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Bingo! Is Mahathir now aligning with PAS?

Mahathir is expertly exposing the insidious multikulti propaganda as well as DAP’s Orwellian “racist” methodology.

He can smell Anwar’s palpable desperation. PH clearly fears the coming state elections will bring a Green Tsunami.

Mahathir warns about what he sees as a campaign by the Anwar regime of “removing” opposition leaders in order to deter the almost certain Malay wave.



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14 thoughts on “Bingo! Is Mahathir now aligning with PAS?

  1. Dr M – whether we like or detest him – is still in his elements at 98.

    His keen analysis of the present situation, based on years on the playing field, cannot be more accurate. In fact, it is a replay of a script he himself n AI used before.

    Tell us more what role AI played in Ops Lallang, Ghafar Baba, weakening the Monarchy/Legislature, etc.

    About time we find out the context.

    There r never frds nor enemies in politics, so team up with PN if needs be, Dr M.

    UMNO n DAP did it after all.

    1. Muhyiddin and PAS wanted nothing to do with Tun M.

      Tun M is a Malay nationalist, not a religious ideologue. The old man probably has more in common with BN or PH than PAS-PN.

      Tun M had to leave Pejuang to make things easy for Mukhriz and Pejuang to join PN. Even then, nobody in PN is welcoming Pejuang with open arms. Pejuang’s member bid is still pending acceptance. (at this time of writing) There are enough Malay championing parties in PN. Taking in another would mean redundancy and fewer seats for respective parties. Realpolitik.

      Arrest papers for Ops Lalang had to be signed off by the Home Minister. Ops Lalang 1987 Home minister was Tun M.

      The amendment to the Constitution stripping the royalties their immunity was enacted in 1993, during Tun M’s PM tenure.

  2. With TDM in the PAS camp Malaysian Politics has come full circle. The reason is that we Malaysians do not have political philosophies but only based on money, race and religion. Many have no books in the house, not even The Star ! What is TDM griping about at the ripe age of 98 going on to 104 as I predicted? Is it he is the poorest Prime Minister in the Kingdom because of his Lao Chinese friends who let him down ? Or is he trying to make amends in 6 years when he definitely did not in his first term of 22 years and the second of 22 months ? Where was he all this time and forgot about those people whom he is fighting for100% this time round ? In Malaysia, 24 hours is a long time in politics. Ask him ! Now, what can the Unity Government do when the present rigmarole began with his hand-picked and anointed successor Badawi ? What could TDM had done when this new PM rushed to The Hague to find out whether the Pulau Putih Batu belonged to Malaysia since the Jurassic Age or not ? Indeed, for his edification, Badawi found that Pulau Putih Batu belonged to Singapore founded in 1819 ! This confirmed the higher level of education in Singapore. We must now admit ! This is no joke ! The loss of Pulau Putih Batu also involved the loss of hundreds of square kilometres of sea territories by Malaysia. Thanks to our undying ‘very hot retreats’ and ‘very close abang-adek relationships’ as it seemed we need more Singaporean friends than enemies. Our beloved Malaysia’s FREE gifts for 1st World and World’s Best Singapore go on and on with the latest TNB Green Power for Singapore even though we have hundreds of black gargantuan buildings in Selangor and ye olde KL ! Now with Singapore’s World’s Best CPTPP, the SME Tan Sri President recently said that 70% of our very own do not know how to begin ! I said it 1,000 times the CPTPP ONLY BENEFITS SINGAPORE. And all Malaysia’s treasures from water, rocks, sand, RM 300 million HSR compensation, KTM’s huge assets in Singapore ended up in 1/2 an office building and all were given to Singapore ex gratis by the very people whom TDM nurtured and trusted. The Rakyat are NOT responsible for this alleged daylight robbery of our beloved Malaysia’s Sovereign and National assets because they NEVER had the POWER to give all these FREE SOVEREIGN AND NATIONAL ASSETS TO TINY BITE SIZED IMPOVERISHED BUT RICH SINGAPORE. It will be wise of TDM to shoot his paper arrows in the right direction and not at ourselves, the peoples of Malaysia, the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Ibans, Dayaks, Kadazans, etc. who have lived for centuries in Peace, Harmony and Goodwill under our wise, caring and compassionate Royal Sultans. Also, I am certain that World’s Best Singapore will not give one chilli crab to Malaysia in her hour of dire need for CASH like in 1997. Ask TDM !

