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M’sian Chinese have “split personality” —Mahathir

Helen’s additional observation: Cina DAP are the harshest critics of gomen workers – e.g. Malays in the civil service and uniformed forces – but they’re also the group busiest in making police reports (against Bersatu, PAS people).


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4 thoughts on “M’sian Chinese have “split personality” —Mahathir

  1. It is a travesty of justice, frivolous, mischievous and wicked to label the Chinese as people with ‘ split personality’. Especially as it was alleged from a 98 year old ex Prime Minister ( Malaysia’s poorest ) who served one 22 year term and a second 20 month term. He should know better ! Has this fellow met enough Chinese to come to this absurd conclusion ? Or was he disappointed by the Chinese who served him ? Like the Tan Sri with a topee on, the political boot lickers when he was in Power lately, ? For his edification, they were Lao Chinese not Han Chinese ! Do not blame the 1.2 billion Chinese if he had selected the wrong ones ! It was his mistake and should not blame others ! Please do not mix up the different types of Chinese in this Kingdom ! To accuse all the Chinese as having a ‘split personality’ is a very serious accusation which must be supported by solid evidence. It is libel and slander of the worst kind. It also opens to question whether the accuser is of fit in mind and body ! In fact, the 5,000 years history of the Chinese forcefully disputes such a crazy accusation that the Chinese have ‘split personality. Such an accusation reflects badly on the mental fitness of the accuser ! Can this fellow deny he said it ?

  2. How many people does it take to change a light bulb? Or type police reports?

    Being critical of the hiring policies of the government is very different from being critical of the civil workers. The beef is with the policy, not person.

    1. Dapsters are critical of the hiring policy (“kulit-fication”), the bloated numbers as well as of the persons hired too.

  3. Who has a ‘split personality’ or ‘schizophrenia’ ? Definitely not the Chinese who have been blamed by others like the British etc for being ‘middlemen’ or ‘profiteers’. Now the TRUTH is out that ONLY SELECTED NOBODY CHINESE OR INDIAN WITH NO RECORD OR STANDING WERE GIVEN MONOPOLIES during TDM’s Administration 1981-2003 right under the nose of the NEP which sought to level the playing field for all as created by our great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak. Syabas to the Unity Government for reviewing these PERSONAL MONOPOLIES and act accordingly to revert to a level playing field for all. I have always wanted ALL MALAYSIANS TO BE RICH since 1954 and finally, we have a Leader the Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim who can and will do so. A person who will not line his own pocket with a split personality. A promising candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace for saving DEMOCRACY IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ! Syabas to the Unity Government ! Malaysia Boleh !

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