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DAP, Umno and their ‘unity’ snog fest

PAU has concluded. Zahid and Mat Hasan have solidified their grip on the party. And both the Umno president and his deputy are backing DAP to the hilt.

The two parties – DAP and Umno – are now riding together into battle against the Malay-Muslim duo of PAS and Bersatu.

Umno has already let DAP in through the back door into Malacca, Pahang and Perak — the three state governments where it is CM / MB.

All the signs are there indicating that if PH successfully retains Penang, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, the coalition will in turn let Umno in through the side door. That is, should Umno be able to win one or two DUN seats there in the coming state elections.

Our political reconfigurations are set … at least for 2023.

Back door, front door, side door

The Malacca state election was held in Nov 2021. It was won by BN with Umno obtaining 18 seats, MCA two and MIC one.

The four DAP Aduns now coming into the 14-month old BN Malacca government are entering through the back door.

In 2018, DAP entered Putrajaya through the front door. This is because Chinese voters were aware and accepted that Mahathir was the Harapan chairman, and his then party Bersatu was the coalition’s Malay anchor.

Meanwhile Malay voters who backed Bersatu-PH in GE14 were also aware that DAP was a part of their coalition.

This is not the case with Malay voters who backed Umno in GE15. Zahid took BN into a post-election unity government with PH to the utter disbelief of many Umno supporters. This despite PAS and Bersatu warning about such a possibility prior to polling day.

Selewat 9 Nov 2022, Umno masih terus menafi bahawa parti tersebut bakal bergabung dengan PH — lihat pada tweet oleh Umno Online di atas.

The Malay ground was instead told that PAS and Bersatu were lying. Well, it turns out that PN was telling the truth.

By comparison, the PAS DAP cooperation post-GE12 was a side door affair. Prior to the 2008 general election, DAP had never tasted power before by sitting in any state government.

PAS was briefly in the federal government in the 1970s but was the federal opposition in 2008 with only Kelantan under its belt.

Both parties – DAP and PAS – came together to form Pakatan Rakyat very shortly after GE12 following the stunning success of toppling BN in the west coast states.

While it is true that PAS (2008) and Bersatu (2018) too had worked with DAP previously, the circumstances were different. Not underhanded like the present Umno-DAP lovin’.

PAS voters did not feel tricked or cheated in GE12; Bersatu voters did not feel tricked or cheated in GE14 either.

DAP has brought Chinese to this pass

DAP has 94–97 percent of the Chinese vote locked in.

For decades, DAP said MCA were “running dogs” for working with Umno. Today DAP is working with Umno, and taking over MCA’s place by Umno’s side.

DAP labelled MCA “pengkhianat bangsa” for working with Umno which had accelerated the desecularization process by trying to out-Islamize PAS. This direction taken by Umno interfered with the non-Muslim lifestyle, konon.

Today DAP is working with Umno which has just reactivated its party’s Majlis Ulama with Dusuki Ahmad newly appointed as the council chief (see latest news report, below). Dusuki is the father of Umno Youth head Asyraf Wajdi.

Segala apapun boleh dihalalkan bagi DAP. Kalau lain pihak yang buat, semua haram.

As it stands now, the ruling coalition is led by PH and rests on Umno for providing stability.

If Umno had picked PAS over DAP, the opposition would have had 99 Malay Muslim MPs (73 PN and 26 Umno).

The oppo PN is almost monolithically Malay and Muslim bar its sole non-Muslim MP, Ronald Kiandee.

The present combo between Umno and PH, on the other hand, brings a balance to the latter’s multiracial and multi religious facets. Therefore, the “new narrative” introduced by Umno is that the DAP’s Chinese heft makes UG “centrist” whereas PN‘s ethno-religious ballast makes them “extreme”.

Clearly Umno is learning how to spin as disingenuously as parti kaki fitnah DAP.

It is the DAP’s extremely toxic politicking that has corralled the Chinese community to this edge of the cliff where they’re scare-mongered into fearing that if they don’t hug tight Umno, they’re going to fall into the “Taliban” abyss.

