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Typical ‘Cina’ behaviour

Compare info (1) which contains the ‘race’ particular, with info (2) where the relevant ‘Cina’ particular is redacted.

The first (1) image – below – shows the police report about a stray dog in Skudai, Johor which was deliberately set on fire. Continue reading “Typical ‘Cina’ behaviour”

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“Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)

Continue reading ““Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)”

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Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago

‘Jom ziarah kuil Hindu’ did not spark any uproar. ‘Jom ziarah gurdwara’ was carried out without controversy. ‘Jom ziarah tokong Buddha’ is not even on the schedule.

But ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ proved too hot to handle. Hence Hannah Yeoh speedily tossed it over to her fellow Christian and cabinet colleague Aaron Ago Dagang. Continue reading “Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago”