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PAS can swing Indian votes away from Amanah in S’gor

Amanah won eight parliament seats in GE15. Five of the party’s wins were in Selangor, two in Johor and one in Malacca.

Amanah president Mat Sabu and deputy president Salahuddin Ayub both contested in non-Malay majority seats (Note: The ethnic composition cited below is based on 2018 data).

Amanah was competitive in seats with averagely 60-65% Malay voters.

It managed to win a mere single parliament seat which had more than 70 percent Malay voters — and this only possible in Selangor, which is the Harapan bastion.

Seven of Amanah’s eight seats have more Indian voters than the percentage of Indians in our national population.

BELOW: The numbers in green refer to our 2020 census while the numbers in purple refer to our 2010 census; both the Chinese and Indians have shrunk in the Malaysian population ratio over the past decade

According to the 2020 census, Indians comprise 6.7 percent of the Malaysian national population.

With the sole exception of Sri Gading in Johor, Indians comprise between 10% and 28% of voters in the seats recently won by Amanah.

Indians could be a decisive element to swing the Amanah seats, especially those in Selangor. This is because Amanah requires four out of every ten voters in its area to be non Malay in order for the party to win.

Indian voters play a more crucial role than Chinese voters in Amanah-held constituencies — see stats below.

It is easier for PAS to woo Indians because they’re not as hardened nor as hysterical as the Chinese electorate.

BELOW: Kota Raja MP Mat Sabu and his DAP whisperer

Amanah does not have any MPs in Malay belt

Amanah YBs in Dewan Rakyat only represent three multiracial west coast/southern states.

All eight of Amanah’s MPs are formerly PAS people.

(1) Kota Raja, Selangor

Won by Mat Sabu (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 43.2%; Chinese 27.7%; Indian 27.7%

• non-Malay voters: 56.8%

(2) Kuala Selangor

Won by Dzulkefly Ahmad (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 65.4%; Chinese 12.9%; Indian 21.1%

• non-Malay voters: 34.6%

(3) Sepang, Selangor

Won by Aiman Athirah Sabu (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 62.3%; Chinese 20.3%; Indian 14.2%

• non-Malay voters: 37.7%

(4) Shah Alam, Selangor

Won by Azli Yusof (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 75.3%; Chinese 10.8%; Indian 12.8%

• non-Malay voters: 24.7%

(5) Hulu Langat, Selangor

Won by Sany Hamzan (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 65%; Chinese 22.1%; Indian 10.4%

• non-Malay voters: 35%

(6) Alor Gajah, Malacca

Won by Adly Zahari (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 60.1%; Chinese 25.3%; Indian 12.9%

non-Malay voters: 39.9%

(7) Pulai, Johor

Won by Salahuddin Ayub (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 49.1%; Chinese 39.2%; Indian 10.3%

• non-Malay voters: 50.9%

(8) Sri Gading, Johor

Won by Aminolhuda Hassan (ex PAS)

Voters — Malay 65%; Chinese 33.2%; Indian 1.5%

• non-Malay voters: 35%

NOTE: The racial composition of the electorate above are GE14 figures as the numbers for GE15 have not been made publicly available (insofar as this blogger is aware).



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20 thoughts on “PAS can swing Indian votes away from Amanah in S’gor

  1. See PAS folks are voted by christian and hindus although Mat Sabu is rejected by 90% of the Malays. So their islam religion is no hindrance to chinese. Then why not vote for Hadi? DAP let pretty amoys sit in front when Mat Sabun give speech. Remind me of communists tactics. Sacrifice for the party!

    1. BM45. Good observation ! In 1957, in Malaya Hall, Bryanston Square, London W1, the PAP cadres adopted the same pretty amoys ( lack of Sings, they also used Malayan ) to swing the KMUK to their side in the students annual elections ! They did not succeed ! Believe it or not ! Quote you, ‘Remind me of communist tactics. Sacrifice the party !’ unquote. How can I ever forget ! All these DAP male and female kissers are as old as the hills ! Acheh

      1. Yeah, Uncle n BM5.

        As old as the hills.

        Delilah, Cleopatra, Esther ..

        Dan Qi in old Chinese classic.


