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After its coming S’gor wipeout, Umno will have to depend on Cina DAP votes for survival

Actually it doesn’t take much to wipe out Umno from Selangor in the state election due next year.

After all, in GE15 held last month, Umno lost in all the Selangor parliament seats it contested.

Data is predictive of trends. And Umno’s dismal track record of 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0- 0 parliament seats in seven peninsular states is there for all to see.

Umno: Parti tujuh biji telur itik

Ye Grand Olde Party’s loss of mojo is so very glaring.

The list below shows where Umno’s current total of 26 MPs are dispersed:

  • Perlis — 0
  • Kedah — 0
  • Kelantan — 0
  • Terengganu — 0
  • Penang — 0
  • Selangor — 0
  • Malacca — 0
  • Federal Territories — 1
  • Perak — 2
  • Negeri Sembilan — 5
  • Pahang — 5
  • Sabah — 6
  • Johor — 7

Umno simply cannot regard itself the go-to Malay party anymore when it is being soundly rejected by the Malay heartland.

Out of our 13 Malaysian states (excluding Sarawak), Umno has zero parliament seats in seven of them. Meaning Umno is absent from the parliamentary representation of more than half the country.

Umno’s 26 MPs are located in only six states. As mentioned, Umno does not have a single MP in Selangor, Malaysia’s most populous state.

Of the six states which have still presently got Umno MPs, only Negeri Sembilan will be calling its state election next year.

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S’gor stats signal disaster for Umno

Selangor, which has no Umno MP, has nonetheless four incumbent Umno Aduns on its opposition bench.

Selangor will be holding a state election in 2023 too for its 56 DUNs.

The following are four Selangor DUN seats which Umno won in 2018: Sungai Air Tawar, Sungai Panjang, Sungai Burong and Hulu Bernam.

Last month (GE15), Umno lost its two remaining Selangor parliament seats — Sabak Bernam and Tanjung Karang.

The Umno state seat of Sungai Air Tawar is a ward of the Sabak Bernam parliament constituency (P92). Meanwhile, the Umno state seat of Sungai Burong is a ward of the Tanjung Karang parliament constituency (P95).

Umno’s Sungai Panjang DUN falls under a parliament constituency already won by Bersatu in GE14 and GE15.

Umno’s Hulu Bernam DUN falls under a constituency which was successfully wrested by PN from PH this recent election.

To repeat, Umno lost both its P92 & P95 parliament seats in the election last month which covers the Umno-held Sungai Air Tawar and Sungai Burong state seats.

Also, PN won both the P93 & P94 parliament seats in the election last month which covers Umno’s Sungai Panjang and Hulu Bernam state seats.

These four Selangor DUN seats remaining to Umno all have a supermajority of Malay voters.

Going by the current momentum of Gelombang Hijau, as well as the disgust which BN-Chinese and BN-Indian voters feel for Umno, it is most likely Umno will lose in all its remaining four DUNs.

Note: MCA, MIC and PBRS had earlier called for the backstabber Zahid to resign as BN chair following the fiasco of his ‘backdoors’ with Anwar.

Yes, BN Indians are disgusted with Umno. This is reflected in the Padang Serai election result three days ago where the combined forces of PKR and Umno received a drubbing in their lopsided two (PH-BN) against one (PN) fight.

PN won Padang Serai with a whopping 16,260-vote majority. One out of every five voters there is Indian. The PKR candidate – who was endorsed by Umno – suffered a disastrous loss despite that the previous three Padang Serai MPs (2008, 2013, 2018) were all PKR Indian YBs.

Umno is now only in power in Perak because it is propped up by DAP where DAP has 18 Aduns to Umno’s mere 8 Aduns.

Likewise, Umno now controls the Pahang state government only because it is propped up by DAP as well.

Umno’s very survival is now hinging on DAP. How sad is that?

Enemy of Islam or Umno’s saviour?

And what is DAP?

In his Friday political sermon yesterday, PAS president Hadi Awang characterized DAP as “musuh Islam”.

Umno president Zahid Hamidi, on the other hand, is frantically signalling that DAP is Umno’s new BFF.

Will the rural and semi-urban Malays find Zahid or Tuan Guru Hadi Awang more persuasive in their respective pitches about the real nature of DAP? No need to answer lah … semua orang pun dah tahu dah.

Even Tengku Zafrul – former Finance Minister and a member of royalty – failed to recover Kuala Selangor for Umno in GE15.

The electorate in Kuala Selangor is ethnically mixed, where one out of every five voters is Indian. And to recap, pro-establishment Indians are disgusted with BN as indicated by MIC’s refusal to consider taking up any deputy ministerships if offered by Anwar.

