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Typical ‘Cina’ behaviour

Compare info (1) which contains the ‘race’ particular, with info (2) where the relevant ‘Cina’ particular is redacted.

The first (1) image – below – shows the police report about a stray dog in Skudai, Johor which was deliberately set on fire. It is from the portal ‘’. Please read for yourself.

This March 27 police report by a vet described the perpetrator (of the dog abuse caught on CCTV) as “lelaki Cina”.

Article headlined ‘19-Year-Old Caught On CCTV Abusing A Dog With An Iron Rod & Setting It On Fire’ can be read @

BELOW: Image (1) “lelaki Cina menaiki motokar jenis Toyota Prius-C … memukul anjing yang sedang tidur”

The second (2) image shows the same police report. It is from an article headlined ‘Johor Youth Suspected Of Setting Dog On Fire’ and can be read @

In The Rakyat Post’s image of the police report, the sentence is visible as “lelaki [word blacked out] menaiki motokar jenis [word blacked out] … memukul anjing yang sedang tidur”

BELOW: Image (2) had some words in it redacted

Therefore, if you’re a Rakyat Post reader, you would not have been told that the suspect is ‘Chinese’ and that he drove a ‘Honda Prius-C’ (a car which is not cheap). This information is being deliberately withheld from the public.

Also, if you’re a Rakyat Post reader, you would not have been told in its news coverage cited above that the suspect’s mother had gone to the clinic to request that the vet retract her police report (this detail was reported by other media).

If you’re a Rakyat Post reader, you’d furthermore not have been told that the mother was “quoted as saying that hurting the dog was a trivial matter, and that if left outside, the dog would have bitten others” (these details were reported by other media).

It is of course (and needless to say) not typical Chinese behaviour to set a dog on fire.

What is typical Chinese behaviour, however, is the mother backing up and making lame excuses for her son.

According to the vet who is Malay, “the dog has been friendly to all of her customers”, “has never chased anyone [and] nor was it aggressive”.

Since the dog had been living next door to her clinic for some time, the vet’s observations are credible.

On the other hand, for the suspect’s mother to have claimed that “the dog would have bitten others” is not based on any evidence as she would not have known this dog.

Furthermore, the CCTV footage showed her son repeatedly hitting the female dog — which did not retaliate in any way despite the vicious beating.

This fact adds credence to the vet’s testimony that the dog is unaggressive.

Meanwhile, the description by the suspect’s mother – when she claimed “the dog would have bitten others” – sounds like slander/defamation to me.



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24 thoughts on “Typical ‘Cina’ behaviour

  1. Not only dogs, the Chinese bully those they think are below them. Here is a true story. It was very early in the morning. It was dark. There was no one in the car park. I just parked my car not too accurately in a designated car lot. I entered the kopitiam for my makan. It was 7.30 am when I left. Lo and behold, I found a Penang number 4 WD deliberately parked very close to my car which prevented me from entering. I returned to the kopitiam and called loudly for the owner of the car. No one responded until the kopitiam owner approached a rough looking Chinese. He scolded me for not parking properly. It was just after the 14th GE in May 2018. Like his party DAP, in victory, no humility ! Also, in my experience with this type of low class Chinese, there were 4 instances of Honda CRVs driven by Chinese who deliberately forced their way through the streets by impinging on my lane. These thick headed numbskulls of chinamen do not think they are in Malaysia. Stupid !

    1. Another true story of how ennobled Malaysians bully others in the streets of KL. One year before 2018, I was approaching the 2 lane from the Science Museum. There was a thick double white line which separated the 2 lane traffic on the left and the 2 lane traffic going up the bridge to PJ. Suddenly, a white Porsche Cayenne was alongside me driving on top of the double white line. Its Indian bodyguard was waving at me to give way to him. It was too late. The white Porsche crashed into the side of my Toyota Rush. Both cars stopped. There was no damage to my car. But the front left door of the Porsche was completely damaged. The Porsche owner instructed his bodyguard to take the keys of my car. This is kidnapping and stealing. He went and sat in the left front seat of my car. The owner instructed me to drive to the Sime Darby Porsche workshop following him. I did not put up any resistance. At the workshop, the damage was estimated to be RM 10,000. The manager whispered to me that this fellow was always damaging his car. He gave me his Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr visiting card as a member of the MIC from Sungei Siput. He told me he lived in Damansara Heights and asked me where i lived. I replied, ‘ Kenny Hill’. He rolled his eyes. With a quick mental calculation I paid the RM 10,000. But 2 weeks later, a drunken chinamen ended up in my garden and paid me RM 7,000. By March 2020, the Sungei Siput MIC fellow lost big from his Mall in Klang and hotel in Port Dickson and more from Covid 19 and the 14th GE. He had no KARMA. It pays not to fight all the time. And about the same time, I was head of the queue at the KTM ticket booth to buy a ticket for Ipoh. Suddenly, a plump crew cut individual with a black tee shirt cut in front of me without any courtesy to buy tickets. I kept quiet because in Malaysia it always pays to be prudent as the 14th GE unhinged the whole lot ! In both instances, I took the wise move not to engage these gangsters but to let God’s Will takes its course. I love to do things at street level to keep myself in touch with REALITY all the time.

