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Malays have no more confidence in Umno

Keputusan pilihanraya semalam di Padang Serai merupakan satu tamparan hebat ke muka Zahid Hamidi, si presiden Umno yang asyik berpeluk-pelukan dengan DAP.

DAP ini cukup toksik! Lagi lama Umno bersama parti tersebut maka lagi kuat Umno akan terkesan dan dijauhi orang Melayu.

The photo below shows Zahid in Padang Serai, Kedah on the stump for the PKR candidate.

“… tidak mustahil ‘gunung berapi’ yang terpendam akan meletus pada pilihan raya akan datang sekali gus menyaksikan gelombang penolakan besar-besaran terhadap Umno oleh akar umbinya sendiri.” — Hussaini Amran @ Malaysia Gazette (6 Dis 2022)

SOALAN: ‘Apa sudah jadi dengan prinsip perjuangan Umno?’

JAWAPAN: Zahid sumbat dalam longkang dah.

Umno will die from DAP poisoning if it does not quickly remove itself from the Harapan toxic environment.

Umno cannot hope to reprise the Malay party role that Bersatu – then led by Mahathir – once played in Harapan 1.0.

Harapan 2.0 cannot replicate the old spirit of BN where Umno is Ali and DAP is the new Ah Chong.

In BN once upon a time, Umno had more than thrice the MCA’s strength. In the Umno-DAP current coupling, however, the evangelical party is almost twice Umno’s size.

And most importantly, Harapan-Plus is destined to fail because Umno is no longer the voice of the Malays. This is fact proved by data.

Padang Serai takeaways

Following are the stats for the Padang Serai parliament election yesterday.

PH candidate Sofee Razak received 35,377 votes. Zahid and Umno campaigned for him.

PN candidate Azman Nasrudin received 51,637 votes. He won big despite the lopsided two (PH+BN) against one (PN) fight.

Let’s compare the figures from GE14, also bearing in mind that there are more registered voters this election in contrast to the last one.

In GE14, PKR received 31,724 votes. Yesterday, PKR got 35,377.

In GE14, PAS received 22,911 votes. Yesterday, Bersatu got 51,637.

Since the last election in 2018, PKR has gained 3,653 votes. Meanwhile, PN gained a whopping 28,726 votes.

The support of between 32k – 35k votes for PH is constant and coming from hardcore Harapan followers.

Assuming a consistent 23k voters in Padang Serai are diehard PAS people, where then did the additional 29k votes for Bersatu-PN come from yesterday?

Obviously the Undi-18 bunch. Also from the BN Malays and Indians. The last election, BN had obtained 15,449 votes in Padang Serai. Yesterday, BN got only 2,983 votes. A total of 12,466 votes shifted away from BN.

In 2018, there were three major candidates in Padang Serai — PKR vs PAS vs BN. Yesterday there were two — PKR vs Bersatu.

Since BN had stood down, its potential 12.5k votes yesterday moved, and they swung more to PN than they did to PH.

Conclusion: Umno is haemorrhaging Malay and Indian support.

Umno wiped out from Malay belt

Here is more data concerning the Malay heartland.

The map of Kedah above shows the state’s 15 parliament constituencies. All are won by PN in GE15 with the sole exception of Sungai Petani (in red).

Sungai Petani, which borders Penang and has roughly 40 percent non-Malay voters, remained in PKR hands.

The table above lists 15 state seats in Perlis. All are won by PN in GE15 with the sole exception of Indera Kayangan (in red).

Indera Kayangan, which has roughly 50 percent non-Malay voters, was retained by PKR.

Rumusan: Umno kalah teruk

Umno lost in all three Perlis parliament seats. Umno also lost in all the DUN seats it contested in Perlis.

Umno lost too in all the parliament seats it contested in Kedah.

The two tables above list 14 parliament seats in Kelantan and eight in Terengganu. All are won by PN in GE15. Habis disapu oleh PAS dan Bersatu, whose leaders waved the green banner and moon logo.

Umno lost in all the parliament seats it contested in Kelantan and Terengganu. Rumusan: Umno kalah lagi teruk; tewas di SEMUA kerusi.

These four states – Perlis, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu – are the Malay heartland. And Umno got a big fat zero in all of them.

Gua tak ‘caya lu

Zahid says he has not “sold Umno”. Many don’t believe him.

Zahid also claims DAP Baru now respects Ketuanan Melayu. Even more Malays disbelieve this.

PN obtained a 16,260-vote majority yesterday in Padang Serai. This is a huge swing from 2018 when it was PH that had a 8,813-vote majority.

PN’s big win in Padang Serai is a huge rejection by Malays of Zahid and Umno. The cries of “Undur, undur! will only become louder.

Masihkah Umno parti Melayu?

DAP declares that MCA cannot posture to be the party representing the Chinese when it cannot win any Cina totok seats.

