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‘Jom ziarah gereja’ and Mais monitoring hidden agendas

Read the warning below by Majlis Agama Islam Selangor (Mais) to understand the council’s stance against the controversial ‘Come let’s visit the Church’ programme by Hannah’s ministry.

BELOW: Previously Mais had published a booklet titled ‘Pendedahan agenda Kristian’ 

Copypasted from Mais’ website Q &A under the topic ‘Persoalan berkaitan liberalisme’.

(1) Apakah yang dikatakan dengan Islam Liberal?

Liberal merupakan sesuatu yang bebas dan terbuka. Secara mudah untuk memahami konsep ini, aliran ini bersifat condong kepada kebebasan dan pemerintahan yang dikatakan demokratik. Manakala aliran Islam Liberal merujuk kepada aliran yang memiliki ciri keterbukaan dan kebebasan yang lebih daripada apa yang ada dalam syariat Islam yang asli lagi tulen. Dalam konteks kini aliran ini merupakan serangan pemikiran dan kebudayaan di mana bentuk-bentuk serangan yang secara tidak langsung dilakukan bagi meruntuhkan pegangan agama masyarakat Islam serta boleh memberi kesan kepada keruntuhan Islam.

(2) Apakah yang diperjuangkan oleh Islam Liberal ini?

Di Malaysia, golongan Islam Liberal ini telah mula memperjuangkan pelbagai isu bertujuan menyebarkan idea liberalisme secara lebih meluas. Antara agenda golongan ini ialah memperjuangkan fahaman pluralisme agama dengan menyamatarafkan semua agama, agar kedudukan agama Islam sebagai agama yang paling benar dapat dihapuskan. Secara tidak langsung kedudukan agama Islam di Malaysia dapat direndahkan sehingga boleh mengundang kepada gejala murtad. Perkara ini selari dengan salah satu tuntutan IFC atau Suruhanjaya Antara Agama (Interfaith Commission) supaya membenarkan orang Islam untuk murtad tanpa dikenakan apa-apa halangan dan tindakan.

Selain itu, golongan Islam Liberal juga berusaha untuk menghapuskan kedaulatan agama Islam sama ada secara langsung atau tidak langsung. Kedudukan agama Islam di Malaysia sebagai agama bagi Persekutuan, atau Islam sebagai agama negara, sengaja ditafsirkan dengan Islam sekadar agama rasmi sahaja. Tujuan mereka menyatakan demikian adalah untuk menjadikan Malaysia sebagai Negara Sekular berpaksikan demokrasi liberal yang tidak terikat dengan agama Islam. Dengan sebab inilah mereka turut menentang pemerkasaan terhadap Mahkamah Syariah dan Undang-Undang Syariah. Mereka juga berhasrat untuk menghapuskan Institusi-institusi Agama Islam di Malaysia.



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6 thoughts on “‘Jom ziarah gereja’ and Mais monitoring hidden agendas

  1. The Selangor Sultan just told the politicians off….only his HRH n MAIS r authorised to speak on religion in the state.

    Very clear examples given..uslims can enter other places of worship to attend wakes, funerals, weddings, coronations.Bit they cannot take part in rituals like prayers etc.

    But not visit to learn n understand about that particular faith.

    There, loud n clear.

    The Sultan held back until now coz he couldn’t stand dem ignorant and unauthorised politicians/persons pontificating in his beloved Selangor anymore…..

    Daulat Tuanku!!

    1. To be clear, the S’gor exco for religious/Islamic affairs is a PKR man.

      Also, the spokesman for Umno ulama council has just been been appointed “pro bono” religious advisor to DPM Zahid.

    2. Islam is a way of life. There is no separation between religion and other matters, including politics. For non-muslim, if they really understand what Islam is all about, then nothing to be fear about Islam. Unless if the person is an enemy of Islam, then nothing much that we can explain or do about it.

  2. Churches in Malaysia are facing existential threat from low turnout after the lockdown as people are accustomed to doing things at home. They are questioning the need to attend masses. The same cannot be said for Masjids as Friday prayers are textually-mandated in the Quran and Muslims are known to be practicing their faith more than any other religion in their waking hours, and even when others are sleeping. Thus for Muslim men, attending Friday prayers in mosques is inbuilt into their dna. In recent years we are seeing increasingly more Muslim women opting to attend Tarawih prayers in Masjids to the extent that they are competing for space with men. So, for the Muslims, the potential for growth in Masjid attendance is much more than for other faiths. On top of that, competition for space in Masjids increases by the presence of migrant Muslim workers. Its a well known fact that a growing number of Churches in traditionally Christian parts of the world are facing existential threat, and in extreme cases abandoned Churches were repurposed into Masjids, thus continuing the worship of the one God. This is where jom ziarah makes sense to them to tap into the wider potential. And where for the Muslims, the fear of a hidden agenda behind the move initiated by a known Evangelist is not trivial.

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