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Why Umno votes will flow to PAS

PAS leaders have characterized the relationship between DAP and Umno as something “di luar tabii”.

Being a non Muslim, I’m not qualified to appraise the spiritual dimensions of PAS’s criticism in this particular instance. I will, however, apply a political science reference and say that the DAP-Umno developing bromance is simply Orwellian.

(‘Orwellian’ refers to the mind-boggling scenarios in George Orwell’s famous dystopian novel 1984)

BELOW: The answer to my rhetorical question superimposed on Hannah Yeoh is ‘Yes’; Photoshopped — Anwar’s DAP cabinet minister is inserted into poster of a cracked eye

Apart from their Putrajaya partnership, DAP and Umno have formed joint state governments in Perak and Pahang as well as proposed a Johor caucus.

DAP and Umno suddenly becoming new Best Friends Forever (BFF) is Orwellian because of the luar tabii doublethink required from their supporters.

In 1984’s disturbing political landscape, the totalitarian party of the story has created a Ministry of Truth that indoctrinates the sheeple to seamlessly change their assigned targets of hate.

1984‘s term ‘doublethink’ is a Newspeak word. In our Malaysian world of 2022, some prominent Newspeak words are ‘diversity’ (good), ‘inclusion’ (good), and ‘Ketuanan’ (bad).

Before 19 Nov 2022, DAP associated Umno wholly with Ketuanan Melayu. Bad.

After 20 Nov 2022, DAP started its process to bersih sucikan Umno, and chuck into the memory hole its bad Oldspeak about Umno.

In the 1984 book, its anti hero lives in Oceania which is always at war with Eurasia … until it isn’t. When Oceania and Eurasia ubah to become friendly allies, the mind-bended population of Oceania are told that it is actually Eastasia which had always been ‘the’ enemy of the state.

In 2022 Malaysia until late November, Dapsters had their daily dose of ‘Two Minutes Hate’ (description invented by Orwell in 1984) screaming “Umno bad, Umno badder, Umno baddest!”.

Conversely, Zahid has claimed too that Mahathir is responsible for conditioning a hatred of DAP among Umno members for over 22 years.

In 2023, nonetheless, DAP is speedily reprogramming Cina to love Umno and at the same time, Umno is also trying to reprogramme Malays to love DAP.

This re-debrainwash or reset is however more an uphill task for Umno than it is for DAP.

Umno leaders have said nasty things about DAP, and many more DAP leaders have said nastier things about Umno.

Umno sec-gen Ahmad Maslan said the following only two years ago — see tweet above. On 13 Dec 2020, @ahmadmaslan tweeted: “Sukar utk seorng Umno utk menyokong DAP termasuk saya & begitu juga pimpinan utama serta ahli Umno yg lain. Saya tentunya tidak pernah berbincang utk itu jauh sekali utk bersama mereka.”

Ahmad Maslan is one of two ready-to-hand examples on how hard (not!) it is – “jauh sekali utk bersama mereka” – to snuggle up with a previously existential threat.

The other is DAP national organising secretary Steven Sim — Ahmad Maslan’s pantun bromancer. Both MPs have been flung together in the Finance Ministry as Anwar’s deputy ministers.

A mere two years ago, Umno Online had headlined Ahmad Maslan as saying ‘Jangan biarkan DAP berkuasa semula’ — see below.

Hari ini, nampaknya tak sukar sangatlah bagi seseorang pemimpin Umno itu untuk menyokong DAP berkuasa. In fact, the DAP’s pivotal role in the Unity Gomen (UG) today is barely an inconvenience for Umno.

Meanwhile Steven Sim’s comments about Umno are even more recent. On 17 Aug 2022, Steven tweeted that Umno is “Parti Mat Sakau rompak duit rakyat, khianat tentera, kelentong satu Malaysia” — see below.

Two days before that on Aug 15, Steven also similarly tweeted: “Kalau tak sakau tak putar bukan Umno” (see below).

Steven’s comments about Umno and its “sakau” habit were uttered a short three months prior to his party jumping into bed with the very self same Umno.

Malays unlike the Chinese

Cina DAP and Melayu Umno are two different peoples.

Dapsters can catch any curve ball that DAP throws at them, easily.

Like a yoyo, they bounce up intoning “Yes, Yes” when the party tells them that Mahathir has repented and Zahid is the saviour of democracy.

