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Will Indians help PAS to save S’gor?

Hannah: Rise up and save Malaysia’ was a headline in Selangorkini on 9 Sept 2015.

The article was on Hannah Yeoh’s call to the rakyat to “rise up” and save our country from corruption and from those “abusing power for personal gain”.

‘Hannah: Rise up and save Malaysia’ was featured seven-and-a-half years ago in Selangor’s state publication (aka propaganda sheet) distributed for free to the local public. Selangorkini is still being circulated today.

BELOW: Front page of Selangorkini‘s GE15 edition with banner headline ‘Menang Selangor, menuju Putrajaya’

At that time back in 2015, Hannah was Speaker of the Selangor DUN. Today she is a full minister in Anwar’s cabinet.

In April 1999, Anwar was convicted by the High Court on the charge (one of a total of four charges) relating to his misuse of political power “by directing police officers to obtain retractions” from two of his accusers in 1997. See report in the Los Angeles Times, or other world media.

So it’s like this. The Cina DAP Yang Berhormat calls on the rakyat to “rise up” and save Malaysia from politicians “abusing power for personal gain”.

In 2015, the opposition (DAP-Pakatan) regarded Najib as the one who had most abused power for personal gain.

Earlier in 1999, however, High Court judge Augustine Paul had sentenced Anwar to six years jail “after finding him guilty of abuse of power in asking the police to get a retraction from two individuals, Azizan Abu Bakar and Ummi Hafilda Ali” — see Malaysiakini news report.

Anwar was previously convicted of abusing power for personal gain, but hey! … if the DAP did not practise double standards, it would not have any standards at all to speak of.

Hannah Yeoh also called on the rakyat to “rise up” and save Malaysia from corruption. Today she is in the cabinet serving under DPM Zahid who is currently on trial for 47 corruption charges.

But then again, DAP chairman Lim Guan Eng was freed from his corruption charges shortly after Harapan came to power in 2018. Thus Zahid too must be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

BELOW: With its 43 MPs, green party PAS is the only power capable of providing a counter balance to the DAP and its 40 MPs

Menang Selangor, menuju Putrajaya

Selangor is indeed the key to Putrajaya. Hence it is no surprise that PAS has chosen Selangor to be its battleground state.

PAS is the equal and opposite ‘reaction’ to the DAP’s action. Reacting to the DAP’s many years ‘action’ of calling for an electoral uprising to “save Malaysia”, PAS too is now calling on voters to save Selangor as the starting step towards saving Malaysia.

Let’s have a look at the demographics of PAS’s 43 parliament seats. Their ethnic breakdown is provided by Roslan Shahir, writing yesterday in Harakah.

Kemenangan PAS dalam PRU15 rata-rata di kerusi majoriti Melayu iaitu:

• 21 kerusi lebih 90% Melayu

• 10 kerusi lebih 80% Melayu

• 7 kerusi lebih 70% Melayu

• 4 kerusi lebih 60% Melayu

• 1 kerusi di mana Melayu 58.7%

Jumlah: 43 kerusi parlimen

PAS is today the preferred party of the Malays.

Umno contested 120 seats in the last election (GE15). They are the 120 Malay-majority constituencies.

Umno lost 73 of these seats to PN.

Note #1: Beluran – PN’s 74th seat held by non-Muslim YB Ronald Kiandee – is a Sabah bumiputera-majority parliament seat.

Note #2: Beluran was also contested by a PBRS candidate. PBRS is a Sabah-based BN component party.

In the seats that Umno contested, the BN Malay party lost 61 percent of them to PN. Very clearly, Umno has been rejected by a majority of the Malay electorate.

PAS and Bersatu represent the Malay mainstream. Umno is slipping further away from the centre by aligning with fringe PH which has only got one-tenth (11%) Malay voter support.

BELOW: Indian and Chinese BN voters were backstabbed by Umno post GE15 because its ‘No DAP’ pledge was only valid until midnight 19 Nov 2022

Can PAS win over enough Indians?


BN Indians have been accused already by Dapsters of drifting to PN.

Umno also revealed that the sole MP from MIC had signed an SD backing Muhyiddin as PMX.

Indians have a significant electoral voice in Selangor even though you wouldn’t guess this from their shoddy treatment by Harapan.

The Malaysian citizen population in Selangor is Malay 61%, Chinese 27% and Indian 11%.

If PAS makes its election pitch at the Malays and Indians, that’s a fishing pond of 72 percent Selangor voters.

Now let’s look at one Selangor DUN seat which has a substantial number of Indian voters — Ijok.

Ijok is interesting because it was won by arwah Khalid Ibrahim, the former Pakatan Selangor MB, in 2008. Before that, Ijok was an MIC seat in 2004.

Umno and PH have said they’re working together in the coming state elections. MIC and MCA grumble that they were not even consulted.

In 2018, Ijok was won by a PKR man. The MIC guy came in second. If PH-BN are contesting this year’s state elections as a combo, then the unity bloc will be putting up one joint candidate here — from either PKR or MIC.

For the sake of argument, let’s say PKR is allowed by the unity bloc to defend Ijok as its guy is the incumbent. In which case, where will the MIC votes go?

At last count in 2018, the Ijok electorate was 60 percent Malay, 14 percent Chinese and 25 percent Indian — see GE14 scorecard above.

More than a quarter (25.4%) of Ijok voters are Indian! And the bad blood between old BN allies MIC-MCA and Umno pun semakin menjadi-jadi sejak berlakunya Langkah Zahid.

PN’s appeal to the Indians to rise up and save Selangor is gaining traction. Kemenangan PAS di DUN-DUN Selangor “tidak mustahil berlaku kalau strategi betul dan penerangan kepada orang bukan Islam lebih tepat”, said PAS Selangor commissioner Ahmad Yunus Hairi most recently.