As late as only a few days before the Nov 19 polls, Nga Kor Ming was still repeating the DAP black propaganda that Malaysia will become a Taliban state if PN were to acquire power.

Up to 97 percent of urban Chinese got behind DAP to create the GE15 outcome where only three Cina DAP are rewarded with positions in Anwar’s cabinet. These three Chinese full ministers are Nga, Hannah Yeoh and Anthony Loke.

Five other Cina DAP (including Guan Eng’s sister) have been appointed UG deputy ministers. Of these eight, the majority are Christian.

Doubtless, the 94–97 percent Chinese feel that whatever they have to do – such licking their own spit after their past vitriol poured on Umno – is worth the sacrifice of keeping the Green Monster at bay.

However, DAP is simply deceitful in portraying PAS as Taliban. PAS is not.

PAS leaders, nonetheless, have expressed their view of sekolah Cina as being detrimental to nation building. Some quarters from PAS have called for vernacular schools to be shut down.

But the millions of Cina DAP are no doubt content that whatever they have to go through, it’s well worth it just to put their eight beloved Chinese YB in cabinet to enjoy the perks that come with this elite privilege.

BELOW: Biggest winner in the ‘deputy’ ministers stakes is the Christian Cina DAP



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42 thoughts on “DAP, Umno and their ‘unity’ snog fest

  1. if msia finally under taliban, i move to taiwan, many go spore, of course we know most prefer us uk aus nz, raja petra clan move as well to king charles 3 land since we know how taliban work, and the odd part is no one go back to motherland prc though they chant qilai, march on march on on at every forum.

    1. Hah, HY, the countries u mentioned might not take ulah!

      I bet u wld have left long ago had you been able to….u were not successful!!

      Raja Petra moved back to the UK not becoz of PAS, he did not fall for the Taliban spin spread by Ngakorming.

      Plus, he n his family hold British passports by virtue of his forbears!!!

      You fell for it like d 97 % others. Haha.

      So, pls do not spread lies about other folks so flippantly…..

      1. Mr D. My brother aged 60, his young wife and child were rejected by Australia. But Canada accepted him. The difference between men and boys is the quality of their toys !

      2. i am talking about choice and preference while you divert to eligibility and qualification, and make unnecessary assumption and conjecture like ak did on living in taiwan lead to moving to canada, while yours is bet this bet that as if not many are capable to move to australia like you did, would that not make you act like one elitist dap that always talk with condescending tone and superiority feel in such a way that no one could match them on what they do?

        as for your criticism on the 97% preference, isnt it a bit of ironic that the 97% are living in msia while you are not? its not really relevant but still sound ironic nonetheless.

        1. Haha!


          Based on what are u saying I live in Oz???

          Elitist DAP member???

          R u on something or had a drink too many???

      3. Mr D. Here was what I found out on the ground the facts pertaining to the following countries in 1970. The situation can only be worse in 2023 with racism, recession and inflation !
        1. Canada. January 1970. I have already commented in these columns.
        2. Australia. October. 1969. When the plane touched down at Brisbane, all the passengers were sprayed with an insecticide. At the Sydney Airport, my bag was turned upside down and the thin woman officer was particularly nasty with her awkward questions even though I told her my profession and a tourist. I found all forms of gambling were permitted 24 hours a day. Brothels were licensed. Bankruptcy was part of the culture – a way of Life. There were notices of rock bottom prices for everything from properties to farms. It is the same today. In 1969, the Mandarin night club owned by the Wong family was the only one permitted to close at 4 am! The country in 1969 was controlled by the Government, the university, the church, the big land owners, the industrialists, the Jews, no New Aussies in 1969. My conclusion was Australia was good for oysters, steaks and girls, any order you like but do not do business there. It is the same today.
        3. Singapore. My daughter was 9 months old when the riots of 13 May 1969 broke out. We could hear the sound of gunfire through the night. Not out of fear,because I had 7 guns in my possession, but to take a respite in Singapore after a one month curfew . By 1972, I discovered I could not beat the Singapore Government. Every time I raised my rent, they raised the assessment. One day, a young female Civil Servant turned up at my condo block and told me what colour she wanted for the whole building. And opportunities for advancement were limited, I sold all my properties and returned to KL.
        4. London. I was there for 9 years. After the final exam paper, I took the Comet home !
        5. United States. If the above countries were not suitable what better expectations has the US for me ? I only visited the US for the very first time in 1992 !
        In 2023, my judgement in the 1970s was correct. Malaysia is the best country in the World. With a Normal Malay Leader loaded with common sense and an impeccable record, Malaysia is even better. In 2003 London. beef char kway teow was 5 pounds sterling a small plate !

