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Malay unity within reach — at last!

The fewer votes for Umno, the greater will be Malay unity.

‘Gelombang rakyat PRU15 langgar PH kini bakal rempuh Umno pula’ — see below.

An epochal 2023 promises to be the watershed year for Malay unity. We’re watching this wonderful milestone unfold before our very eyes.

We just saw the Malays coalesce around protecting Islam during the ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ provocation. This is the way forward for politik Melayu.

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Four directions of the wind

In Semenanjung, Malay GE15 votes were split between PAS, Umno, Bersatu, Amanah, PKR, Pejuang and miscellaneous others.

That is the Malays being up North (PAS, Bersatu), going South (Umno), East (Amanah, PKR) and West (Pejuang).

An example of unity is when an ethnic electorate is not divided at all. The Chinese vote went 95–97 percent to DAP and its proxies in PH. The Chinese are super duper united.

Unlike Malay votes scattered in four different directions, Chinese votes were marshalled to march in unison and headed for one destination — Putrajaya.

All that, however, is changed since 20 Nov 2022, i.e. the morning after polling day when BN voters woke up with a (metaphorical) knife in our back. Stuck there by the Umno president.

Harnessing the hurricane

There is a famous saying: ‘Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind’. And DAP has done that … clap, clap, clap.

In the coming election campaigns happening the second half of this year, DAP will not be able to shrug off its ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ aura.

Mahathir grasps this detail very, very clearly. Two days ago, he made plain that “Anwar’s Government has ruled that the people must not talk about race and religion”.

Putting aside the Race card for a moment, Mahathir had fired a stinging salvo that talk about Religion by the opposition will cost PH-Umno dearly their Muslim votes.

The UG will most naturally want to flush its ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ fiasco down the memory hole but alas, what is done cannot be undone.

‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ is like Pastor Martin Luther nailing his proclamation to the door of Wittenberg’s Castle Church. His revolutionary act in October 1517 kickstarted the Christian Reformation.

Welcome Malaysia, March 2023 where ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ is the game changer.

Such audacity jolted the Islamic authorities in Harapan states who closed ranks so that there is no daylight between them and the PN states in the vital matter of interpreting anti-proselytization laws.

If Malays still remain somewhat disunited, the Muslims at least are far more united.

The Muda president is a notable exception but he is an outlier.

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How the cookie crumbles

To recap, the Malay electorate was torn in four directions by end-2022.

  • North: PAS, Bersatu
  • South: Umno
  • East: Amanah, PKR
  • West: Pejuang

A lot has ubah since 19 Nov 2022.

Pejuang has fallen by the wayside after losing its deposits in GE15. And the party founder is softening to his old nemesis PAS.

Meanwhile, Umno has realigned its direction to be in lockstep with PH.

So now, Malay political players have reconfigured into two camps instead of four previously.

  • Team Green: PAS, Bersatu
  • Team Red: Amanah, PKR, Umno

Already the Malays are less divided in 2023 than they were in 2022.

In last year’s general election, the Malay votes were cast four ways. In the coming state elections this mid-year, the Malay votes will be split merely two ways.

Thus the fragmentation of the Malay electorate is, logically, set to be reduced. Which means greater Malay unity.

Nonetheless the Malay division will not be halved into two equal parts. The red half would appeal only to the Malays who think ‘Jom Ziarah Gereja’ is a good idea. They’re a minority.

For the majority, perpaduan ummah is on track.



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8 thoughts on “Malay unity within reach — at last!

    1. The fact speaks the TRUTH. The author’s mission is to defend the TRUTH. So, it’s not the same.

  1. It is wrong of our local politicians to focus on the nitty-gritty of tiny strokes of irritation as dished out by the amateurs born again christians of the DAP who are there because of want of a better job. The majority should realise their strength both traditional and Constitutional. If at all, their leaders failed them since 1981. Hopefully, the Unity Government focuses on the broad strokes of delivery like on updating the laws, easy creation of businesses to provide jobs for all, simplify the schools curriculum to provide an education for all because 1% of the population will always be geniuses, corruption free chains of supply be it food or otherwise to suppress inflation, security strengthened for all, accessible health care for all, the rising aging population taken care of , most importantly, the creation of TRUE MALAY ELITES, NOT FAKES etc. The BASICS of GOOD GOVERNANCE ARE OF THE SIMPLE MATERIALISTIC KIND. With normal humankind, the rest of the good will automatically follow. If we do not return to strengthen our basics of our wherewithal, we will sink and sink into the abyss of no return which any one with a pair of eyes can see. The Best Country with the BEST PEOPLES AND NATURAL RESOURCES in the World self-destruct by sooting herself in the foot by her leaders always ! But the UNITY GOVERNMENT now led by a Prime Minister who wanted to serve the Rakyat from day one as a PRIME MINISTER, must indeed be a NORMAL person and full of zeal of service for all. He has his plateful. To update the laws, the once efficient Civil Service which is now bloated, and ensure follow-ups and follow-ups by all concerned, be it normal maintenance jet planes, trains, roads, ships, or just simple approvals of licences. WE MUST ALL UNDERSTAND THAT THE PM CANNOT DO THE JOB ALONE ! There is now too much talking and very little making. A common Malaysian trait ? I do not believe so. This depends on the Leadership which is to follow up on every item in the agenda and not to leave it to the flunkeys and the boot-polishers who will appear out of nowhere in every Government. The more corrupt the Government, the more flunkeys ! In the 1980s, my business friend paid RM 20,000 to be on the same flight as the Minister ! In the 2010s, someone wanted RM 200,000 from me to make an appointment to meet a VVIP with no guarantee of success. This gentleman was munching a RM 20 club sandwich with his driver doing the same by his side. I asked him why so much ? He blandly told me that he had to look after himself because when the time came, no one would look after him. Besides, all his bosses were making money. His vision came true in 2018 ! As a born optimist, i have hope for a better Malaysia – the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. I do not believe that tiny very expensive and resource-less Singapore ranks 25 and Malaysia 55 in the World’s Happiness Index. All I know is the humongous Singapore Ministry of Information has a huge budget to look after these foreigners well, may be with chilli crabs or more ! Malaysia has no budget for this fakery !

      1. Sin Chew bosses ? I thought Tan Sri Datuk Tiong is the only Boss ! Well, he is a businessman and profits count. Newspapers must sell. Do you know the previous owners of the following newspapers ? The Haw Par brothers – Singapore Standard. LKS is an alumnus at 25 till he carried my relative’s bag LKY at 26 ! Tun Sir Colonel Lee Hau Shik my other relative owned China Press. Lee Kong Chian own Nanyang Siang Pow. Sin Chew Jit Poh was always left leaning until picked up by Tan Sri. Its circulation depends on the number of vernacular schoolboys/girls. Its famed for its comics tailored for these young and old folks who knew only 1,200 Chinese characters out of a possible 10,000 ! Please ask HY !

    1. RAKYAT is aware who is serving sincerely, and who is actually serving their own agenda & interest.

  2. Is unity supposed to be a bad thing?

    Malay unity, Chinese unity and Indian unity. It’s all good.

    It is only bad when the cry for unification is predicated on a non-common denominator that seeks to divide more than unite.

    What is the common denominator? All are Malaysians and in the same boat regardless of race and creed. Everyone aspire Malaysia to succeed.

    I won’t write in parable because there are people who don’t understand. What is the non-common denominator?



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