And furthermore, there are a lot of young voters in rural Selangor.

Ijok is a ward of the Kuala Selangor parliament area. From the inverted age pyramid (above), we can see that the 21–29 years old cohort is the biggest stratum of registered voters in Kuala Selangor and by extension, in Ijok.

There is also a sizeable number of voters aged 18, 19 and 20.

The two political initiatives of Undi18 and automatic voter registration have backfired on PH as Gelombang Hijau is being powered by the youth.

Indians in Ijok are getting out their surf boards to ride the wave. And save Selangor. Hoi hoi ya hoi!



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7 thoughts on “Will Indians help PAS to save S’gor?

  1. PAS bukan parti pilihan Melayu. Pada 2018 orang Melayu mengundi DAP bukan sebab DAP parti pilihan Melayu ..faham? Bangsa Melayu mahu kerajaan yang bersih dan pemimpin yang memperjuangkan nilai kemelayuan, Ketuanan Melayu di Tanah Melayu, kebangkitan bangsa Melayu di persada dunia. Ini tidak boleh dilakukan oleh lebai2 PAS yg kekampungan tetapi kerana tiada pilihan Bersatu dan PAS lah mendapat undi Melayu. Sekurang2nya Haji Hadi bercakap pasal akhlak asas tamadun kemanusiaan, Jangan menipu, jangan mencuri, jangan semburit. Warga Cina miskin yg datang sebagai dulang washers kini mahu menguasai Tanah Melayu setelah memohon dan diberi kerakyatan. Mereka pula sanggup bekerjasama dgn siapa saja Melayu yang memberi mereka kuasa. Walaupun PAS, seperti tahun 2018. Mana2 Melayu yang sanggup melantik mereka menjadi kerajaan di Perak, di Pahang di Putrajaya mereka akan sokong walaupun UMNO yg korup. PAS dan Bersatu sendiri pun tidak faham, undi yang mereka raih. Baca saja komen MP2 PAS, saya tak sangka boleh menang dan menang besar. Belum ada parti Melayu yang mahu perjuangkan bangsa Melayu seperti UMNO 1946 menentang kuasa kristian eropah yang gagah Britain. Menentang Malayan Union. Tanah Melayu untuk Melayu. Tok Mat tak mahu. Kita multi-racial. Multi racial tu = cina dtg rumah malam2 bawa duit. Presiden2 UMNO dah jadi multi racial haha. Presiden Bersatu pun. Lebai PAS pun. Sorang Lebai Kelantan nafi orang Cina tidak suka duduk Kelantan.
    Maka soalan timbul, kenapa pula PAS mahukan rakyat Cina duduk di Kelantan? Mereka buruh migran yg dtg mencari negeri2 dimana mereka boleh cari makan. Apa hak warga Cina diberi kerakyatan, duduk tanah Kelantan? Nampak tak kecelaruan dan kenaifan lebai2 PAS?
    Tapi keadaan kini darurat /kecemasan , jadi bangsa Melayu perlu bijak dan fokus seperti rasis bangsa Cina yang mahu Cina berkuasa di Tanah Melayu memberi 97% undi Cina kepada DAP/PKR. Belajar dari sejarah. Jika dulu parti komunis cina gagal merebut kuasa melalui peperangan sekarang bangsa Cina guna kerakyatan yang kita beri dan demokrasi. Yang korup menjadi rakan mereka seperti Zahid dan Tok Mat. Maka undilah PN di PRN nanti. Kita bincang/gaduh sesama Melayu, tak apa kemudian. Kalau tidak mahu cina dan hindu menguasai kerajaan seperti di Perak, Selangor, Pahang, Pinang, maka orang Melayu perlu bersatu hati dan undi parti PN. Kali ini SPR jangan biarkan ngo cina STAR urus undi pos, tak ikut peraturan, jangan terima undi pos dari luar negara dari bangsa Cina yg tak pernah balik Tanah Melayu dan TAK membayar cukai. Mereka yang membayar cukai kepada negara lain tidak berhak bersuara di Parlimen kita. Hidup Melayu!

  2. You mean Hannah Yeoh is Malaysia’s version of Joan of Arc who was burnt at the stake by the English ? Anyway, I do not feel I need to be saved in 2015 or even 2023. I can save myself always.

  3. Helen,

    Just read the govt grant to TAR reinstated.

    Loke was at the ceremony with Wee n other MCA bigwigs. He didn’t apologise for LGE’s vendetta, but said he hoped to start afresh under the UG.

    PH is preparing for the state elections all right, and fighting to retain both the Chinese n Indian votes knowing many will not vote them in now that they married UMNO.

    DAP’s about turn on TAR n the insincere apology in Sarawak shows the DAP will change its face faster than the Sichuan face-change artistes ….

    Meaning they could be part of a Taliban , Communist, PH, BN, PAS, PN.

    Anything, anywhere all at once…..for power.

    (Up till now, not one dear leader of the 97 % Chinese cheered one of their own for flying our flag high n Hollywood and yonder….

    While her adopted home HK was effusive with praise!!)

    1. Many Malaysian Chinese have kept the Malaysian Flag flying high in academia, sports, arts etc like our Ipoh born Michelle Yeoh since 1957 ! We are all here to contribute to the ultimate success of our beloved Malaysia always together with our compatriots, No more. No less. We all want to create the best country in the World. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels

    2. Mr D. Good observation on Ipoh born Michelle Yeoh ( I knew her father ) and Hong Kong ! Because in Hong Kong, Meritocracy comes naturally, in Singapore, they try to create Meritocracy and in our beloved Malaysia, we have the Talent Corp to capture Meritocracy. That’s the difference !

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