A sight difficult to unsee

So, who is left in Selangor still supporting Umno?

In the coming ‘referendum’ state elections, Umno can only defend its assets by relying heavily on the Dapster group and their wala to DAP’s top leadership.

Yup, Cina DAP will strategically vote Umno if directed to do so by their evangelist leaders.

They’re the only electoral bloc that is currently not disgusted by Zahid’s Umno.

Next, you can expect to see Anthony Loke hugging and kissing the DPM (I).



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9 thoughts on “After its coming S’gor wipeout, Umno will have to depend on Cina DAP votes for survival

  1. It is time for all Malaysians to realize that Malaysia is NOT embarking on a New Era with the Unity Government blessed by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans but an attempt under the PM DSAI to put back all that have been abused or derailed which were NORMAL and STANDARD since Tun Hussein Onn’s Administration. This is BASIC before we can progress again. It is as simple as this for the Unity Government to achieve Success and Glory for our beloved Malaysia which will lead us to be one of four most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore. With UMNO now spurned by the Malays, how can the Unity Government succeed and keep its place under the hot Malaysian Sun notwithstanding a whole pack of rivals snapping at its heels ? As I see it, it’s going to be tough but worth trying. i) The Unity Government must deliver all the goods to the Rakyat as demanded. In the simple problem of the chicken and the egg, the more restrictions placed on a free market, the smaller the market becomes. Pour le vouz francais ? Likewise, all produce. The key is to encourage the easy production of the chicken and the egg by cheap or free lands, finance and easy marketing. Overnight, the problem disappears because folks are greedy. The same applies to ALL produce. RICE is No. 1 to keep the price low with SUBSIDY and INCORRUPTIBLE OVERSEAS PURCHASE AND STORAGE. Fact. During the British Military Administration 1945-1950, some Chinamen in cahoots with Government Chinamen storekeepers made huge fortunes. ii) In its present form, the born again christian DAP Leaders are like an Albatross hanging from the neck of the Unity Government. To give all a chance, the DAP has to reform into a Premier Multi-racial Party of Malaysia with a Malay President and put its foreign religion to the back burner. iii) Can the Unity Government return to NORMAL and STANDARDS/ETHICS AFTER ABUSE AND DERAILMENT SINCE TUN HUSSEIN ONN’S ADMINISTRATION ? If these 3 factors are achievable, congratulations to the PM DSAI and his Unity Government. Time is of the Essence ! Akan datang ! Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  2. Agree with you BN lost the Malay votes.

    In Padang Serai, PH did not lose their numbers as compared to GE14. In fact, there was a slight increase.

    In GE 15 , PH got 35,377 votes. (Registered voters: 133,870)
    In GE 14, PH got 31,724 votes. (Registered voters: 84,834)

    There was an additional 49,036 new voters added to the roll. The Malay BN voters did not vote PH but there should not be any expectation they (BN voters) would in the first place. PH and BN are not a coalition.

    PH is bad news for BN and vice versa. BN knows that. Zahid is pro-PH solely because PN would not work with BN if Z is at the helm. That is why Anwar’s throne is shaky. The anti-hopping law will not have affect on BN MPs supporting another PM candidate. It. Is unwise for Anwar to depend on BN support when then Borneo block as ally are a better bet.

  3. nothings wrong, didnt perikatan and barisan national worked that way in the past, now is a much better situation when chinese all diam diam macam tikus.

    1. You’re correct. DAP fanned such hysteria over the GE15 potential outcome.

      Yet we’ve already had two PN admins and the world didn’t end.

      The Muhyiddin administration was PN-BN, and the Ismail Sabri administration was BN-PN.

      MCA and MIC had cabinet ministers in both governments proportionate to their lack of MPs, and in fact both the Bersatu & Umno PMs were comparatively more generous in appointing MCA senators as deputy ministers, compared to Anwar kedekut when appointing MPs from DAP as ministers.

  4. Soon our beloved Malaysia will have as many ex-Ministers as Datuk-Datuk ! Where else but Malaysia. Courtesy Shanri-La Hotels.

    1. OMG. All ex-Ministers pensionable till death ! So many of them so very young with SPMs only. Life expectancy now is 100 years. OMG. Where else but Malaysia ? Shangri-La Hotels.

      1. Uncle,

        Don’t they have to serve a minimum number of months before they’re eligible to receive pension?

        The recent ones did not complete a full five-year term.

        1. No problem. These lawmakers will change the laws to suit themselves because they sacrificed themselves always. Not only that, are you aware that it’s the only profession qualified by the gift of the Gab and pensionable ? I have a friend who became a senator at 38 and is still alive at 88 ! He never worked since !

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