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Cina DAP lovin’ Umno … why?

Umno backstabbed its BN allies while hugging tight the DAP. So what is there not to love?

As a result of Zahid and Umno UGliness, Cina DAP are now exco in state governments – e.g. Sabah and Pahang – where previously the DAP could not make any headway.

This morning, DAP became a part of the Sabah government via an Ubah breakthrough outside of the state election mandate. (Sabah PRN was held in September 2020.)

DAP’s YB Phoong Jin Zhe is also today appointed a new member of Sabah chief minister Hajiji’s revamped cabinet.

With this, DAP has successfully sunk its tentacles into six state governments (see full list below). By contrast, Umno is very much diminished — having only a presence in four (if we don’t count Sabah) state governments.

Note: Sabah is complicated as Umno state party chairman Bung Moktar is now in the opposition whereas five Umno rebels have ‘crossed the floor’.

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DAP parasiting on Umno

Umno is a weak party growing weaker by the day compared to DAP which is replenishing its strength by sucking Umno blood.

But instead of using its last energies to try and save Malaysia from DAP – as what PAS is doing – Umno chose to present its neck to the DAP ‘bloodsucker’, inviting “Bite me darling, oh please!”

Umno is helping to empower DAP by lending its 33 percent Malay mandate to Harapan. This is Langkah Zahid carried out in November 2022.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin claimed yesterday that PN has the support of at least 62 percent of Malay and bumiputera voters — see explainer at the bottom of this page. PN is the new Malay mainstream because it has Malay majority backing.

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Repercussions from Langkah Zahid

We know what Umno did last election at federal level — opening the door for DAP to reenter Putrajaya. Let’s now talk about what Umno did at state level.

Here is the big picture beyond Zahid’s personal cushy DPM position.

There are two areas to look at.

• ONE, Umno is in how many state governments vs DAP is in how many state governments

• TWO, Umno is in how many DUNs (state legislative assemblies) vs DAP is in how many DUNs

Umno vs DAP in state excos

The Federal Territory does not have a state government. In the rest of Malaysia, DAP’s presence vs Umno’s presence in the state exco are as follows:

  1. Sabah: No Umno, got DAP
  2. Sarawak: No Umno, no DAP
  3. Perlis: No Umno, no DAP
  4. Kedah: No Umno, no DAP
  5. Kelantan: No Umno, no DAP
  6. Terengganu: No Umno, no DAP
  7. Penang: No Umno, got DAP
  8. Perak: Got Umno, got DAP
  9. Pahang: Got Umno, got DAP
  10. Selangor: No Umno, got DAP
  11. Negeri Sembilan: No Umno, got DAP
  12. Malacca: Got Umno, no DAP
  13. Johor: Got Umno, no DAP

To sum up, Umno is present in the state governments of:

  1. Perak
  2. Pahang
  3. Malacca
  4. Johor

Sabah marked as asterisk.

DAP is present in the state governments of:

  1. Sabah
  2. Penang
  3. Perak
  4. Pahang
  5. Selangor
  6. Negeri Sembilan

For the first time in Malaysian history, DAP has overtaken Umno in the measure of how widespread is their political power … thanks to Zahid bringing DAP by stealth into Pahang and Perak, and Bung Moktar for triggering the Sabah fiasco.

Giving the excuse that DAP and Umno are currently UGly partners at federal level in Putrajaya, DAP wants to further “caucus” with Umno in Johor too.

Following Langkah Zahid, DAP is knocking on Johor’s side door after being let into Pahang and Perak through the back door.

Although DAP-Harapan are quickly trying to muscle in on Johor, they’re however not putting out a reciprocal welcome mat for Umno-BN in the states that they rule such as Penang and Selangor.

Read ‘Umno diketepi di negeri didominasi PH’ published in Harakah last week.

Selangor has 272 appointed members of its local councils, and not a single one of them is an Umno man.

In Johor, however, DAP is eyeing possible openings in the state administration although the party still sits on the opposition bench.

Langkah Zahid in November 2022 bawa banyak untung bagi DAP downstream whereas Umno is not getting return benefits. In other words, Umno rugi because no quid pro quo.

Furthermore, Umno threw MCA and MIC under the bus as neither of these two BN parties were given cabinet positions.

And then, while the new PH-BN combo to contest the state elections this year will provide Umno a share of the Malay majority seats to contest, it is difficult to imagine MCA and MIC being allowed any non-Malay majority seats to contest at the DAP’s expense.

