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Silence of the lambs and church mice

Indians would like to hear from the UG Minister of Youth and Sports on this case involving a young Hindu athlete.

This incident will cost Harapan its minority vote bank. As it is, some Indians are already disenchanted with Anwar’s failure to show up for the Thaipusam festival.

So don’t be surprised at PH’s massive reversal in the coming Selangor election.

BELOW: Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh showing how ‘Malaysia Madani’ unity really works (in her ubiquitous tudung, sandwiched between Encik Songkok and Pak Kopiah)



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8 thoughts on “Silence of the lambs and church mice

  1. The silence of the lambs and mice is overwhelmimg. As I have always said there are 101 types of Chinese especially in Malaysia, outside of China. From the Hans to the Laos. The DAP Leadership at the moment is dominated by Lao Chinese who all look like Laos with wide facial features and loquacious eyes. Some nasty Han Chinese call them ‘bedroom eyes’ !. Comprehend francais ? Ask a real Chinese who is 100% Chinese inside what is the difference. He will tell you more. So, our songkok gentlemen thought they are on to a good thing ? They are not aware how very wrong they were mistaking A LAO CHINESE FOR A HAN CHINESE ! It’s time they learn more about the ubiquitous Chinese like Jho Taek Lo. Otherwise forever they will eating chalk for cheese ! Acheh ! Only the cunning British knew the difference between a Lao and a Han Chinese ! Kudos to them for keeping them in the bedroom,, male and female. . That’s why there were no scandals pre-Merdeka ! That’s a fact !

  2. Why are we good Malaysians so enamored with Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore even though he left us in 2015 ? Not only that his life-long Policy to do down our beloved Malaysia was the only one in the whole wide World. Yet, there are some Malaysian leaders willing to give Singapore all that she desired and more including TAX FREE water, rocks and sand which should be rightly be imposed with an export tax for Malaysia’s poor. As for the Lao Chinese dominated DAP, their sycophantic expressions of the greatness of Lee Kuan Yew and Singapore knew no bounds. And this lot of DAP leaders were ensconced in Selangor since 2008. They created the many gargantuan buildings dotted around Selangor for what purpose ? If these folks knew how to build, why they claim not to know how to manage is a mystery to all ! Passing the buck to the Federal Government to pay Singapore’s expensive but ordinary advice which Malaysia has by the bucketful ? I thought chinamen were clever but not in Singapore. Here is the factual reason why this is so :-
    1. The founder of the DAP invested at least US$ 300 billion on Wall Street before the Crash of October 2008.
    2. Lee Kuan Yew always looked up to his ‘Hakka’ heritage, the Shanghainese and the Jews. The Jews flattered him sky high. They knew his worth which was nothing special. They via Uncle Sam permitted Singapore to profit by over US$ 300 billion from the unmentionable secret trades during the Cold War 1948-1989. The Jews sucked Singapore’s money back by luring Lee Kuan Yew to Wall Street with flatteries focused on his ego which was his ‘Double First’ at Cambridge. Singapore lost US$ 108 billion on 8 October 2008, as was admitted by Lee Kuan Yew in early November 2008 in the CNA.
