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PAS will outperform Chinese expectations in S’gor by far

PAS is confident it can capture Selangor in the coming state election. It is possible that PAS’s confidence stems from the huge Kelantan diaspora.

Some of these PAS-loyal Kelantanese might have changed their voting address to Selangor, rather than keeping their home address @ balik di kampung.

There are a lot of perantau from the east coast working, studying and living in Selangor. There are just a lot of Kelantanese everywhere in our country, actually.

Told you, and I’m telling ya again

On 15 Nov 2022, i.e. a few days before GE15, I had blogged my prediction that ‘PAS will outperform Chinese expectations’.

And I was so very right, as it turns out.

Well, here I am again forecasting that PAS will once more outperform Chinese expectations — this time specifically in Selangor.

Selangor is the state with Malaysia’s biggest population. All of seven million (see Dept of Stats table below).

Of these 7,038,200 people, there are half a million residents comprising largely non-citizen guest workers. Of the 6,537,200 Malaysian citizens residing in Selangor, 27 percent (26.9%) are Chinese.

Discounting this diehard Cina DAP segment which makes up slightly more than a quarter of Selangor’s population, the rest are up for grabs by PN. Especially the large cohort of Undi18 youngsters.

Furthermore, the Indians are becoming less and less enamoured of PH compared to previous elections. Hence the outlook for Harapan incumbents in Selangor is not too bright.

In its editorial on 30 Dec headlined ‘Good riddance 2022’, Sinchew said: “Talking about last month’s general election, the landslide win of PN and the thumping defeat of BN were out of most people’s expectation”.

PN’s landslide victory may have been beyond the expectation of most Chinese but if you were to evaluate without prejudice all the earlier and predictive data, the GE15 results could have been reliably anticipated.

After all, by looking at statistics and other indicators, I correctly predicted also that PN would win the delayed election in Padang Serai.

And I’ve been proven right about the Padang Serai ‘referendum’. The PH-Umno hookup hurt rather than helped both sides.

DAP most dishonest broker

There is a popular saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. Cina DAP really need to take this saying to heart.

PAS’s phenomenal showing in GE15 shocked Sinchew and the Chinese. Shame on DAP for fooling its base and brainwashing them into zombies who underestimated PAS last November.

If PAS’s upcoming electoral performance still takes Cina DAP by surprise, then shame on the Chinese themselves for repeatedly underestimating PAS.

DAP spin boomerangs back to owner

As usual, the DAP supporters are mocking and insulting MCA and MIC on the two parties’ desire to contest this year.

If for decades DAP branded MCA as “running dogs” for working with Umno, what then does the party call its own self now?

At least back in the 1970s when BN started, the then Umno president Tun Hussein Onn was universally acknowledged as a clean leader.

DAP, however, went into its recent cooperation with an Umno which DAP had continually – until last Nov 20 – labeled as “corrupt” and controlled by court clusters.

Umno is described by Anwar’s deputy finance minister Steven Sim (of DAP) too in the following terms: “Kalau tak sakau tak putar bukan Umno” (see his tweet below).

Umno is moreover a race party

DAP has incessantly hammered MCA and MIC as “racist” for their monoethnic membership rolls. But now that DAP dan Umno saling membersih-sucikan sesama diri, only MCA and MIC remain “racist” in the DAP ledger while Umno is let off the hook.

Since forever DAP has been describing Mahathir as the ultimate ultra racist. Yet DAP was quite happy to give the old man his second go at the premiership as well as ride his coattails to Putrajaya. And somehow Dapsters insist that DAP is the better party than MCA?

DAP bashed PAS for the latter’s political Islam but is snuggling in bed with Umno that just reactivated its Majlis Ulama. Whither all the DAP screaming and shouting about preserving “secularism”?

This same DAP destroyed any remnants of internal check-and-balance within the highly lopsided Chinese community. Since when is a totalitarian ethos ever beneficial?

There are no longer any dissenting Chinese voices; the three percent outlier is negligible. PH’s other usual critics (i.e. Indians) of Umno are today being told to follow the UG script, don’t rock the boat or else just shut the duck up.

The new staunchest defenders of Umno appear to be Cina DAP! By cosying up to Umno, DAP is taking its 94–97 percent Chinese electorate a full circle back to 1970 when BN first began.

But then again, it was DAP who told the world that BN’s half century rule practically ruined Malaysia. What a rabbit hole the Chinese are diving into. Indians should start distancing themselves from the DAP Mad Hatters.



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28 thoughts on “PAS will outperform Chinese expectations in S’gor by far

  1. ge15 i stay home, selangor state election i sure go out and vote to enhance the chinese percentage to 99%. malay/muslim can have their islamic state as they wish to but all chinese must stand up and say no.

    btw i read many that criticize umno of no contest for top posts, but all this years i rarely see any party that have contest of top posts, just look at dap, pkr, amanah, pas, bersatu, mca and mic, which one ada? umno is racist, but historically are more democratic in the context of party election than most of the others.