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Umno vs DAP in the DUNs

Umno has more depth, i.e. many Aduns in its stronghold states such as Johor, Pahang and Sabah.

DAP has a broader reach, e.g. having Aduns in Sarawak where Umno is absent, and in all the multiracial states whereas Umno is missing from the Malay heartland.

Also DAP is strong in the Umno-ruled states, e.g. with 10 mostly Chinese Aduns in Johor and 11 mostly Chinese Aduns in Negeri Sembilan. Umno, on the other hand, is weak in the DAP-ruled states, e.g. with only two Malay Aduns in Penang and four Malay Aduns in Selangor.

DAP has strong PH partners in the multikulti states with PKR having many Aduns in Selangor (25 before the frog fest) and 14 in Penang pre-Sheraton Move.

Umno’s BN partners, on the other hand, have been battered by DAP with MCA having only four Aduns in Johor and MIC having one sole Adun in Pahang (MCA dapat telur there).

The number DAP Aduns vs Umno Aduns in the 13 states/regions are as follows:

  1. Sabah: Umno 17 (or 12*), DAP 4
  2. Sarawak: Umno 0, DAP 2
  3. Penang: Umno 2, DAP 19
  4. Perak: Umno 8, DAP 18
  5. Pahang: Umno 16, DAP 6
  6. Selangor: Umno 4, DAP 15
  7. Negeri Sembilan: Umno 15, DAP 11
  8. Malacca: Umno 18, DAP 4
  9. Johor: Umno 33, DAP 10

Total: Umno 113, DAP 89

Including the five Sabah rebels*, Umno has 113 Aduns, and DAP 89 Aduns nationwide bar the Malay belt.

Umno has YBs in eight states; DAP has YBs in nine states.

DAP with its 19 Aduns in Penang and 15 Aduns in Selangor offers nothing to Umno in these states.

It’s not as if DAP fixed deposit voters can assist Umno in making a comeback unless Umno wants to contest under the Harapan logo in Cina totok constituencies.

Meanwhile, Umno with its 16 Aduns in Pahang has welcomed DAP into the GE15 state government. This is a betrayal of the BN voters who ‘pangkah dacing, dapat roket’.

In Perak, DAP with its 18 Aduns has allowed Umno with its 8 Aduns to assume the Menteri Besar post as a lame duck MB. Alternatively, if Umno had hooked up with PN, then DAP would be oppo in Perak.

The current fear is that there is going to be Ubah of the Malacca chief minister, which might similarly enable the DAP to slip in through the gap, as what just happened in Sabah.

How Malay electoral support is divided

PAS-linked think tanks have estimated PN to have around a 56 percent share of the Malay electorate in GE15.

Bridget Welsh estimates PN to have some 54 percent Malay support but she confines her figure to only the electorate in Semenanjung.

The PN chairman himself gave an estimate yesterday. Muhyiddin said 62 percent Malays and bumiputera supported his coalition. His higher number – encompassing the larger pribumi group – likely included voters in Sabah and Sarawak.

There were five major minor coalitions that won seats in the Nov 19 general election — PH, PN, BN, GPS and GRS.

Mahathir’s coalition GTA came away from the polls empty handed.

Post GE15, the various coalitions coalesced into two sides: (a) the Harapan-plus ad hoc ruling bloc of PH, BN, GPS & GRS, and (b) PN in the opposition.

Umno giving BN’s Malay mandate to DAP

Umno bringing its 33 percent Malay mandate in a gift basket to PH gives UGly some 44 percent Malay support.

We’ll use Bridget Welsh‘s figures. She gives PH an “eleven percent” support from Malay voters — see her bar graph above.

Hence it is opposition PN with 54 percent Malay mandate vs UGly with 44 percent (11% + 33%) Malay mandate.

These percentages of Malay support apply to the situation before 19 Nov 2022.

After 20 Nov 2022, Malay sentiment shifted somewhat because BN voters were left dumbfounded when the Umno president unilaterally took BN into UGly.

Subsequent to Langkah Zahid, Umno has 11 ministers and deputy ministers in Anwar’s Unity Government (UG). DAP has 10 ministers and deputy ministers.

The breakdown is Umno six in cabinet and five deputy ministers (total 11); DAP four in cabinet and six deputy ministers (total 10).

Umno’s eleven is only one up on DAP’s ten. Nothing for DPM to crow about regarding his “new narrative” introduced to the betrayed BN.



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11 thoughts on “Cina DAP lovin’ Umno … why?