        1. Betul, Uncle.

          But some folks are not aware and thankful what we enjoy!

          Ask HY to stay for a year in the US Midwest or Taiwan n then come back n discuss emigration…

          1. Mr LE. Most of us only LOOK but do not SEE. You agree with me that the best place of UNITY in Malaysia today is the 24 hour mamak restaurants where all races mingle. I recommend all the newest, cheapest and the best in KL – DEEN’s BISTRO. very good food and service. Next to Soul Out in Sri Hartamas. Enjoy.

    2. “odd part is no one go back to motherland prc though they chant qilai, march on march on on at every forum.”


      Not true. The number of Msians’ working n living in China is growing by the day. Look at the various M Assocs n Msian Chamber chapters in the major Chinese cities.

      But, you gotta be qualified and experienced to work there since the working visa is not easily granted.

      Not to mention HK n Macao which are back under China now.

      Pls do not spread inaccuracies around, on this blog as well.

      N pls don’t belittle the country your ancestors came from, for that matter any other country. DAP followers seems very adept at belittling others …

      China has gone thru a lot and a great country, taking her rightful place as a major superpower now with her amazing economic success. Democracy will come at China’s own timing and choosing with economic and legal reforms in place quicker than you think or know.

      Pls don’t mock the national anthems of other countries, you drag down the rest of us Msians’ by your disdainful n disrespectful behaviour.

      I guess there is no concept of jia or guojia for you here in Malaysia. Or anywhere else you go, HY. If you manage to, that is.

      1. Mr D. I support your comment 100%. We Malaysian Chinese must never forget our ancestral roots, our contributions and goodwill to our beloved Malaysia and fellow compatriots where we were all born and bred. Failures in Life have appeared regularly in these Blogs first disguised as civil but as time goes by, their real colour and intentions appear. All of them were poorly educated with a hallmark stamped as from vernacular schools. I love to tell these failures that they were failures because they were LAZY at school. Do not blame the World for their failures. These failures loved to nit pick the sensible and factual comments of others. A common trait. Psychos – all of them probably aged 50+.

  2. Wrt:
    “It is the DAP’s extremely toxic politicking that has corralled the Chinese community to this edge of the cliff where they’re scare-mongered into fearing that if they don’t hug tight Umno, they’re going to fall into the “Taliban” abyss.”

    All these talk from DAP about PAS are not without receipts. The sad thing is PH component parties not having the will to push back on Islamic extremism despite selling themselves as moderates and progressives.

    PKR, the lead party in PH had conveniently delegated pushbacks on sensitive religious controversies to DAP and had continued to avoid these issues like plague. PKR is useless because its members are the new Malay professional class elites, not to be confused with the bangsawan or old money type elites, that fail to connect with the working class Malays. People like Rafizi for example thinks RM2 coffee is cheap. Ironically the fights PKR seem interested to take up are those of their own internal power struggle.

    The banning of unisex saloons in Terengganu, closing 4D outlets in Kedah, possible alcohol restriction sale in tourist hotspot Langkawi, Selangor, etc are indication of things to come, already here.