      1. With disappointment from successive PH leaderships, the Indians will flow to PN if all things being equal !

  2. Write about Negeri Sembilan.

    Selangor and Pulau Pinang are PH fortress for 15 years now and it would be likely PH’s seats in both states would only be reduced even with the present green wave momentum.

    Negeri Sembilan on the other hand tells a different tale. Most NS are rural and conservative with the exception of Seremban. If PN should cause an upset, it would be in NS not Selangor or Penang. One may think BN still commands support in NS but with the blunder Zahid and Tokmat put Umno in, even Umno hardcore akar umbi will sway. PPBM sure would want to give it all it got next PRN. Bersatu already has 6 Aduns. Half of Umno 15 would potentially sway. PAS may add 4. PN needs 3 more for a majority. It does not look unconvincing.

  3. Don’t California my Texas.

    California is a blue state and was the poster child of USA haven back in the 70s and 80s when TV shows like Charlie’s’ Angels, LA Law, SWAT and Chips used LA as their story backdrop. To be fair, when those shows were aired, California was red. Now it is a staunch blue state under the Democrats.

    Texas is a conservative red state held by the Republicans.

    The degradation of California starting with bad economic and immigration policies, high taxes and homelessness, had reduced California to a hellhole. Californians now chose to take their business, family to better pastures and many had decided Texas is the place.

    Texas had always been a red state under the Republicans, the influx of progressive Democratic Californians had threatened to turn Texas blue. The last mid-term in 2022, Texas still remained red under the Republicans. The question is, for how long, if the blue Californians kept coming.

    There are similarities about young Kelantanese migrating to big urban cities to make a living. PAS has always been influential in Kelantan despite being one of the poorest state in Malaysia. One would assume Kelantanese would demand certain promises on economic growth and better job opportunities and pay etc from their local government before giving them their votes. That is logically speaking….

    The Texans were telling the Californians, if you left California because it is now a shithole, then why run to Texas and vote to turn Texas into the shithole you ran away from?

    Some truth there.

    1. interesting. i once ask a kelate colleagues why his ic remain kelate since living in west coast for many years, he told me kelantan land law a bit unique so any changes would cause problem later. thus we can make a guess that most kelate land owner remain as kelate while the peasant choose to become selangorian, that look like what mao zedong told the peasant, join(vote) us ccp and we redistribute the land to all, thats why selangor now have only 27% chinese stay wakakaa.

      1. HY,

        When n where did Mao said what u wrote? Go read Karl Marx n try to understand socialism bfor u attribute falsehoods to the CCP or any socialist country!

        Peasants of Kelantan Vs wealthy landowners?

        A new spin from the DAP?

        Utter fiction!!!

        1. marx, like amanat hadi, advocating violence in his communist manifesto, very dangerous man, both of them.

    2. I visited Los Angeles in 1992. The GDP of Los Angeles was the same as Singapore. A block away meant a mile or two away. Every one used the Santa Monica Highway as the High Street of Los Angeles. I stayed at the Hotel Bonaventure which was next to the ARCO building. I looked up to its 60 storeys high and thought what one could build in America, a huge country. In other words, in America, we have big billionaires. In Malaysia, we have small millionaires. The GDP of California was equal to Australia’s then, 7th in the World. But now Australia has dropped back. California is still there 7th in the World.

    3. Aah Harlequin,

      Don’t belittle n dismiss the sunshine state of the world so flippantly without stars to back u up. This is a world class, poster state!

      Why did u leave out the Greater Bay Area, the internet revolution, the great can try, can do, will push mentality of the mighty and enterprising Californians?? Their great universities, academic research etc?

      Their ancestors trudged thru snow and dirt for six months from the East to reach the Wild West. They built the California of today…..out of desert or freezing earth and nothing else!

      Homelessness is a major problem in all major cities, more so in liberal domiciles.

      Yes, California cld do better with an improved n faster rail system. N much more its leaders are capable of.

      But the DNA is still there, look at their GDP n numbers. It is also the most pop state for professional migrants, there is a sizable Msian presence there. N a growing Chinese mainland presence.

      Blue or red, California is still the dream state!

        1. So?

          The homelessness is prevalent in every major city worldwide, sans China n Vietnam n North Korea.

          Seen them tents pitched all over the lovely Ueno Park in Tokyo, near the Financial District in San Francisco, underneath the flyovers in world class HK, on side streets near the Coliseum in Rome, near Hyde Park in Kensington, near the Notre Dame in Paris etc.

          N of coz in sunny Florida towns besides Miami.

