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Treatment of dogs in DAP land

A tweet about the MBPJ dogcatchers incident has reached almost three-quarters of a million ‘impressions’ or close to 750,000 views on Twitter.

This viral viewership of @amerhadiazmi’s tweet two days ago indicates a high degree of public interest.

Many members of the public do not think 69-year-old Patrick Khoo should be charged in court.

Uncle Khoo is facing the possibility of up to two years jail, a fine of RM10,000 max (or both) for trying to save his dogs from PJ council enforcement.

The round-up of canines took place in a Chinese-majority DUN. The area’s two-thirds Chinese electorate had voted overwhelmingly to elect a DAP church mouse Adun.

Malays don’t keep dogs. It is understandable that the Malay parties like Umno, Bersatu and PAS are not keen on taking up such an issue. But as for DAP, it’s evident the party is careful to “don’t spook the Malays”.

Eyewitness Rekha Morgan, who lodged a police report, wrote in her FB that one of the MBPJ officers had assaulted the elderly Khoo.

Social media users can see CCTV footage where the MBPJ man hooked his rod implement around Khoo’s upper arm — mirroring the method a catcher applies on the captured dogs.

According to Rekha’s eyewitness account, the MBPJ officer “used an iron rod to hit the old man”.

This disgraceful episode occurred in a Cina DAP area in a Harapan-ruled state Selangor in PMX’s ‘Malaysia Madani’.

The DAP Adun is being deafeningly silent while the MP (who is PKR) has virtue signaled but without doing any concrete follow-up.

I don’t know how many of the 97 percent Chinese are dog lovers but as someone belonging to the three percent Chinese, I can tell you that even my cats are appalled.

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2 thoughts on “Treatment of dogs in DAP land

  1. The lack of appreciation of all forms of living things when a person is young gives rise to adults behaving differently. I was one of those who reared rabbits, guinea pigs, Siamese fighting fish and spiders as a teenager. But as a kid, I had the opportunity to savor the rich fauna and flora of India especially in the foothills of the Himalayas and later, the Indian alpine forests at 7,000 ft. The wonders of an Indian Spring and Autumn have to be seen to be believed. The season of myriads of butterflies as these cascaded down hill slopes in search of their flora habitat. Or the huge flights of parakeets screeching and sweeping low through the woods in search of a winter home was a feature of Nature India. Not only that, the occasional peacock preening itself on top of some ancient ruins as the train sped by at sunset certainly made an unforgettable scene for anyone. Then I used to spy the odd hoopoe bird or the mongoose creeping along the garden’s edge with the chirpy squirrels high up amongst some tall trees. India and China do conserve their flora and fauna diligently. I have never like zoos where beautiful animals are kept in cages. I believe all the animals should be released back to the wild. It is strange that no human rightist or freedom group think of this. The cruelty meted out to the animals kept in zoos should prohibited. Here is a true example. In the 1970s, the staff in my Taiping factory caught a huge python. I advised them to present it to the Taiping Zoo. Two weeks later the python was gone. Hopefully, zoos are the things of the past and nations put their efforts in conservation of fauna and flora for the appreciation of all Humankind. But in 2023, we find Malaysians walloping fellow Malaysians or setting poor dogs on fire. Something is wrong somewhere in DAP or no DAP Land.

  2. Whilst the born again christian DAP Leadership is embroiled in the history of their own making by accusing others of being running dogs in the past but now they are accused by their detractors to be the true running dogs in present day Malaysia. Their jealousy of other Chinese rivals knows no bounds by accusing the ex-running dog MCA for out manoeuvring them in their courtesy call on the Communist Party of China in Beijing. This is the sort of peanuts type of childish politicking engaged by these amateurs all the time for want of a better intellect ! We must now move away from such nonsense as perpetrated by these born again christian DAP Leaders of NO MERIT and focus on the Hopes and Aspirations of all of us as embodied and led by our Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Why ? BECAUSE HE IS THE FIRST PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA WHO RECOGNIZES HIS OWN TRUE WORTH SINCE 1981 and not tiny Singapore ! With this recognition, the true worth of our beloved Malaysia and her redoubtable peoples are now truly recognized. These important elements have been looked down upon and scoffed at since 1981 when the citizenry were treated no better than door mats and their wealth stolen by STEALTH IN BROAD DAYLIGHT ! Yes ! It is not only important that our Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim not only recognizes his own TRUE WORTH but all of us Malaysians as well. This is only befitting a Normal Prime Minister who is going places in this turbulent World unlike some minor satraps who cast doubts on the Malays WHEN WE ARE AT THE CUSP OF GREATNESS AND ENDEAVOUR TO BE ACHIEVED BY NOT ONLY THE MALAYS THEMSELVES BUT BY ALL MALAYSIANS AT LARGE ! Why is this so ? No one can foretell destiny. It is the Will of God. The fact is DSAI is now in the EYE of the World being Malaysia with all its strategic and geo-political advantages in ASEAN if not the World at the beginning of the titanic struggles between an aging hegemony which is the United States and an up and coming China. – India later and the whole of the Islamic World in late 21st Century or slightly beyond. All US think-tanks know this. It’s the revolutionary hi-tech. The beauty of being Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia today is Cat’s Whiskers with Normal Task and Services for the citizenry will suffice. The stealing by STEALTH IN BROAD DAYLIGHT BY THE TOP LEADERSHIP SINCE 1981 is not expected this time round. But honourable honours to be bestowed on the Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim are to be expected for saving DEMOCRACY IN ONE OF THE 4 IMPORTANT SMALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD BEING THE UNITED KINGDOM, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, MALAYSIA. Tsingtao University is the Second ! Where are you tiny Singapore ? It is to be noted that President Zi placed great store on our Prime Minister’s courtesy call. He emphasized the revitalization of the important Silk Belt and Road initiative in the interests of all concerned. Spain and tiny Singapore were just footnotes in this Great Game now being played out WITH OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA AS THE MAIN PARTICIPANT IN ASEAN BECAUSE OF HER PRESENT POLITICAL STABILITY AND ALL THE OTHER KNOWN ATTRIBUTES. And our Honorable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim LEADS THE CHARGE WITHOUT THE SLEAZY BAGGAGE OF HIS PREDECESSORS SINCE 1981 ! Up ! Up ! Malaysia ! A better livelihood for all and sundry. It is not only achievable. It is the right of all Malaysians that there will be NO MORE LOOTING OF PUBLIC WEALTH BY STEALTH IN BROAD DAYLIGHT, ever !

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