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DAP, pls scrap stupid selfish project that excludes 2/3 M’sian population

Youth Minister Hannah Yeoh told the Dewan Rakyat – reported below a few days ago – that no Muslim youngsters were involved in the ‘Jom ziarah’ programme.

“Saya tahu undang-undang yang melarang evangelism,”Hannah declared in parliament.

BELOW: I know the constitution, I know the law — declared DAP cabinet minister

So DAP knew only 1/3 population eligible

… but they still went ahead with the project anyway. Selfish bastards!

Muslims make up 63.5 percent (almost two-thirds) of our Malaysia population but the figure is actually higher when one considers the specific of younger age cohorts.

The remaining one-third of our Malaysian population is non Muslim.

Hannah clarified that no Muslims have been taken on visits to the mosque on March 4 or to the gurdwara on March 11 under her ministry’s ‘Projek Artikel 11’.

She is referring to the project exposing youths to religions other than their own faith. Under Projek Artikel 11, volunteer Chinese and Indian youths visited the mosque and gurdwara.

Hannah’s ministry conducted a programme that excluded Malay youths. The taxpayer funded activity catered to only the eligible one-third of our young population — i.e. non Muslims. Isn’t this being divisive?

Coming up next on the programme is its ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ chapter for a visit tomorrow to a church in Klang, Selangor as well as to a Hindu temple on Sunday (March 19). There will be no Malay participants either.

Again, it bears repeating that Hannah’s ministry is conducting a programme that excludes Muslim youths who comprise two-thirds of our young population.

What kind of exclusionary government agency is operating under the DAP’s watch?

BELOW: Its Projek Artikel 11 flyer touts the agency as working “untuk Malaysia yang lebih inklusif” … Hah, “inclusive” my foot!

Why even plan such an exclusionary programme?

To be clear, what did Hannah’s ministry just dish out?

Firstly, the mosque visit a fortnight ago. Secondly, the gurdwara visit last week. Planned for this weekend are thirdly, the church and Hindu temple visits.

Quite tellingly, Buddhists and their house of worship are at the back of the queue in Ziarah’s scheduling.

So now, Hannah is telling us that she understands the law and therefore, she ought to be aware that out of the four itineraries, Malays are excluded from three (gurdwara, temple, church).

Therefore, voters must remember that when they put DAP in charge, its government programmes devised for the youthful public are ones – like ‘Jom ziarah’ – in which Malays and Muslims largely cannot participate.

The quick denial presented in parliament of “no Muslims taken to visit church” (as per the Astro Awani report above) is prompted by restrictions contained in Malaysia law.

Hannah had acknowledged that before the brouhaha erupted, the ‘Ziarah’ programme had indeed been accessible to all participants.

Following the controversy, however, Hannah switched gear to announce that ‘Jom ziarah’ would now be open to non Muslims only.

Seen above is the relevant portion of Selangor legislation — Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Pengembangan Di Kalangan Orang Islam), 1988.

Section 5 of the enactment deals with “Kesalahan mendedahkan orang belum dewasa berugama Islam kepada pengaruh ugama bukan Islam”.

The promised exclusion of Muslim participants is duly noted by Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) chairman Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, according to latest news reports.

DAP-led ministry programme benefiting mainly Chinese

Mahathir is right to call the Chinese here “talam dua muka” … if we were to go by the behaviour of Cina DAP in the UG cabinet.

Impact Integrated Bhd, which is the Youth Ministry agency running the ‘Ziarah’ programme, enjoys government funding to the tune of five million ringgit, revealed Chegubard in his presser yesterday.

So let’s recap what info we have. This Impact government agency under a ministry headed by DAP is spending your tax dollars on a programme benefiting mainly the Chinese. (Note: It is Chinese who have participated most numerously in ‘Jom ziarah’. Malay participation will be nil, the Youth Ministry has pledged.)

Hannah Yeoh is a populist who goes on and on and on and on about how keen she is to “menyantuni” masyarakat Melayu. Promoting ‘inclusivity’ is the DAP kind of usual talk.

