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No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)

His administration will never allow for secularism. Anwar Ibrahim gave this guarantee when speaking in RTM‘s special television programme ‘Naratif Khas bersama Perdana Menteri’ on Friday (Jan 6).


PMX Anwar: “Kadang orang politik ini, kedangkalan itu nyata. Umpamanya [ada yang kata] ‘kalau Anwar jadi perdana menteri, maka habis Islam dan sekular akan bertapak. LGBT disahkan. Orang komunis bertapak.’ Ini igauan siang hari. Tentunya tidak berlaku dan insya-Allah di bawah kuasa pentadbiran saya, perkara ini tidak mungkin berlaku.”

Excerpt quoted starts from minute 17:20 in the full video below.

Help! Help! More Harapan propaganda needed!

Harapan is now in sore need of “more propaganda” in order to spin Anwar’s evident repudiation of secularism.

Anwar was certainly not misquoted when he said his Harapan-plus government will never recognize secularism.

To answer the question posed by former Deputy National Unity Minister Ti Lian Ker: “Nope, Kit Siang has no comment on Anwar’s 601 Declaration.”

More propaganda from the Harapan-led unity government is therefore urgently sought to calm Cina DAP jitters.

What else can they resort to except dishing out more Kool-Aid — see Malaysiakini tweet below.

You see, the Harapan base comprising 94–97% of the Chinese electorate were under a (most mistaken) impression that the saviour they voted for would defend secularism to the death.

An opinion column in Malaysiakini on Jan 5, i.e. one day before Anwar’s RTM interview, even alleged that our country’s “vast religious bureaucracy uses official channels to push narratives that are anathema to secular and democratic values”.

Well, well, well. The bureaucracy is after all only acting in line with this policy expressly espoused by your beloved PM Anwar who (refer his ‘Naratif Khas’ interview) similarly considers secularism – alongside communism – to be an anathema.

Anwar’s true colour is green

As bonus, watch the TikTok (clip embedded in a tweet below by @_rezarazali_) to dispel any lingering doubt that Anwar is no different from the typical PAS politician in his theocratic bent.


PMX in ustaz mode is as distant from secularism as our planet is distant from Alpha Centauri which is 4.367 light years away from Earth.

The photograph above is from Anwar’s Putrajaya event in Masjid Putra — the same new year’s eve 31 Dec 2022 solat hajat as recorded in the TikTok above.

As I said in my earlier blog post, “Anwar is possibly introducing an even more potent fusion between nationalism (the flags) and Islamic religiosity (the mosque venue)”.

By voting DAP (by extension the Harapan coalition chaired by Anwar), Cina are getting more Islamism, not less. And absolutely no secularism.

As someone said on Twitter, Abim is not the name of a K-pop group. But ‘selendang’ could be another way to say ‘tudung’.



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17 thoughts on “No way secularism can take root under my watch, vows Anwar (video)

  1. mca shd question anwar and not dap if they really want a come back. dap as usual will have one or two to play the role of chinese chauvinist and bombard anwar, while the rest quiet like mouse. anwar have to please the malay in the next five years if umno stop their curi govt stunt, as for the chinese, we can always syok sendiri saying economy the priority, while indian as usual doesnt matter. winner is sabah sarawak, hope this round they have enough funding to improve their road and school condition.

    1. MCA should – to quote what Dapsters are always telling the two BN non-Malay parties – go to the corner dan duduk diam-diam.

      After all, MCA has only two out of 222 MPs, and irrelevant.

      It should be the 40-parliament seat DAP explaining to the 97 percent Chinese why they (DAP & Dapsters) are exalting Anwar as their secular saviour.

      1. Amen, Helen!

        DAP shd explain, especially to the 97 % Chinese. Yang lain parti, diam eja lah..

        So the 97 % can decide whether they wanna vote DAP again.

      2. Long ago and far far away, the indigenous inhabitants of North America accused the white settlers as having forked tongues. By the 19th Century, the Red Indians were all wiped out by the Gatling machine-gun. Their leaders like Sitting Bull was shown around the States in chains ! Thousands of chinamen were brought into California to build the most dangerous railroad in the World which passed through many mountain tunnels hacked out by hands. When the Trans Rocky Mountain rail was completed, the Chinese were ignored and left to survive by themselves. Events created by the DAP reminded me of what happened in California to the Chinese long ago and far far away in the 19th Century ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth !

        1. Uncle,

          Chief Sitting Bull was not shown around the states in chains lah. He was shot dead.

          1. You are correct. My humble apologies for the inadvertent error. May be I got the name wrong

          1. HY. You are sure ? Are you aware of the Indian Wars in America in the late 19th Century ? The syphilis and small pox which you mentioned came with Christopher Columbus to the Caribbean, 300 years earlier ! Vide Wikipedia.

      3. For a Life-time, I have noticed the MCA handled the DAP onslaughts with kid-gloves like now. I can only surmise that these folks have their bank accounts, condos, kids, companions, relatives etc in Singapore. If there is a conflict of interest, a person cannot be a Malaysian politician because he should be aware that he could not serve 2 masters.

  2. Exactly, HY. voting AI in is akin to voting PAS in.

    AI was ABIM president n PAS’s poster boy in the 70s bfor Dr M plucked him out to defuse the growing popularity amongst young Malays for PAS.

    He foresaw how a great green wave cld topple UMNO with young voters especially the middle class Malays.

    Now, the circle has come one full round.

    AI’s narrative completely opposes DAP’s line.

    But the 97 % chooses to believe the DAP, in denial of the fact that AI (selendang) and PAS (tudong) are the same.

    1. Mr D. No reward for naming the person responsible for the rise of the Green Wave Debacle today !

  3. Indonesia is secular.

    The Chinese and other non Bumis can follow their own religions.

    But they cannot keep their names, language and most of their customary way of life.

    Indonesian Chinese under 50 cannot speak nor understand the Chinese anymore.

    Whatever the MCA/Gerakan/MIC’s record since 57, non Malays r still able to use their language n practice their way of life because of their representation in a stable govt dictated by the Rukun Negara.

    Folks meant what they said n wasn’t double tongued. Most Chinese followed a set of “li”
    or Confucian code of or respect for each other.

    What the DAP politicians preaches n practises is a complete departure from the Confucian ethics and way of life. Don’t even talk about Christianity coz they ve veered even further away.

    Thus, even without the green wave, the Chinese in Msia risks morphing into something totally unrecognisable.

  4. We won over Thailand n Jay Chou offered to postpone his concert.

    Yet Tudong Poh HY rapped those who suggested the postponement.

    The stadium is primarily for sports events, n the minister shd help promote and encourage sports.

    Instead offering unsolicited support for J Chou in the clash when even Chou himself is more understanding and accomodating.

    There, this is a taste of secular society for you 97 % under the DAP!!

    This could only happen in Msia…in d UK no one would ever dare act like our Hannah.

    Poor footie fans!

    1. Mr D. In Malaysia we must always expect the unexpected ! Where else but Malaysia ? Shangri-La Hotels.

  5. As reported in the Malaysiakini, ‘ AG mulls BM version of Federal Constitution to be authoritative text.’ Over 91 Malaysiakini readers, all against such a dangerous idea. One reader suggested as I also did that it is a surreptitious or sneaky way to amend the Constitution WITHOUT A TWO-THIRD MAJORITY ! Such a move is criminal breach of Trust which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL !

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