  1. Here is a complete picture of political flux which has not stabilized due to the complete disintegration of political loyalty which normally leads to stability as we know it. Political events are now led by a leader’s fancy even if he has just 2 votes, himself and a friend ! The only way Malaysian Politics will pan out is to let the State and Federal General Elections decide on the outcome. It is still the revered Constitution which commands the proceedings with the DAP even with 40 MPs or more, just a bridesmaid always, never the bride ! The worse ever scenario which the British who crafted the Constitution, never expected ! A beautiful land with beautiful inhabitants and natural resources in a strategic geo-political location with its leaders shooting themselves in the foot en masse ! A nation just a whisper away to be one of the 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

    1. Good morning Uncle AK!

      Yes, the max 40 sears based in d 97 % ensures DAP will never be the bride she so covet, but always the bridesmaid.

      The constant jealousy and craving on a regular basis is a manifestation of this syndrome affecting DAP leaders like Nga n Hyeoh.

      Well, maybe they cld be wive no 3 or ibu tiri based on stealth and trickery but never the rightful bride.

      ((To digress, even international superstars like Michelle Yeoh who happen to be a Malaysian are not let off by the DAP for their political stance.

      Note the deafening silence of govt leaders as one of our own wins the coveted Golden Globe award for Best Actress (comedy). Syabass!! Well deserved for toiling endlessly for 40 years n not giving up!!

      Our girl from Ipoh beat other much more formidable competitors. Aspiring youths from everywhere including Malaysia shd be much proud n encouraged by her example. She spoke up for all Asians n non whites at the ceremony.

      But total silence from our Youth n Sports Min who joined in the hordes trolling M Yeoh in 2018, hounding her for her political stance.(Note: M Yeoh gracefully never hit back at the likes of H Yeoh…)

      Yes, not all Yeoh’s are created equal …

      Thank God!! ))

      1. Sir, Not only M Yeoh from Ipoh, but Khaw Kai Boh, the MCA Minister from Ipoh whose children were all brilliant. His younger son is the World famous paediatrician in ophthalmology at the World famous Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London. His CV covers many volumes of 4A pages of awards from all the top universities in the World. He was knighted by QE II years ago. Then, Towkay Loke Yew’s grandson, an Emeritus Professor in birth control at King’s College, Cambridge. And Kai Boh’s daughter, a Professor in Geriatrics at Cambridge. And hundreds more Malaysian Chinese who serve the World well. Your Uncle was appointed the First and only Asian Adviser to the World famous Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC in 1997 !

          1. HY. What you gained from the LHDN income tax ? ITS REAL WORLD CLASS MERITOCRACY REWARDED FOR THESE MALAYSIAN CHINESE CONTRIBUTION TO THE WORLD. Be fair-minded and broad-minded. Be proud. I am proud of your 2 kids in Taiwan ! See the point ? I do not see any Singaporean in the far far horizon. It was reported yesterday, Singapore is still tinkering with their Education System.

        1. Honoured to get to know you thru cyberspace, n Syabas , dear Uncle AK for flying the flag at home and beyond!

          Smithsonian is very prestigious indeed!!! Only a very select few are chosen to join, but you are an Advisor!! Shining for Asia!!

          1. I returned home in 1960. I just did my duty as I was trained to do. No more. No less. No bombast. Normal. Professional. Not only that, I was the only Asian trained in the same Cambridge lab as the World famous Dr Wu Lien Teh (1904-1905) of Harbin Plague fame. I was one of 9 selected from 154 medics. Later, I was the only Asian trained by the World famous Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital Research Unit, Washington DC in epidemiology of malaria, dengue, tsutsugamushi (scrub typhus) and other jungle warfare diseases and worked along 3rd – 13th Jalan Gombak when it was a poor kampung for 3 years. The Americans strangely did not forget about me ! I wrote a Manual for Covid 19 virus and offered my services first to the locals. . There was no response.. But much later, the Hong Kong Government accepted it and thanked me in 7 days ! Such is Life ! In December 2022, I sent the same Manual to the Health Services in Beijing. Recent media reports stated that Talent Corp. should persuade talented Malaysians to return home ! ‘Something is wrong somewhere !’ The remark made by an UMNO warlord after he discovered that I was the only one amongst all my friends not ennobled. With this remark, he moved to the next table and bussed a Singaporean lady of a certain age on both her heavily powdered cheeks. She was his Swiss banker !