Her action is nonetheless the opposite. Hannah’s ministry is running a youth programme with inbuilt limitations that prohibit Malays and Muslims from taking part.

No wonder then that Mahathir characterizes the Chinese as “two faced”. Hannah and her ministry agency provide an excellent example of such a phenomenon.


The following detail appeared in the Berita Harian news report today (March 17): “Pengerusi MAIS, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, berkata pihaknya sedia maklum kenyataan terbaru Menteri Beliau dan Sukan, Hannah Yeoh bahawa program itu pada asalnya terbuka kepada semua, kini ditukar dan dihadkan kepada belia bukan Islam sahaja.”

Headline: ‘Projek Ziarah Gereja: …kenapa iklan di media sosial belum dipinda? – MAIS’



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48 thoughts on “DAP, pls scrap stupid selfish project that excludes 2/3 M’sian population

  1. So, it is back to $$$ again.

    Impact gets $5 million of tax dollars for their “tailor made programs” to bring youths to religious premises.

    Was there a tender for the appointment? Who are its directors?

    And, how much did they charge for these trips? So did they charge admittance fees for the religious places of worship?

    Might as well issue free tickets to the kids from poor backgrounds to spend a day in Legoland than let this company charge for such crazy idealogy excursions!!!

  2. So, no Malays involved. And no Buddhist temples.

    What kind of unity govt is this?

    The person who thought up such a program is either completely daft or bent on skewing the criteria completely to their private agendas.

    Why shd precious tax dollars be spent thus?

    Can’t she devise something more progressive than I’m imbibing our youths with her personal preferred idealogy?

    I don’t believe it.

  3. Here are certain facts which the incumbent Government of the day may have to address now in the interests of our Sovereignty and National Interest.

    1. A Royal Commission be established to review how the INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP CAME ABOUT.
    2. The Royal Commission should discover the rationale for this loop hole in LHDN granted to a handful of citizens at the expense of the huge majority.
    3. The Royal Commission should explore why this special INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP which is a relic of BRITISH COLONIALISM, is permitted to exist and not deleted after Merdeka.
    4. The Royal Commission as the highest authority on the subject to determine why the Constitution which safeguards the religion of the majority, was breached by permitting the PUBLIC GOVERNMENT MONEY TO SUBSIDIZE SO MANY OTHER INCOME TAX RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP ALL OVER MALAYSIA.
    5. The Royal Commission should scour the World to find out whether there is such a practice in other nations as now taking place in Malaysia where a majority religion subsidizes many another religions at the majority’s expense. Is this practice CONSTITUTIONAL because other religions are being subsidized which is not permitted by the Constitution ?
    6. The Royal Commission should explore whether as alleged that only 500,000 citizens benefit from this gigantic loop-hole INCOME TAX FREE LHDN HAVEN or not?
    7. The Royal Commission should weigh the pros and the cons whether a tiny group of the population of 32 million which enjoys the huge benefits arising from THE INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP SHOULD CONTINUE TO ENJOY INCOME TAX FREE STATUS WHICH IS SUBSIDIZED BY THE GOVERNMENT AS GOVERNED BY THE CONSTITUTION !
    8. The Royal Commission should also consider a fair quantum of time for retrospective income tax payable whether 5 or 10 years is fair.
    9. The Royal Commission should consider the views of all the parties concerned whether it is fair and just for a few to be subsidized by the 32 million citizen.
    10. The Royal Commission may with its discretion decide it is FAIR AND JUST FOR THESE INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP TO PAY THE EXISTING RATE OF CORPORATE INCOME TAX OF 22%. It is high time to get rid of this unfair and unjust anomaly of no consequence to the MAJORITY !
    11. The Royal Commission should also consider how to prevent fakes, liars, copycats, felons, etc from being leaders of such places of worship to collect money. Who qualifies for such responsibilities connected with these places of worship ? At present, no one cares !
    12. The Royal Commission plays a vital role in revealing the TRUTH which is now opaque as cheese !
    It is indeed amazing no one noticed this elephant in the room for so long since Merdeka 1957 ! 66 years !

