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DAP punya ‘meritocracy’ — double the work for half the reward

DAP, waiting obediently for crumbs off its master’s table, picked off just a paltry four ministerial portfolios.

Anwar’s chubby cabinet is not a good look. By party, his newly appointed ministers are from —

  • PKR: 8
  • Umno: 6
  • DAP: 4
  • PBB: 3
  • Amanah: 2
  • Sabah Bersatu: 1
  • Parti Rakyat Sarawak: 1
  • Upko: 1
  • PDP (Tiong King Sing’s S’wak party): 1

Total 27 ministers

Note: The religious affairs minister is not a politician and has no party affiliation. He is the 28th cabinet member.

Back in the day when BN formed our uni government, MCA only had to kowtow to Big Brother Umno.

In the current Harapan XL unity government, DAP is having to kowtow to three bumiputera-led taiko parties — PKR, Umno and GPS.

No wonder then that the Penang DAP chairman is complaining how his hardworking party got shortchanged in the allocation of ministerial positions by PM10 Anwar.

Chow Kon Yeow (above) pointed out that DAP received fewer cabinet places – four – than can be counted on one hand. Yet the party won in GE15 parliament seats equal in number – forty – to all the fingers and toes that can be counted on a pair of conjoined twins, i.e. two sets of ten fingers, ten toes = 40

DAP is MCA 2.0 now

Let’s do some simple math.

Point #1 — DAP contributed half the work of Harapan victory

The election table of results shows Harapan with 82 MPs. Of these, 40 MPs belong to the DAP or roughly half of Harapan strength.

This means DAP did the heaviest lifting to take Harapan across the finish line ahead of PN and BN.

It is this first-place fillip that gave Harapan first dibs in the task from the Agong to form a new government.

Point #2 — DAP biggest party in ruling coalition

(a) Harapan’s 82 MPs consist of —

  • DAP: 40
  • PKR: 31
  • Amanah : 8
  • Upko: 2
  • Muda: 1

(b) In the final tally, Anwar’s unity government collected a combined total of 148 MPs.

  • PH: 82
  • BN: 30
  • GPS: 23
  • GRS: 6
  • Warisan: 3
  • PBM: 1
  • KDM: 1
  • Independents: 2

DAP is a plus-size chunk in the Harapan big tent unity government. Its 40 parliamentarians make up 27 percent of Anwar’s 148-MP umbrella.

BELOW: The horsemen of the apocalypse are, coincidentally, four riders too

Point #3 — DAP the skinny jeans weakling in cabinet

There are 28 ministers in the Anwar cabinet. DAP has been given a mere four places. So the evangelical party’s share is 4/28 or one-seventh of the Anwar cabinet.

DAP’s 40 MOs is, however, 27% of the Harapan Big Tent (148 MPs). Contrast this 27% figure to DAP’s mere 14.3% of all the ministers handpicked by Anwar.

In summary, DAP’s reward of 14% of the trophy does not commensurate to their 27% of the effort to help Anwar win Putrajaya. It’s half the reward for double the input.

And mind you, DAP worked twice as hard compared to PKR, Amanah, Muda and the rest, as well as thrice as diligently as the complacent Umno.

Undoubtedly DAP also spread double the propaganda and lies compared to their more laidback Harapan colleagues, and spent treble the time earnestly convincing its Chinese base to go out and cast their ballot.

Compare the keen Chinese turnout with the indifferent Umno vote bank which largely stayed home.

Given the stupendous effort of the DAP’s election machinery, especially its fear-mongering campaign against PAS, the DAP’s haul of four junior cabinet portfolios is meagre indeed.

The smallish number of DAP ministers in an expanded Anwar cabinet makes Running Raccoons (err, ‘dogs’?) out of the party, and dupes out of its staunch supporters.

A senior ministry is one which gets a humongous budget, e.g. Defence Ministry to buy expensive submarines, littoral combat ships, tanks, fighter jets, helicopters, etc.

Hannah Yeoh’s DAP-helmed Youth and Sports Ministry, for example, has a relatively tiny budget when juxtaposed with, say, the Education Ministry which enjoys a huge budget to oversee all the country’s schools.

The most important ministries are taken by PKR — including Finance, Economy, Home (Kementerian Dalam Negeri in charge of polis di raja), Education, Digital Communications.