MCA has become irrelevant as far as the Chinese electorate is concerned.

Now apply the same argument to Umno. How can Umno claim to be the party representing Malays when it is currently unable win any Melayu pekat seats?

The GE15 results show that Umno is fading into irrelevance as far as the Malay electorate is concerned. Benda yang pengundi Melayu buang, Cina DAP mahu pungut.

Just like MCA wins in mixed areas by depending on Malay BN votes, Umno is set on a similar trajectory of hoping to win in mixed areas by depending on Cina DAP future votes.

But Umno is really hastening its own demise by clinging on to the DAP life jacket and embracing the Dapster credo of ‘diversity’ and ‘multikulti’.

Zahid’s bait and switch

BN voters in Perak pangkah dacing and got a Rocket-dominated government instead handed them by Zahid.

The PH-BN Perak state administration now has 18 DAP Aduns and eight Umno Aduns. The sole MCA Adun there was thrown under the bus by Zahid.

MCA was backstabbed by Zahid who did not even inform the BN Chinese party that Umno was doing its backroom deal with PH to form the Perak government.

Umno was similarly unable to form a BN government in Pahang without enlisting the DAP’s help.

Pahang – also Najib’s home state – used to be a BN bastion. Today Umno is losing here to Bersatu and PAS.

Umno is presently in the Perak, Pahang and Putrajaya governments only through using the backdoor.

PN has only to call for state polls in Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu to demonstrate that Umno is sure to lose election after election.

Bila sesat, pulanglah ke pangkal jalan. The only way for Umno to redeem itself is to seek a rapprochement with the other Malay parties and put muafakat ahead of its leader’s personal self interest.

What we have is the man who led Umno to its most crushing defeat in party history still, undeservingly, elevated to Deputy Prime Minister (I) by Anwar and DAP.

MIC has more maruah than Umno. The BN Indian party will refuse to accept any Deputy Minister post offered by Anwar. The Umno men (and one woman), OTOH, are content with being second banana in the Anwar cabinet. 

Kalau Zahid enggan berundur dan dibawanya BN ikut keluar sekaligus, maka wajar MIC dan MCA tarik diri saja dari gabungan BN.



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15 thoughts on “Malays have no more confidence in Umno

  1. The current Bagan Serai victory is no doubt carried over by the high morale of the recent 1119 green wave. Will this tide continue to sustain momentum or wane in due time, is still too early to tell.

    Just. sharing some thoughts

    1. Many accused DAP being the weak link in PH despite winning the the most seats for the coalition. It is easy to point to DAP as the scapegoat for spooking the Malays rather than the Malay PH component parties suck it up and muster enough courage to look itself in the mirror and admit they (PKR , Amanah) did not do enough to deliver the Malay votes. PH is a weak coalition not because it has DAP, rather it is weak because the other Malay component parties (inside PH)do not know how to sell themselves right.

    2. Muhyiddin Yassin was recorded alleging a group of Jews and Christians were plotting to take over Malaysia during his GE15 campaign. DAP had plenty of Christian leaders but DAP don’t use religion to garner support from its voter base. Quite simply, the Chinese DAP voter base is not overwhelmingly Christian nor do they view religion as the prerequisite of their votes. But still, religion is used as to rile up the Malay voters, why? Because religion is an integral part of the Malays and at the same time, a euphemism for something more unpalatable along the lines of intolerance. In a nutshell, nothing DAP do will pacify the Malays. It is not what they (DAP) did, it is actually just ‘who’ they are – the predominantly Chinese voice. DAP probably did more for the Malays (in their attempt to be accepted) than the Chinese voters that voted them in. Does it change the Malay perception? Obviously a resounding NO. Not a DAP fan here, but feel it is time to give DAP a break.

    3. The democratic system we practice is far from fair but it denotes a certain stability in the sense the majority is pacified thus less likely of an upheaval . The sad part is , the minority will , by design, always yield to the majority. Of course it is roses and sunshine if you happen to be in the majority group. That is why the Constitution is so important because it provide certain guarantee of rights and relief to the minority.

    1. H,

      Padang Serai is in Kedah; Bagan Serai in Perak.

      What you say about “nothing DAP do will pacify the Malays. It is not what they (DAP) did, it is actually just ‘who’ they are – the predominantly Chinese voice”.

      I look at it this way:

      DAP leaders can be any race, and its backbone supporters any skin colour — i.e. ‘who’ they are.

      MCA, SUPP and to a lesser extent Gerakan are not hated for having a Chinese leadership and a Chinese base.

      At its height in 2004, MCA had 31 Chinese MPs. DAP has around the same or only a few more than 31 MPs (after you take away the Singhs, Indians and others).

      The M’sian public can cope with a large contingent of Chinese YBs.

      In fact, MCA even more Cina — going on about UEC, Chinese schools, preserving Chinese culture, having good ties with Beijing etc.