    1. I have 3 TRUE examples where THE LHDN INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP OF NON-MUSLIMS benefited unqualified individuals.

      1. My illiterate hair rinser sister-in-law with her LHDN INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED CHURCH made millions of ringgits. She died young. Her daughter is carrying on the LHDN INCOME TAX FREE BUSINESS.
      2. My cousin, the Chief Abbess of a temple, rides around in a golden colour Mercedes long wheel base saloon driven by a chauffeur.
      3. A monk in a temple in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur with 3 wives ! My father-in-law ex Deputy General, LHDN told me.

  4. Typo error on point 4 in my comment. It should read….SO MANY OTHER INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP ALL OVER MALAYSIA.

    1. enough la hannah, subang and bangsar malays is perhaps not more than 2% of total, dont get delusional. pas ah tuan say ok doesn’t mean you can also say ok.

  5. Every which way but lose. I am not talking about the song by Eddie Rabbit nor the movie with Clint Eastwood.

    I know for a fact there are many Muslim families who have no qualms marveling the architecture of the cathedral (inside and out) in Paris and take in the rich history of churches in Turkey when traveling overseas. Their faith remained intact, at least those I know never wavered in their faith after the visits. One Malay family I knew even visited the Vatican… 100x more powerful than our outreach churches, spoken in terms of spiritual authenticity.

    One can understand Muslims here prefer not to cari pasal and go against the rule of the country, understandably they prefer to opt out of such visitation controversies.

    In the face of such objection and political backlash, retracting visitation offers to Muslims is the right move. Looking out for the sensitivities of the majority is not being ‘not inclusive’. One cannot be not inclusive when participants themselves opt to be not included and prolly not permitted under the law of the land anyway.

    Denying the minority non-Muslims this program because Muslims cannot join, would be non-inclusive.

    The more interesting part would be why Buddhist temples are not part of the program.

    1. (1) I can’t speak for any particular individual but I’d hazard that broadly, they (the objectors) don’t have an issue with Malays visiting churches for weddings & funerals or architecture students doing practical assignment.

      Their problem is with Hannah Yeoh’s track record and the DAP’s past history with Islam.

      (2) It’s possible that a Buddhist temple visit was slotted further down the timeline but current events have preempted it appearing on the schedule.

      1. I have no objection PN questioning sports ministry spending in Parliament as opposition watchdog, Much like what PH would have done when they were opposition.

        To libel Hannah Yeoh with nefarious allegations of proselytizing Muslim youths in the program to conform to PN’s narrative du jour of Chinese domination and Christianization of the nation, reeks malice.

        The perception of anti-Chinese stance practiced by PN/PAS is reinforced by the opposition’s obsession with DAP Hannah Yeoh, Nga and recently, actress Michelle Yeoh and her Oscar win. PAS apologists who frequent here are quick to fault DAP politicians and their “Christian-ness” for irking PAS sensitivities. Passing the buck as faith-related, these people seems to absolve the bigger challenges ahead as they chose to live in an illusionary bubble that fuel their false sense of security they will be spared because they are not a Christian. “It is a Chinese Christian problem , not mine.”

        Michelle Yeoh is not a Christian nor is she a DAP politician. That has not stopped PU Syed Mohd Bakri Syed from crapping on her win. Yes, the man is in the minority, many Muslims are happy for Yeoh, the point illustrate the push by certain quarters in the Malay community pushing certain narrative to dissuade the greater group to deny multiculturalism and tolerance. PU Syed Mohd Bakri Syed could have kept an eloquent silence if Yeoh’s win did not matter to his religion, instead, he chose to attack her win precisely on religious ground and religion is the sacred cow even his brethren who don’t agree with him would not fight back.

