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Satu Sekolah a bright hope under Anwar’s education ministry

Reacting to the appointment of PKR’s Fadhlina Sidek as Education Minister in the Anwar cabinet, PAGE hoped that akan dijadikan “sekolah kebangsaan sebagai pilihan utama ibu bapa”. Story reported this morning in FMT.

PAGE is Parent Action Group for Education.

Also from the FMT article, Magpie additionally pointed out that Fadhlina‘s professional background is as a lawyer, and not an educationist. Magpie is Melaka Action Group for Parents in Education.

According to Wikipedia, Fadhlina is a graduate of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia dan has a syarie legal firm.

She is also the daughter of the late Abim president Datuk Siddiq Fadzil. Abim is Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia, and the relationship between Siddiq and Anwar went a long way back.

Fadhlina is a newly minted Penang MP. Before GE15, she was a Harapan-appointed senator from 2021–22. She served alongside Kit Siang’s daughter Hui Ying (pix above) under the Penang quota in Dewan Negara.

Elections have consequences

The bar chart above shows the 221 MPs and their ethnicity, and how they fall along the aisle — source via Malaysiakini. (Note: Postponed polling for the Padang Serai parliament seat to elect our last and final 222nd MP will be held on Dec 7.)

On the opposition bench, there is a formidable brigade of 70 Malay MPs. They comprise Bersatu and PAS elected reps, dan sebulat suara mereka mahu mansuh sekolah Cina.

On the unity government bench, there are 43 ethnic Chinese MPs.

They comprise Parti Bangsa Malaysia president Larry Sng Wei Shien, GPS’s Tiong King Sing, a handful of Cina PKR, with the bulk of them being DAP’s Bangsa Malaysians.

Bangsa Malaysians do not see themselves as Chinese (“there are no Malays, no Chinese, no Indians; all are Anak Malaysia”).

Also in the unity government are two Cina totok MPs from the rejected party, MCA. They’re derided as “Chinese chauvinist” by a few of their pro-DAP Umno colleagues, constantly kicked by DAP rivals and eagerly spat upon by Dapsters.

The two MCA political outcasts always defend Chinese school (since they belong to a one-race Chinese political party with the label ‘Chinese’ in its association name) but alas, MCA is no longer relevant.

An irrelevant party with only two MPs in a 222-member Dewan Rakyat has no clout to influence any education policy to maintain the existence of sekolah Cina.

Especially when not only the Malay oppo (Bersatu, PAS) but the Malay ruling combo (Umno, PKR) too want the SRJKc abolished.

Current political developments have seen Cina DAP be willing to put the long-requested recognition for UEC (Chinese high school exam cert) on the back burner.

Cina DAP have been willing to put other significant things on the back burner. For example, they used to object to the Umno court cluster but they now accept Zahid as their DPM1.

As well they used to object to Najib’s two-in-one power grab as both PM and Finance Minister (which led to 1MDB) but they now accept Anwar doing the same without fear of a potential 2MDB.

When DAP was Finance Minister in the Mahathir 2.0 gomen, Utar & TAR university colleges were victimized. Their discretionary allocation from the government budget were withheld by Mahathir’s Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Utar and TAR-UC were founded by MCA which invested in Chinese education.

The 94 percent Chinese voters, however, made the Chinese-oriented MCA kaput because they support the DAP’s Malaysian Malaysia orientation.

Some Dapsters even slam Dong Jiao Zong as a racist and Chinese chauvinist organization.

As a result of the Chinese electorate’s winner-take-all political warfare (DAP take 26 Umno MPs as their new BFF, take Bung Moktar as a born-again political progressive, take Zahid as the “saviour of our democracy), and because the loser MCA has been obliterated, here is where we are today with Anwar’s Reformasi cabinet.

Since MCA cannot win seats in Chinese-majority areas, the DAP and now Umno et tu do not regard MCA to be the legitimate voice of the Chinese.

So even though MCA still wants to defend Chinese schools, they’re not considered to be democratic representatives of the community. After all, MCA has only five percent Chinese voter support.

It is DAP that speaks for the Chinese. And DAP says MCA is racist, chauvinist, extremist and bigoted.

MCA bad. Bangsa Malaysia DAP good.

PAS, Bersatu, Umno and now possibly the new Education Minister from PKR will agree that a Malaysian First school – teaching lessons in bahasa kebangsaan – is the way forward to achieve a reset, united and harmonious country.

94 percent of the Chinese voted for this. Any unhappy racist MCA people yang masih mau sekolah Cina boleh duduk diam-diam.

(Disclaimer: This blogger is an MCA-BN voter in 2013, 2018 and 2022 general elections.



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