goodies for Singapore whilst Malaysia did not receive a sen from Singapore. Only two more left, Sabah and Sarawak !
      Even God could not stand this one-sided benefit only for Singapore.
      In March 2020, Covid-19 struck Singapore which was followed by the Ukraine War and the Sino-US tensions with more crises to come for Singapore. Thereafter, Lee Kuan Yew’s carefully crafted Legacy for the Survival and Sustainability of Singapore collapsed. In December 2022, the citizens of Singapore will be subsidized by the Government which also forecast a weaker GDP at 3-4% in 2023. . Man proposes. God disposes. It pays to be honest. In the 1980s, I asked my Singaporean relatives why the Singaporeans always cheated the Malaysians. They told me that we were corrupt and made money easily ! Now there is only the Tale of one city, KUALA LUMPUR ! It pays to be humble and honest ! MAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES !

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