    Permatang Pauh MP Fawwaz Mohamad who was probably spiritually emboldened by his recent victory against Nurul H complained about beer sale placement in a mall offensive to Muslim sensitivities. My beef here is not about the fragile sensitivity of the good Ustaz, but the disappointing lack of push back from the PH (DAP) councilmen in which the mall jurisdiction fell under.

    The deafening silence from DAP in this issue I suspect had more to do with the reality DAP is no longer the opposition and now, part of the problem as the ruling government. Also an indication DAP is under the thumb of Anwar and PKR.

    Muslims told by PAS how Chinese supremacy reigned in the PH government, better ask for receipts. Current picture do not support PAS’ allegations DAP yielding that kind of influence in PH.

    By the way, where are the supposedly vocal non-Muslim opposition in this matter? MCA and Gerakan went MIA.

    1. No, Harlequin.

      Folks like Rafizi etc are educated Muslim Malays and there is a line they will not cross unlike our DAPters spewing false toxic bytes at their enemies.

      Politics is just politics end of the day. Most do not want to be stuck with the records clocked by Nga et Al in their lives.

      The Malays as a whole , whatever party the r from, are much more sopan santum than the ruthless and disrespectful Malaysian Chinese now brainwashed by the DAP we know.

      Very sadly, the Confucian ethics and li which stood the Chinese well is abandined as the DAP tells the Chinese it is ok to spread rumours n belittle others…..

      1. Damocles

        Educated elites, regardless of race, usually hold a kind of sophistication and cosmopolitanism that distinguishes them from the kampung folks, blue collar workers or the grab drivers which, incidentally PKR is tasked to win over. Once away from the urban centers, PKR do not deliver on the Malay votes.

        Quote: “The Malays as a whole , whatever party the r from, are much more sopan santum than the ruthless and disrespectful Malaysian Chinese now brainwashed by the DAP we know.”

        Statements like these coming from you are a recurrent thing. If you are a Malay, you are probably a racist. If you are Chinese, then all these self loathing/berating may point to underlying psychological issues that need to be addressed.

    2. Mr H. A fine and reasoned discourse on the 100 layer political kueh created by the DAP in their brazen attempt to wrestle with the 9 headed serpent which is now rearing its head. Here is a group of folks who attempt to do something in comparison to the MCA who did nothing. But they forgot all their actions are ham-strung by the revered Constitution. Hence, sometimes, these folks became quiet and sometimes blustery. At the end of the day, reality will overwhelm them, 97% or no 97% Chinese support.

      1. GM All,

        Mr Harleq,

        Pls do not get personal and accuse others of various ailments just because u don’t agree.

        In Debating, one never scores picking pettily on the personal.

        Viewpoint ejalah. Don’t get so flustered!

    3. >> By the way, where are the supposedly vocal non-Muslim opposition in this matter? MCA and Gerakan went MIA.

      Why would the Malay establishment listen if MCA or Gerakan were to speak up?

      Logically they are keeping quiet since they won’t get any respect from the Chinese anyway.

      Also, the two lone MCA MPs are there because they contested in Malay majority areas.

      1. Lousy Engineer

        If it is MCA and Gerakan strategy to shut up and get buthurt because the Chinese won’t hear them, then they might as well tapau and call it the day.

        The Malay establishment may not listen to them, had not in decades in fact, but any political party worth their salt would probably capitalize on DAP’s sudden loss of balls going against AI , and voice discontent on behalf of the non-Muslim. The Chinese are their ‘market’. It’s time to call out DAP for their silence.

        If the politicians from MCA are so thin-skinned and can’t take rejection, then they probably should consider career change.

        1. Mr H. You are right. as the Brits say ‘ This is an all-balls out situation !’. Where are your bees, DAP ?

        2. >>If it is MCA and Gerakan strategy to shut up and get buthurt because the Chinese won’t hear them, then they might as well tapau and call it the day.

          What do you mean “might as well tapau”? They have already been tapau’d (past tense) by the Chinese voters in Chinese majority constituencies.

