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94% Chinese electorate got what they voted for

Dapsters — LOSERS !!

Winner of the moral high ground — PN. They’d actually told our voting public the real truth about PH’s backroom dealing with Umno. Next time more people will believe PAS over PH and BN.

But still, BN is also winning … for now! — Six ministries from Santa, incl. the deputy premiership.

DAP are the relative losers in the Anwar cabinet stakes.

Video above — An Umno man and talented former cabinet minister plays the drums.

There’s a popular saying about “Christmas coming early”.

… So although Raya is not anytime soon but it sure does feel like it for a BN voter like me, what with Anwar’s shower of cabinet presents today.

Unno got some glittering gifts from the goodie bag. DAP’s bedraggled haul of the ministerial portfolios, OTOH, is like something a toothless cat dragged in.



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8 thoughts on “94% Chinese electorate got what they voted for

  1. mahathir cabinet is to neutralize pkr while anwar cabinet is retort pn narrative, both make use of dap.

    anwar helm finance seem to indicate pkr lack talent or he cant find one he could really trust?

    new new msia govt shall talk less and start work immediately, its quite a delay macam no govt for the past few weeks, or shall i say last two years?

  2. DAP are real hypocrites. Before PRU15 mati mati say don’t want to work with penyamun. After PRU work pulak. And the sheep’s also same. Say reject penyamun. Last last hug kiss penyamun. Chinese electorates deserves this

    1. The level of stupidity in your comment, but what else can we expect coming from a dude who calls himself “Fucker”…or are you a female slut who calls herself that

    2. Mr F. Why are you so unhappy with our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat ? I am certain you are in good health with a good job and family in this beautiful land of ours and her peoples. Are you aware, our lives are the most precious things we have ? Do you remember you were once just a one day old naked babe doted on by your parents ? And now, Lo and Behold ! you can read, write and curse others I Do you know money cannot buy LIFE ? That all the rich and the poor end up the same at the end of the day ? I am satisfied and exceedingly happy at 100. Be satisfied and exceedingly happy too Mr F ! We all have 100 years to do so. Oh ! By the way MONEY is only relative in comparison to others. Be satisfied and exceedingly happy in this wonderful Malaysia of ours, Mr F ! The very best in the World ! I wish you well, Mr F in all your undertakings !

  3. ‘The 94% Chinese electorate got what they voted for’. THE ALLEGED ABOLISHMENT OF THE CHINESE VERNACULAR SCHOOLS SUPPORTED BY THE CHINESE LOOKING ROBOTS which took over the Chinese chauvinist DAP in April 2022 ! Is there going to be a deal in which the Chinese Vernacular Schools are sold down river in return for something else which the Rakyat will never know ? I may point out that any change in the Chinese Vernacular Schools system will cost the Government money. But it is interesting to note that the once Chinese chauvinist DAP 1966-2008 has morphed into a crusading ‘born again christian DAP 2008-??? Has Chinese chauvinism DAP disappeared from Malaysian Politics and replaced by a minority group of 500,000 crusading home grown born again christians DAP ? . Ye olde Lee Kuan Yew will certainly turn in his grave ! Even my paper collector is one ! OMG ! Will this expose reveal that the 94% Chinese are left dangling in the Malaysian Political void. My sincere advice to this lot of 94% Chinese is that you either vote as a Malaysian Chinese or fold your tents. See you can never control the warped minds of people always, 94% Chinese ! In the 15th GE you strongly supported the crusading born again christians DAP (who only look like Chinese but foreign inside) with the intention of our beloved Malaysia being eventually be to your desires and way of Life as expounded by the new crusading DAP. Your wishes are not going to happen ! The composition of the new Unity Cabinet speaks for itself ! 4 DAP Cabinet members holding junior portfolios amongst 29 others. What can these 4 DAP Ministers do ? Only suck eggs ! What have you done to yourselves 94% Chinese. ? May be you too join these 4 Junior DAP Cabinet Ministers to suck eggs ! What a waste of time and effort for a Chinese, the 94% of them- the only such group in the World ! TO HAVE YOUR 94% CHINESE VOTES MISLED BY ALLEGED USURPERS ! OMG ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  4. The New Unity Government Cabinet has many monumental tasks to deal with. The abolishment or the creation of a single type of National Schools should not be the first priority. The Government must deal with the rising cost of living and the sleepy economy spiked by public holidays as its first priority. This is what the Rakyat expect. But how to create investors’ confidence and the right sentiments ? These are intangible factors which are not easy to grasp. Talking and talking is the worse form of approach in dealing with money. For those who remember the halcyon years of the late 1950s-1960s, those were the most enjoyable years for all wage earners. My houseman salary per month was only RM 401 at the KLGH. Yet, I could employ a maidservant at RM 90 per month with plenty left over for my meals ! Now it cost RM 8 for a chow kway teow which cost 60 sens in the 1960s ! Money is the most difficult commodity to handle in the World. But in our beloved Malaysia with her hard working peoples and bountiful natural resources, is fortunate to be well-placed in the delivery of goodies by the Government. Even though wastage appeared after the Administration of Tun Hussein Onn, it was minor compared with the huge leakages from 2004 to 2022 when Government money seemed to be for the taking by those who had access to it ! In the short space of a decade, the National Debt bumped up from RN 300 billions to over RM 1 trillion with the debts of 300 GLCs unaccounted for. This is the reality of Malaysia’s wherewithal today ! Our Prime Minister with his profound knowledge of public service has his work cut out for him. It is the money that glue the 28 Cabinet Ministers together, no the other way round. And as our beloved Malaysia is the most important geo-strategic country in the ASEAN region, not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore, the World will take notice of the toe-ing and fro-ing in Malaysia. For many years, Kuala Lumpur has replaced Bangkok and Singapore , both espionage centres during the Cold War 1948-1989, as the preferred espionage centre in the region, Thus, a new factor of human activity is now complicating Malaysia which was once known to be boring and uninteresting. In fact, if we dissect the results of the 15th GE, we may see just beneath the surface, the involvement of foreign powers at play. AND THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. Hence, it is imperative that the Prime Minister pushes our beloved Malaysia to be one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore ! Malaysia has to walk the straight and narrow always from now on with a competent Minister for Foreign Affairs ! One slip, the Devil will take the hindmost !

  5. why chinese don’t vote for PAS? This is proof chinese migrants want to steal our land.Fight, fight, fight…lawan tetap lawan…

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