And then bounce down effortlessly. The Chinese reorientated themselves to shriek “Taliban! Taliban!” because DAP is telling them that PAS is a green monster. This is despite that the sheeple had been retrained only not too long ago (2008 – 2016) to believe that PAS had indeed reformed to become a good Pakatan partner.

Before GE12, PAS was considered bad. Around GE10 (1999), PAS was instead considered good by Cina DAP because the Islamist party was in Barisan Alternatif but before that, PAS once again was just pure evil.

PAS is not a shape shifter. It is the Chinese who keep changing their own mind.

As recently as GE13 (2013), DAP supporters contributed one million ringgit to Haris Ibrahim’s ABU fund. They donated the money to his ‘Asalkan Bukan Umno’ war chest because of their hatred for the Malay BN party.

Like 1984 where Oceania’s two enemies (Eurasia, Eastasia) are swapped in the collective memory, DAP’s two interchangeable political enemies (Umno, PAS) are able to be swapped in the Chinese consciousness at the flick of a switch.

Holding sway over between 94% and 97% of the Chinese electorate, DAP is able to mind control its malleable party faithful to now cheer their UGly sleepover with Umno.

Umno, on the other hand, does not command a parallel 95 percent of the Malay electorate. As such, the party is not similarly capable of bouncing Malays up and down to do sharp thought reversals.

In Orwell’s dysfunctional world of 1984, the publicly chanted slogans are “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, “Ignorance is Strength”.

The current article of faith with Dapsters is “Our diversity is our strength”.

It is presently extended to encompass the inclusion of Umno as diversifying Harapan-plus and making the ruling coalition stronger.

DAP “Kita Boleh” is able to sell the most bizarre and Orwellian U-turns to Cina DAP.

By comparison, Umno is not efficient enough to goosestep its base into the necessary 180-degree course correction. Rather than accept a new marching order to embrace DAP, its straight-thinking grassroots will choose to amble over to PAS’s greener pasture.

Voting PAS, the anti-DAP Malays won’t need to upend or turn inside out their long-held political belief as suddenly expected of them by Umno.



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31 thoughts on “Why Umno votes will flow to PAS

  1. Your insights into the rojak politics of the DAP are correct. To put it bluntly, both PAS then (1999) and UMNO now (2022) made use of DAP like a ‘Dutch wife’ only for their votes in support of UMNO Power. Like the MCA, DAP will be discarded accordingly at the appropriate time. What we see rolling before our eyes is just an exhibition in self-interest. But to the Malay World at large, the meaning is much deeper. Hence, all the Malay votes will flow out of UMNO especially if restrictive AGMs are held. The Malays have always been traditionally courteous, respected and supported a single Leader whose trustworthiness and the delivery of goodies to his followers is paramount. Once this BOND OF TRUST is broken like now by whoever, the Malays, being wise, logical and traditional will know what to do. This their discarded Leaders know as well. Hence, TDM resigned from Pejuang. Others are only playing for time hopefully to resolve certain personal matters. These fellows too will retire ! At the end of the day , the DAP will end up worse than where they began. Because when the cycle completes, the DAP would have brought down UMNO and the PKR as well. And the DAP stands alone with the 97% Chinese, Malaysian Chinese or Chinese Malaysians holding the can! As I said in years ago, the PN CAN ALWAYS APPOINT THE FINEST CHINESE IN THE LAND TO THEIR PN CABINET without the STINK from the DAP or the MCA. And ask the DAP with the 97% or even 99% Chinamen to go and fly kites as per the revered Constitution ! It is as easy as this. Hence, I always attempted to warn the DAP leaders not to be too clever like Lee Kuan Yew and look down on our own compatriots. They refused to meet me in June 2018 ! Humility is not in their vocabulary. With a beautiful hindsight, as we move forward, it shows that the DAP turned the BIG CARDS which they had in June 2018 into ‘ Dutch wives’ with no political Power to be discarded eventually as per the revered Constitution. It is as clear as crystal that the DAP IS LED BY ITS NOSE TODAY. It as clear as crystal that the DAP now thinks big UMNO supports them. The truth is they just have ONE ‘FRIEND’ FROM UMNO. The game changer in Malaysian Politics is the overpowering stench of CORRUPTION today and now the DAP willingly and earnestly because of the temporary taste of POWER again, dipped head and shoulders into the muck in the Augean stables. Who cares for the DAP 97%-99% Chinamen as per the revered Constitution ? This question will be the end result of the forthcoming series of State Elections and the 16th GE which process is like a sausage grinder – the mega-maniac dreams of the DAP turned into a sausage. The result of arrogance and insouciance. THE PN WILL JUST APPOINT THE BEST CHINESE AND INDIANS TO THE PN CABINET WHEN THE TIME COMES ! Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

  2. Next PAU and PRN results would be an interesting thing to study. Undi18 did not seem to affect more developed states in last GE because youths in the states could be happier due to better job opportunity and youth friendly programs. So, expecting major swing of votes to PAS in PRN by undi18 is I think unlikely. But we cannot rule out that anything can happen.

