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‘MENYANTUNI’ kepulangan Zakir Naik ke tanahair

‘Zakir Naik akan kembali ke Malaysia, bagaimana pendirian DAP?’

For more details on the firebrand preacher’s imminent return, see Agenda Daily report below.

Menyantuni’ is the favourite activity of tudung-clad DAP politicians and their Selendang Squad apparatchiks.

It is the overused buzzword of other Harapan YBs also. PMX himself is, moreover, mighty fond of saying ‘menyantuni’ too (see @anwaribrahim tweet below).

’Menyantuni’ is therefore the most suitable word to welcome the inspirational and blessed return of ZN to our Malaysian political landscape.

BELOW: Zakir Naik and former Harapan religious czar Muhahid Yusof saling santun-menyantuni some years ago (2019)



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One thought on “‘MENYANTUNI’ kepulangan Zakir Naik ke tanahair

  1. “Firebrand” can be quite a loaded term. Dr Zakir is passionate but he is not a troublemaker except to the Indian BJP Hindu nationalist politicians who, for obvious reasons, are keen to keep him out of India with trumped-up charges from terrorism to money laundering. If one truly listens to his preachings, he does a good job of reconciling the Abrahamic and the Hinduism faiths – showing the commonalities among them as opposed to their differences which we are ever so conditioned to believe by the Godless media. People fail to realise that only God has the power to give guidance & unify mankind under one faith. But we know that He created mankind in different creeds so they may find common grounds.

    Its an open secret that the Hindu Nationalist BJP uses religion to maintain a firm political grip on the Hindu electoral base by pitting Hindus against Muslims. Being an Indian, a medical doctor, and then becoming an expert orator in comparative religion, he knows their scriptures very well & cannot be bluffed like the masses, and he has managed to expand his viewership to gargantuan proportions rivaling the politicians themselves – all of which make him a special threat to them.

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