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Buddhists come last in dunia DAP?

The ‘Jom ziarah’ programme by an agency under the aegis of the Youth Ministry – like the UG minister Hannah Yeoh herself – courted controversy over its promotion of the Church.

The ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ flyer invitation allegedly said: “Belum pernah memasuki Gereja sebelum ini? Ingin tahu tentang Kristian?”

The flyer contents cited were detailed in a reciprocal police report this morning by Bersatu leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin aka Chegubard. (Note: Hannah, via one of her assistants, made a police report against him first)

Digital media outlet The Merdeka Times today reported furthermore that the ministry’s Projek Artikel 11 had organized Jom ziarah masjid, Jom ziarah kuil Hindu, Jom ziarah gurdwara and Jom ziarah gereja — see tweet below.

Omitted from mention on the ‘Ziarah’ itinerary is the Buddhist house of worship.

BELOW: ”Menyantuni” orang Islam, orang Kristian, orang Hindu, orang Sikh … penganut agama Buddha pula seolah-olah terpinggir

It’s well known that the DAP takes its fixed deposit Chinese base for granted.

DAP has three Chinese full ministers in the Anwar government — Anthony Loke, Nga Kor Ming (a strident Christian) and the Christian evangelist Hannah Yeoh.

It appears that because the majority of Buddhists in Malaysia are Chinese, this religious group is equally taken for granted by the DAP as are the party’s super loyal Chinese voters.

BELOW: DAP’s Yeo Bee Yin in tudung — back in the day when she was a cabinet minister

DAP reps and political operatives have trademarked their bodek-bodek political branding. These non-Muslim YBs love to wear tudung and “muck about” (to borrow Uncle Thaya’s expression) in masjid, surau and pasar Ramadan.

No other non-Muslim politicians from any other party have ever displayed such tremendous dedication to tudung as the DAP Christian coterie do.

This week, we saw the other side of the coin to this DAP fetish.

Cina DAP are in charge of three federal portfolios — Transport, Local Government, and Youth.

According to Chegubard speaking to reporters outside the police station, the agency running the ‘Ziarah’ programme receives millions of taxpayer ringgit from the Youth Ministry budget.

The ‘ziarah gereja’ zeal – displayed by a ministry headed by DAP – is the flip side to the zeal shown by the party’s non-Muslim public figures for appearing in tudung and showing up at the mosque.

‘Jom ziarah tokong’ is not mentioned in the Projek Artikel 11 programming schedule so far, according to available news reports. This omission hints at Buddhists being consigned to the back of the queue.

To recap, the Ziarah activities are conducted by an agency of the Youth Ministry. This ministry is headed by DAP.

With DAP in charge, it is gereja and Kristian getting the most prominence.



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4 thoughts on “Buddhists come last in dunia DAP?

  1. So, the ideologyor religious place of worship of the majority of the 93 %Chinese is not represented or even mentioned.

    This is a reverse of what our Oscar winner was fighting for: there is zilch representation for the majority!

    Very scary if u analyse the whole issue coz it is the minority who calls ALL the shots.

    Speaks volumes about d evangelists and their mode of ruling… is just their interests over all others when they r in power. All this using the Rakyat’s $$$….

  2. “Belum pernah memasuki Gereja sebelum ini? Ingin tahu tentang Kristian?”

    1. They are promoting the use of the National Language. So this is ok. Better print it in jawi script too.

    2. Who needs to visit a church to know about Christianity anyway??
    There are plenty of accurate information on the internet that one can effortlessly research if one becomes curious.

    3. What church to visit? Evengelist, Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic, Eastern Orthordox? Church bells?

    4. Segambut masuk longkang this time.

  3. Why do these hard core born again christian DAP leaders wear Muslim costumes when they are not Muslims ? Why don’t they become MUSLIMS and be honest about it ? We have yet to be told why they adopt the traditional costumes of others AS FRONT LINE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN POLITICIANS with 97% Buddhist Chinese backing ? They forgot they look Chinese on the outside but no Chinese cultural ballast inside ! Money is precious nowadays and should be spent wisely to help the poor and needy of ALL COMMUNITIES and should not be wasted on sight-seeing trips to view places of worship minus Buddhist temples. Let us look after the stomachs of the poor and needy first. Balm for the soul can come later in better times. Have these folks seen the magnificent churches of Europe and the glass cases laden with gold gifts from private donors inside them ?

  4. The best solution to all this nonsense is to apply INCOME TAX on all the Income Tax Free RM 2 incorporated places of worship retrospectively for at least 10 years ! As it is, do the Rakyat realize that by giving INCOME TAX FREE STATUS to these RM 2 incorporated places of worship, THE RAKYAT AND GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZE THEM to do whatever they want to do at their expense ?

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