          Both Wees of MCA won in Malay majority areas so they probably better off placate the Malays instead of being a butt of a joke in the eyes of the Chinese?

          Since DAP has a direct line to Anwar, so why not go and harass DAP instead.

          Remember that MCA used to be called UMNO’s running dogs.

          Wonder who’s the running dogs now.

          1. LE

            Legitimacy is MCA’s dilemma. It is a race based party and yet, had to rely on a silver platter of Malay voters handed to them to ensure their survival so BN can tick the multi racial box.

            If MCA has no will to fight with DAP for Chinese representation, then why not accept cabinet posts when offered by Anwar?

            To MCA’s credit, it chose to remain as opposition. That is a right step, but, somehow MCA lacked the hunger to compete for the prize – Chinese support. It is probably MCA’s elitist DNA from the onset not having the need to fight for survival, bred its eventual sense of complacency.

            Quote: “Since DAP has a direct line to Anwar, so why not go and harass DAP instead. Remember that MCA used to be called UMNO’s running dogs.”

            If MCA chose to be the opposition, then it is on them to call out DAP. That is the role of the opposition. If MCA still harbors aspiration to serve, then this is the time to call out DAP for their cowardice.

  3. It is absolutely wrong and sinful for the BACs or born again christian DAP leaders alleged to cast veiled racial and religious remarks to the 97% Chinese to frighten them to vote for them. These 97% Chinese votes to bolster the DAP will get them nowhere as is clearly shown in certain States and most importantly the Federal Government. The 97% Chinese need NOT vote for the DAP if the MCA is found wanting. Because as now factually exhibited, the 97% Chinese votes were used for self-interest or something against the 97% Chinese desires. It is best the 97% Chinese abstain instead of being made fools of or drag into conflicts not of their desires by strangers. What if PAS says we will NEVER interfere with the customs and manners of the Chinese like the British ? Then what have these INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED AFTER 1970 PLACES OF WORSHIP GOT TO SAY ? They would be without any forum and MONEY, these minority of 500,000 ! By turning the tables on the DAP, PAS puts the onus right on PERFIDIOUS DAP . IN OTHER WORDS, PAS DOES NOT WANT TO INTERFERE WITH THE CUSTOMS AND MANNERS OF THE CHINESE LIKE THE BRITISH AND CONFIRMS THAT DAP USED PAS STATEMENTS INTENDED FOR THE MUSLIMS TO FRIGHTEN THE 97% CHINESE ! It is very cruel to mislead the 97% Chinese via gift of the Gab when Lives and Livelihoods are at stake. It is barbaric. It is UN-CHINESE. It is absolutely Stupid ! To frighten the 97% Chinese about the shades of Taliban which are already here in Malaysia for centuries as with the 97% Chinese. The responsibility and duties of any Party which claims to represent the 97% Chinese is to lead wisely, sincerely and truthfully. Not to frighten them WITH FALSEHOODS ! We now see how easily the DAP may be UNMASKED by the PAS in a jiffy if the PAS wants to do so and SWING THE 97% CHINESE VOTES TO PAS – THE ONLY PARTY WHICH CAN PROVIDE A 100% IRON CAST GUARANTEE OF NON-INTERFERENCE OF THE MANNERS AND CUSTOMS OF THE CHINESE LIKE THE BRITISH ! Something the DAP cannot do ! The shades of Taliban disappears, Pronto ! PAS WINS IN ALL THE STATE AND FEDERAL SEATS. No problem. Please note that the 97% Chinese MUST NEVER EVER GET INVOLVED IN CONFLICTS LIKE WHAT UMNO IS DRAGGING THE DAP INTO. This area of Malaysian political activity is VERBOTEN to ALL CHINESE NOW AND FOREVER. Getting involved into conflicts/struggles for POWER which are none of the 100% Chinese business. Stupid. Because traditionally, we 100% Chinese are for all our compatriots, not just a few of them, for Peace, Harmony and Prosperity ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.,

    1. GM Uncle!

      Your incisive , brilliant analysis of what the DAP did to the 97 % is worthy to distributed more widely!