  3. Quote: “Yesterday, at the PAS Youth wing’s annual congress, Tuan Ibrahim said that the unifying platform (Muafakat National between BN and PAS)) of the Muslim community must be continued for the sake of the Malays, Islam and the future of the country.”

    That was reported by Malay Mail on 2nd September 2022.

    17 days days later Malaysia had their gE15. It was then PAS realized, they were actually bigger and stronger than UMNO.

    17 days prior, little PAS was still very willing to work with the “corrupted and morally stained” UMNO politicians, namely Zahid. After GE15, big brother PAS got the Malay votes and suddenly it got revitalized with light and purity, it (PAS) went on the offensive on PH for cooperating with Zahid to form unity government?

    Political parties regardless where they proclaim got their mandate, holy or earthly, are not immune from hypocrisy.

    Kedah state government will no longer issue permit for gambling shops or last I heard, even booze sale. Isn’t this called underhand tactic? The federal government is issuing licenses for these gaming company and they are legit. PN had resorted to up their game by not issuing licenses for them at the state level because they (PN) obviously have no say at the federal level.

    Any consideration for the non-Muslims and their privilege to live their life as they see fit within the confines of the law? Obviously not. In the name of religion, party can justify the end by sleight of hand.

    Bet Perakians and those from unity state government PH-BN have no problem compromising their principles working with BN vs consequences of an administration under PN because green monsters are not a myth

    1. Mr H. It’s good you put in your 3 sens worth which enlighten us all of the finer details of the Malaysian Political Mosaic. I certainly learnt much from your acute observations. Please keep this up. I need to complete the enigmatic picture which I expect never to be complete in human terms, Malaysian terms ! Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.

    2. >> Obviously not. In the name of religion, party can justify the end by sleight of hand.

      Or maybe most Malays do want to see this enforced and not just the party?

      By the way, the liquor ban doesn’t just happen in PAS-governed states, it also happens in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where there is a lot of Chinese.

      1. Quote: “Or maybe most Malays do want to see this enforced and not just the party?…”

        Yes, I do believe there are Muslims who want that…many. Still, there has to be the political will to deliver such desire in a multi cultural society. Most party won’t fight tooth and nail to bring faith doctrines into life except parties fighting under the banner of the almighty. The decorum expected of political parties pertaining to inclusiveness and fairness (for all Malaysians etc) can be thrown out the window when parties claim they serve a higher purpose.

        1. >> The decorum expected of political parties pertaining to inclusiveness and fairness (for all Malaysians etc) can be thrown out the window when parties claim they serve a higher purpose.

          It’s a moot point since any remnant of inclusiveness under the BN framework was gone after 2018.

          How to expect decorums when there are DAP politicians who like to call PAS extremists?

          Naturally, expect more pushbacks from PAS -lah.

          1. Sir, Lest we forget, the DAP and PAS were bosom mates not too long ago. And may be reconciled again for POWER such are the ways and manners of the alleged chameleon-like DAP !

          2. Quote: “How to expect decorums when there are DAP politicians who like to call PAS extremists?”

            Putting aside name-calling from both sides, why make excuses for PAS when the party pride ‘extremism’ and ‘uncompromising’ in matters of faith as virtue rather than insult?

            The decorum I spoke of, expected of political parties aspiring to form government is the obligatory ‘unity’ message to Malaysians.

