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Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’

Zahid said ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ hanya untuk PRU15, as quoted in many media reports today.

Ia adalah untuk berdepan PRU15 dan bukannya selepas PRU15.

So, the solemn pledge made by Umno-BN to its voter base hanya boleh pakai setakat tanggal 19 Nov jer.

Sampai 20 Nov, lain cerita.



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One thought on “Zahid’s statement on same level as ‘manifesto bukan kitab suci’

  1. now everything is okay one, the pas tsanami not only scared the chinese, it shock pr and umno malay, and i believe even the malay ruler start to worry. we all know what happen if there is some sort of revolution, the 1979 iranian way.

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