  2. Federal election we have just had. Albeit a forced one. By the sitting Umno president and we don’t have to guess why. Azmin and H2O move was not something the country needed. We could guess it was PPBM’s frustration that brought it but the ensuing results did not bring anything good. It drags on and does not show any sign of stabilizing. The PRU15 results was as expected – a hung Parliament. The nightmare continues. Even if we were to vote again, this will not change much.

    The country has to be governed and the Agong has appointed a government of the day. So for the time let’s just give a chance for the government to carry out whatever plans it has as long as it is one that move the country forward. What the Rakyat are expecting is for all political parties to cease attempt to destabilze the sitting government. Governments anywhere in the world cannot be expected to obliged everyone and every party. So some will support still many will resist. As long as it is the government for the people, have it remain one. Shahidan and Takiyuddin can talk this and that about a plot but we are not hearing anything new. What just happened in Sabah is the work of disgruntled Bung Mokhtar and possibly the Umno president and reportedly PMX consented. And it looks better now with the Umno president having to pay a price. But the man himself is asking for it; he has been asking for it since after the Sheraton Move. What would happen when he ordered BN MPs (and menteris) to pull support from PN’s government? We knew he was forcing a GE to be called. BN’s PM replaces a PN’s PM. He was still unhappy that he couldn’t get an executive role that maybe could provide help with his court cases. Then he repeated and the step giving false hope that BN could form the next government when many don’t believe him. Now he is the problem! As to why PMX has made him DPM1 we are still wondering. So PMX has a role in all this potential continuing instability. Don’t point fingers to others. In this sense Muhyiddin made a better decision to keep Zahid at bay.

    One noble thing the despicable Najib Razak has done is to resign from Umno president when BN lost PRU14. That’s about it. Zahid should follow Najib’s step. Resign!

    PMX is seasoned politician. One who could come close is Muhyiddin but he remains quiet and only defending allegation made by PMX. I would agree that the DAP is not making new demands but continuing to annoy in the form of words coming out from LKS, LGE, Nga and perhaps Hannah the female priest. PAS is also not demanding anything new but having hope it could play executive role again. Just hope. Let them be. PAS being PAS they are a party of ustads. Ustads preach but ustads preach only to the Muslimin and the Muslimat. They preach to no “kafir” (I dislike this word which literally means non-believer, but it is word of the Qur’an so I got to live with it). Khutbah Jumaat hardly ever leave out this word “kafir”. Don’t Christian do the same in their churches? Why pick on PAS? PAS should have accepted PMX’s invitation in the Agong’s proposed real Unity Government. What PAS does at state level is state affairs. They are the majority. That counts and none of the 4 Sultans and Raja has said anything. DAP need not say anything. Come PRN maybe PH’s representation would potentially be reduced from 10 to zero in Kedah. PMX talks like a saint but we know he is not one. People are reading him closely. DAP will not stop being DAP. In the same respect Umno won’t stop being Umno either but nonetheless Umno must walk with its eyes wide open. It does not matter now Umno work alongside DAP. Do continue if it is for good cause but electing a new president is a must. Malaysia is not expecting miracles but only that harmonious society we used to enjoy in the 70’s when Malaysia was a poor and underdeveloped.

    We all know well the DAP-Umno animosity since 1966. It is always about this secular Malaysian Malaysia idea which the Federal Constitution says otherwise. For many leave the Constitution alone and it is not an unfair one. Let’s move on. As long as justice are being administered appropriately, Malaysia can’t go wrong. Just pay attention to potential pilferages and nip it. What have happened, take action to recover and refine the system. It is the AG’s job. Yes, a lot to be done. Start now. Show us the reform.

    Previous many administrations have been blind. Attention was for the output and less or zero attention for the element that were to provide the output. In Malaysia cost of living rises but standard of living for the masses don’t. Malaysia is not KL, Selangor, PJ, Seremban, Penang, Ipoh and JB alone. Lawas and Tenom are also Malaysia. Cheneh, Sik, Dabong and Kemayan are also in Malaysia and have representation in Parliament. Don’t talk Alor Star while many towns lack many facilities. Tun Razak had a plan but none of the administration after him carry out his plan effectively. His plan was very modest model. Felda has shown success. Petronas too has. But subsequent administrations plunder both. We want to see PMX take on food security, social security, border security, equitable government assets management, fair wealth distribution and manage the issues with foreign migrants effectively.

  3. 2 supremacies used to be enemy and now are collaborating as they allege. According to the number above, the party reprenting the majority race seems to lose to the minority. If this trend continues, more malay votes favoring to PN is to be expected.

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