  4. Whichever way we toss the dice, the majority wins as per the revered Constitution as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans. It is for this very reason that the smart DAP Leadership self-back-stabbed themselves with their antics through the years and permitted the very fears which they engendered to eventually overwhelmed them in the near future. They must have taken their mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s remark in 2002 lightly, ‘ If trouble breaks out in KL, we must grow barnacles in our hearts and not open our doors to them this time.’ From an apparent Statesman whose specialty was to undermine Malaysia a whole Life long and suck out the free Sovereign assets which Singapore desired. Fortunately, God was fair and just. Where is Singapore now ? I always bring this up on DAP matters to balance the equation ! What the DAP is fearful about the Green Wave may be REALITY soon. THANKS TO THEIR OWN SELF-BACKSTABBING ! Please don’t blame others. The DAP had many chances to be the paramount Multi-racial Political Party of Malaysia – the paragon in the land. But their Arrogance and Insouciance got in the way of making the right and proper decision to sustain and to survive. And most importantly, the DAP penchant to copy the failed Policies of Lee Kuan Yew, their mentor. Hence, the DAP is now up a greasy pole of no return with only ONE UMNO ‘FRIEND’ WHOM THEY JUST BEFRIENDED YESTERDAY ! I hope the DAP realizes that instead of building up TRUE MALAY UNITY, they were alleged to be the main perpetrators in achieving the reverse. AND TO THEIR OWN IMMEASURABLE LOSS. Here is one for thought for the DAP ! What happens if a Government decides to lift the Income Tax Free Status of NEW PLACES OF WORSHIP established after 1970 which is not listed/stated in the revered Constitution ? As we move deeper and deeper into the evolving Politics of our beloved Malaysia’s, soon we will realize that the DAP made themselves irrelevant and difficult within the precepts of our revered Constitution by their amateurish antics and by their own hands which neutralized the 97%-99% Chinese votes in their hands ? Akan datang. Courtesy Shaw Brothers.
    Once upon a time, Malaysia was a boring and uninteresting place. No longer. Not only that, our ye olde KL has replaced the hot beds of espionage of the Cold War 1948-1989 being Bangkok for the action and Singapore for the R & R !. Where else but Malaysia. Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.
    With the Politics and the Espionage, what more excitement do we locals require ?

  5. Orwell was a journo n writer who lived thru WW2 , took part in the the Spanish Resistance, then the Spanish Civil War.

    In the end, his view towards politicians n politics – already jaundiced bfor that – became even more cynical and hopeless.

    Thus his masterpiece Animal Farm…

    An interesting,less famous book, “Why I write” is a must for all writers and thinkers, especially political journos.

    What is happening in Msia has happened bfor in another place and another time.

    I guess we are all so shocked by the turn of events because we cldnt quite believe or imagined what folks are capable of doing to attain money and wealth.

    Especially in Msia where folks don’t act, or think the way many do now.

    You r right Helen to adduce that PAS will win big in the next election n the 97 % DAP Chinese voters will lose their representation in how the country will be run…..


    1. Mr D. The middle and working class Chinese told me that in the 15th GE the DAP used a very seditious slogan in Chinese to frighten them about the Green Wave if they don’t vote DAP ! Many were really frightened being ignorant about the real World and did so accordingly. Now as the Green Tsunami rises and poised to overwhelm the DAP, how are they, the DAP going to respond. To every action, a reaction ? For the very first time, I say what the DAP did was for a minority to challenge the majority within the precepts of the Law and the Constitution which no one had said they cannot do it ! Exactly, like John S who said he did not do wrong after manipulating shares over 120 times in Singapore. No one told him he could not do it. He got 36 years jail sentence for his false belief. Believe it or not. Their are people born like this and Chinese too !

  6. One day in the distant future, political scientists and social anthropologists will do research on our beloved Malaysia which was once boring and uninteresting but ended belly up even when her beautiful peoples who were hard-working in a country with an equable climate full of natural resources and geo-strategically located in an important part of the World known as ASEAN. And why with all the resources blessed upon such a wonderful country, her Leaders who were no less equally blessed became kleptocratic and subservient ( kow tow ) to tiny States of no consequence ? More academic questions will arise for these researchers to attempt to answer. Why Malaysia’s Sovereignty and National Interest were ignored time and time again by the top Leadership which were supposed to guard them by tooth and nail like other countries, Ukraine, India, Pakistan, China, Palestine etc. ? More probing questions will arise as the historical facts unfold to reveal Malaysia was just a whisper away as one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. With the exception of Malaysia, these small nations had hundreds of years political development to be what they are today ! May be the time allotted to Malaysia is too short unlike them. It took Switzerland 800 years of confederation to reach its World famous status today. And not much less for both the United Kingdom and Japan. May be Malaysia had too much of a good thing too early for her own good like a spoiled RICH MAN’s SON who never knew how hard his parents slogged to raise him ! Rich men’s sons are well known for being ignorant, inexperienced and lazy which attracted crooks to cheat them always ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