        1. Mr D. The PAP was established in 1955. My elder brother supported them by giving the couple legal work and provided cars for their political forays in Singapore He became related to them in October 1951 ! By 1957, the PAP cadres were doing their ‘pretty amoys’ thing in Malaya Hall, Bryanston Square, London W.1. I have been dead against these Singkees since 1954 that they relied on ‘BLUFFOLOGY’. And by 2023, Singapore’s natural resource, ‘BLUFFOLOGY’ has been completely unmasked. First by the end of the Cold War 1948-1989 when the BRICS grabbed Singapore’s unmentionable Cold War Trades blessed by Uncle Sam because they were the principals in making the AK47. Her GDP sunk below 4% by 2003 and Lee Kuan Yew was forced to create the TPP/CPTPP to break Malaysia’s tariff barriers 2006-2022. His ploy to employ Indians from India backfired. They brought more social problems for Singapore. Out of the blue Singapore was stripped naked by the Covid 19 in 2020 and the Ukraine War 2022. With more crises to come. Her wealth from the Cold War Trades which amounted to US$ 350 billions, lost US$ 41 billions by late 2020. Her total Covid expenditure amounted to S$ 70 billions. Singapore began to raise taxes in 2023 with no end in sight even though she walloped all the free Malaysian Sovereign assets she desired, from the 1962 Water Agreement to the TNB power supply and CPTPP! Man proposes. God disposes !

          1. Uncle,


            I was offered Spore PR but declined since like you, I did not like the PAP nor their hypocrisy n strong arm tactics.

            Some gentle NUS friends were thrown into jail to placate LKY’s fears….

            Spore is also a $$ laundering centre like HK.

            I MDB exposed what it was n is…

  2. pas under hadi and their kind have the habit to curi indian kids, pity amanah cant do much and therefore loss of support from indian?

    thus the indian logic is since ph/amanah cant safeguard our kids, one might as well pick one that curi?


  3. The long suffering Indians are not stupid. They our compatriots also want fair play and justice and not ornamental pieces to decorate the walls of a successful Party. With the jazzed up PAS now beating the war drums on the proverbial warpath, who can deny the Indians whether in Selangor or Timbuctoo to vote PN ? Every one loves a winner. The present political hiatus today was caused by INSENSITIVITY ( like Louis XIV and Josephine in ye olde France ) to the suffering of the Rakyat, greed and corrupt money in the glare of the public in broad daylight within the pretext of our Malaysian style democracy. This may be the very first step in 800 years like the founding of the Swiss Confederation 800 years ago. The Swiss Confederation consists of 4 different tribes, the Germans in majority, the French, the Italians and the Romansch who were the original deserters from the famed Roman Legions, 2,000 years ago. A pointer for PAS ! For the Swiss, the general elections are not as important as their NATIONAL REFERENDUMS. A device whereby the majority rules without the stark and raw conflicts raised on race and religion in general elections and cheaper which the kiasu Swiss preferrred. Like this, the Swiss overcame a social anthropological problem and social-economic progress with all at the wheel, goes on without a hitch within their Sovereignty and National Interest. Smart Swiss ! PAS what say you ?

