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Biggest takeaway from PRU15

Malay voters rejected corruption. Umno – the Malay party which Dapsters called “parti rasuah” and “parti penyamun” – suffered devastating losses.

In the last election of 2018, Umno won 54 seats. This election Umno won only 26.

Umno lost more than half its seats which were once Malay fixed deposits. Umno lost due to its corruption taint. Its past president Najib has been locked up, and its present president Zahid is facing 47 corruption charges.

According to the analysis by Bridget Welsh (chart above), rival coalition PN received 54 percent of the Malay votes. This means the majority of Malays voted for PAS or Bersatu.

Malays chose PN because the two parties (Islamist PAS, nationalist Bersatu) campaigned on the ‘clean’ tagline — see pix below.

Welsh estimates that BN received only a one-third (33%) slice of the Malay vote pie. This is half of the 62 percent Malay vote share which BN got in the 2013 election — see chart below.

In less than a decade, Malay support for Umno has halved. Why?

Malays voted to reject Umno because they reject corruption. Umno leaders have been embroiled in many corruption scandals in the recent past years.

And this Umno, which has been cast off by the Malay majority, is being absorbed by the DAP-led Harapan.

Zahid, who has been rejected by the majority of Malay voters, is being embraced by the Dapsters as their ideal Malay best friend.

Truly Anwar’s unity government is one of endless possibilities.


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6 thoughts on “Biggest takeaway from PRU15

  1. From the figures presented, the Unity Government is on shaky ground based entirely on the born again christian DAP support. This should be the troubling factor at the back of the minds of these smart but inexperienced politicians every night. The only salve which may heal some wounds is the possibility of the Unity Government improving the economy quickly and reduce or contain inflation at the same time. Has this Unity Government got the right MALAY to do this onerous task ? If not, I bet my bottom ringgit, the Unity Government may be shown the door within 6 months. My sincere suggestion to DSAI is to pick a qualified Malay with an impeccable proven record to be a DPM with functions in socio-economics and finance and untainted by MACC probes. Avoid overseas trips for 6 months and focus on these looming issues of socio-econmics with the DPM with special functions and tell the World so.The next 6 months will be critical. Cash handouts to the Rakyat should only be done in extreme cases. As for the Pandemic, there is no necessity for lock-downs but only the application of holistic epidemiological measures which were not done at all. Instead, self-glorification and politics took over resulting in millions of cases and the deaths of thousands of innocents. Of course, Covid testing is a part of the measures. Rampant inflation will erode incomes and cause strife in the society. Foodstuffs should be adequate and cheap. This can only be done without corruption. Until the RIGHT MALAY CZAR IS FOUND TO BOLSTER THE FINANCE AND THE SOCIO-ECONOMICS FOR THE UNITY GOVERNMENT, rest assured all investors, domestic and foreign will be cautious with their investments. But with the right MALAY in charge of the finance and the socio-economics, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR DSAI AND HIS UNITY GOVERNMENT AND THE RAKYAT !

    1. Uncle,

      According to Bridget Welsh’s estimates, Harapan received 94% of the Chinese vote, and 11% of the Malay vote.

      Only one out of every 10 Malays voted for Harapan.

      1. HA. BW is right. The BACs or born again christians of the DAP Leadership caused this polarization/backlash by their amateurish antics which were bolstered by some loud-mouthed NGO minorities for selfish gains. Your comments on the Dapsters all these years were correct. See the damage done to themselves, these born again christians who have to be carried on DSAI’s shoulders now. If not for Malaysia’s only HERO/S the wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, these amateurs could only suck eggs today. Apart from the politics, the Opposition will chase the tail of the Unity Government all the time IF DSAI DOES NOT DELIVER THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC GOODIES TO THE RAKYAT QUICKLY DESPITE THE HEADWINDS. concomitant with the healing politics. DSAI cannot do and deliver both. HE NEEDS THE ASSISTANCE OF A QUALIFIED MALAY WHO HAS AN IMPECCABLE RECORD AND UNTAINTED BY MACC PROBES TO DELIVER THE SOCIO-ECONOMICS. No more managers, playboys, advisers, civil servants, fakes , fellow travellers, cronies etc for this important but onerous job. IS THERE SUCH A MALAY IN OUR MIDST ? Man proposes. God disposes ! In our beloved Malaysia, we must always expect the unexpected ! Courtesy Anonymous. BW should know this by now !

        1. Eventually the pigeons will come home to nest to find that ” IT’S THE RINGGIT, NOT THE SONG.” Or one swallow does not make an Indian summer !

          1. My humble apologies. An inadvertent error. The sentence should read….’Eventually, the pigeons will come home to nest to find that ” IT’S THE RINGGIT, NOT THE SONG.”. Or one swallow does not make an Indian summer IF A QUALIFIED MALAY WITH AN IMPECCABLE RECORD WITHOUT MACC PROBE IS NOT FOUND TO DEAL WITH THE FINANCE AND THE SOCIO-ECONOMICS IN THE UNITY GOVERNMENT.

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