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DAmno (DAP+Umno)

DAmno is the new Frankenstein rising in Malaysian politics.

Umno 2023 is purely Zahid’s creature. And DAP is Zahid and Umno’s newly BFF.

DAP bedding Umno results in the birth of a sad hybrid monster called ‘DAmno’.

DAmno is like a child born of a kindly but ugly father, and a beautiful but bitchy mother. This child unfortunately inherits its father’s looks and its mother’s personality.

Zahid, the unchallenged party president, is potret perpaduan with Anwar and DAP.

“Umno is the lynchpin to the unity government and Ahmad Zahid will be able to assure Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that Umno is a stable partner,” wrote Joceline Tan yesterday in The Star.

According to Joceline, Umno is the UG lynchpin. She is correct insofar as regarding Umno’s contribution of 26 MPs — the biggest bloc of Muslim reps who help provide stability to the Anwar administration.

Meanwhile, DAP is the UG’s anchor as it is the biggest party – with 40 MPs – in the ruling coalition.

DAP boss Anthony Loke has announced that his party is all in with Umno to enable their UG to remain overlords of Putrajaya.

The UG’s survival depends on life being breathed into DAmno.



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2 thoughts on “DAmno (DAP+Umno)

  1. Facts and numbers are the enemy of irrational fear. Unless the fear itself is predicated on prejudice. Just stating facts.

    The minority Chinese could never take power away from the Malays. There are adequate measure in place to ensure the probability threshold is beyond “unlikely.” There is no need to distrust elected MPs from other faiths harboring nefarious intentions to dismantle the fabric of society. The question should be, are non-Muslim MPs bad at their job or are they passing legislation, undermining the special position of the majority group?

    So far, the fear are based on unfounded precedents.

    If the objection is non-Muslim MPs could yield certain influence for their demographics, then isn’t that what democracy looks like in practice? Voices and representation from minority group provide the needed balance to ensure this country remain a functioning democracy, as agreed in the Constitution by our founding leaders.

    There are people who proclaim the Constitution is king. Not wrong, but one has to be willing to defend the constitution and the best defense is diverse MP representation that reflect the will of a multi-ethnic society.

    The constitution without safeguard is a moving goal post. People who claim to be Constitutionalist has to answer Constitution from which era are they true to?

    The Constitution back from 1957? 0r 1971 Borneo natives to have the same status as Malays? 1988 separation of jurisdictions between the civil and syariah courts? 1993 removing the legal immunity of royalty? 2012 OSA to replace ISA?

    Malaysia has amended the Constitution 59 times. All it takes is just two third of the Parliament to pass. For context, these Countries have amended their Constitution:

    Indonesia 4x
    Turkey 19x
    Malaysia 59x

    FYI, USA 27x (since 1789)

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