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Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago

‘Jom ziarah kuil Hindu’ did not spark any uproar. ‘Jom ziarah gurdwara’ was carried out without controversy. ‘Jom ziarah tokong Buddha’ is not even on the schedule.

But ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ proved too hot to handle. Hence Hannah Yeoh speedily tossed it over to her fellow Christian and cabinet colleague Aaron Ago Dagang.

YB Aaron is the Minister of National Unity.

BELOW: Good!

The problem is Hannah

Do you see the pattern? Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism do not arouse suspicion among Muslim parents.

The Malays, however, fear Christianization.

Hannah Yeoh has been frenziedly making police reports this week.

Aaron Ago Dagang has not made police reports in his capacity as a cabinet minister, and nor has he had police reports made against him like Hannah has.

Simply put, YB Aaron is not tiresome like YB Hannah.

Plenty of Muslims, including Geng Ustaz, are sick and tired of Hannah constantly playing the ‘poor lil me’ victim.

A Facebook discussion thread on the ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ issue by Sinar Harian drew more than 5,000 comments by FB users. The top comment complaining about “puak bangsa DAP” is screengrabbed below — you can read it yourself.

Dapsters living in their ethnic silo really have no clue how much the DAP evangelistas are disliked. Try scrolling at random through the 5,160 comments posted on the Sinar FB page to get an idea of what the ordinary Malay speaker thinks about DAP.

Six out of every ten Selangorians are Muslim. They’re the majority among Selangor‘s seven million residents … and they’ve also spoken.

61.1 percent of the Selangor population are believers of Islam. They’re guided in their religion by Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) and Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais).

The Selangor Islamic authorities have drawn a line in the sand, signaling ‘Do not cross’ (pun intended).

Their red line is so clear that it can even be seen from Shah Alam — the seat of the PH state government.

Mais’s strong response to ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ is widely supported by Selangor Muslims.

BELOW: Mais issued a stern warning

Running the ‘Ziarah’ programme is Projek Artikel 11. “Belum pernah masuk gereja sebelum ini? Ingin tahu tentang Kristian? … Jom ziarah gereja”, was the beguiling invitation from the Religious Diversity & Inclusion people.

“No”, came the decisive intervention from Mais.

Likewise, the negative reaction to ‘Jom ziarah gereja’ was unanimous from the other branches of the state religious establishment.

Selangor exco for Islamic Affairs, Mohd Zawawi Ahmad Mughni, had given it a thumbs down too.

Suara Keadilan yesterday reported – see tweet below – the exco, who is a PKR Yang Berhormat, reminding Selangorians that Jais is monitoring the situation to ensure there is no proselytization of Muslims.

Ustaz Zawawi was quoted by the PKR media organ as saying: “Jais sentiasa memantau dan akan mengambil tindakan kepada mana-mana pihak yang melanggar peraturan yang telah digariskan di bawah Seksyen 5 dan Seksyen 6 Enakmen Ugama Bukan Islam (Kawalan Pengembangan di Kalangan Orang Islam) Negeri Selangor 1988”.

In opposing ‘Jom ziarah gereja’, Muslim authority figures from both sides of the political divide have banded together in common cause.

A Bersatu Muafakat leader made the police report against Hannah Yeoh, PAS condemned her pusing-pusing to get out of a corner, and even the VIPs in her own political claque, i.e. Harapan and UG, were outspoken against the church visit.

Aside from PKR’s Ustaz Zawawi, Umno’s Ustaz Khairuddin at-Takiri – who is the spokesman for his party’s ulama council – also criticized the perceived targeting of Muslim youths.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh called out by PAS in ‘Harakah’ poster

Backlash against DAP desperado

It is a sure sign of desperation when Malaysiakini has to help do damage control with a ‘top story’ self-consciously headlined ‘She has never preached her religion to me’ — Yeoh’s secretary’.

The denials have been coming fast and furious. Also being denied is any attempt to soften Malay youths to Christianity.

Subang Jaya wears the sobriquet ‘evangelical capital of Malaysia’. Hannah Yeoh was a two-term Adun for Subang Jaya. “Her constituency has the most churches per capita in Malaysia”, according to the assessment of one PhD researcher.

Hannah’s Adun successor in Subang Jaya, YB Michelle Ng, is another DAP Christian.

DAP has a total of 10 ministers and deputy ministers in Anwar’s UG. At least half of them (if not more) are Christian.



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4 thoughts on “Hannah’s hot potato lobbed to Aaron Ago

  1. The revered Constitution as safeguarded by the wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans FORBIDS the Government to promote non-Islam religions. Period. Hence, a Royal Commission should be established to review the present anomaly since 1957 why successive incumbent Governments overlooked the subsidies given to NON-MUSLIM places of worship by the INCOME TAX FREE RM 2 INCORPORATED PLACES OF WORSHIP LHDN LOOP HOLE which only benefits 500,000 non-Muslims ? We must be fair and just to the 32 million majority.

  2. Is’nt this the same lady YB who proposed a nursery complete with milk bottles and pacifiers be set up in the Dewan Rakyat in her maiden speech at the Dewan Rakyat in 2018 ? Later, she proposed that the developers stop building condos to stop traffic jams. She was not aware that developers do not build cemeteries where silence and no traffic jams are assured. Not only that she proposed a Unit to look after the women and children in her Ministry for the Welfare of Women and Children ! She now arranges youth tours hoping they catch fire except in buddhist temples ?

    1. You mean a YB dispenses with much love and kisses +++ except to non-Muslims ? Here is a true story. My friend Jacob Ballas of Singapore once asked his friend why his marriage lasted 50 years and what was the formula for his success. His friend replied, ‘ I turn off the lights. Tell myself she is not my wife. She is not my wife ! Every time !’

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