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Political Islam, political Christianity

The GE15 results show that political Islam has gained popularity, said Hadi Awang’s son.

Indeed as Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi indicated, PAS – the political Islam party – got the most traction with young voters aged 18-23.

PAS is the biggest party in parliament today. The second biggest party is DAP with its overabundance of young Christian politicians.

They too are getting the Undi18. Both parties are pop culture savvy and know how to appeal to the TikTok generation.

It’s no surprise then that the green party and the red party hate each other’s guts. DAP wants to ‘Save Malaysia’ from PAS, and PAS wants to ‘Save Malaysia’ from DAP.



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6 thoughts on “Political Islam, political Christianity

  1. The food for thought is the statistical fact that the majority of the population of our beloved Malaysia is Muslim and only 500,000 are born again christians who only became evident in the past 10 years. The latter only appeared in the mid-1970s because of a quirk in the Government’s Policy. Of late, these born again christians took over Lee Kuan Yew’s Trojan Horse the DAP which is now the main vehicle confronting the Muslim majority. This is the sad state of affairs in our beloved Malaysia today. The causal factors arose from the BN which consisted of 2 main communal parties which could not re-invent themselves after their decades of command in Malaysia. MCA began with the towkays and ended up with the Mandarin speaking small-town boys. In the 20th Century, all MCA leaders became multi-millonaires without exception . One owned the gas tank monopoly and purchased a bank for RM 750,000 which was later sold to a local bank for RM 1.3 billion ! Another had half a share in a local bank. One MCA leader told me that he could make RM 20 million by just sitting in the Exco for 20 years. And the facts carried on. Once I attended a MCA dinner, suddenly a Deputy Minister appeared by my side and shouted loudly,’ We fight them ! They called us Toong Kok M…. !’ A few months later, the Bukit Tunku Residents Association turned up at his palatial Bukit Tunku residence for his help to deter the condo developers from the area, he was nowhere to be found. At the height of one GE, I saw this MCA stalwart in short pants and slippers strolling in a mall with his son wearing a happy smile. What do we expect of MCA leaders after MCA leaders who used a national icon as a platform to riches ? I expect the born again christians of the DAP to be no different. It’s the Rakyat who sacrificed for them. At the end of the day, the 94% Chinese, Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians are left with no credible political Leadership but led by a small bunch of foreign inspired dare-devils ! As for the UMNO, it was from the sublime to the ridiculous. UMNO had the best Malay talent in the 1950s-1960s. By the late 2000s, an UMNO warlord whispered to me that the young and talented Malays were not joining UMNO but PAS ! There hangs the Tale of 2 Malaysian Political Parties ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

      1. Imagine these millions of Chinese prefer to be led by the zany born again christians of the DAP, the only such Chinese in the World who have lost the roots of their forefathers and their hopes and aspirations which were for a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous Malaysia. Plus the shameful spectacle of apologizing in public for telling lies! These folks really have the hides of elephants ! By political conflict and confrontation which was also the policy of the DAP of yesterday against NOT MUSLIMS BUT OUR FELLOW COMPATRIOTS, it is time the 94% Chinese, Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysian have their heads examined at the Woodbridge Home, SINGAPORE ! Before it is too late, the 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians should realize that you EITHER HAVE CONFLICT AND CONFRONTATION OR PEACE, HARMONY AND PROSPERITY. You cannot have both the cakes to eat ! In 2002, Lee Kuan Yew said that if their are riots in KL, Singapore will not open her doors ! Remember ? The looming scenario is nothing new. It had happened in China in the 19th and 2oth Century, and Hong Kong recently where religion was used like opium on the weak and the susceptible. At the end of the day, THE MAJORITY PREVAILED ! History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.

  2. PAS is getting traction from the 18-23 year-olds?

    Not surprising. Youths are usually more idealistic and anti-authorities/establishments.

  3. pas turn racist is the main contributer of getting more votes, however their religious assertion have limitation and could backfire. let see if the young buy their rhetoric in a longer period.

    chinese dont have a choice like malay do. a vote to bn is now a vote to ph as well unless pn could create a justification why chinese shd vote them.

    i dont believe in political christian among chinese, there could be a very small number that aspire for a christian polity and most of them would have no issue to move to one eg usa uk australia. chiang kai shek turned christian but one dont see any religion element in kmt. chinese generally secular, superstitious and could be chauvinist but never fanatical about religion, even the taiping rebellion change the concept of heaven but the formula remain same ie mandate from jesus.

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