        Naive non-Muslims don’t think you don’t have skin in the game because you don’t bow to the cross.

          1. Oh, folks r free to like/dislike M Yeoh n her success.

            Just don’t spin these into racial venom like what the DAP is doing now.

            1. D

              Free to like or dislike?

              You did not say the same thing when you were bashing HY and DAP did not congratulate Michelle Yeoh in previous posts. Well, that was before pictures of HY attending Yeoh’s celebration party in high spirits with Janet Yeoh appeared .

              Then you change position?

          2. HA

            1. To be fair, the man does not hold position in PAS, but from the photo, he is clearly a PAS supporter.

            2. Anyone can have a personal opinion about Michelle Yeoh’s win. Both good and bad. TBH, Michelle Yeoh’s win is of no real impact to any of us. Much like someone congratulating their neighbor’s kid getting 8As in his exam. This is social nicety. Preachers being the guiding light for the faithfuls will set the tone how wide or narrow the scope of acceptance, tolerance and goodwill towards others of different faith.


  6. FAQ. In the 1990s, Singapore discovered that her birthrate was dropping and the citizens were not producing to replace the vacancies. Worse. Singapore was not the World’s Best in baby production next to chili crabs ! So, my relative Lee Kuan Yew ( I was always AGAINST his policies since 1957) thought out golf, beach, moonlight, dancing etc parties for the youths. These did not work. He found the sexes kept to themselves always. Who thinks that mixed groups of youths will catch fire with visits to churches and not buddhist temples using precious Government money at a time when the Unity Government actively promoting cheap meals for all ?

    1. How many noticed ? Singapore’s Changi Airport is the World’s Best Empty Airport for 2022 !

  7. Aiyah, Harlequin, so we cannot mutter one word of criticism against the DAP darling poster girl, right?

    Whatever she does is betul3.if u dare criticise her work, u r sinful, man !

    Doesn’t matter if the comment is not personal n concerns her job performance /policies which impacts harmony n unity in Msia.

    Haiyah, I would make the same comments regardless if the minister was from MCA/ PAS Hindu/ Jewish/ or from another multiverse!!

    So, becoz it is their darling poster girl, we cannot question their policies or actions, Harlequin?

    Or is the whole DAP intent on wearing the tin foiled cap, n practising the emperor’s New clothes mentality? Why are u so intent on apologising for DAP’s foibles? What has happened to my dear countrymen??

    BTW, I do not know nor have met this Minister person ever. N don’t label those who are not against the Malays or PAS as naive. You r being racist here.

    I’d still say our youths will be happier if u gave them a treat to Legoland/KL tour or visit the orangutans in Borneo
    etc than imbibing them with idealogy.

    Or give them free screenings of EEAAO to learn the meaning of inclusion, kindness, acceptance /tolerance of other people n love.

    The whole DAP, in fact, shd watch the showlah.

    And, I want to know the biz backgrd of Impact SDN BHD, the main benefactor of the 5 mn R grant

  8. Oh,, to digress.

    Met a couple from Msia on holiday. Asked them whether they voted for DAP/PKR they said the did.

    I asked why?

    ” Oh, if we didn’t, they said PAS will be in power n we’d have Taliban like govt in Msia.!”

    I said” But do u really believe them ((DAP)? So, it was out of fear that u guys made yr decision?”

    “Yes…we don’t want a Taliban govt.. Can n might happenlah.”

    Haha, I said but the DAP was in cohorts with PAS itself in the Perak Govt n Fed Govt not too long ago. Have they forgotten??!!

    They turned away n said bye after this!!

    So, the DAP got their votes from fear mongering n scare tactics at PAS’ n MCA’s cost….

    Nothing more, nothing less.

    For the record, the Malays in PKR/Bersatu/UMNO did not resort to this dirty tactic.

    1. Damocles

      I was wondering if I should reply after our last bout ended with you lamenting I am intruding into your ‘safe space’. (you likened this blog as the last bastion of free speech for the ?5% minority who did not vote DAP. ) All good today?

