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The main reason I went out to vote

I was really hoping to see Lim Guan Eng go to jail this time.

He had ‘fortuitously’ gotten off the hook the last time … in 2018, shortly after Harapan took power.

I’m praying hard he’ll not chance to be let off again. Aiyoyo, how can lah like this — such a slippery eel.

Tonight’s entertainment is a Spanish song – click above – which goes Ah na na nay ay ay eoh (aiyoyo)” or in other words, quite simple to singalong to. Enjoy!

Earlier songs featured via YouTube in my election vigil kept with you, dear readers:

• The ‘Na na na na’ song — HERE

• Mandarin song — HERE

• Tamil song — HERE

• Malay song — HERE

• English song — HERE



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One thought on “The main reason I went out to vote

  1. i dont like lge, i think he is pretty useless but i yet to see any clear evidence he is engaging in corruption

    i dont vote because i think dap have more than enough chinese votes, moreover my belief all this while is to help and support the poor and the disadvantage group, a billionaire wife is not that weak and frail.

    i am glad anwar finally become pm, i hope he can walk his talk, but i rarely see politician would honour their promise and commitment after they gain power. there are no one i support from the other side, i despise racist. so as usual i would return to my anti establishment stance.

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