      The ‘who’ – Chinese part – of MCA still does not rile up the other races as much as Cina DAP do.

      It is the ‘what’ of the DAP that triggers everybody, i.e. how the DAP’s Chinese leadership and its Chinese base behave.

      Likewise the Christian issue. The Sabah Sarawak Christian YBs don’t antagonize others.

      But look at the behaviour of Nga Kor Ming, Teresa Kok and I’d of course add Hannah Yeoh.

      In fact, Sarawak bars entry by these DAP politicians into their state.

      1. HA,

        Quote: “The M’sian public can cope with a large contingent of Chinese YBs.
        In fact, MCA even more Cina …

        MCA, Gerakan are seen by the Malays as part of a Malay coalition while PH is taunted (wrongly or rightly is discussion for another time) as a komunis influence out to question Ketuanan Melayu. In fact, wasn’t Tun M’s 2018 PH victory viewed as a ‘Cina’ victory? (for the Malays) One would question the logic behind such assertion in view of the fact PH component parties are overwhelmingly Malays – but then nevermind, emotions/sentiments seldom require reason nor facts.

        MCA and Gerakan were never regarded as the voice of grass-root Chinese. Gerakan admitted this much when they left BN after 2018 PH victory.

        Unified support of certain minority race for DAP is just not tolerated and is viewed as threat to the Malay hegemony. It does not matter how much DAP is willing to placate the Malays , or play ball at the expense of their loyal supporters. Take your ‘unconditional support’ for Anwar with you while at it.

        1. Mr H. The Chinese have always been individualists. Never successful in a team unlike the Japanese. It’s the geographic vastness of China imprinted in their psyche. In China, if the Emperor was a nice guy, turmoil reigned. If an Emperor lopped off a few heads, peace and harmony prevailed. And so with the authoritarian regimes of China and Singapore ! The British knew best how to deal with the Chinese in their Empire. They left the Chinese alone with the full knowledge that these fellows were difficult to deal with if their customs and manners were interfered with. They sent police cadres for 6 months in Canton, Amoy and Swatow to learn on the ground the characteristics of these clans which dominated the pre-War Straits Settlements and the Malay States. The Offices for the Protection of the Chinese ( a euphemism ) was set up just next to the chinatowns in Singapore, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. The latter office still stands to this day. The main task was to monitor the frenzy political activities of the Chinese which reflected those in China then. I always asked my friends, ‘ Have you ever met a stupid chinaman ?’ Invariably, they replied, ‘No !’. Then, I followed, ‘ But some are so very clever as to be stupid ?’ They all would looked puzzled. I quickly interjected with 2 household names of Malaysia and Singapore. They would be silent. and later burst out with a resounding roar, ‘Yes !’

        2. Correction: the last few lines should read…

          It does not matter how much DAP is willing to placate the Malays , or play ball at the expense of their loyal supporters. Just give it up already DAP. Take your ‘unconditional support’ for Anwar with you while at it.

          1. Mr H. In its present form and Leadership, the DAP is perceived to be led by the born again christians which actually did themselves injustice and a lot of harm by showing off their prowess at work by pix and the media. As long as the born again christians of the DAP Leadership do not reform the DAP as a trustworthy and credible Premier Multi-racial Political Party without the baggage and put their religion in the back burner to allay the fears and misconceptions of the other communities, not only the DAP itself but any alliance it has with any Party of Grouping will be like an albatross around its neck. Instead of a big plus with its 40 Dewan Rakyat seat, the equation becomes a big minus with its 40 seats. It’s in the revered Constitution which will always protect the MAJORITY ! Hence, for this commonsense reason I sought to meet the Veteran, Junior, Chong and one other to alert them to put the DAP in the main stream of Malaysian Politics in June 2018. I was met with silence. It was also a test on their intellect, commonsense and vision in relation to the Sovereignty and National Interest pertaining to the DAP and its Leadership. This test spoke volumes of the DAP Leadership in June 2018. And in December 2022, their3 top Leaders made the faux pas of admitting to telling lies under Parliamentary Immunity in the glare of publicity. Two Wongs do not make a right ! Without re-inventing themselves in 2018, the born again christian DAP Leadership will have to depend on the Malay PKR to prop them up. BUT ALL THE STATISTICS IN THE 15TH GE SHOWED IT WAS THE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN DAP WHICH PROPPED UP NOT ONLY THE PKR BUT IN THE PROCESS DROVE 53% – 70% OF THE MALAYS INTO THE ARMS OF PAS AND LESS SO TO BERSATU AND NONE FOR UMNO. What an unholy mess these born again christians of the DAP have stirred up in our otherwise orderly Malaysian Politics by pushing a religion into politics for the very first time since 2008 ! This is tantamount to not respecting our revered Constitution which had been in existence since 1957 ! And just 2 days ago, 7 December 2022, we were told that the DAP upholds Islam and recognize the special position of the Malays. If the DAP Leadership had reformed the DAP in June 2018, they would have led all the proceedings honourably and proudly. Instead of being led by the nose now and told what to do like a small boy in pre-puberty short pants by some one whom they criticized not too long ago. Just in case we forget, this lot of DAP Leaders are fully supported by the 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians ! OMG ! I always asked my friends have you ever met a stupid Chinese…………….! Until the born again christian DAP reform the Party, both PKR and UMNO will find it difficult and unacceptable to many Malays ! IT’S THE CONSTITUTION. NOT THE SEATS !

