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94% pro-unity govt Chinese must agree to abolish sekolah Cina


”Pelaksanaan pendidikan sekolah satu aliran jika mendapat sokongan kalangan bukan Melayu boleh disifatkan sebagai tanda awal kejayaan kerajaan perpaduan, kata exco Pemuda Umno, Muhamad Muqharabbin Mokhtarrudin,” Berita Harian reported today.

Muqharabbin urged PM10 to convince the non Malays – who support his (Anwar‘s) unity government with a truly fanatical zeal – to accept One School For All.

The Umno Youth leader said such a move to unify our racially divided schools is a prerequisite to restoring harmonious race relations in our country.

The moral majority expects the new PM of Hope to convince non Malays to agree to a single-stream education system.

One Malaysian School For All or Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua will necessitate that vernacular education streams not using our national language be abolished.

Majlis Perundingan Melayu education bureau chairman Prof. Emeritus Ibrahim Abu Shah said only Anwar “can persuade non-Malays and other races to resolve this issue once and for all,” the NST reported yesterday.

Most certainly the 94 percent Chinese who support Anwar’s Harapan can be persuaded to shut down sekolah Cina in order to keep their cherished unity government afloat.

After all, if these people can be persuaded to accept Zahid Hamidi as their potential DPM, they can be persuaded to accept other necessary measures to ensure the Anwar administration remains intact.

“At present, the new prime minister has been appointed because of the strong support and acceptance, especially from the Chinese community,” said the Nov 30 NST article headlined ‘PM Anwar urged to convince non-Malays to accept a single stream education system’.

Also at the presser in Wisma MPM, Prof. Ibrahim said the Harapan staunch supporters should “accept what is essentially the foundation of the federal constitution”. Article 152 of the FC states our national language to be bahasa Melayu.

Therefore Malaysian First schools must teach in BM. Kita Boleh! The 94 percent Chinese who voted DAP-Harapan lagi boleh to achieve national unity.

Nothing is impossible, and the impossible is nothing.



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5 thoughts on “94% pro-unity govt Chinese must agree to abolish sekolah Cina

  1. The 94% Chinese who supported the DAP were misled by some mischievous slogans which are the subject of police reports. It is not because they supported the DAP for its delivery of political promises. That’s the first point. The second point is the volatile business climate which now involves all Chinese who think the DAP will create a better and stable business climate – The flip-flop nature of Government Poilcies concerning the conduct of business. It is generally known in the market place that the less restrictions there are for business, there easier it is to do business. Policies concerning the ‘sin’ business are particularly sensitive to the Chinese. Or the sudden removal TOL lands by the State. At least two well-known agricultural produce, the pomelo and the ginger especially those products from the Highlands, are subjected to such sudden imposition of the laws. For sure the 94% Chinese have been blind-sided by the DAP on Chinese Vernacular Education and the UEC. Hence, the BACs or born again christians fired at the PAS for distraction sake, being easier to deliver and being amateurs, they think they can get away with such mischievous acts. Please remember that the DAP old chauvinist guard were strongly for things Chinese. They were shoved aside by the BACs or born again christians or new comers. But this lot of ‘Chinese looking robots’ from another World took on the mantle of the 94% Chinese support which expect them to deliver. BUT THEY CANNOT BECAUSE THERE IS NOT A FRAGMENT OF CHINESE IN THEM AS ALL THEIR CHINESE POSSESSIONS INCLUDING THEIR BRAINS, HAVE BEEN DESTROYED ON THE PRETEXT OF DESTROYING THE SATAN. For this important reason, the 94% Chinese should not expect DSAI and the born again christians to deliver their desires or expectations or promises. THE UNITY GOVERNMENT IS WEAK BECAUSE NO SINGLE PARTY HAS A SIMPLE MAJORITY ! The Unity Government will survive from day to day living on what it can deliver to the Rakyat eg. the goodies of jobs, low inflation and no corruption. So far, it has been a lot of talk but no tangible sign of action to deliver. In fact, the 94% Chinese holding up the DAP is the weakest of the lot by being overwhelmed by an arrangement of loose sleeping partners to gain POWER. This PYRAMID OF CARDS CAN COLLAPSE IF NOT GLUED TOGETHER BY DOLLOPS OF MONEY. But who is responsible to produce the money without borrowing big time from the World’s well-known lenders ? Thus adding more debt to the RM 1 Trillion official Debt exclusive of the unknown debts carried by the 300 GLCs unofficially ! At the end of the day, ‘ IT’S THE RINGGIT, NOT THE SONG !’ Where are you 94% Malaysian Chinese ?

  2. Hey, Hey, Hey ! HA you are right again ! The once No. 1 champion of the chauvinistic Chinese the DAP has now been taken over since April 2022 to crusade (TDM’s own words) for the crusaders ! As we Malaysians are not stupid, we noticed that the our Malaysia’s very own political and theoretical reformist DSAI, the Honourable Prime Minister joined hands with the hard-core Chinese chauvinist the DAP with a Trojan Horse reputation as far back as 2000. Fast track to 2022, the Chinese chauvinist DAP has morphed into a born again christian tiger moth, the very first in the World outside of these United States. In other words, DSAI married a chauvinist Chinese in 2000 and Lo and Behold, he ended up with a born again christian in 2022 !. Is this want he really wanted in this Malaysian game of mental plastic lobotomy surgery without his full knowledge. Not only that, there are alleged pix of this lot of BACs or born again christians of the DAP in delicto flagrante with the great TDM, the once nemesis of DSAI. Believe it or not ! A picture from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol, there is no doubt. Or our hearts do not belong to Daddy ! As for the alleged but unlikely abolishment of all the vernacular Chinese schools as suggested for these 94% Chinese supported elected representatives of the Unity Government, since the BACS or born again christians have not a figment of Chinese-ness in them, we all know what their stance will be. As the saying goes,’ THE TASTE OF A DAP PUDDING IS IN THE EATING !’ Gr, gr, gr ! What say you 94% Chinese, the most unique group of chinamen/women in this World living peacefully, harmoniously and prosperously in the best country in the World except its politics ? Fortunately, God blesses us the Rakyat with the revered Constitution as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans !

  3. My heartiest congratulations and the very best wishes to our Prime Minister for the wisdom of his selection of the Unity Government Cabinet and the sacrifice of the DAP which has the most number of elected representatives and 94% Chinese support. It’s the Singer not the Song. Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers. The Rulers’ Conference has wisely advised that the 5 nominees to be judges will no longer be the Prime Minister’s prerogative.

  4. seem like the time is ripe to have one school for all. i read many chinese whack dong zong recent urge for uec recognition, some even label dz racist and chauvinist.

    all chinese talk bm at home under new new msia.

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