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Cats’ reaction to dog’s life in PJ

Welcome to Malaysia perMADANI – the DAP land where Dapsters sweep dirt under Anwar’s carpet.

My cats are saddened by dogs and their elderly human caretaker living dangerously in PJ. 

↓ My cat SASHA

Thinking that deluded Cina DAP voters in PJ have bought themselves a flying ‘carpet’

↓ My cat JOJO

Thinking that its safer to sail in a sampan than travel by ‘perMADANI’ terbang

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6 thoughts on “Cats’ reaction to dog’s life in PJ

  1. How appropriate the title of your latest comment. However, I apply it differently in response to a self-recriminating article ‘New Malay Dilemma : Enchained by our own heroes. ‘Malay leaders proclaimed we are a great race, yet they also tell us we are weaklings easily subjugated by others. By Adzhar Ibrahim. FMT. 25 March 2023. ( The first ‘ Malay Dilemma. 1970 ‘ was mischievous. ) I beg to differ on the views expressed by the author. I only knew the Malays intimately since 1954. I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong or abnormal about the Malays which were caught up in the colonialists adventures of centuries past. The Malays were a sea-faring race with riverine abodes because their hinterland were all jungle. Because of the necessity of survival, the Malays had to look up to a leader who served their needs in the face of dangers from men or beasts. Even present day Malaysia was only developed after 1981 ! As late as the 1990s, I could still hear the night-jar or see the occasional musang at night in ye olde KL. As of today, the Malays have gone a long long way not only in Malaysia but also Indonesia. Both nations were neglected in any development pre World War II. It is indeed remarkable that within a short span of less than 50 years, both countries have come up in the modern World proud and standing. The Malays should not believe what little satans said that they are this or that. I always believe we should compare like and like, like cheese with cheese, chalk with chalk. The Malays should compare inwardly amongst themselves and NEVER compare themselves with others. It’s pure psychology ! Each community in the World cannot be compared with another because inherent differences cannot be measured at all. The Malays were never subjugated. In fact, it was a wise move to permit the British Residents to slip in. None of the Malay States Royal Houses were destroyed. The fact is they have existed to this day – the longest Royalty outside of Japan, Thailand and Cambodia. As late as 1911, the Dutch massacred the Balinese Royal House en masse in front of their palace. I reckon the Malays have doubts today is because for the very first time, they could not yet identify a Leader which they respect and listen to. But this is a normal nature of things in Life which goes up and down and up again ! That’s one reason for a feeling of insecurity. The second is the absence of true Malay elites which 3 generations self-immolated in front of our eyes e g 1972-1981 – BMF Gen : 1982-2003 – Renong Gen : 2004-2018 – 1MDB Gen. What elites remained emerged from the universities with an absolutely academic bent. In fact, this record of the absence of real Malay elites who are required to bolster a democratic Government and the alleged kleptocracy which took place of indeterminate duration should be considered as part and parcel of a fledgling democratic system maturing as time goes by in this turbulent World. All other countries had the same history which happened very much earlier. And the Malays in a country blessed by a revered Constitution which guards the interests of the majority of the Nation. The laws protect them as well as the other communities. Hence in Malaysia, WE MUST NEVER COMPARE ONE COMMUNITY WITH ANOTHER because Humankind has no common denominator of any kind to substantiate or justify a comparison ! To compare is to create MISCHIEF with a sinister motive. Like we cannot compare cats with dogs in PJ or elsewhere ! For the edification of all, it took the Swiss Confederation 800 years to come to their present status today. The 4 tribes, the Germans, French, Italians and Romansch ( legions which deserted Rome in 500 AD ) still make snide remarks about each other today. Malaysia achieved Merdeka only 66 years ago. Hence, there will be many self-doubts and self-recriminations to come WHICH I DARE SAY ARE NOT ONLY SUPERFICIAL BUT ALSO SUPERCILIOUS ! However, for years I have been harking the lack of a NORMAL LEADER WITH AN IMPECCABLE RECORD AND A COSMOPOLITAN VIEW OF THE WORLD. It appears our Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim finally fits the bill – a Prime Minster is born, not made !

    1. Uncle,

      You say we must not ‘compare’ Malays and Chinese.

      Tun M, however, asserts that in the economic rivalry between Malays and Chinese, the former is being flattened by the latter.

      So even if one does not make any overt comparisons (different religions, different languages, different values etc), their two economic situations can still be viewed side by side.

      As one example, the Malays are clamouring for EPF withdrawal while the Chinese are insisting ‘Don’t touch’.

      So even if we pretend that there is no need for comparison, the ground reality of two different economic outlooks between the two races remains.

    2. To obviate the frictions and conflicts between the 4 tribes in down to earth politicking, the Swiss hold National Referendums instead of General Elections in a small country. The majority Germans always topped the lists. No complaints. No wasteful expenditure of money in General Elections ! No corruption !

