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When puddy cats think they’re lions

The Laughing Lion video below is a nod to the latest good read on our GE15 shenanigans provided by Syed Akbar Ali of OutSyed the Box blog.

The multikulti people reckon that they’re the winners when 94 percent of the Chinese electorate voted for Harapan (read: DAP) while Harapan only got 11 percent of the Malay vote.

And now the Cult of Woke is preening as if the PN electorate – which is half this country – are beneath their notice or should be purposefully excluded from government.

Our entertainment this evening, dear readers, includes a happy song and a bonus track (another happy song).

You know the saying: ‘He who laughs last laughs best’.



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6 thoughts on “When puddy cats think they’re lions

  1. Muhyiddin/PN rejected unity garmen when asked by our Agung.

    In fact, it was Muhyiddin who bragged to the press how big his cojones when he wrote ‘tidak setuju’ on top of the signatory line in defiance of Agung’s suggestion in forming an unity government.

    Honestly speaking, PN is better off serving their supporters as the voice of opposition .

  2. Post-15th GE. It’s all quiet on the political front. Even the victorious have observed the importance of humility by keeping their mouths shut and the losers are now a bunch of disgruntle candidates of no merit. As a result of the frenzy pre-election activities of these participants, the oomph has gone out of the once colourful and eye-catching headlines of the media, thus

    1. Malaysiakini 24 Nov. ‘ Post GE15. We are likely to be part of Anwar’s government. GPS leader says’.
    With a worried look. GPS was the first to join hands with the PN and not the PH.
    2. CNBC 24 Nov. ‘Get ready for a prolonged downturn that’s worse than 2000 or 2008. Billionaire Leone says.’
    Many billionaires from Bezos to Leone have warned of the disaster to come in 2023 or later.
    3. CNA. 24 Nov. ‘40% of mortgages could not be serviced. Up from 30% in 2021. OCBC.’
    That’s Singapore for you and me. The result of the collapse of Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy for Singapore’s Survival and sustainability arising from the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Ukraine War, the Sino-US tensions and more to come for this tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich isle. It pays to be humble always.
    4. FMT. 24 Nov. ‘ Singapore Prime Minister invited Anwar to visit soon.’
    This early siren call from Singapore were only tailored for certain Malaysian Prime Ministers. After these ‘abang-adek’ or ‘very hot retreats’ nonsense as manufactured by Lee Kuan Yew’s humongous Ministry of Information manned by bitter ex-Penangites, precious Malaysians assets from water via the rocks and KTM assets to the CPTPP and the TNB power always without fail ended up in Singapore FREE OF CHARGE. Our beloved Malaysia has only 2 left, Sabah and Sarawak. Malaysia never received anything from Singapore. Stupid.
    5. Malaysiakini. 26 Nov. ‘ We may be few but our crusade continues – Dr M to his voters.’
    What happened, Dr M ?
    6. FMT. 27 Nov. ‘ Abuse in nursing homes – a pressing case’.
    Very true. A few years ago, I rented out my house to a Singaporean Sikh for a nursing home. I noticed the old folks were dying quite rapidly in his nursing home. Soon, his wife committed suicide. I got rid of him when I felt things were not right under his charge.
    Hasta la vista, baby ! Courtesy Boris Johnson. Ex-PM of the United Kingdom

    1. Another favourite phrase cooked up by Lee Kuan Yew’s humongous Ministry of Information was ” four-eyes meeting” in addition to ” abang-adek” or “very hot retreats” to flatter our naive and susceptible Prime Ministers one of whom without any reason joined hands with the 1819 founded tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore to find out at The Hague whether our beloved Malaysia owned it since jurassic times. To the astonishment of all, Malaysia never owned it at all. Malaysia lost not only the rocks but also 30 miles of sea around it as the crow flies. This information is suppressed. Stupid. Another Prime Minister did the Houdini act of wrapping the KTM Woodlands and Tanjong Pagar terminals and 25 miles of steel rails into half an office building in downtown Singapore and agreed that in the HSR agreement, Singapore was compensated S$320 millions for doing nothing to convert her old 300 acres Keppel Golf course into a multi-billion dollars township – an act which was easier than our 12 States converting jungle land into mixed development lands or 20 sens psf to RM 3 psf ! I am very certain that NO CORRUPTION WAS INVOLVED IN THESE CASES ! It’s just extreme generosity on our Prime Ministers’ part. No more. No less. If Sabah and Sarawak are given away to Singapore, Malaysia once again becomes the Golden Chersonese of Isabelle Bird of the 19th Century ! Remarkable ! See how we Malaysians run down without fail everything from our Democracy, Prime Ministership, Cabinet of 75, Ringgit, LRT. BNM, MAS, Bank Bumi, Sime Darby, multiple corporations, phantom LCS , holidays ,(so many), broken roads, rivers, forests down to etc.etc. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels or as one UMNO warlord remarked when he discovered I was the only one amongst my friends not ennobled, ” Something is wrong somewhere.” With this remark he moved on to the next table and bussed a Singaporean lady of a certain age on both her heavily powdered cheeks. She was his Swiss banker.

      1. Is the Unity Government of DSAI, the ‘Last Chance Saloon’ for Malaysia ? We should know in 6 months.

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