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2 lawan 1: Shy lor if Zahid cannot win Padang Serai

The election in Padang Serai today is a referendum on BN chairman Zahid Hamidi.

Although Zahid’s name is not itself on the ballot, he is nonetheless the most key player in the two-against-one fight in Padang Serai.

Zahid is absolutely instrumental to BN and PH now ganging up against PN in the battle for the Padang Serai parliament seat. Earlier he single-handedly corralled the 30 BN Yang Berhormats into Harapan-Plus.

In fact, the MIC candidate there has even been ordered to stand down so that BN can combine forces with PH to fend off the PN challenge.

Bila kalah buat apa

Under a different leadership, Umno in the 2004 general election won 109 seats in parliament.

Under Zahid’s leadership, Umno lost badly in the GE15 a fortnight ago. “Kalah teruk!” — see Agenda Daily tweet above. Only 26 seats. Malu nya.

After ending up the biggest loser on Nov 19, Zahid hitched himself and BN to Anwar and PH the very next week.

In the process, Zahid suddenly becomes very popular with Dapsters and very unpopular with Melayu Umno.

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Janji dicapati

The people of Padang Serai would be hard pressed to believe any election promises made by BN-PH though.

As the BN chairman had confessed, whatever they pledge – such as ‘No Anwar, No DAP’ – is merely a tactic to win votes. After polling day, all previous promises might just fly out the window.

The Padang Serai electorate casting their ballot today (Dec 7) would be wary if anything that BN says masih boleh pakai selepas 8 Disember. They would also be cautious of BN’s new partner PH whose (informal) motto is famously “Manifesto bukan kitab suci”.

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Zahid nafi jual Umno

The party president has denied that he ‘sold’ Umno to Anwar and DAP — see Astro Awani report below.

Zahid also added that according to his BFF sec-gen Anthony Loke, the Chinese-dominated party has been born again into DAP Baru.

Methinks the two gentlemen doth protest too much. Well, we shall soon see in the results afterwards at Padang Serai whether Kedah Malays actually believe Zahid and Loke.

Padang Serai is a Harapan stronghold. In 2008, a PKR Indian won the seat. In 2013, another PKR Indian retained the seat. In 2022, yet one more PKR Indian once again held on to the seat.

It should be a cake walk for Harapan to grab this seat. After all, Harapan is supposed to be the multiethnic coalition, and Indians make up more than 20 percent of the Padang Serai electorate.

On paper, it is near impossible for the mono-ethnic Malay-Muslim PN to win Padang Serai where one out of every five voters is Indian.

But then again Malaysia is the land of endless possibilities where Dapsters can – overnight – regard Zahid as their new hero.

Contesting Padang Serai for PH is Mohamad Sofee Razak, and for PN is Azman Nasrudin.

The Padang Serai result has a greater significance beyond electing the last MP for Kedah. It is a litmus test on whether the newly married power couple of PH and BN can prevail over the underdog PN.

It is also likely that PN will spring a surprise victory as the Green Wave crests.



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