  2. Precisely. No need to pretend ! We must never compare one community with another. It is a fact that each community is different from one another in all aspects since the beginning of Time. Comparison is odious ! It is up to the incumbent Government to have fair and just Policies for all communities like our great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his NEP. which purpose was to create an even playing field for all communities. Only a Prime Minister has the political POWER to do this. If TDM still harped on the fact that there must be a comparison in 2023 between the Malays and the Chinese, he must be dreaming ! He was the FIRST to implement the NEP from 1981 ! By saying this he is admitting that HE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO REDUCE INEQUALITY BETWEEN COMMUNITIES WHEN HE WAS IN POWER FOR 22 years and more. And 22 years is one generation of Life. It is not wise of him to talk about this BECAUSE THE MIDDLE INCOME GROUP OF MALAYS AROSE DURING HIS STEWARDSHIP about 4-6 million families. Why is TDM hiding his significant achievement which I consider a great success on his part ? Why did he encourage more inequality by giving MONOPOLIES to non-Malays of no repute and record ? And now he having done the damage of creating MORE INEQUALITY between the communities like TV, Power, 4D. Oil, Communications. Ports. Proton. Selangor Turf Club etc. etc. given to HAND-PICKED non-Malays of no repute and record, makes facetious claims of one kind or another involving the Chinese who NEVER had the POWER politically and are not involved in the big political moves of any kind !. IT WAS TDM WHO GAVE OUT THESE MONOPOLIES to these nobodies of no repute and record whatsoever ! WHY ? All such MONOPOLIES SHOULD BE REVIEWED FORTHWITH AND BE DEALT WITH ACCORDINGLY IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST which new Policy is to even the playing field for all the communities concerned. It is now or never !

  3. WHY IS TDM TALKING ABOUT THE CHINESE OVERWHELMING THE MALAYS IN 2023 ? He gave the Sports Toto to a Chinese nobody in 1984. Why ?
    FAQ. In 1984, I applied for the privatization of Sports Toto. I was at the head of the queue. I was the most qualified. I wanted to turn Sports Toto into a charity for the benefit of ALL Malaysians in their hour of need. I was the most qualified because I contributed much to the Nation and the Rakyat before 1981, thus
    1. In 1957, I donated my father’s mansion with 13 acres to be the First Istana Negara 1957-2013.
    2. In 1965, at Tun Abdul Razak’s request, I put up an international standard shooting range in 2 weeks out of a tin tailing.
    3. In 1966, at Tun Abdul Razak’s request, I restructured the Selangor Shooting Association and the National Shooting Association to create a new sport which is multi-racial with thousands of members and won international honours instead of being controlled by only 33 Hakkas.
    4. In 1968-1974, I served on the Board of Trustees EPF with the great P.P. Narayan.
    5. From 1972-1981, I was appointed the youngest Director of Bank Negara Malaysia to this day. During this time, 1972-1981, the ringgit was RM 1 = S$ 1.03 with gold in the vaults I inspired the establishment of the National Savings Bank (BSN) in 1975.
    6. In 1972, both Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh supported my Concept to fast track the Malays into big corporate business by capturing Sime Darby PLC without impinging on the existing Chinese businesses, then and the future. Sime Darby PLC was in Malay control by November 1975 for only RM 23 millions because in those days, there was no money for the Malays. Without alerting anyone, I recruited the supported of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew. 2 Singapore corporates supported. By November 1975, Sime Darby PLC was in Malay control. A MCA leader called me ‘A Malay Bum Sucker’. With this excuse, he cheated his own Chinese and was jailed twice on both sides of the Causeway. Tun Abdul Razak’s vision for Sime Darby was to capture more British companies like engineering to employ Malaysians for their technical expertise and markets and uplift our beloved Malaysia into the next tier. Unfortunately, he died. From 1981 onwards, Sime Darby was turned into an ATM for friends and relatives, which bankrupted Sime Darby twice at RM 1.20 BILLION in 1997 and RM 2.10 BILLION in 2010. No one was charged. No one was jailed. PNB was used to bail out Sime Darby in both instances.
    7. From 1975-1984, the Consortium of Banks headed by the Gabenor of Bank Negara Malaysia as Head of MIDF, requested me to save the BIGGEST CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY IN THE 1970s – Folex Industries Berhad. NOT ONE SEN WAS GIVEN FOR ME TO DO SO. From 1978 to 1984, I made millions of ringgits for the shareholders. The Consortium was paid in full and walked away as though they never knew me. Folex is now known as Sri Hartamas Berhad. I was paid RM 7,000 salary a month.
    6. In 1969, I was offered the State seat of Kuala Kubu which goes with an Exco-seat by Tun Abdul Razak. It was not accepted.
    7. In 1973, I was offered the Batu Berendum seat by both Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Tan Siew Sin with the post of Deputy Minister of Finance. It was not accepted
    8. In the 1970s and the 1980s, I donated unique sets of Straits Settlements and Malay States Gold and Silver coins to Bank Negara Malaysia and Maybank which now provide their core exhibits in their museums.
    And more. BUT TDM CHOSE TO GIVE THE SPORTS TOTO TO A CHINESE NOBODY OVER ME WHO WANTED THE SPORTS TOTO TO SERVE THE RAKYAT. Not only that he continued to give MONOPOLIES to other non-Malays and Chinese but NO MALAY. By doing this, he created more INEQUALITY between the communities from 1981. Now he claims the innocent and politically powerless Chinese will overwhelm others. This is only a figment of his imagination. THE FACT IS TDM BENEFITED THE NON-MALAY AND CHINESE NOBODIES BY THE BILLIONS OF RINGGITS BY GIVING MONOPOLIES TO THEM. 1981-2003 to create more INEQUALITIES ! Why ?

    1. When the Malays achieved control of Sime Darby PLC via my 1972 Concept in November 1975 for only RM 23 million, Sime had i) The Alcohol Monopoly of India + lush Assam tea estates. ii) The Amoy Canning Land which was earmarked for the MRT Hong Kong. iii) The 2 Orchard Towers Singapore iv) 200,000 acres of oil palms. But with Tun Abdul Razak’s untimely death, only 200,000 acres of oil palms remained. The rest was sold cheaply without vision leaving behind a collection of franchises selling for others ! Instead of being a Fortune 500, Sime Darby is now a penny stock worth 50 US cts !

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