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DAP quiet on viral dogcatcher case

An elderly man was injured when he tried to save his dogs from Majlis Bandar Petaling Jaya (MBPJ).

According to media reports the past few days, the victim Patrick Khoo has alleged that an MBPJ officer deliberately swiped him (the 69-year-old Chinese uncle) with his dogcatcher’s pole.

Unless I’m mistaken, the incident happened in DAP land, i.e. the DUN area of Bukit Gasing.

While the Petaling Jaya MP from PKR has publicly raised the issue, the Bukit Gasing Adun on the other hand has been as quiet as a church mouse. Yes, the YB is a Christian — in fact, Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant.

YB Rajiv Rishyakaran (below) has been DAP Adun for multiple terms in Bukit Gasing, PJ.

The DAP elected reps have been mostly silent since before and after GE15 for fear of spooking the Malays.



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3 thoughts on “DAP quiet on viral dogcatcher case

  1. No matter how they trying to conceal their true mission, their true color will eventually come out. Finally we the RAKYAT will know about it!

  2. whether dap make noise or keep quiet make no diff, one can still accuse them from the pov of malay, or chinese.

    1. HY. It seems the evangelistic DAP has overwhelmed the social democratic/chauvinistic DAP being younger and more aggressive. The former to politicize a religion in a Muslim majority country is a non-starter.

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