  2. HA, Your audacious reading of the Boh tea leaves in a fine porcelain cup by Goh Ban Huat is dot on ! The writing is on the wall for the incumbent Unity Government. Deliver the low cost of living with no corruption to the Rakyat in quick time or the haemorrhage continues. Are we seeing the Unity of the Malays like that against the Malayan Union of Clement Atlee 1945 ? Or are we seeing something else which is entirely different because of the insensitive antics of the born again christians of the DAP performing like clowns in the midst of the Muslim majority and the revered Constitution ? By such acts, whether it is for the good or bad, would expose its vulnerability to their detractors to exploit ! Indeed, this was exactly what happened with increasing intensity which now produced the harvest in the election results in Kedah which is the key State for now and the future. Apart from delivering the goodies, the other way in support of the Unity Government is for the born again christians of the DAP to forgo the politicizing of their 1975 religion and turn the much abused DAP into a REAL PREMIER MULTI-RACIAL POLITICAL PARTY OF MALAYSIA with no baggage, chaired by the best Malay in the land ! Can these Chinese looking robots do this to save themselves and give some hope to the 94% Chinese or Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians whilst they are now up the greasy pole of no return ? I reckon they can do it because they had already confessed that they lied under Parliamentary Immunity Privilege three times in public. It is only the question of Will and not cowardice ! As for the PN. they just wait for the durians to drop at the 16th GE. No problem. A simple encyclopedia of Malaysian Politics ! Acheh !

  3. its a ph seat and in kedah, where mahathir and son lost their deposit. i think its a class issue.

    my neighbor, a ukm lecturer said he paid for his four kids college education, no single cents from government, he dont know where the govt funds goes to. that sound exactly like a complaint from a chinese.

    my neighborhood whatsapp group many chinese talk how we should support ph and no one malay said anything. the b40 and m40 malay have equally much discontent.

    ph/dap successfully wake up the malay to give up umno, so what next?

    1. What next?

      DAP laundry day again — put Umno through Wash & Rinse like they did for Mahathir 2.0.

      Famous quote attributed to President Franklin Roosevelt. His Secretary of State once remarked that [the Nicaraguan despot] “is a scoundrel”, to which the Prez replied, “Yes, but he’s our scoundrel”.

      Likewise, Umno may be a parti penyamun (as DAP woke up the Malays to) but now Umno is Harapan-Plus’ “our scoundrel”.

      Zahid already washed & rinsed by DAP to smell of roses, his 47 corruption charges notwithstanding.

      1. HA. You may have noted by now the tactics used by the DAP English educated born again christians of the DAP are CRUDE and UN-CHINESE. They will tko themselves in no time at all whereas the MCA Chinese with a Mandarin language background had a better feel of the ground in the distant past and re-acted accordingly. In time, these BACs will be exposed as a 7-day wonder because of non-delivery of the goodies to the Rakyat ! The whole World is watching !

  4. Jajaran baru Malaysia telah ditetapkan oleh Parlimen. Malaysia terdiri dari Persekutuan Tanah Melayu dan negeri Sarawak dan Sabah. Otonomi untuk Sarawak pasti merangkumi parlimen sendiri dan Abang Johari sudah pun menggelar dirinya Premier. Yakni Perdana Menteri Sarawak.
    Oleh demikian Persekutuan Tanah Melayu juga mesti mempunyai Parlimen . 3 Wilayah ini mempunyai
    Parlimen sendiri dan orang Sarawak tak perlu datang ke Kuala Lumpur lagi.Merea ada otonomi sepenuhnya, education, petahanan,dan lain2.
    Perikatan Nasional yang memenangi 74 kerusi jelas memenangi Parlimen Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
    DAP dan Pkr hanya memenangi 69 kerusi sahaja tanp MP2 dari Sarawak. Afidavit menyatakan perkara ini perlu
    di hantar ke istana supaya YDPA boleh PM PH meletak jawatan.
    Adalah bertentangan dengan demokrasi oraang yang di tolak oleh 90% orang Melayu di lantik menjadi Perdana Menteri
    Persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Tan Sri Muhyiddin adalah MP yang berhak kerana memenangi blok 74 yang terbesar di
    Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

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