    1. If our beloved Malaysia changes direction with a 180 degree turn in her politics, Singapore and her Lee Kuan Yew Policies to weaken our beloved Malaysia, are to be blamed. Singapore deserves what she may get by being too clever ! I always asked my friends, ‘Have you ever met a stupid Chinaman ?’ They always answered,’ No!’ I would quickly interject, ‘ But there are some who are so clever as to be stupid !’ I quickly followed with 2 household names of which one was an ex-felon. Silence would invariably followed. But suddenly, a resounding,’ YES !’ The GAME which was laid out for Singapore to play to be sustainable for survival was against God’s Will. With the coming of the Covid, Ukraine War, US-Sino tensions, World financial turbulence and more of the same, Singapore with no human and natural resources will rapidly deplete her reserves garnered during the Cold War 1948-1989 with the blessing of Uncle Sam. What she extracted FREE by wet market means from Malaysia from 1962-2023 have already gone in a jiffy ! Man proposes. God disposes always ! I am against Lee Kuan Yew’s Policies since 1954 even though my brother married his only sister in October 1951 !

  3. I held back from Lee Kuan Yew my idea of Singapore to purchase 4,000 tons of GOLD at US $ 200 per oz in 1972. But Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah supported my 1972 Concept to take over Sime Darby PLC to fast track the Malays into big business without impinging on Chinese businesses then and the future. Today, if Singapore has 4,000 tons of GOLD, she would be the World’s cat whiskers ! Between 1972-1981, Bank Negara Malaysia had GOLD in the vaults. That was the reason why the Malaysian Ringgit was STRONGER than the Singapore Dollar at 1 : 1.03 ! from 1972-1981 ! BUT LEE KUAN YEW EXCHANGED THE BANKNOTES SIGNED BY HIMSELF FOR THE TOILET PAPER SIGNED BY THE DUMMIES OF WALL STREET. He worshiped them. In October 2008, Singapore lost US $ 108 billions. In CNA, he admitted this in early November 2008. This was scrubbed out the following day ! How will Singapore survive today’s dangers with NOTHING ? My advice – CONFEDERATE WITH THE UNITED KINGDOM – the World’s Best and First Tele-Parliament. Do not try to inveigle our beloved Malaysia’s very last two National and Sovereign treasures, Singapore !

  4. If all our fellow Malaysians are aware that we Malaysians live in the BEST country in the World, they would THINK, ACT and BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY ! The sad fact is that they are ignorant of their own fortunate wherewithal or existence. But they worship tiny places with NOTHING. Hence, they insult, abuse, steal, lie and copy whatever came to their minds first or impinge on the sacrosanct religions of others. All negative actions which our fellow Malaysians not only DEVALUE OURSELVES BUT ALSO OUR CURRENCY and with this our values. It is as simple as this. Think through our frontal lobes and not from the deep jurassic recesses of our precious brains before we let off the first salvo to attack. If we think about this, such actions are pointless and miss the mark always. I sought the advice of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew in the early 1980s after an MCA Leader tried to libel and slander me via the Singapore Business Times when he made a statement that I assisted him to buy a listed company from Sime Darby. The fact was the ex-MCA Leader Tun Tan Siew Sin helped him not me. As my Directorship of Bank Negara Malaysia would soon end, I held back for 6 months. Mrs Lee Kuan Yew told me that I should have taken action immediately and I was a ‘non-starter’ . A common lawyer’s phrase which I learnt for the very first time. She continued,’ In our country what is said today, is forgotten tomorrow. Forget your proposed action !’ I learnt something new that day. Let us hope all Malaysians will eventually realize that our beloved Malaysia is the best in the World with her magnificent peoples, bountiful natural resources and a perfect geographic location. Not forever sooting ourselves in the foot and steal, lie, copy-cat, libel and slander one another as though we do not treasure why a MALAYSIAN LIFE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS and that we live forever and ever ! Hence, i am a CONSTITUTIONALIST AND NEVER A COMMUNALIST and will always support the incumbent Government of the day. Let us hope the Unity Government finally delivers and not side-tracked by wasteful visits by youths to churches and not temples. It is as simple as this for good governance. Commonsense !