      I’ve said before PN or anyone else are free to question the sports ministry. That would include the minsters in the Sports and youth department.

      I have no problem being upfront in admitting my natural inclination for PH stems from the fact I am partisan and I do have a dog in the race.

      Quote: “Haiyah, I would make the same comments regardless if the minister was from MCA/ PAS Hindu/ JewTish/ or from another multiverse!!”

      Highly doubtful. Apart from DAP ministers, I don’t see you have an opinion on others.

      Quote: “Why are u so intent on apologising for DAP’s foibles? “

      I will reason but I don’t apologize for DAP.

      Quote: “” Oh, if we didn’t, they said PAS will be in power n we’d have Taliban like govt in Msia.!”

      Firstly, when Chinese say “Taliban” , they colloquially meant religious conservatism. How you find the statement misleading? Why is the couple’s fear not real?

      Quote: “For the record, the Malays in PKR/Bersatu/UMNO did not resort to this dirty tactic.”

      Interesting observation and the use of the word ‘Malay’. Your conclusion is only Chinese politicians lie and Malay politicians don’t? Didn’t Najib got convicted for 1MDB fraud?

      You are not even a Chinese or did you ever claimed to be one? Well, never mind.

      1. Aah, pls don’t drag Michelle into this.

        As for the Taliban smears against PAS, it was DAP’s Ngakorming et Al who spread the fitnah in his ceramahs. So, he happens to be Chinese n a DAP member. I saw the videos circulated in social media frds sent.

        My comments are made without fear or favour.

        Unlike typical Chinese , we grew up with and love our Malay brethren.

        The difference between u n me is that I try my best to be fair to my neighbour, Malay or Chinese or Jewish or Black. Christian ir Hindu or Buddhist or Atheist or whatever. Their race n religion does not bother me.

        It is my choice to be fair to them in my dealings. It is their choice how they react.

        I squirm when folks representing the majority of my race and claiming to rep our interests conduct themselves in such atypical and ruthless demeanour.

        What Hannah did was not only divisive, but illegal. By leaving out the Buddhists, she also flexed her position to belittle this major group of her supporters

        And, it was totally out of touch. Young people r not interested in this kind of activity.

        1. Damocles,

          (1) Like I mentioned to Harlequin earlier, the ‘Jom Ziarah (Tokong Buddha)’ chapter of the programme has – at this point of time – not yet been reported in the media.

          The Buddhist temple, however, could have been earmarked for later in the Ziarah itinerary. We don’t know.

          (2) About your opinion that Hannah is belittling the Buddhists: Well, they’re certainly at the back of the queue since in the order of the visits, the houses of worship are chronologically: Masjid, gurdwara, gereja, kuil Hindu.

          The programme was planned by an agency under her ministry. As minister seated at the apex of the pyramid, she might not have personally micro-managed the scheduling.

          Therefore you can’t attribute that she flexed her ministerial muscle to slight the Buddhists in this particular programme, lah.

          Allow me to clarify my stance.

          — I believe DAP is dominated by Christians because going by headcount, the party has a large number of Christian YBs and their ratio is disproportionate to the smaller size of the Christian religious group actually in our general population.

          — The DAP chairman is a born again Christian.

          — DAP leaders who are Buddhist do not figure prominently in the public eye. Can anyone name me any DAP Yang Berhormat who is Buddhist?

          This die-die defending of the Church – in tandem with the Dapsters not even noticing
          the absence of the Buddhist temple – makes me think Buddhists are taken for granted in dunia DAP.

          1. Thx, dear Helen for yr enlightening reply.

            Very neutral n fair opinions.

            I think on this Ziarah program, H Yeoh herself or her political secretary is actively involved. Again, I might be wrong but like u said, such a sensitive program shd be closely vetted by her since she is the overall boss.

            As for d Buddhists, this is typical DAP style.

            Look what they did in Ipoh.

