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PAS can swing Indian votes away from Amanah in S’gor

Amanah won eight parliament seats in GE15. Five of the party’s wins were in Selangor, two in Johor and one in Malacca.

Amanah president Mat Sabu and deputy president Salahuddin Ayub both contested in non-Malay majority seats Continue reading “PAS can swing Indian votes away from Amanah in S’gor”

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DAP’s “world class” unsecular M’sian M’sia Terbaru

Continue reading “DAP’s “world class” unsecular M’sian M’sia Terbaru”

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No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)

His administration will never allow for secularism. Anwar Ibrahim gave this guarantee when speaking in RTM‘s special television programme ‘Naratif Khas bersama Perdana Menteri’ on Friday (Jan 6).


PMX Anwar: “Kadang orang politik ini, kedangkalan itu nyata. Umpamanya [ada yang kata] ‘kalau Anwar jadi perdana menteri, maka habis Islam dan sekular akan bertapak. LGBT disahkan. Orang komunis bertapak.’ Ini igauan siang hari. Tentunya tidak berlaku dan insya-Allah di bawah kuasa pentadbiran saya, perkara ini tidak mungkin berlaku.” Continue reading “No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)”

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Why Umno votes will flow to PAS

PAS leaders have characterized the relationship between DAP and Umno as something “di luar tabii”.

Being a non Muslim, I’m not qualified to appraise the spiritual dimensions of PAS’s criticism in this particular instance. I will, however, apply a political science reference and say that the DAP-Umno developing bromance is simply Orwellian. Continue reading “Why Umno votes will flow to PAS”