          My point being the problem has nothing much to do with the political party in place….

          So, if more of our East Coasters move over to the main coastal towns on the West Coast, demographics will change.

          N the DAP stranglehold on the major cities will be gone.

          Your innuendo using the US cities to compare such a scenario is insulting at the least…..

          All of us have a role to contribute to nation building.

          Don’t look down on the outback states in the East Coast. They contribute oil, FGS!

          China is now encouraging a reverse flow from its cities to the countryside.

          Many have done very well in agriculture, etc….

          1. Damocles

            I will try again.

            Quote: “My point being the problem has nothing much to do with the political party in place….”

            Why not?

            Let’s say, the local government in Phuket suddenly decree no bikinis on beach, controlled booze sales, no indecent show of affection in public places and no sleeveless tops for ladies strolling about town.

            Would Phuket tourism take a hit? Hope you are not saying decisions by those running the states have no consequences.

            Political parties are generally all for prosperity and growth. Make their state as attractive as possible to attract investment – Religious political parties being the exception. For religious party, their doctrine come first before the prize.

            Quote: “Your innuendo using the US cities to compare such a scenario is insulting at the least…..”

            Why is it insulting to analogize?

            Quote: “Don’t look down on the outback states in the East Coast. They contribute oil, FGS!”

            Don’t look now, you are straw manning. Not classy. Did I look down on East coast folks?

            As at 2021, only around 70% of Kelantanese have access to clean water and they have the lowest median household income in the country. The same state Government has been in charge for more than 20 years.

            These are stats one can google from the internet before jumping to conclusion mockery is at play.

          1. Damocles

            Your point being?

            NYC is also run by the Democrats. The same party running California.

            Coincidence or bad governance?

            1. Dirty water coz the source was muddy in Kelantan.

              Dirty/polluted water in Selangor due toismanagement under PH!

              Never had a water problem in PJ till PH voted in.

              BTW, now Perak – who resisted Penang’s attempt to buy it’s water – might now say yes since the leaders r now in the same bed together!

  4. HA. Your excellent discourse shows the present facts now swirling around Selangor the key battleground between the PH and PAS. However, please permit me to add my 2 sens worth, thus :-
    1. If not for the bad politics of the UMNO Leadership 1981-2022, PAS would not be what it is today !
    2. What we see today is the rise of Malay Nationalism in a nascent form before 2018 but with increasing vigour due the the politics engendered by both PAS and the BACs or born again christian DAP leadership since 2008.
    3. Malay Nationalism was placed at the back-burner by neo-colonialism from 1957 until 1981 when bad political UMNO leadership raised its ugly head which ended with the self-immolation of the UMNO ‘Titanic’ in 2018. This final revelation was ugly for those who used to place their trust with the UMNO leadership.
    4. On the Kelantanese, Kelantan was the original Malay Kingdom of the 12th Century on par with Melaka. Kelantanese are the most enterprising of all Malays especially the women folk. They have been going to Singapore to earn a better living well before Selangor was fully developed. Cambodia had a presence in the DNA of the Kelantanese which was a only short paddle away. In other words, Thai aggression and British colonialism could not destroy the Kelantanese, the only intact group of Malays today from 1000 years ago !
    5. With out any inkling of history or unwittingly, the BACs of the DAP leadership which had already discarded themselves of all things Chinese began their foray into the active politics of Malaysia in 2008. They followed foreign texts or their own mistaken beliefs which they unashamedly voiced loudly and brazenly to the courteous, friendly and hospitable Malays. How wrong were these BACs in their superficial assessment of others ? Their timing could not be worst than this which now led to the conflict between these DIY amateurs of the DAP and the rising tide of Malay nationalism combined with the PAS ! The lack of historical insights of the BACs and their arrogance and insouciance is exactly like ‘ two wongs do not make a right !’ OMG.
    6. The amateurs or Chinese of the DAP attempt to grab POWER by aligning themselves with broken factions of the Malay Polity is THE VERY FIRST BY THE CHINESE WHICH HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER DO SUCH A ZANY THING WHICH IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS SINCE THEIR ARRIVAL CENTURIES AGO.
    7. The area of Malay political conflict is VERBOTEN to all Chinese who are here to live in PEACE, HARMONY, PROSPERITY with our brethren, NOT TO BE TROUBLEMAKERS OR POWER GRABBERS. That’s not the job of the law abiding Chinese here in our beloved Malaysia or around the World. Even the revered Constitution say so as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans.
    8. The 97% Chinese because of their ignorant support of the DAP are also in apparent conflict with the rising surge of nascent Malay Nationalism. How to disengage from this farce not of their making but by the BACs of the DAP ?
    9. PAS a highly principled party may in all its wisdom and reflection on the Golden Age of the Middle East centuries past, grants a 100% iron cast Guarantee that the Chinese and the non-Malays customs and manners will not be interfered with like the British. 100% of the Chinese will support PAS thus.
    10. Honest, competent and experienced Chinese and non-Malays are appointed as Ministers for at least 8 – 10 Ministries e g. Finance, Home and Foreign Affairs etc. reflecting the wise Kingdoms of the Golden Age of the Middle East.
    11. PAS with its wise and inclusive Good Governance will trigger the Renaissance of the Arab World right here in our beloved Malaysia. Malaysia will not only be famous, but the Malays famous, the Malaysians famous too ! Yes ! A powerful Arab/Islamic Renaissance now in the 21st Century, not the 22nd !
    12. May God blesses PAS ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth !
    13. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