            Even the tailors were not spared…..

        2. I am a Constitutionalist. I have no problem with any one or any religion. I do not understand why some people in a Leadership capacity especially the controversial born again christians, love to draw flak for their unremitting evangelization attempts ? My almighty born again christian nephew told me there were 2% christians in Buddhist Laos over 20 years ago. Laos still has 2% christians in 2023. Buddhism majority prevails !

        3. D

          Drag Michelle Yeoh?

          You were the one who brought up her name in previous post. Comment time stamps don’t lie. Since you alleged you are Chinese, lying is in our DNA according to your logic, eh?

          “Unlike typical Chinese..”

          Uh, what makes you special and different? Just asking for a friend.

        4. D

          As for Taliban smears… you think Nga is so smart he knows something the Chinese community don’t?

          Yes, Chinese do not like religious extremism, especially when it infringes on our lives. Same goes for Christian extremism.

          Why is your Chinese experience so different?

          1. Nga chose to emphasize PAS is leading this country toward becoming a Taliban state. That can’t be validated. But repeating it again and again is like preaching and may become a belief to some. So better don’t start. Hehe

            How many Malays do you think love religious extremism? Not enough to have PAS do what it desires.

            1. Nelayan

              Political parties rallying under the religious banner would inevitably move towards religious conservatism. Many followers may not like to go to the extreme end of religiosity, but due to peer/group pressure, most if not all, are reluctant to pushback when it comes to matters of faith. Obedience and groupthink are prized above individualism.

              Just look at our new Communications and digital minister Fahmi Fadzil . From his pop culture background, one would assume FF would turn out to be a moderate. Unfortunately the recent decision from his ministry on the trailer “Pulau” deemed “too sexy” is a backward move for the local film industry. Next, concert rules for foreign artists, include not taking off a single piece of clothing (even jackets) article for guys and gals on stage.

              Quote : “Large-scale concerts and live shows from foreign artists will also be forbidden from being held on the night before and on the actual date of religious public holidays and Islamic religious occasions out of respect for these religious events…”

              Sad thing is, Malay political parties in UG are trying to up stage PAS in conservatism. Politics are downstream from culture. Current culture somehow trend towards conservatism among the Malays.

              You don’t think so?

        5. D

          When you say not typical Chinese perhaps you are intimating you identify as Chinese and your pronouns are woke Chinese?

      2. Apart from DAP ministers, are there any others from MCA or Gerakan?? Also, I am speaking out about a specific policy.

        Again, yr rebuttal is weak.

        As for Najib n now Muhi, they were already deemed guilty bfor their cases came up.

        However, in the case of LGE, things r differently viewed….

        N don’t mix up ngakorming’s fitnah with Najib or the rest of the Malays for that matter.

        I suppose the Muslim Malays fear their God more than our kind. There is a line they will not cross.

        1. My rebuttal is hardly weak considering your initial claim erred on gross generalization.

          Quote: “Apart from DAP ministers, are there any others from MCA or Gerakan??”

          What about ministers from MCA, PAS, UMNO, Bersatu etc or are we playing race bait by solely nit picking on ministers from one racial demographics? As for policy, then you name me what policy you alleged where DAP/Chinese ministers lied to their voters.

          Quote: “As for Najib n now Muhi, they were already deemed guilty bfor their cases came up.”

          Your point? Najib was indicted in court, not just in the court of public opinion.

          Btw, you said ‘our kind’… you alleging on record you are Chinese? Interesting.

    2. D. My friends at the ground level told me the ……P . was alleged to say worse than ‘Taliban’. They were alleged to told ALL, ‘IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO WEAR A S………..G VOTE …… ..P ! AS A CONSTITUTIONALIST AND NEVER A COMMUNALIST SINCE 1954, I find this is revolting and stinks to the core ! See how these fellows got their 97% Chinese support !

      1. Yes Uncle.

        Most of us subscribe to fair play, whether to win a game, a prize, to garner votes, an academic exam.