  7. taiwan dpp “抗中保台” resist china protect taiwan slogan never help them in the midterm election, in fact dpp encounter their worst defeats in history, this show overseas “chinese” in general not that easily sway by emotion and instigation, and not really the typical type of mainland chinese who claim they dont know how and who to choose as their leaders. in most healthy democracy, the govt performance is the ultimate causal of how voters choose who to govern them in every election, thats why mca still can win in tanjung piai by election, just that some prefer to steal and rob to become govt and not via election like what happened in 2020.

    how malay tend to votes i dont know, i hope they could do better than the chinese on how to benchmark which party is better since they have much more options to choose from. i also hope they can emulate taiwan chinese to dump all this “resist chinese protect malay” propaganda into the dustbin and vote base on who could do a better job.

  8. The Malays are looking at the Malay Dilema 3.0. The 1.0 was when Mahathir Mohamad got fired from Umno in 1969; 2.0 when Anwar Ibrahim got was fired from Umno in 1998 and the 3.0 when Pas won more seats than any other parties in 2022. It was defiant Mahathir and impatient Anwar that triggered the past dilemas while the present was and is triggered by defiant Umno; to be specific Majlis Kerja Tertinggi Umno.

    Most Malays have been weary of Pas Islamic ideologies since Burhanuddin Helmi. Most do their obligations to their faith and want no additional dakwah beyond the weekly khubah Jumaat and occasional ceramahs in the masjids and suraus. To many Malays adat resam, budaya dan rezeki halal remains priority in their everyday lives over toeing to Pas’ indoctrination and new fatwas. Many remains loyal voters of Umno but the numbers have been dwindling steadily since PRU12 in 2008. The Malays saw that Umno warloads’ growing lust for power and wealth cannot be contained anymore and that Umno (and BN) had become irresponsible and arrogant in many sense and hence they began to send early signal that resulted in Selangor losing to Pakatan. It was not the Malays’ intention to have BN lost Selangor in PRU12 but only to have higher degree of check and balance in the state administration and policies. But the ‘mata lebam’ wave swept through swiftly aided by the ‘dacing senget’ wave in the urban constituencies. The PKFZ did contribute to the leap too.

    Malays support for Umno began to dwindle fast. Thank you to personalities like Khir Toyo, Mohamad Md Taib and many more. Today there are 50 or more like them and the height of it is the 1mdb debacle. That’s the turning point Malays rejection of Umno. What remains of Umno today are the clusters of mahkamah, hardcore akar umbi and PPBM friendly. For 3 terms the Malays have waited for Umno to reinvent but it was not to be and so the Malays gave Umno huge mega tsunami in PRU15. Well and good.

    Pas knew it there is no chance for it to go into election alone to retain its federal seats. Those 2 PRN were very telling. So PN flag nationwide except for Kelantan and Terengganu was brilliant election strategy. Looking at Padang Serai, this will likely continue into the 6 upcoming PRN A little concern now is how PPBM as partner will play the game. In the appointment of Hamzah the opposition leader it looks that the game is good for the moderate Malays. But the numbers belongs to Pas with its control over 4 states and it does not look like PPBM has a way out of this. So Pas has to look in the mirror too as to not spook the Malays too much with its fundamentalist tendencies which appeals only to a section of Malays, to make the coalition work for every partner in PN. Some would even like Hadi and Nik Amar to retire. These 2 are bad news.

    The bigger dilema as it is today is that PN is too PASlike and PH is too DAPlike; Nga, LGE, LKS are also bad news. Please scrap this old politics. It is best that these 2 move to the center a little. Then either choice would make good sense to the most Malaysians and we’d have moderate Malaysia; no far right nor far left just center. Malaysia can discount Umno (BN) unless it elects a few good men to front. If it doesn’t, it is as good as dead.

    1. Sir, Your assessment is spot on. But no Malay Normal Leader with common sense and an impeccable record because of a dire lack of true Malay elites due to 3 Gen of self-immolation . They are all sitting at home with tons of cash ! 1st Gen 1970-1980. 2nd Gen 1981- 2003. 3rd Gen 2004-2018. Fakes aplenty. Just ONE competent Malay Leader, our beloved Malaysia is up and running !

