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Comparing Arab Muslims, Malays and CCP Chinese, Cina DAP

In Qatar,
huge crowds are crammed into the stadiums to watch the World Cup.

In Doha, Qatar’s capital city, football fans gathered in the tens of thousands for the matches. There were 88,966 spectators in Doha’s Lusail Stadium at the Argentina vs Mexico showdown recently on Saturday.

Qatari Muslims have the freedom to assemble, are allowed to be ‘Face Free’ (no need to wear mask) and to mingle with fellow football enthusiasts from around the world who have flown to their small country to join the world’s premier sports festival.

BELOW: Football fans in Qatar are not wearing face mask and nor do they observe ‘social distancing’

In China, the scenario is far different. Beijing’s harsh Zero Covid policy has kept the Chinese people almost under perpetual lockdown.

In Shanghai, Wuhan and Urumqi (capital of Xinjiang), rare protests erupted also over this recent weekend — which were all quickly quashed by the Chinese authorities.

By and large though, the Chinese public is willing nonetheless to abide by the strict restrictions imposed on them, and are especially still kiasi about wearing mask.

China is a totalitarian state under one-party rule by the communists.

Comparing the two peoples, we find that Muslims in Qatar can think and decide for themselves on what to do, i.e. go out and watch football, maskless.

Meanwhile the mainland Chinese obediently follow the diktats of China’s ruling party — which uses the ebbing pandemic as its excuse to exert a continued, suffocating social control.

Now we compare the Malay Muslims and the Chinese ethnic minority in Malaysia.

According to the estimates of Bridget Welsh, the Malay GE15 vote was split 54 percent for PN, 33 percent for BN and 11 percent for PH. The PN Malay vote share is further split between two parties – PAS and Bersatu – while the Malays in Sarawak supported GPS.

There is much diversity in Malay political thinking and voting. The same cannot be said about the Chinese in Malaysia who voted 94 percent – or near monolithically – for Harapan.

You can say that for Malaysian Chinese, their ‘one-party’ ruling government is the DAP which dominates the various state administrations of the west coast (where they mostly live).

There is something in the Chinese mental make-up that predisposes them to accept one-party rule.

In China, Xi Jinping’s one party made the Chinese hysterical about the virus. In Malaysia’s GE15, the DAP – which is the Chinese electorate’s de facto ‘one party’ – made its voter base hysterical over the possibility of PAS coming to power.

DAP supporters came close to hysteria in their fear of PAS “Taliban”. For them, Malaysia risks a possible future as an Afghanistan-type “failed state”.

The 94 percent pro-DAP Chinese are in a mental lockdown where no other dissenting political narrative is able to penetrate their echo chamber.

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2 thoughts on “Comparing Arab Muslims, Malays and CCP Chinese, Cina DAP

  1. In GE 14, UMNO 54, PAS 18
    In GE15, UMNO 26, PAS 49

    Perhaps the answer to why a 75 over years old party like UMNO that solely champion Malay rights lost support of the Malays themselves seemingly overnight, would answer why the Chinese rejected BN in the first place.

    The non-Malays had long alleged UMNO was plagued with rampant corruption. As a nationalist party, it is not surprising it is the non-Malays aka ‘the forsaken non beneficiaries’ of the race card policies UmNO favored, being critical and wary of BN. The Malays on the other hand, being the recipient of UMNO’s Malay-centric policies, perhaps are more reluctant to come to terms with certain hard truth, like, their benefactor may not be in the up and up.

    Automatic registration of young voters this GE 15 meant we have new Malay voters who don’t carry water for UMNO nor the baggages of reciprocity like their father or fore fathers would.

    The Malays are turning away from BN because the party is deemed
    corrupt…something the Chinese has been alleging for decades.

  2. roger waters said taiwan is part of china even though the west have no great wall to limit their brain to think more freely and less doctrinaire, so cant blame the 98% that support dap/ph.

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