    1. AK47, Hannah Yeoh, Teresa et al, they should be reading your writings.
      The least the younger Chinese generation need to understand the why they are not born in a big China city. National Referendum is a very good solution indeed. First past the post is not good or democratic enough in these times. It was an old British invention. But now crooks and criminals like Rafizi, Nga, Anwar, Ramasamy, Singhs muhibbah minority migrants have learned how to undermine free and fair election so that they can hold the rein of power to steal on very big scale. So grand it dwarfs Najib and Jho Low rompakan.
      Big money is the first order of the day of the PH government was to increase the ECRL project value set by BN before the election at RM50 bilion, to mind boggling RM75 billion.
      RM25 billion is more than what Najib and Jho Low stole. No one including this blog discussion group have talked about it. A blog by Rosli Khan or something, claims that he can do it for RM43 billion. So it is definitely a railroad robbery hehe. Any views?
      This is possibly what they are after, the billions ringgit prize. Don’t be surprised tunnels everywhere under water and above water to be next development projects. Will the poor Indian voters be enriched by these 25 billions wind fall? Will the 97% chinese voters be enriched? I doubt it. The PH gov will continue doling out RM35, RM100, or whatever balance money they have to appease the poor.
      The country is unstable because a few people want to steal. In a democracy the majority must rule. It is no use to put it down to racism or cry unity when the rulers in the government are not only a minority but are well known thieves and robbers arrested and charged by SPRM. Thus the naked Emperor analogy. Stop politicking, stop criticizing, let the corrupt and their crony steal peacefully… 😁😁😁
      When a huge 90% of Malays reject the DAP/PKR government how can there be democratic legitimacy? Thus a system of National Referendum like the one suggested can overcome this manipulation by a few well placed individuals. The UMNO Assembly passing a resolution suddenly and passed by those attended is one example of craftiness and nastiness of these few individuals. That they tried to silence the 160,000 electors required by UMNO constitution by voting among a thousand of them remind me of strong arm tactics. Even Tok Mat said he didn’t know about it. So was everyone else except for the Rembau proposer who is from Tok Mat division dream of it on the spur of the
      moment and the 1000 or more agreeing on the spur of the moment. But kj don’t believe it. Ismail, KJ all were not aware of what the underlings were planning. They beat the communists or other gangster like behavior in its slickness.😁😁This is not how Malay gentlemen behave. Such a shame but Ismail Sabri must understand what they are up against.
      A few good men can turn things around. Support the good people the normal people.
      Let push the concept of National Referendum as a more fair representative of the majority
      rakyat choice. Take away the ability of organized cartels beating the system.

      1. Sir, Today with all the experience of living in a harsh land for over 800 years, the Swiss still make snide remarks about one another behind their backs ! What do we expect of us, a new nation of only 66 years old ? You would have noticed I avoided wasting my time writing about the stolen big bucks from the Government coffers. Things like this have happened in Europe centuries ago and in 19th Century US of A with its famed robber barons of the railroads which ilk continued on right up to the 21st century disguised in modern forms. The theft of money is eye catching and easily understood, it was the reforms and refinement of the Western Political system which ran concurrently with the thefts of money which contained this stark negativity of human behaviour. Even today, such humongous financial thefts still abound within the Western Democratic system. Hence, Sir, before it is too late, we must not let the clowns, the playboys/girls, fakes, liars etc sink our good ship the beloved Malaysia below the waves with their nonsensical gift of the Gab misleading all and sundry with their siren songs. Our job is to eniighten the 100% of the Rakyat that our beloved Malaysia is the very best in the World given the best choices of political system practiced successfully around the World even before Merdeka ! Why not ? Already Malaysia is the best in the World otherwise negative things would have happened earlier than 13 May 1969 ! The Rakyat suffered since 1957 until a whole host of factors triggered it on 13 May 1969. From this tragedy, we must appreciate the resilience, the goodwill and the understanding of the Rakyat about each other seriously – despite our present search for a Malay Prime Minister who is not only Normal but also with Common sense and an Impeccable record like us the 100% Rakyat over whom he rules over ! With such a Normal person, overnight our beloved Malaysia, the very best in the World will be one of 4 important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia, the Paragon of all Islamic countries, – not tiny bite-sized impoverished but rich Singapore ! I never bring up the ‘National Referendum’ idea in the past until now because the timing is right in present day Malaysia ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

      2. National R,

        Well said.

        I always believed it was $$ n cents.

        What happened in Perak 10 years ago is a microcosm of what will happen now

        Nga et Al will repeat on a very grand scale what they did in Perak

        I m for referendums too. It is safer to vote on issues rather than cultish crooks, the numbers and the science cannot be twisted.

        Yes, 75 $ BN from $50 BN or 50 percent increase!

        Robbery in broad daylight.

      3. Nat referendum, It is utterly disrespectful and an affront to the intelligence of all Malaysians the way the UG treated voters.

        Complete about face on what they promised before the elections

        And really sly and tricky the way events were twisted and the way deadlines were extended. And the way they tried to persuade folks it is ok n for the good of the country

        Yes, it is not right.

        Doesn’t matter about the race, religion involved.

        It is not right. The majority rules in a democracy.