    2. Dear Nelayan,

      Yr analysis – tho painful for the Malays n Msians’ – is accurate

      A few good men we do not have. Sadly.

      We are stuck with the far left of PAS/DAP and the far right of Perikatan/BN/PH. The Sabah Sarawak “kingmakers” don’t really rise to the equation, haha, n bends with the wind

      So, we have the far right and far left together, one in power n the other in opposition.

      For Msia to thrive again, we need moderates with balanced world views. The likes of Nga n LKS/LGE serves only to push PAS further away, antagonising not only the Malays but their religion as well.

      The 97 % Chinese is like Damocles…the sword is very real as they veer further and further away from decency after being fed n brainwashed by Nga et al. Nga’s YouTube ceramahs in Putonghua in 2018 are seditious n highly insulting not only of top Malay leaders – including Dr M – but also of the Malays n Islam. It is highly racist and full of hate. But he got off coz PH won.

      But the 97 % Chinese are in a vessel with cult leader Nga steering them nearer and nearer into a big abyss they could not see nor envision coz their mental abilities are are blocked. It’s like having no access to WiFi coz yr leader bans it. Or, so brainwashed are they they that they tune in only to channels they want to access.

      So, even if they realise they are at the edge of the precipice – which some do now – they willingly go along like cult members do…

      Come the next election – or sooner – the backlash will be a tsunami that will tear away the very fabric of the old way they took for granted and squandered to support cultists like Nga.

      They will lose everything ….n be like the Indonesian or Thai Chinese.


      1. That is the reason every party must go center. Then Malaysia can take first few steps to run along with its neighbors and collectively build mighty Asean. It now looks like Malaysia is being waited for. Malu lah!

        We need not wonder why DAP cast aside Dr. Tan Seng Giaw. I sense he is the way the DAP baru – one that got a new drug and wanting more. They preach and preach undesirable sentiment (I’m being extremely polite!) I can’t deal with preachers. Late Mr. Karpal spoke facts not and no sentiment; DAP should continue his ways. Kedah MB does what the majority people of Kedah want him to do and with Mahathir and Mukhriz out of his way, it’s easy peasy. If this is not democracy, then what is ! Not doubt a little unpleasant.

        The green nuissance is as real as the semi woke that impress to make zombies their followers. No good for Malaysia. Key to balancing this is Umno must elect new men or women if they have to and work with Anwar to center Malaysia. This buang busuk needed done in 2021. They cannot elect any of the present top 5 but Ismail. And no H2O please.

  9. Mr H,

    “Why make excuses for PAS?”

    Why make excuses for DAP??

    Let’s discuss DAP’s actual performance when they are in power, fear mongering
    and name calling of others (their competitors) asides

    They withdrew the SST taxes, pulled the TAR matching grants(sweetie for the Chinese who voted them?), sacked Khazanah’s entire BOD n top operations team, ( did anyone measure Khazanah’s spreadsheets pre and post LGE? ), tore up the Fast Rail contracts with Chinese companies, etc???

    Indonesia’s is FR is fast n running, ours will forever be in the works.

    The extremely racist sentiments fanned by the Nga warlords n superman hiew is not only disgusting, but seditious. The PAP- which DAP’s constitution mirrors – wld not have indulged in such antics n the two wld have been charged.

    I say it again I m still puzzled why 97 % Chinese voted these kind of politicians to represent them. What have the DAP done for the 97% Chinese? Trying to snatch /steal TAR from MCA using the matching grants? Destroying n snuffing out the few good men in their party loyal to their party constitution like Dr Tan Seng Giaw et al?

    Within and without, the DAP attacks. Whether fellow Chinese or PAS (or their perceived enemies).

    Secondly, one shd not put all yr eggs in one basket.

    It was split between MCA, Gerakan n DAP. This ensures better performance n check n balance all round…n better bargaining power for party issues.

    DAP’s actions speak for itself the past 5 years. We got a taster of what it wld be like shd they be in full power.

    None of the leaders in MCA nor Gerakan acted against their own kind when in power nor attacked the weakest. (poor students).

    None of the Gerakan nor MCA females
    acted up like d Dapsters with tudongs. This is just a show, some may say. But it belies a deeper, troubling concern about the intent behind such actions ( the tudong practice only came about in the early 80s from Shiite practices promoted by ABIM led by AI but rejected by most Muslims then.)