    1. Sir

      Don’t mind me playing the devil’s advocate:

      1. What you are proposing to PAS in terms of Islamic moderation, coincidentally has been attempted by DAP in 2008. DAP had tried to repackage PAS as the ‘friendly’ Islam party and crooning non-Muslims to the tune (月亮代表我的心) PAS is cool. In fact, PAS’ candidates had no qualms visiting temples to greet Chinese voters. The PKR-PAS-DAP Pakatan Rakyat coalition however were unable to reconcile their ideological differences.

      2. The inclusive and moderate PAS you talked about, do already exist, in the form of Parti Amanah. Amanah is the toned down version of PAS. It seems Muslims in general find strong intense flavor more palatable and not interested in mild flavored Amanah.

      1. Mr H. The DAP’s record cannot be accepted by any Malay party per se. This was the reason why I attempted to meet the 4 Leaders of DAP in June 2018 to convince them to reform the DAP with few baggage. They just ignored me because no one knows me since 1954 ! For big moves, Sir, you need elephants with brains not donkeys or fakes which we now have PLENTY !

      2. MR H. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT I DEVOTED MY SERVICES ALWAYS FOR ALL IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST MY WHOLE LIFE LONG SINCE 1954. I never asked for rewards or money ! Can the DAP established 1966, do the same, Mr H ?

      3. Mr H. Do you know I prepared a Life-time to stand up to be counted as a Chinese, a Malaysian Chinese, when the crunch comes ? To stand up and not run to Taiwan or Canada that the Chinese not only me but all contributed with their work, lives and money for the betterment of all Malaysians for centuries. Hence, all my blurb in these columns. I always helped. Never asked or received ! I did not comment like some utter Chinese failures here for show but with a specific and definite purpose. Remember my Concept of 1972 which was supported by Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, to fast track the Malays into BIG BUSINESS so that Chinese business was not impinged upon and was acquired for only RM 23 millions with the help of Singapore ? For this effort, a MCA Leader called me, ‘A Malay Bum Sucker!’ With this excuse he cheated his own Clan and the Chinese, and was jailed on both sides of the Causeway ! Man proposes. God disposes !

    2. Finally, the PAS 100% iron cast Guarantee that the Customs and Manners of the Chinese will not be interfered with like the British, will BE REGISTERED WITH THE UNITED NATIONS like the 1962 Water Agreement by Singapore.

      1. Sir

        I applaud your initiatives.

        I no longer am an optimist when it comes to ideologues or religious ideologues in position of power. I just don’t trust them. Having said said, I am glad there are still people out there hanging on to their optimism, for people need hope.

        Happy Chinese New year to you and family.

        1. Mr H. I am a born optimist. It is fair and proper that all options for a harmonious society are known and explored so that the whole political process is transparent to all. Then we can put our heart and soul into productive work in the National Interest. A whole Nation cannot pause and wonder what is going to happen next as it is now happening whether we are coming or going. This has been going on since 2004 when one set of Leadership came into Power followed by others which all did not warm their seats properly. The next moment they were gone ! With this trend, it can only be a downward trend without any upward movement. Hence, it makes some sense for all to know of the choices which may lead our beloved Malaysia to success given a Malay Leader who is Normal with Common Sense and an Impeccable record to rule and to serve the Rakyat, and defend the revered Constitution for him to stay longer !

        2. Mr H. Again with Governments of short tenures, today we are still talking about the protection of children, nothing about the aged or the disadvantaged whilst the revision or update of important Laws like the Companies Act 1965, the Bankruptcy Act 1967 and the Trustees Act 1949 are neglected unlike the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong or Australia where laws are updated to the minute because the practice of the laws is living and active in which every case is different unlike the practice of medicine where common disease are always common ! All the remedies which I have mentioned should have been dealt with since 1981 ! Today is 23 January 2023. And the Public attention is on catching crooks !

  5. Addendum.
    Good Governance by PAS will immediately propel Malaysia to be one of four important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore !

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