Thayaparan is a Malaysiakini columnist. His regular readers complain that he likes to use difficult words or vocab of non-English origin, e.g. legerdemain, hegemonic, weltanschauung, uber alles, sub rosa, etc

Today Uncle Thaya used the word ‘sycophantic’ which comes from the Greek ‘sykophantēs’. And it means what, precicely?

As I grow older, I’ve learned to simplify more — both in my daily lifestyle as well as in my writing. So today, I’m going to help Uncle Thaya make his sentences more easily understood by replacing difficult words with their simpler and non-PC (politically correct) alternatives.

Uncle Thaya wrote in his article today: “DAP was so sycophantic to the old maverick …

Helen’s suggested rewrite: DAP was so running dog to Mahathir

‘Run’/‘running’ and ‘dog’ are easy words, no?

Uncle Thaya also wrote: “DAP was so sycophantic to former premier and Perikatan Nasional chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin …

Helen’s suggested rewrite: DAP was so running dog to ex PM and PN chairman Muhyiddin (let’s go with fashionable one names — like Cher, Madonna, Adele, Bono!)

Uncle Thaya further wrote: “DAP were so sycophantic to PAS – even flirting with PAS for all dogma …”

Helen’s suggested rewrite: DAP was so running dog to PAS – even echoing PAS’s strict religious ideas

There! I’ve fixed it for Malaysiakinians’ easy reading.



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