    Also, they align or attack PAS depending on what is on offer, meaning DAP might acquicse to Syariah laws when it comes to the crunch. After all, they got into bed with PAS bfor n now they are in bed with their arch enemy UMNO. They are capable of it lead by the likes of its present leaders…

    This scenario is highly possible as the DAP switch allegiance to whichever party who grants them power but the 97 % Chinese view is fudged.

    I m saying the 97 % Chinese have no idea who they put their trust in.

    My confusion , no my fears about the repercussions of the 97 % votes for DAP, is very real as we brace for the impending green tsunami.

    Half the nation might end up like hannahyeoh n be forced to tudongup as she tells us it is constitutional to do so.

    In God we trust, all others must prove themselves by actions, not spin.

    1. Mr D. You have my 100% support on your factual and sensible comment. Mr H’s comment holds water too. The PAS may turn out to be more for the Chinese 97% than the DAP eventually to the surprise of all ! Unmentionable things are extremely mentionable in the United Emirates and other major Arab States and permissible within reason and the laws. No one has complained about the PAS Rule in Kelantan and other States. DAP is just using the brainwashing tactics developed by their Godfather, Lee Kuan Yew ( based on fear of the unknown ) on naive and nubile Malaysian Chinese brains. But this method is not sustainable nor long lasting as events in Singapore show ! In the 15th GE, DAP was alleged by the hawkers to have told them, ‘ IF YOU DO NOT VOTE US, YOU WILL WEAR THE S…………..G ! Hence, the 97% Chinese votes for them. The key to rule Malaysia, a diverse country, is to have a Normal Malay with common sense and an impecable record. I do not see any this side of the equation ! For your information, I was the ONLY person who objected to Tan Siew Sin in 1969 on the licence for the 4D. He told me to write in. I did. Later I asked him why it was granted. He replied,’ IT WAS NOT ME !’.

    2. Damocles

      Your allegations may be true, but I don’t see DAP has that kind of authority eg (Khazanah, SST) to act without the nod from Tun M. It is more apt to accuse DAP of jelly spine and rolling over too easily than to call them out for being a brute. To be a brute meant it (DAP) would have to own some cajones. They lost theirs after they transitioned from opposition to the ruling class. Hope it is just momentary.

      I dont carry water for DAP but I don’t deny I have a soft spot for them seeing their struggle through the ‘lean’ years (pre-2018) where determination and idealism were the only means for the party to carry on.

      I dislike LGE and I don’t always agree with LKS. But it is undeniable it takes character to be the dissenting voice in the wilderness when the administration don’t always play fair. Those were before the emergence of the 5th estate, the media were state-controlled and ISA was the quick fix.

      I watched the Anwar interview and he touched on the difference between being the opposition and being the government. As the opposition, you just have to make noise and draw attention to the problem. DAP had always play the opposing role. There are people who complained DAP make too much noise but this is precisely what opposition do. The onus is not on them to offer a fix.

      DAP governing stint lasted ? less than 2 years before they were ousted. DAP are learning first hand how different it is to be on the governing side. That is why I said DAP lost their tenacity once they were in power during their transition period. DAP and MCA can take cue from each other on their reverse role.

      Why choose DAP?

      Because if one is advocating for change, why vote MCA that was part of the problem as the governing coalition for more than 6 decades?

      Btw, the Chinese support for DAP is not die in cast. TBH, if DAP kowtow to shariah, you think MCA Wee and Gerakan would step up to the plate and dissent? We will see.

      I don’t have all the answers but this is where I come from.

      1. Hi Harlequin,

        My reply to yr erstwhile post yesterday was lost.

        It was under LGE’s watch that the Khazanah purge , etc took place. So he was complicit.

        And I don’t believe Dr M or AI had anything to do with the vindictive TAR matching grants attack.

        Yes, I understand n went thru the same frustration as the 97 %.

        Why do I not choose the DAP?

        My frds – solid DAP backers – asked me the same question.

        I replied that with the likes of pseudo Christians like Nga et Al n hyeohs, the party is like a chameleon n will not deliver their promises. I said I have no qualms voting for PAS or any indepedent. It doesn’t matter to me what their party or race is as long as I trust them to do a good job.

        DAP is not worthy of my vote – their actions in Perak n Sarawak shows how ruthless n opportunistic they cld be. They go for the jugular and are capable of doing anything – d party or race doesn’t matter.