The next important ministries are given by Anwar to Umno — including Defence, International Trade, Higher Education, Law, Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, four more minor ministries are put under DAP charge, namely Transport, Human Resources, Local Government, Youth and Sports. Some of these used to be headed by MCA back in the Chinese party’s distant heyday.

Presently the three Malay taiko Anwar, Zahid and GPS’s Fadillah Yusof are PM, DPM1 and DPM2.

Meanwhile DAP top boss Anthony Loke is the rather urm less-than-essential Transport minister despite his party successfully rallying up to 94 percent of the Chinese electorate to ferociously crusade for the Harapan cause.

GE15, to put it mildly, has been a fiasco for the Chinese community. Dapsters should now go into the corner dan duduk diam-diam bersama MCA jer.

And please orang Cina DAP, do stop preaching already about ‘meritocracy’ because it’s not anything which Harapan themselves practise.



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6 thoughts on “DAP punya ‘meritocracy’ — double the work for half the reward

  1. MERITOCRACY which is a catch-word of the born again christian DAP Leadership, is now out-dated like the dinosaur in their homeland, tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore ! How ! In 2010, one hot Saturday evening, a Singaporean Presidential Scholar stripped herself naked with her Caucasian boy friend similarly naked, ran around Holland Village to the utter astonishment of the bystanders. She was asked why she did it ? Her honest reply was she was bored with her job (government). Wisely, the Singapore Government took no action. In 2013, two senior ministers of the Singapore Government declared that in future, promotions and jobs will not be based on academic qualifications alone but also other talents will be considered. Up to that point, Singapore based its standards on the IVY LEAGUE and OXBRIDGE due to Lee Kuan Yew’s insistence. . No longer. With this change of Policy, MERITOCRACY was thrown out of the window by Singapore. Many graduates from the Ivy League and Oxbridge were found wanting in the jobs they were assigned to by the Singapore Government or they just could fit into the real life in Singapore. This I found out as long ago as 1954 when I found that the scholarships laden, well-dresses and well-spoken Singaporean undergraduates were just a bunch of gas-bags. Many could not deliver according to the expectations of their patron, the Government of Singapore ! Hence, THE PROMOTION OF MERITOCRACY IN MALAYSIA BY THE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS OF THE DAP LEADERSHIP IS ANOTHER BIG LIE TO DECEIVE ! From 1954 to 2022, I lost count of the many brilliant Malaysian graduates overseas. But none from Singapore. THIS IS REAL MALAYSIA FOR YOU AND ME, FOLKS ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. The beautiful Country !

    1. Ssl. Saudara/Friend ! Remember when we were very young we used to sing, ” Ding dong bell, two balls in the well…………’ Are we seeing Life replicating fiction or is it the other way round ? We will soon find out within 6 months- according to the BBC ! Acheh !

  2. Anwar is a loser. No, not only because of his cabinet selection, but for his decision to forsake those who stood by him.

    1. There is no reason to appoint Zahid to be DPM. Wasn’t there prior consensus those with pending court cases not be given minister posts? LGE and Saddiq sure didn’t, but Zahid is the exception. In case Anwar thinks Zahid is the key to his PM10 obsession, he should do the maths. Borneo block has 30 over seats to help secure Anwar’s PM throne, there is no need to go against PH supporters and bend backwards for Zahid to be DPM. The Borneo block are, let’s say, pragmatist who understand realpolitiks and will stay loyal if given more cabinet posts. Anwar is delusional if he thinks he can get the en block BN 30 MP support. Anwar would be lucky if he get half the number of BN MPs supporting him while the other half lurk in the shadows waiting for the right time to pounce and serve him another Sheraton with whipped cream and cherry on top.
    2. Anwar is PM and finance Minister? The last time Tun M wanted the Education Minister gig together with his premiership day job was unanimously objected. Since then those who came after him (Muhyddin and Sabri) stayed in their own lane and not try grabbing more responsibility. Anwar has however did a U turn. So much for Reformasi.
    3. DAP’s Loke has pledged unconditional support to Anwar. I have high hopes for DAP under Loke so I will give him the benefit of a doubt. It could be a pacifying move to showcase to the Malays DAP can just be as subservient as MCA.

  3. DAP gesture of giving in may improve images in the people eyes and heart. The merit is not about number of ministrial posts but positive perception of people. At these difficult times, hot and lucrative ministrial posts are risky. GSD’s rejection of DSAI offer was right and timely. Focus should be directed more towards welfare of the constituency who voted him to power.

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