    3. How many Malaysians are aware the faux pas created by Lee Kuan Yew to engender such a horrific loss by a tiny State ? HOW MANY MALAYSIANS ARE AWARE THAT LEE KUAN YEW BELIEVED IN THE PIECE OF INFLATED SHARE PAPER SIGNED BY THE JEWS AND FORGOT ABOUT THE SOLID VALUE OF THE SINGAPORE BANKNOTE SIGNED BY HIMSELF ? To put this bluntly,and starkly, he without due consideration, exchanged Singapore’s World;s best banknotes signed by himself for inflated Jewish toilet paper on Wall Street !. That’s how Singapore lost US$ 108 billion in one day in October 2008.
    4. Just a month ago, Singapore lost US$ 275 million by investing in a crypto currency company founded by a Jew. It seemed Singapore will invest with the Jews blindly. A case of robbing Malaysia to pay Paul !
    5. Just a few weeks ago, a DAP Minster of the Unity Cabinet want us Malaysians to learn from Singapore about some airy-fairy un-specific expertise ! HOW CAN WE MALAYSIANS RESPECT SINGAPORE WHICH EXCHANGED THEIR WORLD’S BEST BANKNOTES FOR INFLATED JEWISH TOILET PAPER ON WALL STREET ? Einstein once said ‘The World has two infinities. The Universe. The stupidity of Mankind or Chinamen !’
    6. Here are the facts behind the hero of DAP leaders. Lee Kuan Yew already had 3 years of law tuition in Japanese occupied Singapore whilst his future Cambridge rivals were fighting a war. He was aged 23 when he entered Cambridge by the back door of Fitzwilliam House which was a non-collegiate facility specially created for the illegitimate sons of the Royalty and the Clergy. He did not take the Open Examination which I did. Vide. His book. He did not have the requisite Latin or Greek to qualify for entry into Cambridge. The most important aspect about his brilliance is that in Cambridge, an undergraduate and a lecturer are close and personal. Because of this, today Cambridge is considering doing away with the grades for examinations. There is corruption even at Cambridge. At the important London Bar Finals, no student knows or can get near the examiners. His wife was 3rd in her year of 300 students. Lee Kuan Yew was last. In 1960, my wife was 7th out of 700.
    7. For many years, as I researched into the performance of Lee Kuan Yew in the Public arena, it struck me as odd, very odd why a brilliant Cantabrigian had 47 Policy failures which common sense would have saved him e g. i). His Policy towards Malaysia. ii). His 2 Child Family Policy of 1972 which brought down the Chinese population to 700,000 Chinese male adults aged 21- 50 today. Vide. Singapore Government White Paper on Population 2011. The yawning credibility chasm which separated his academic achievement and his Leadership was impossible to bridge. As for his 2 child Family Policy not even Hitler dared to venture but Lee Kuan Yew did without an iota of scientific knowledge. (iii) Many more Policy failures.
    8. I also discovered that an UN economics expert, a Dutchman, Dr Albert Winsemius, was the Singapore Government Adviser from 1962 – 1984 who advised on all the glittering infra-structures and buildings in Singapore, NOT Lee Kuan Yew or his colleagues.
    9. Singapore is like a peacock with borrowed feathers.
    10. The above-mentioned facts explained why Lee Kuan Yew’s lack of natural talent caused many slips be’twixt cup and lips ! History is the finest Arbiter of the Truth !
    11. How could he if he was so smart exchanged his own World best banknotes signed by himself in exchange for inflated Jewish toilet paper signed by the Jews on Wall Street ? According to DAP’s friend TDM, Lee Kuan Yew refused to help Malaysia during the 1997 Currency Crisis !
    12. LEE KUAN YEW ALSO FORGOT TO INVEST IN 4,000 TONS OF GOLD AT US $ 200 per ounce from 1970. Otherwise, Singapore would not be a knight in rusty armor down in the dumps but KING OF THE HILL with Malaysia in its tiny pocket !
    13. Man proposes. God disposes !