        They flippantly destroy you – they did this within their party to many fine members – wherever you come from. The apology to Sarawak was disgusting and insincere. Nga’s wife, a lawyer from Sitiawan, trumped all the Ipoh tailors with her company winning the bid to sew the State formal attire. Small amount, but she merampas the rice bowl of ordinary folks trying to make a living. N d Kelantan land deals with PAS What else is not reported?

        I tend to be a contrarian n do not buy easily what folks say if they don’t back it up with their actions.

        But thanks for yr patience to share and explain why u voted for them.

        1. Mr D. Those you called pseudo-christians were known as ‘rice’ christians in my time. I have been an observer of Malayan/Malaysian politics with friends/relatives enmeshed at the top since 1954. Eventually it dawned on me that the DAP is no different from the MCA for reasons I rather not reveal ! As I said for years elsewhere, a Malay party should have Mandarin speaking Malay candidates in Chinese constituencies because he/she is more likely to deliver on the promises. It is time the 97% Chinese realize this ! And there is a choice as well. DAP has elected representatives as old as the hills and delivered nothing like the hills !

        2. Damocles

          Appreciate the discourse.

          Some final thoughts..

          Kleptocracy and corruption were rampant before PH/DAP ascend to power.
          That is why change is inevitable. You complained the successor is no better than its predecessors, while that may be true, still, new grown weeds can be easily dealt with by continuing to plant good seeds. A half century old menace that has taken roots are harder to eradicate but it needs to be done.

          People who crave power to fuel self interests will have to answer to the Law and public conscience while those who desire power for their ideological fervor and morality would pave the way for tyranny – all tyranny begins with the desire to coerce others for the greater good.

          Please don’t presume the moon is harmless.


          1. Mr H,

            Yr analogy about weeding out errant politicians, I think, is the key n way forward for all pol parties.

            Sadly, DAP is weeding out the gorgeous Romaine and Italian instead of the grass…….

            So, how about starting afresh on a new patch? You need to prepare the soil first patiently, starting with weeding, raking, sunning to kill the bad bacteria and finally fertilising.
            U still need to do weeding regularly bfor harvest.

            Then, the tiny seeds will grow to their full potential.

            Have a good day!

            1. Mr H and Mr D. Here is a list of corruption which does not include the illicit crimes like bookmaking, numbers etc monitored by the PDRM in chronological order and does not include the complete list of MCA corruption before the 21st Century ! Thus,

              1. 1945-1951. The Chinese sanitary inspectors in Pudu, Kuala Lumpur and the BMA Chinese storekeepers of Government rice godowns were making it big time. Some of them my friends who could send their kids to study law in London.
              2. 1949. My brothers wrapped Straits $5000 in a Sraits Times for the Chinese Deputy Controller of Estates to sign my father’s probate.
              3. 1945-1957. Tontine amongst the working class Chinese.
              4. 1950-1957. MCA Lottery
              5. 1960-1962 Mushroom insurance companies.
              6. 1961-1962 Fragmentation of rubber estates
              7. 1962-2023. Share rigging on the Bursa.
              8. 1971-1972 Gemini chit fund
              9. 1975-2023 Income Tax free RM 2 incorporated places of worship
              10. 1977-1985 MCA collapsed from doing business. Tun Ghaffar Baba became MCA President.
              11. 1977-1982 Collapse of Chinese co-operatives
              12. 1981-1982 Insurance companies guarantees.
              14. 2003-2004 Oil palm estates caper
              15. 2003-2005 Foreign exchange caper
              16. 2010-2013 Gold bullion caper

              The BMF Scandal of 1982 was the first officially recorded non-Chinese scandal. It’s an urban problem !
              Where there is money, there are the bees !

    1. I had a fairly good read. AI may not have failed yet. But he hasn’t taken crucial steps to mend Malaysia as promised. We lived through his fiery ceramahs. I thought he wore topeng. He still does hahaha… We have not yet seen his action about Malaysia and Malaysia. It still is all about him.

      1. Yes, Nelayan.
        AI is all about AI.

        All the twists n turns and manoveures were to make his wish come true n indulge his belief he is the Messiah n Saviour for Msia!

        As his no 2 n other founders are expunged from PKR , we see PKR abandoning its original goals n aspirations.

        Style sama DAP eja.

        If dear Karpal is still alive, he might suffer the same fate too as he speaks out…..

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