      Pls send it to all the mainstream papers, online or print.

      You hit the bull’s eye when you said only PAS – holding the bow(gun) – cld guarantee there will be no Taliban govt since DAP will never hold the bow(gun)

      It is up to PAS whom and when to shoot. Detractors like the DAP cld only accuse or give empty promises.

      Your logic of the Chinese (or any minority) regaining any meaningful power in Msia( or anywhere else) rests with making peace and having good relations with the majority which are the Malays.

      Anyway, only with peace comes prosperity.

      The Confucian concepts of “he ping, fan rong” has been ditched by the DAP preaching hatred and fear to scare the Chinese. The only gainers in this sordid arrangement is the DAP ministers now in power. The 97 % got zilch.

      N PAS represents the majority of the Malays.

      No other parties can prevent PAS of any of their agendas…..

      Great job, Uncle!!!

      1. Mr D. You, HA, me and all Malaysians are born under the lucky Star. Not only that, I have been around the World even Djibouti , and have seen what others have suffered. We are all the same in spirit and in thoughts. We contribute in anyway we can to make our beloved Malaysia the Greatest by example. There must be like minded individuals like you, HA and me in the our beloved Malaysia running into thousands if not millions ! We all have contributed our very best efforts. We never asked for rewards, monetary or otherwise. This is what it should be in any country. This is normal and ordinary. Remember the ‘ greats ‘ of the yellow shirted Bersihs ? One was ennobled and a city gave her its freedom within the last 10 years. No squeak anymore ! Recently Sensodyne C4 retired of the same ilk. I have been at this since 1954 ! – For Malaysia, Malaysians, Malaysian Chinese and all in our Sovereignty and National Interest. This what we all should be- to contribute earnestly, wisely and without fanfare. I am exceedingly happy and satisfied ! I discovered long long ago that it is not the MONEY but Happiness in doing good which makes a person HAPPY. I sold FIVE listed companies because I did not want to build a corporate empire and become UNHAPPY at the sight of my kids cheating each other in a small country !

      2. Mr D. It is very cruel and heartless of the DAP to call PAS the Talibans. If the adjacent countries of Pakistan, Iran and Iraq are not TALIBAN how come our beloved Malaysia, 3,000 miles away become TALIBAN ? Especially 40+ of the population are non-Malays ! PAS will rule for the next 66 years given the 100% cast iron guarantee not to interfere in the customs and manners of the Chinese like the British ! A New Era dawns for our beloved Malaysia to become one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia NOT tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore. With a proper Foreign Policy, all the super-powers will come a-calling in Peace, Harmony and Goodwill. A showpiece of 21st Century Islamic Governance in Malaysia.

        1. Mr D. What a surprising turn of events if the PAS wisely supports a 100% iron cast Guarantee that the Customs and Manners of the Chinese will not be interfered with like the British ? Right away, our beloved Malaysia becomes one of the 4 small important countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia. A fine example of Islamic Governance in the 21st century World – if not the Centre ! . All super-powers will come a-calling ! AND PAS IS THE ONLY PARTY WHICH CAN DELIVER THE 100% IRON CAST GUARANTEE ! God blesses PAS !

  4. Now that the UMNO and the DAP are now comfortably in the same bed having a snoozefest, it is time for the PAS to WAKEY ! WAKEY ! to put credence to their principles thus :-


    Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. And the DAP suck eggs in ye old Singapore if they are still wanted there !

    1. And it is high time the MCA n MIC leaves BN.

      Looking back at how it was treated by Zahid GE 15, it has no future staying in a coalition run by a dictator. Even UMNO is finito now with party elections banned.

      Looking ahead, MCA shd try it’s best to forge good relations with PAS, attract new leaders n steer clear of Malay issues.

      MCA in fact, shd start sharing Uncle’s analysis of what really happened in GE 15 n how the 97 % were hoodwinked by the DAP in buying something the DAP cld never deliver.

