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Kerenah Umno dalam PN lain, dalam PH lain pula

The Umno sec-gen is now saying (see below) Zahid’s appointment as DPM 2022 was based on party hierarchy.

Ahmad Maslan said today that Zahid’s position in the Anwar unity gomen was not due to any (unnatural) political interests.

[And I have an undersea tunnel in Penang to sell you.]

He also said Zahid holding the job was “aimed at providing stability” to the UG. [So that they – Anwar, Zahid, Umno, DAP et al – can hopefully cling on to power until 2027.]

Party hierarchy, however, was previously disregarded in the Muhyiddin unity gomen — of which Umno was similarly a part of. There, Umno vice president Ismail Sabri held the post of senior minister to PM Muhyiddin.

At the same time, Umno’s president was sidelined from the PN-BN administration led by Muhyiddin due to Zahid belonging to the court cluster.

Now Umno Baru Terbaru is operating in other brand new ways, i.e. deviating from how the old Umno would have operated.

The present Umno president is himself too operating in pathbreaking ways. In order to provide “stability” to Anwar’s UG, Zahid will have to control his Umno supreme council colleagues, his party division chiefs as well as the rank-and-file to keep them all in line.

Zahid will have to do this – wield the whip on Umno Malays – in order to keep the UG afloat.

Zahid’s willingness to act as the Harapan-plus whip-master is ultimately to the benefit of “(No?) Anwar, (No?) DAP”.

BELOW: File pix of Zahid with a DAP apek; the new breed of DAP leaders has received an upgrade thanks to Umno

Zahid took his oath of office as DPM1 yesterday. His presence in the UG as its No.2 – being surrounded by Umno’s former critics from PKR, DAP and Amanah – is bad optics.

More than bad though, it’s sad.

Just very sad to see an Umno president, no less, suppressing the conscientious objectors in his own party for the sake of an Umno-backed government headed by Anwar and DAP.

The chief of the biggest Malay party doing this to his own people while the DAP’s consolidates its grip on Putrajaya can only happen in Malaysia Baru Terbaru.



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20 thoughts on “Kerenah Umno dalam PN lain, dalam PH lain pula

  1. umno has changed (change, once ph slogan), they are fighting for survival, their main enemy is pn, not ph, especially not dap. as long as umno could show to the malay dap succumb to them like mca and mic in this new unity govt, malay votes might revert and make umno great again. i dont see the point to criticize umno for not principled, breaking promise, no more fighting dap, forked tongue etc etc, this is a more rational choice unless the current batch of leader wanna disband umno and join bersatu.

    1. You’ve painted a fairly accurate scenario if one looks at it from the POV of Zahid (protecting his personal interests) and of the party warlords.

      Their Malay base may not agree that the majority of Umno’s 26 MPs fighting for their own survival is to the bumiputera best interest.

      Therefore, I don’t think MUGA (Make Umno Great Again) will happen.

      Strike #1 — Anti-corruption Malay voters kicked out Najib & dealt heavy losses on Umno

      Strike #2 — Anti-corruption Malay voters kicked out Zahid & dealt heavier losses on Umno

      Strike #3 is coming. Umno has lost even more voters now after what Zahid did.

      1. Since the turn of the 21st Century, UMNO insiders told me the young Malays were not joining UMNO but PAS ! Therefore commonsense dictates PAS has a wider pool of Malay talents which are actually Malay elites in support of PAS. The shifting sands of Malaysian Politics are now slowly but surely firming up towards a conclusion if any ! As I gave said before 3 Generations of Malay elites self-immolated. The 1st Gen. 1972-1981. The 2nd Gen 1982-2003. The 3rd Gen 2004-2018. Hence, DSAI found it difficult to identify suitable candidates for the Cabinet. IT’S THE MALAY ELITES. NOT THE PRIME MINISTER !

      2. what you said is the malay mass perception of unmo as of now and umno cant expect the malay would change their view unless they do something differently from the past 1) compete with pas who would represents the malay ie resort to more racial provocation in a malay unity govt 2) improve performance in a rather stable and clean new unity govt, and not sabotage it via all this backdoor deal again that bring more harm to umno which proven in the ge15 malay votes swing.

        i dont think no1 is workable because hadi emulate umno better than anyone how to champion malay rights and pas is not that corrupt. i dont know if dap is capable or corrupt, but i definitely know mca is useless and corrupt. the same now happen among malays.

        but no2 have the same risk as in the mahathir govt, can or cannot perform. problem with mahathir was he is not sincere at all, he feel insecure without malay majority at his side, and he is too old. anwar i dont know, he tok tis tok tat number 1 but his achievement in the past is not that impressive, however he is surprisingly more inclusive and more observant to international and human rights issue.

        umno and pkr is in the same boat whether one loke it or not, dap can do a mca, hopefully a rather clean one then we might see some improvement of msia, bit by bit.