        1. One and all. Let us all face the Truth. I was very sad when 13 May 1969 struck. I knew it should not happened. And happened it did. Many factors caused it. Thereafter, I visited Canada and Australia and lived in Singapore for awhile. I knew the UK well and lived in India as a child. Eventually I decided that our beloved Malaysia is the best in the World to earn a living with a fair chance of living a better Life. Indeed, after a life time, I can only say my judgement was correct. Then, the question of why those in Power became greedy ? Why should they if they know my formula that in our beloved Malaysia, a person is already a millionaire if he or she has RM 300,000 cash ! How ? For RM 100,000, a person may purchase a property worth RM 300,000 or more. Another RM 100,000 for shares worth RM 300,000. For the last RM 100,000 you definitely can buy a car worth more than RM 300,000 ! There you are – a person controlling RM 1 million worth of assets. Friends have asked me whether they can begin now. My answer is a BIG NO ! And only buy a Proton. Because Malaysia is the only country in the World whereby a person can take advantage arising out of a gigantic Crash every 10 years or so. Thus creating steep ups and downs in the capital and property markets. In view of this, and for certain, a person should work for an income during these quiescent times and SAVE MONEY for the big day with PATIENCE. Remember Maybank dropped down to RM 3.90 per share in the late 1990s and zoomed up to RM 20+ per share a few years later ? Why are you so sure your formula will work ? Remember I was penniless in 1960 when my brother borrowed all my money. Then, there were the monopolists, the Eng Choon Hokkiens were great and my brothers had the best properties in town ? I was in a very deep valley with nothing and felt NO JEALOUSY ABOUT ANYONE. I just did what I believed in – create leverage with patience, time and minimum capital plus the velocity of my money ! With this formula, I could make money in Malaysia at every turn. Those who can get a discount has a distinct advantage ! It took me 10 years to make RM 1 million from zero base in the 1960s. Another 20 years to do Renong Berhad for a RM 1 billion takeover of Fleet Holdings Sdn Bhd from zero base. Young friends asked me whether they could begin with RM 100,000 ? My advice was they could even do the formula with RM 10,000 ! Remember to gather financial and political information to assist you to make the correct judgement because in this World, no person will make MONEY FOR YOU, not even your employee ! I still do not understand why people steal money from the Government when there are legal opportunities to make millions of ringgits legally ! Here is a TRUE story. After the Renong Berhad takeover of Fleet Holdings Sdn, Bhd,in 1990, my friend Mr Koh was worth RM 5 millions or a minimum of RM 15 millions according to my formula. On this basis, I suggested he should not speculate in shares any more and also sell his second hand motorcar business. He sold the business but carried on with his share speculation. Behind my back he cursed me for preventing him to make more money with some choice Cantonese words. On this score, he borrowed RM 9 million from a German bank with a group of friends. By 1994, he was wiped out. Coincidentally, he lost his best son in a motorcar accident. Later, I saw him peeping out from behind a pillar at me ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

          1. Here is how wealth has been created in our beloved Malaysia legally. Yet, some without thought and do not SEE but only look, stole billions of ringgits unnecessarily. Not only that, these folks were not poor but already well-ensconced beyond the reach of the ordinary Rakyat in the street ! Let us begin by flying over England and France, If we look down, we could see the land being divided up like a quilted blanket ! In Canada, I thought I could only see a vast empty land. I was wrong. I saw the land was also divided up but in huge pieces ! There you are. These countries have all been developed. Unlike our beloved Malaysia, when we fly over it, we see a vast parch of greenery – the wealth of Malaysia undeveloped ! This is the wealth which will replace the humongous sums of stolen Government money belonging to the Rakyat through the Ages by different means ! Do you realize that the 13 State Governments in reality do not do much as evidenced by the many disasters which popped up now and then ? Do you realize the most important function these State big wigs sitting in the State excos do is to convert jungle land at 20 sens psf to mixed development lands worth RM 2.80 psf ? Presto ! We have created real money issued by Bank Negara Malaysia ! The jealousy of tiny bite sized impoverished but rich States like Singapore ! Further, the license to quarry and retrieve sand is another wealth making ploy. A Hawaiian company had a quarry license years ago in partnership with a Royal House. An ex-MCA Leader swanked around with much converted State lands in his pocket even though he failed to make his political ambitions successful. My view is why steal from the Federal Govenment coffers when the countryside of our beloved Malaysia was loaded and still loaded with huge natural resources ? The work of the obat or what ?
            Can all of us the Rakyat see how our beloved Malaysia is the very best country in the World with a NORMAL MALAY LEADER WITH COMMON SENSE AND IMPECCABLE RECORD ? For him to rule this wondrous land inhabited by the best peoples in the World the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Ibans, etc.etc. full of as yet UNDEVELOPED NATURAL RESOURCES COUPLED WITH MORE HUMAN VISIONS, INNOVATIONS AND CREATIONS ! AND OUR REVERED CONSTITUTION AS SAFEGUARDED BY OUR WISE, CARING AND COMPASSIONATE YANG DI PERTUAN AGONG AND HIS FELLOW ROYAL SULTANS ! With this knowledge and information, we are now just a whisper away given the RIGHT LEADER from being one of 4 important small countries of the World, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny Singapore ! It is the ultimate responsibilities and duties our elected Parliamentarians to re-group our political wherewithal into its former glory before 1981 when the rot in our Realpolitik began on a misleading slogan, ‘CASH IS KING’ ! No more. No less. Today, a Minister of the Unity Government suggested to produce more talent like our famous Michelle Yeoh. He should realize that talents are born and not made ! With just the RIGHT MALAY LEADER WITH COMMON SENSE AND AN IMPECCABLE RECORD, talents aplenty will pop up in our beloved Malaysia even though Malaysia already has many talents in academia, arts etc around the World. Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