        We don’t resort to scare mongering n smearing our opponents to win. We win on our own merits.

        In school, we were taught to address our rivals as “our worthy opponents” during debate matches.

        We were taught in church to treat everyone fairly, Gentiles n non Gentiles.

        We were taught the 10 Commandments on how to live life peacefully, to respect others.

        To love God, and to love they neighbour as thyself.

        Well, we all see how the evangelist as n their cohorts have committed fitnah and worse against their neighbours ((rivals)).

        Their ruthlessness and double standards juxtaposed with their weekly church attendances, their doublespeak and about turns, total arrogance, anything, anywhere is fodder if it helps in their private agendas.

        There is nothing Christian in their daily witness.

        There is also nothing Chinese in their modus operandi since it goes against all tenets of traditional values and Confucian values.

        They can fool plenty of folks but not all though.

        But 100 % of the Chinese Msians’ will suffer for their actions sooner or later.

        1. D. I got ‘A’ for scriptures at the Cambridge Syndicate Examinations unlike these DIY ‘born again christians’ !

          1. What do these folks really know about christianity in tropical Malaysia ? I lived amongst Christians for years and years ! I do not hate any religion.

  9. Hannah knows the law alright. We all know she does. She was a speaker. She defended the programme anyway. Why? Dia memang keras kepala. And she is not alone. This is Malaysia Madani new direction? Suka cari pasal.
    Is the meaning of madani truly understood? Same goes with what Taliban really means?

    Don’t be a Zelensky.

    Taliban is a brutal regime. Israeli army are brutal too if you have eyes to see. PAS on the other hand cannot even be said to be extremists. They are actually fundamentalists. Now if all the Muslims living on this land want a Taliban regime, Malaya would have been a Taliban state since Burhanuddin Helmi’s time. That did not happen. And I can tell you that the Malays will not let it happen. Never. Even the RUU355 will not ever be passed. Most Malays are just conservative. Very few are fundamentalist.

    You have to be able to distinguish politicians from the rest of the population. Whichever party they are from they are all the same. Mahathir for example hasn’t changed much since WW2; and so hasn’t Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang. And for that matter Anwar Ibrahim since 1974. We want these old parrots to go away. Anwar too if he can’t do a proper job.

    You may see a lot of ustads now on the social media and these are ustad cari makan and many at times talk crap too. Now even some Sultans are prohibiting ustads without tauliah to ceramah in mosques and suraus. No need to wonder why. But muftis empowered by the Sultans different story. They are the authority entrusted by Sultans.

    The green wave on the ground is real. The people are unhappy. In a democracy the people choose. If the people choose green, green it is. But don’t worry. The ustads can’t even force the Malays to wear sarong if they don’t want to. Green won’t win Selangor and Penang but only win more seats than what they have today.

    1. Bravo, Nelayan!

      We need more folks like u to share the reality of things in Msia.

      This way, folks won’t be scared and so easily fooled by ruthless politicians.

      I agree completely thah.t the whole gang’s gotta go. We have been led thru the nose by these politicians the past 60 years. Enough.

      As for the Chinese community, I really cannot understand their brainwashed outlooks and how they put the DAP politicians on a pedestal like God’s announced Messiahs. All I see are ruthless politics more akin to false prophets.

      The only antidote for the poor misled Chinese masses are messages like yours – from the horses’ mouth – telling them not to believe lies and stories which do not benefit anyone with a stake in this country.

    2. “not that diff” imply i prefer not to be seen as one that obsess with absolutism, however i still think if given chance, pas would not hesitate to turn msia into a taliban kind of islamic state, the reason they cant do so now is bec 1)constitutional monarchy 2)multiracial and 3)east msia. pas during burhanuddin helmi era is more on nationalism rather than islamic, and malay at that time is less religious. todays pas is solely religion, and hadi know how to play the racial card to win the race which party is more malay and islam.

      its common most people would turn to ideology and religion if life getting difficult, i dont think malay is any difference. if pas win power through election, would they make msia more secular or more islamic aka taliban? if pas dont believe in election and prefer peoples (muslims) power, would this not turn the malay into communist or taliban kind of struggle? and how often pas condemm taliban or rebuke the way taliban govern and rule? no one really know if taliban have the majority support or no, and pas may turn brutal if they find out that they might not have the majority support after become govt. of course thats all my conjecture like how helen believe there are possibility dap can rule albeit a minority.