  2. I looked at the calender. Lo and behold ! It’s April 1st 2023. What I am going to say is from the heart and not a bit frivolous in the MCA or DAP running dogs land ! For one thing, I love to remind all our fellow Malaysians that we live in the Best Country in the World even though Singapore claimed their Navy is 2nd Best to the US Navy and their Fire Brigade is the Best in Asia and the DBS is the largest bank in S.E. Asia if not Asia. However, we Malaysians still live in the very Best Country in the World with our Happy Index at 55 and Singapore which has nothing, not even a sunset, at 25 ! Believe it or not ! I am not talking cock when I say our beloved Malaysia is the Best Country in the World because I have experienced all the Beauty and Warts of our beloved Malaysia. Has any one stood on a lonely hill-top at 6 am at sunrise on a Malaysian jungle fringe ? I have. And to hear the cackle and chirping birds as they rose from their slumber concomitant with the lonely early morning call of the hornbill searching for its mate ? With the heat of the rising sun, they were all gone in a jiffy ! And the magnificent Kota Kinabalu sunset ? Such were the wonders of our beloved Malaysia. Not only that, I used to savour the scenery along the old trunk roads as I drove home from outstation in the 1960s. The kampongs and the new villages along the way with their inhabitants preparing for the night and the sweet and gentle smell of the smoke which swirled from these places of abode in the dying minutes of a tropical sunset ! Or the crowds of Malaysians munching away and sitting side by side in the mamak stalls or kopitiams in Peace, Harmony, Prosperity ! Yes ! We Malaysians must SEE and not just look. and think how far we have come today and POISED TO GO FURTHER, VERY MUCH FURTHER ! Given the right Leadership and a NORMAL PRIME MINISTER. A person who is down to earth, listens to good advice and a penchant for compassion to all and sundry. At last, I think, we have found a Leader, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim who will lead us out of the deep corruption and chicanery since 1980 ! Yes ! After a round of touching base with the good foreign friends, the job laid out for our PM is Normal, Simple and Straightforward (do not listen to little devils with forked-tongues). No need to be like Icarus or Lee Kuan Yew flying into the Sun. i) Normal Administration with follow-ups that all do their Normal work and toe the line. The failure has been the DIGITS following the bad Leadership at the very top, NOT THE SYSTEM ! ii) Tidy up the antiquated Laws which have been neglected since 1981 in the wanton pursuit of MONEY. iii) Time to create more jobs by a stable Unity Government which attracts domestic and foreign investments. The hard and difficult work is here ! iv) Implement Policies which are fair and just, most importantly easy to understand and benefit the majority. True reformists are few and far between. Don’t listen to the bullshit. CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME NOT SINGAPORE. v) Avoid inflation by keeping rice and all essential good at low prices. vi) Cut down the GLCs which were a political creation and make NO MONEY with an open ended liability for the Government. Do not be frightened by the screams of the incumbents who own no shares but parasite on these unaccountable and uncontrollable all expenses paid – GLCs. vii ) Learn from the MISTAKES of your predecessors since 1981 ! With the Government holding the horses, the Private Sector must be given incentives to create more jobs and make money ! viii) Socio-economics must make a big play with he Unity Government to care for the aged, the single mothers, the disadvantaged children with normal medical facilities and education. ix) Charity begins at HOME forget our fake abang-adek Singapore ! x) Like this Democracy is saved. DSAI becomes a strong candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace which eluded even Lee Kuan Yew FOR SAVING DEMOCRACY IN MALAYSIA AND THE WORLD ! Acheh !