        2. Damocles

          Quote: “Doesn’t matter about the race, religion involved.
          It is not right. The majority rules in a democracy.”

          Don’t be duplicitous. You and the original commenter are precisely emphasizing on race and religion. So let’s not pretend it is not about race and religion.

          First I have to preface my comment with the acknowledgment PH did not get Malay support. But, for one to say democracy is lost because the “majority” did not prevail is f/king insulting to Malaysians who are not Malay.

          What majority are we talking about? Define majority.

          Are we talking ‘majority ‘ in terms of registered voters in the country or “majority’ simply based on racial demographics?

          They are not the same thing. Only one of the 2 met the standard required of democracy. Please don’t go around commenting ‘majority rule’ did not happen this round.

          Majority Malaysians voted PH. Majority Malays did not.

  4. I am somehow not convinced the Indian community would give their vote to Islam conservatism.

    Amanah got the Indian votes because it is a component party in PH, a purportedly centrist coalition.

    The Indian community are more religion oriented compared to the Chinese community. PN proving themselves a formidable force after GE15, has unfortunately not tone down their religious rhetorics to at least show PN can be a viable option to non- Muslims.

    Sure, some might argue PN has the Malay/Muslim market cornered so there is no need for them to try placate the non-Muslims. While that may be true, still, a political coalition that pride itself for its non-inclusion and chose to serve the interests of just one segment of the population (Muslims), is not exactly the best candidate to form the next government from a non-Muslim perspective.

  5. 2023 will be a game changer for all Malaysians ! The 97% Chinese were frightened to vote for the DAP. Not so any more ! How ? Why ? The solid historical fact is that it has always been unwritten that the Chinese, the Indians and all, customs and the manners are not interfered with like the British. It is nothing new. This unwritten rule has been twisted by the DAP time and time again. To stop this misleading nonsense, I proposed that :-
    1. we codify or put into writing that PAS gives a 100% iron cast guarantee that the customs and manners of the Chinese and others are not interfered with like the British. Explanation – this has been in practice in an unwritten manner for centuries. This will stop the DAP from twisting and turning.
    2. honest, competent and loyal Chinese, Indians and all are appointed as Ministers in PAS Cabinet as Ministers of Finance, Home or Foreign Affairs etc.
    3. the 100% iron cast guarantee registered with the United Nations.
    Overnight, our beloved Malaysia is one of 4 most important small countries of the World being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia not tiny bite sized impoverished but rich Singapore and with a revered Constitution as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans. Instead of the rise of Islam and the Arab World in the 22nd Century, the catalyst for this significant event is from our beloved Malaysia in the 21st Century ! Just a NORMAL MALAY LEADER WITH COMMON SENSE AND IMPECCABLE CREDENTIALS will do !
    We do not require 10,000 pelita to light up our traditional Malaysian ideals of Peace, Harmony, Prosperity !

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