      It is high time both PAS n the MCA/MIC/Gerakan debunks all the scare stories and hate politics preached by Nga et al accepted as gospel truth by the poor sheep now lead to the very edge of the precipice.

      It is high time the 97 % wake up from the perfidious spell cast on them!

        1. Yes, Uncle. I think the MCA leadership is still very very old school and sentimental. Wee is very gentlemanly and soft-spoken but he cannot afford to do nothing n not prepare for GE 16..

          They still stay on despite being betrayed by their partners.

          If so, their destinies will be interlinked to UMNO’s as they head to a dead end.

          Then, Gerakan or another new non Malay party will forge the next trajectory…

          DAP went back on its promises n is also headed for the dead end path….

          1. Mr D. MCA’s Wee behaviour is just typical of his CLAN which TDM exploited and by the British as well ! No more. No Less. OK. Mr D ?

      1. Quote: “Looking ahead, MCA shd try its best to forge good relations with PAS, attract new leaders n steer clear of Malay issues.”

        If that is the case,

        1. who is MCA’s market?
        2. What’s in it for their voters?

    2. One truth is Malays too will not allow Taliban-like administration and they have means to do it – their numbers. PAS is a smaller segment of Malay polity against PKR, Umno, Amanah, PPBM and many smaller others. There is PPBM and Gerakan in PN coalition with more mainstream approach that could balance it if PAS really is walking toward a Taliban state. Non Muslims should not overly concerned over all this senseless talk by Nga and his DAP line ups. If Malays have wanted it, Malaysia would have been Taliban state 40 years ago. We have not forgotten who that ghost was and where he is today.
      PAS preach only to its believers. They sometimes engage into what they are not supposed to but never blown over. In example, if Malays approve hukum hudud, Malays and Muslims would have been subjected to it today. It did not happen because DAP resisted it but the Malays themselves pushed a bigger resistance. Again the numbers.
      PH and DAP can only win the Malays by not condemning their beliefs which they won’t cross and downplaying their struggles. Start here if PH and DAP want win them. Don’t be surprised many are not closed minded after all. Bertudung in the mosque carries no weight but is expected as adab sopan. PAS administration in Terengganu and Kedah isn’t that all so bad. They are listening to the people and doing what the people want. The people want to keep the states the way it is. Nothing wrong with that. Discouraging gambling is a good thing for society. Limiting alcohol sale is too. Limiting is not banning!
      In other state it is another story. I would think Seberang Perai is a conservative area. If Permatang Pauh the commercial center fell to PN (PAS), the upcoming PRN is interesting to watch.

      1. Exactly, Nelayan. My point being majority Malays cld have implemented Taliban-like govt long ago if they wanted to.

        Truth is, .like u said, they didn’t. I never felt pressured to conform to any Muslim practices in Msia.

        As for selling n promoting alcohol as if it is the elixir of life, the govt have the right to advise its citizens not to overindulge…nor promote it.

        The 97 % Chinese shd have called the bluff on Nga’s scaremongering and lies about not only PAS, but the majority of the Malays.

        I guess Najib was too naive to pull back the ISA n sedition laws which serves a purpose to stem out racism n sedition….

      2. In fact, gambling, alcohol, prostitution, excesses of behaviour etc r all discouraged in Christianity.

        And gambling, prostitution n alcohol consumption etc are still here with us since 1957.

        Go figure, 97 % Chinese.

        Just that the BAC dapsters play different tunes to different listeners.

    3. Dear All,


      1. To All, If the PAS takes this wise and Islamic humane way of Good Governance, I RECKON THE RENAISSANCE OF THE ARAB STATES AND ISLAM LIKE IN CENTURIES PAST WILL BE TRIGGERED RIGHT HERE IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA by PAS. Historians in the years ahead will laud the Wisdom and Vision of the current PAS Leadership for the Renaissance of the Arabs and Islam in the 21st /22nd Century like India and China in the 20th Century. History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth.

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