        1. HY. The present Malaysian Political set-up of 19 political parties is even worse than the infamous British Colonial Policy of divide and rule which was applied in the British Empire where the Sun never sets ! This is what I call ‘sooting’ ourselves in the foot always !

  2. The only silver lining in the far dark horizon is UMNO’s YAB Presiden Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has patted the born again christian DAP Leadership on the head for being MCA 2.0 after the 15th GE. It takes two to tango ! Those folks who have not seen a fiery Chinese dragon spouting smoke and fire being turned into a pet, a Malaysian pussy cat in a matter of hours via the 15th GE, should bless their lucky stars now that they have done so . Quote, ‘ A day is a long time in Malaysian Politics’ unquote. Courtesy Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysia’s poorest but greatest Prime Minister ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. Where are you 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian – a unique group in this Chinese World ?

  3. Politic is more about compromise than principle. We’ve seen this in most party leaderships, including UMNO. BN is becoming irrelevant in near future. A new entity that carries liberal, progressive ideologies will emerge to compete with another entity that embraces traditional and balance society. An interesting development for us to watch.

    1. Mr A. In June 2018, I attempted to meet LKS, Junior, Chong and one other, to enlighten them that the DAP was in the best position to turn itself into our beloved Malaysia’s only Premier Multi-racial Party with no baggage. I was met with silence. Then, I thought these folks have jurassic mindsets which will only end in grieve and utter disappointment in our established communal societies. To make matters worse, the zany and dare-devils, the born again christians of only 500,000 souls, took over the ex-Trojan Horse of Lee Kuan Yew- the DAP, in April, 2022. The oldies or Chinese chauvinists were pushed aside. Even though, the born again christians seemed to lose out now, they are there in the Unity Government as big as Life ! Put there by the 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians – the only group of minority Chinese in this World who seem not to want Peace, Harmony and Prosperity but to engage in confrontation and conflict with their fellow compatriots who are in the majority right up to 70% of the population of Malaysia. Stupid ! Instead of engaging with all through friendship, goodwill and diplomacy, these zany dare-devils would even lie to get their arguments to win as they themselves now confessed in public. As one OZ Prime Minister said, ‘ Two wongs do not make a white.’ The 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians have lost a credible, sincere and lovable Political Party or Leadership platform to lead them which would have been the DAP 2.0 because a tiny group of Chinese looking robots have taken it over to serve their hidden agenda whatever this means. Now the amorphous mass of 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians are left dangling in the dark without a real or true group of Leaders ! Is this what they wanted ? Akan Datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  4. As the robust year for Malaysian Politics draws to a close, we Malaysians found that the wisdom of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his Royal Sultans brought the Unity Government led by the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim into Power to the chagrin of those who have other ideas. But before the year 2022 finally disappears for good, let us take another ‘look-see’ at the media headlines which are now trying its best to create excitement. Unfortunately, the oomph has gone with the conclusion of the 15th GE. After the frenzied party, we Malaysians found ourselves with a hangover of no one party has a simple majority -the result of enjoying ourselves without planning for the future by responsible Leaderships which also joined in the fun and the games. So be it. Life goes on. Back to the drawing board and BNM to print more MONEY ! Thus :-

    1. FMT 28 Nov ‘ 9.19 million children under 18 in Malaysia, says Statistics Dept. ‘
    The New Zealand Government is considering to reduce the voting age to 16. Believe it or not. New Zealand is a country which has more sheep than human beings. A few years ago, a learned New Zealand judge said that ‘ he could not differentiate one chinaman from another ‘. But he could with the sheep !