  3. We Malaysians especially the 97% Chinese who supported the DAP with absolute ignorance of these Lao Chinese DAP leaders, must now look at their Singapore heroes and handlers. Would you now worship Lee Kuan Yew, the ‘double first’ fellow from Cambridge ? A Prime Minister of Singapore who would gladly exchange his own World’s best banknotes signed by himself for inflated toilet paper shares signed by the Jews on Wall Street ? As a result, Singapore lost US$ 108 billion on 8 October 2008. Then his 47 faux pas Policies which did not serve to magnify his ‘double first’ achievement but only his dire lack of natural talent and common sense as a Leader.. History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.

  4. Silence of the lambs and the rats. What an appropriate title to describe in one broad stroke the human behavior in Malaysian politics today. It is so very important that we in a beautiful land with its beautiful peoples and natural resources behave normally at all times. Once we lose our normal bearings we are finished. Lee Kuan Yew my brother-in-law was a prime example of narcissism, arrogance and self-indulgence which attributes were anathema to me and directly opposed to my Life-long practice of humbleness, gentleness and care to all and sundry. In other words, I have no time for such people. As a result I met him reluctantly, only once in 1956. I avoided 2 family weddings seating next to him. His image was compounded by the antics of my Singaporean contemporaries who never delivered what they preened about ! A long time ago, his Policies especially his Policy towards Malaysia were abhorrent to me. I decided I could not betray the country where I was born by sucking up to Singapore like some mindless Malaysians who would do anything at the drop of a hat. When I was the youngest Director of Bank Negara Malaysia, I began to learn the strengths and weaknesses of both Malaysia and Singapore. This information coupled with the monthly briefings on current affairs by my relative, Tan Sri Dr C. C. Too (a Cantonese NOT a Hainanese), the most senior Chinese Adviser on Counter-Insurgency to the Federal Government, filled a fairly representative picture of the unwritten story behind the scene. Putting two and two together over time, Lee Kuan Yew’s lack of talent and commonsense loomed big across his performance as a Leader. I NEVER WANTED TO MEET HIM UNLIKE SO MANY OF MY FRIENDS WITH THEIR OVER-KEENNESS. Even the significant 1993, ‘ Gilding the Phoenix’, a Straits Chinese Gold Jewellery Exhibition , the first of its kind in the National Museum, Singapore, sponsored by me including all the gold jewellery, I did not turn up to meet Lee Kuan Yew! If Lee Kuan Yew had been NORMAL, Singapore would be a much better place today without the necessity of cheating our beloved Malaysia of her National assets at every turn. Thereafter, we would be labelled as stupid ! Vide. Book published on Pulau Batu Putih. 2009. If Lee Kuan Yew was a NORMAL person with a Policy of Genuine Friendship towards Malaysia and could converse NORMALLY, in 1972, I would have advised him to invest in 4,000 tons of Gold at US$ 200 per ounce. This would be Singapore’s finest resource the World had ever seen in Singapore. A clean and honest investment for the good of Singapore. Just look at the history of the TPP, 2002-2016 and the CTPP 2017-2022. Singapore’s desperation to open up the tariff barrier of Malaysia knew no bounds. All important digits were bought up or compromised which took 20 years of an all out effort by the Singapore Government to achieve an important objective which was wiped out by the Covid 19, the Ukraine War, the US-Sino tensions, Uncle Sam’s forgot Singapore etc.etc. Man proposes. God disposes. BUT WITH 4,000 TONS OF GOLD BOUGHT AT US$ 200 per ounce, now Singapore would be like water falling on a duck’s back. Nothing can harm her ! Of course, the truth is an entirely different story. In real Life, I found many people helped me. But why should I help a person who is narcissistic, arrogant and self-indulgent ? Thus one man’s weakness caused the downfall of 3.5 million Singaporeans ! This little lesson should be learnt by all who do not want to be a monk or a nun !

  5. Not a Mkini subscriber so I can’t access the full article. Taken at face value what Helen has posted, I am curious what people are more angry at;

    1. The (possible) truth in the teacher’s statement, or
    2. The teacher is untruthful.

    On the side note, proselytizing to non-Muslims is not against the law in Malaysia. It is only illegal when non-Muslims proselytize to Muslims.

  6. Silence of the lambs and the rats ? Let us deal with the most outstanding question of the day ! How the Unity Government can conjure money for its coffers. The EPF is sacrosanct. No responsible Government should ever touch the EPF money which is the life-long savings of the Rakyat. Here are TWO legitimate and fair areas for imposing a nominal tax for the benefit of the poor, the young and the old.
    2. A 15% TAX ON THE REVENUES OF THE INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP. These folks collect so much income-tax free money that they are now in active politics or invest in a foreign country like London ! Just look at their palaces in PJ !
    These 2 loopholes are the most unfair of all. First, Malaysia giving FREE water, rocks and sand to rich Singapore. Second, a small minority of 500,000 in a population of 32 million ENJOYING BENEFITS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE POOR, THE YOUNG AND THE OLD. Third, this is GOOD GOVERNANCE IN PLACE OF BAD !
    It is time the Unity Government takes immediate action to right TWO WRONGS ! And be brave to make these taxes retrospective for at least 5 years !

    1. In the eyes of the World, these proposed taxes are not only legitimate but proper FISCAL measures to right a wrong. There is absolutely no wrong in taxing the rich for the benefit of the poor, the young and the aged, in our Society. Or why a population of 32 million subsidize a small minority of only 500,000. ? It is time the Unity Government impose a tax on the Export of Water, Sand and Rocks to Singapore and a tax on THE INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP as soon as possible. Both should be retrospective for 5 – 10 years ! Malaysia’s coffers are empty. Our best Sovereign assets were given away free by our Leaders. There is absolutely no shame in rectifying a wrong if not a corrupt act. It is time Malaysia looks after herself Charity begins at home. Even the United Nations will laud such commonsense measures ! OMG !

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