  5. In the flurry of political activity which we see daily in our beloved Malaysia, is there any person aware of the reason why Badawi who was alleged to be a secretary in the NOC of 1970 under the Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, was hand-picked by TDM and not his predecessors like DSAI or Tun Musa Hitam or YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who were better qualified to be a Prime Minister ? History is the finest arbiter of the Truth.

  6. The unspoken truth is that Singaporeans yearn to live like Malaysians do – low cost in everything, slow pace of life & plenty of wide open uncrowded & rural spaces to enjoy what nature has to offer in its best. They can put up with some administrative hiccups to be able to enjoy a little bit of Malaysia. Singapore spend a billion dollars to create artificial cameron/genting highlands with giant metallic trees & artificial giant waterfall surrounded by a shopping mall in an airport to mimick nature. But it belies the stressful pressure-cooker nation it actually is. Only by clever control & manipulation of the state media that this isnt so apparent to the world. Not to mention the 1 million dollars (& rising) public housing Singaporeans paid with their retirement funds that they would need to resell back to the gov to unlock much-needed cash for old age. But one Malaysian by the name of Dr Oh Oei Sun hired by the Singapore’s School of International Study qualified himself to publicly swear that “Singapore public housing is affordable”. I fell off my chair.

    Malaysians want to earn dollars like Singaporeans do and enjoy their dollars retiring back to Malaysia. Turning Malaysia into another Singapore is rather stupid. Be careful what you wish for, you might just regret it.

    1. Your comments are dot on. You are too polite to mention the Singaporean warts ! Only recently, the Singaporeans discovered they do not own the flats at the HDB developments. These belong to the Singapore Government on a lease basis. Not only that, the HDB flats have now reached S$ 1 million each ! And these were built with FREE WATER, SAND AND ROCKS FROM MALAYSIA ! For decades , I have always said Singapore is built with its own and only natural resource, ‘BLUFFOLOGY’. Yet only weeks ago, Minister Neigh called up Singapore to resuscitate our abandoned housing !

  7. It seems these days our poorest Prime Minister TDM has no happy moment ! At 98, he should be like a Hong Kong billionaire who was asked ‘ When was his happy moment ?’. He replied,’ When I get up in the morning and look at my bowl of plain rice porridge !’

  8. For those with an open mind and curious to know the state of our economy, I recommend them to take a drive along the multiple pot holes Jalan Desa Pandan to the Highway along the Old Airport. Drive on until you turn into the Pantai Dalam Highway for Sunway/Shah Alam. You will see many huge black gargantuan buildings as far as your eyes can see which are the handiwork of the Selangor State Government since 2008 and the Wilayah Persekutan. Think of the baksheesh of only 2-4 flats per block, the bank financing per block, the connection fees for all etc. Think of the unofficial cash so derived by padding etc.. You will come to the conclusion why there is so much cash in Malaysian Politics these days. As one UMNO warlord said, ‘ We are all in the same boat !’ How true ! However, think of an economy in decline. How are all these borrowers going to repay the banks ? Just a few days ago, some one in Bank Negara Malaysia said the Malaysia banks are safe and sound. In China, this scenario is 1000 times bigger ! FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED !

    1. Just a few weeks ago, Minister Neigh invited Singapore to resolve the overbuilding of the same. Just 2 days ago, the Deputy Minister of Local Housing was alleged to have said that there are 600 abandoned projects. By 2024, there will be over 1000 ! For years I was wondering how Malaysia had such a high GDP. Now I know the answer ! It was just bricks and mortar !

  9. no malay lead party want mahathir and son, his last option is to join multiracial dap wakaka

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