        • What Helen believes

        Q: How far is DAP the ruling party in Putrajaya?

        Statistically — 27% vs PKR (the PM’s party) at only 21%

        Q: How far are Dapsters propping up the UG?

        DAP supporters are the main pillar of the UG. Malay support for PH was merely 11%, and even less than that today.

        Q: How far is DAP setting the agenda?

        ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ was not a PKR or Amanah or GPS or GRS or Warisan or Parti Bangsa M’sia initiative.

        1. There should be such programme at all with ministry budget or not. A minister should have cancelled it but did not.

        2. The Rakyat have empty stomachs and are looking for employment. Some Ministers are wasting Public money to promote religion under the guise of Unity ! It must be remembered that our beloved Malaysia had all kinds of religion centuries ago before these folks were born !

      1. HY

        I will believe you the day I see Sultans begin to appear in Taliban style outfit. Before that happens I don’t want even think it. Malaysia can trust the Sultans.

        Yes Malays were less religious pre-Merdeka days and up until a time a man came along to make some changes in our schools and the wave began and spread throughout the land.

  10. So, the ping pong game of making police reports finally boomeranged today.

    The constitution is very clear. Let’s see whether charges will be pressed.

    Backpedalling at this point is rather late. She did not look confident this time….but still in her baju kurung cosplay.

    Why don’t anyone wear the charming cheongsam these days?

    1. Cheongsam… yeah why not? My granddaughter put on one in a school function and looks very presentable in it. But Hannah liking to dress in baju kurung also ok la. Looks nice on her. A typical Malaysian outfit. She will not have problem being denied entry to police station and Parliament. Dress appropriately as in the Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan.

  11. Harle,

    ” asking for a friend” ??

    Trying to scare me? So, I m fully aware this blog is closely surveilled.

    The gloves r off. Ur slip showed u r more than DAP’s apologist. That explains your systemic, dogged defenses of HYeoh’s n ngakorming’s shenanigans….

    U accuse me of nitpicking them. Did I utter one word against Loke or the others? No, becoz I see he is trying his best to do his job. In fact, he will do the DAP a favour as party head if he reigns in the warlord N n the evangelistas.

    The likes n actions of HY n N will implode on the DAP itself sometime. Their disastrous trajectory will implode not only in their party, but the whole nation. N the poor Chinese r the ones who will pay. Zom Ziarah Gereja is one example. In Japan or Korea or the UK, she wld need to resign as the scandal blows.

    Me? I m a fan of this blog n gets nothing other than sharing my 2 cents on my beloved Msia.

    Since tin foil hats r not my fashion, I will continue to speak out based on facts, not conjecture.

    N I m not cowed by veiled threats.

    1. D

      I do like Loke in his ministerial undertakings. He appears a little agitated recently. Something behind. Nga focuses on housing. I wish he focuses more on the inefficiencies of local municipal governments. Hannah is ok too but she needs to put her religious affinity aside in her ministerial functions. There are innumerable other activities she can help our sports and youth with. I still wonder why Gobind was not made minister. I am sure Anwar can make place for him.

      1. Aah, Gobind. Something to do wif d lims I heard…it is the DAP wh forwards the names to Pakatan.

        Yes, the baju is lovely, as is the sarong kebaya which my nan wore for formal occasions, choosing it over the cheongsam.

        But for HY, she only chose this cosplay trend after she entered politics.

        Both ministers did nothing much so far in their respective ministries.

        But HY was playing with fire….

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