    2. Malaysiakini. 28 Nov ‘ Group urges PM to backtrack on the CPTPP deal. The Loss of Sovereignty, Jobs and Bumiputera Affirmative Policy. ‘

    Since 2010, I have opposed the Lee Kuan Yew inspired TPP now CPTPP as the Malaysia Killer. In 2002, the GDP of Singapore was faltering because Singapore was artificially bolstered by the Cold War Arms trade as blessed by Uncle Sam, 1948-1989. With the end of the Cold War, Singapore found its revenue wherewithal falling short of her expectations. By 1992, Singapore made her best efforts to replace her now artificial revenue from the Cold War Arms trade. She imported Indians by the thousands to hold up the GDP via construction, services etc. This did not work. By 2002, it was clear that a new trick had to be found. Our beloved and lovable Malaysia was the chosen target of Lee Kuan Yew’s idea to extract money by the sugar coated poison pill known as the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership WITHOUT COST TO SINGAPORE BUT WITH THE DAMAGE BORNE BY MALAYSIA AS ALWAYS SINCE THE WATER AGREEMENT OF1962 ! The pill was covered by the participation of good names like the US, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Chile etc. Please note un-compromised and proud Thailand and Indonesia never join the TPP. or the CPTPP. Only naive Malaysia was sucked in through poor and corrupt Leadership without consideration of our Sovereignty and National Interest. The TPP simply meant that Malaysia removes her Tariff Barriers for re-labelled goods from Singapore ( China, Israel ) to flood in which bankrupt our factories, make our workers lose jobs and give our Government immense problems. And ultimately enslaved by tiny Singapore ! The TPP was rejected by the US in 2016. Singapore made frantic efforts to revive and re-label the TPP as the CPTPP. Yet. our PH Government 2018-2020 approved the CPTPP the Malaysia Killer whilst the PM was overseas. Stupid ! It is the sneaky ways adopted by Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore Government towards our beloved Malaysia which I stand 100% opposed – i) the 1962 Water Agreement, ii) the 1972 free MSA soft-ware, iii) 1971-2000 rigged Singapore-KL Stock Exchange, iv) 2004 Pulau Batu Putih, v) 2015 KTM Singapore assets ended up as half an office building in downtown Singapore. vi) 2017 HSR S$320 million compensation for doing no work on the old Keppel Golf course. vii) 2018. PH Government approval of the CPTPP. viii) 2022. TNP Power for Singapore arranged by the PH Government 2018-2020. Another SNEAKY DEAL ? And many more etc etc. Even God could not stand the sight of these many sneaky deals which always took advantage of our beloved Malaysia 100% which her Leadership approved ! In March 2020, the Covid-19 hit Singapore followed by the Ukraine War, and the Sino-US tensions and more crises to follow. In November 2022, Singapore lost US$ 275 millions in the FTX Scandal. By December 2022, the Singapore Government raised quit rent and assessments for properties to be followed by the GST! ! Fortunately, God protects our beloved Malaysia and her Rakyat always !

    FMT 1 Dec ‘ Putrajaya urged to review Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. Prof Jomo Kwame Sundram. ‘

    In conclusion, we seem to be aware of one sided sneaky deals with Singapore after these have been approved by the Governments 2004-2022. When the TPP was first known in the 2000s, a distinguished economist of the OECD based in New Delhi wrote a learned paper which brought out all the facts that the TPP/CPTPP is a Malaysia Killer. The lack of real Malay elites to advise the Malaysian Government on projects is but a very small factor in the equation. IT IS THE PRIME MINISTER. 2004-2020, NOT THE SONG ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

    1. In the Malaysiakini today, 7 December 2022, there is an article supporting the enforcement of the Malaysia Killer the CPTPP/TPP. It is indeed a revelation to all that there are so many Malaysians willing to commit hara-kiri for a foreigner. Remarkable ! ‘Something is wrong somewhere’ remarked an UMNO warlord to me when he discovered that I was the only one not ennobled like all my friends. With this remark, he moved to the next table and bussed a Singaporean lady of a certain age on both her heavily powdered cheeks. She was his Swiss banker !

  5. Has the 2/3 number reached?

    If yes, then the answer is redelineation.

    In the past, BN (as with any other govt of the world) had drawn the electoral constituency boundaries to their party advantage. Now times have changed. The city folks who had consistently voted more progressively, has long had their voices/rights redacted to nothing but a soft whisper by unfair electoral boundaries. The number of people residing in a constituency should dictate the number of Parliamentary representatives they ought to have.

    P64 Ipoh Timur has 118,178 registered voter,
    P55 Lenggong has 36,950 registered voter.

    Despite the obvious population difference, both get one Parliamentary representation. That meant P55 people get more representation than P64 folks?

    Rural (much less populated) folks are less likely to vote on issue like economics or economic plans for the future. Unlike city dwellers.

    Kampung folks most are already home/land owners and they don’t get their coffee from Starbucks nor lunch from fancy eateries. It is different for city folks. Not being judgmental here. There is no right or wrong and not trying to judge how others choose to live their life. Obviously kampung life has its charm and city living has its perks.

    The point is, the current unfair representation without regards to population numbers favored the less populated rural areas, thus making folks from certain demographics, quite possibly affecting the way of life of another, bigger group of people through their voting preferences that suit the smaller group.

