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“Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)


A reporter’s viral tweet on the issue received a quarter of a million (update: more than 400,000) ‘impressions’, i.e. views on Twitter.

Blue checked Twitter account @amerhadiazmi tweeted on March 29: “The 69 year old PJ uncle who was injured in a scuffle with MBPJ dog catchers last week will be charged at the PJ magistrate court on Friday [tomorrow] for obstructing a public officer.”

“The MBPJ officer meanwhile is facing no legal action.”

In his second tweet at 5.58pm yesterday in the same Twitter thread, Hadi Azmi wrote: “Rekha Morgan who was an eye witness to the incident remarked the officers telling her to ‘report polis la’ and ‘kita government’ when she allegedly stepped in to break the scuffle”.

Hadi Azmi is the Asia correspondent for Hong Kong-based media outlet the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The eyewitness told the SCMP correspondent that the dogcatchers had claimed “kita government” when rebuked for their actions which were caught on CCTV and viewed by probably millions of eyeballs on social media — screengrab of the dog capture below via NST.

To be clear, when the MBPJ dogcatchers declared “kita government”, they were referring to the following structure of authority.

The incident happened in the Bukit Gasing area which is a DAP seat in the Selangor state assembly.

The Bukit Gasing DUN is in the Petaling Jaya parliament constituency which is a seat held by Pakatan Harapan.

Selangor itself is a PH-led state, and its exco in charge of local government is the DAP’s Ng Sze Han. YB Ng is also the Adun for Kinrara.

At federal level, the administration is Anwar’s Malaysia Madani government. PMX’s cabinet minister in charge of local government is Nga Kor Ming. YB Nga is a multi-term DAP parliamentarian.

So when the dogcatchers say “kita government”, these DAP and Harapan bigshots are their bosses going up the political pecking order.



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2 thoughts on ““Kita gomen” — the PJ dogcatcher controversy (updated)

  1. Let us hope that it was easy for them the DAP to push the foreign Singapore Line. But they now find it hard going to be the Government of our local folks. In our country, talking within reason has always been free. For how long, are these born again christians of the DAP Leadership going to please the 7-headed serpent which is part and parcel of Malaysian Politics ? Not only that, lives, jobs and the future of all the Rakyat are at stake. Such minor events may coalesce into a snowball of gigantic proportions which becomes out of control by anyone. Hence, I always urged these exuberant types of born again christians of the DAP Leadershsip to be cautious with their childish antics in their now apparent victory. Victory over what, may I ask ? Over Satan ? In our beloved Malaysia, a religion is to be treated like a religion. No more. No less. Like this we have had Peace, Harmony, Prosperity for centuries. Here is an example. My almighty born again christian nephew told me that there were 2% christians in Buddhist Laos 20 years ago. Today, 2023, it is still 2% ! At the age of 55, he married a Laotian lady who now expects their their first child a son this month ! His father died last year and left him with an inheritance of S$ 20 million ! Sprecken zie Deutsche ?

    1. As I was saying, the born again christian DAP Leadership has stretched not only their imagination but also their physical resources very far – as illustrated by the dismal case of the ‘unprepared’ Deputy Minister. Why they did not put up a donkey and call it a YB ? At least, the donkey would have neighed in response. Some cynics conjectured that she is a clanswoman of the incumbent redoubtable DAP Dynasty. That’s one way to keep an unqualified person of blood to collect some tax free Public gaji. Leave it to some Chinese ! They will find a way to turn round crooked corners. Believe it or not !

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