    1. USA has 50 states & 100 senators. Each state two — be it a big state like California or a small state like Maine.

      That said, their Congressmen are proportionate to each state’s individual population numbers. So the most populous California has 52 representatives in Congress while snowbound and largely empty Alaska has only one.

    2. You are right, Mr H ! This sort of manipulation of boundaries of an electoral constituency to suit political purposes also happened in these United States. It’s known as gerrymandering !

    3. the current scenario with more malay constituency is one main reason why there are more and more malay parties because the so called threat is no more. hence gerrymandering is always a double edged sword

      i think usa senate and congress proportion is one of the fairest and methodical ie number of state and number of population.

      we cant base on number else most mp would be either klang valley and penang, unless our sdewan negara is not mere rubber stamp. how to reduce the gap within same state base on a fixed or predetermine proportionate scale seem reasonable.

    4. Having more MPs in dense city will lead public money to flow more into the city than the kampung folks who need development and jobs, thus giving more reasons for kampung folks to migrate into the already dense city for jobs etc., making the situation in the city even worse. The solution at this difficult moment should be to reduce the number of MPs. Despite smaller size and population in Malaysia than California, the former has 222 MPS whereas the latter has only 52 representatives. If the government really wants to downsize civil servants, it should start with the MPs.

      1. Mr A. Your thoughts are dot on. But the reality is a bloated Dewan Rakyat, Cabinet, Civil Service etc etc. and now seldom mentioned, the 300 GLCs which are manned not by Civil Servants or owners but by POLITICAL appointees with no accountability. Not only that, the debts of the 300 GLCs are unknown, guaranteed by the State. A few days ago I bumped into a GLC, a printing company owned by FELDA in a quiet corner of KL ! Only 4 countries in the World have GLCs eg. Communist China and Russia, authoritarian Singapore and democratic Malaysia. All Western democracies forbid GLCs or Government in business because of corruption. GLCs were a creation of tiny Singapore by Lee Kuan Yew who found the island’s traders were not suitable to be industrialists by 1972. He privatised the island’s Government monopolies to expand and provide employment mainly for the Malays on the advice of the UN economics adviser, Dr Albert Winsemius to the Singapore Government 1962-1984. Being monopolies, these Singapore GLCs made money by the 1980s. The word GLC or Government linked companies was coined by Lee Kuan Yew. China and Russia copied Singapore as a panacea to solve their command economies being a half way house between Capitalism and Communism. Russia and China found it difficult to control the GLCs in their vast lands unlike Singapore where all GLCs were personally controlled by Lee Kuan Yew who can obtain personal information by a phone call. There are 100 Chinese on the run from the GLCs with stolen money like our very own 1MDB ! That’s a GLC for you and me Mr A ! GLCs will kill us all one day eg Official debt RM 1+ Trillion. GLCs debts unknown !

  6. Voting pattern differs between the rural area and city. City voters may emphasize more on economy and the progressive front of governmental policies when casting their vote. That may not be the case with the rural voters. Each demographic cast their vote to their party of choice based on their own needs and concern. These considerations are most likely not mutual.

    If one is in agreement 1 person 1 vote is fair, then why should the voices of city dwellers be reduced to less than than that of the rural voter? The more populated city will get more representation? Yes, why not?

    If currently 2/3 consensus is reached, it is high time for redelineation.

    More MPs do not necessarily meant a bloated cabinet.

    1. Why not diverting the money to develop the less populated one to attract people from densely populated city? MPs can be among menteri besar. If PM can hold 2 portfolios, why can’t menteri besar?

      1. Quote: Why not diverting the money to develop the less populated one to attract people from densely populated city?

        The answer is you get the state government you vote for. There are states that has seen little development but the same party running it get voted again and again. Does it make sense? So you have to account for many voters who vote with their heart and not their head.

        1. Mr H, Sir ! How many Malaysians realize that our States ( 13 of them ) most important function is to convert jungle land at 20 sens psf to development land at say RM 3 psf ? Have you noticed the well-fed Aduns from the States, all these years. ? If you fly above England or France, you would have seen below you the landscape like a quilted blanket ! But over our beloved Malaysia, Peninsula and East Malaysia, it is all green. This tells us that our wealth is created from jungle land and that THERE IS NO NECESSITY TO STEAL FROM GOVERNMENT COFFERS. For a person with Powers, Presto ! You get a piece of State jungle land say 100,000 hectares, you are a multi-millionaire ! It is as easy as this !

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