      1. Bin. ‘too long read it anyways’ Thanks. The year is 2023. When Malaya became Merdeka, the ‘sputnik 1’ has not appeared yet until 1958 ! You know what a ‘sputnik’ is Bin ? By not reading the small print in all our Agreements with tiny bite sized impoverished but rich Singapore, our beloved Malaysia lost EVERYTHING to these fake abang-adeks as follows :- i) 1962 – Water Agreement. Malaysia pays to deliver the water. ! ii) 1970 – All Malaysia-Singapore Airways equipment, only planes excepted, given FREE to Singapore. iii) 1963-2000. The Singapore-KL Stock Exchange was played up and down unofficially by Singapore. iv) 2004 – The Prime Minister was not sure whether the Pulau Batu Putih belonged to Malaysia since the Jurassic Age. The Hague told him the Pulau Batu Putih belonged to Singapore founded by the British East India Company in 1819 ! Ouch! v) 2004-2008. Our National Khazanah coffers were wide opened to employees of the Singapore Straits Times to pick cheap cheap. You may not be aware, dear Bin, one hard-core PAP cadre from Singapore sat in the Chief Editor chair, reserved for Malays only, UMNO owned New Straits Times, with a lush Sime Darby contract between his knees, to teach us Malaysians like you and me, Singlish ! We were colonised, chop, chop, by the fake abang adeks from Singapore ! Were you born yet, dear Bin ! vi) 2010-2017. Malaysia’s KTM billion dollars Singapore assets, ended up as half an office building, dear Bin ! Singapore by converting her old 250 acres Keppel Golf course into a multi-billion township cost our beloved Malaysia RM 330 million compensation which HSR runs 99,99% on Malaysian soil. We Malaysians did not read the small print BECAUSE ‘too long’, dear Bin. vii) 2002-2022. Our top VIPs all agreed that the CPTPP enhances our Malaysian exports over 25 years. But the small print says Malaysia is locked in and Singapore can dump her re-labelled tariff free goods into Malaysia today, not over 25 years, dear Bin. viii) Do you know the whole of Singapore since 1965-2023 was built with FREE WATER, SAND AND ROCKS FROM MALAYSIA, DEAR BIN ? No ? ix) Only 2 Sovereign and National Interest Assets left. Without only either one, our beloved Malaysia is NO MORE, dear Bin ! I apologize to you for not putting the above as a COMIC STRIP for your easy edification, Bin ! If God did not strip the Singaporeans down to their loin cloths from March 2020 via the Covid 19, Ukraine War, US-China tensions, World recession to come etc I would be so ashamed of myself that a tiny nobody could do the above to us., I would run off to Timbucktoo, dear Bin ! Fortunately, no Timbucktoo for me because ‘MAN/WOMAN PROPOSES. GOD DISPOSES ! Hence, Singapore is falling, Malaysia is rising, dear Bin ! It pays to read the small, small print dear Bin ! If your Uncle had told Lee Kuan Yew in 1972 to buy 4,000 tonnes of GOLD at US$230 per ounce to 2002, you and me will be sucking Singaporeans eggs now, not the Singaporeans. Your Uncle did NOT. Hence, our beloved Malaysia will rise and rise given a Normal Prime Minister with an impeccable record and cosmopolitan view of the World, dear Bin !

        1. Dear Bin, Have you noticed in our beloved country, history is irrelevant. History begins new every day. Our beloved Malaysia is the only country in the World which has its history beginning today ! The famous Mrs Lee Kuan Yew once told me that today’s events are forgotten by tomorrow in our country ! Unlike other countries, history is not the finest arbiter of the truth in Malaysia. Unlike the other countries, history professors will be far and few between because in Malaysia history begins today and not tomorrow or yesterday. Yet with our peculiarities unique to us Malaysians like borrowing money from EPF to ‘borrow’ more from the banks, we still rise and rise as our statistics tell us all the time ! Where else but Malaysia, dear Bin ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. Vide. Please note that the EPF is NOT a savings bank – IT’S A TRUST. I was there 1968-1974 and 1984-1985 as a TRUSTEE of the Board of Trustees, EPF, not as a banker ! Acheh !

        2. To allay my detractors on my comments on our Honourable Prime Minister, I repeat, ‘The proof of a pudding is in the eating !’

          1. Uncle,

            What do you think about PMX’s remarks on disputed South China Sea waters? You reckon he showed smart leadership?

            1. Madam, I like your searching questions. In all events, especially in the World’s strategic geo-politics, history plays a major part in the actions arising from the Policies of Nations being the Rise and the Fall of Nations. First, Uncle Sam made the fatal mistake with his generous and humble invitation after her apparent victory over Communism via Clinton in 1992, “Globalization. Free Trade. Human Rights’. Then, backward Russia and China were down in the dumps. That’s 1992, 30 years ago. But the Americans have always been like this because of their beliefs and culture, and most importantly their collective innocence. Remember how they chummy up to friendly Gorbachev and Yeltsin. I know them very well having studied under them and worked with them. They are nice people. Little did the Americans in 1992 realize that Russia and China were nationalistic with a different political authoritarian system as well which is diametrically opposite to American Democracy. And both are behemoths. The Americans thought nuclear superiority is might. The Chinese play their 5,000 year game while the Russians performing like bears from the Siberian forests. From 1992 – 2006, the Americans were busy fixing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and homeland security. Concomitantly, Russia and China made huge strides in trade and scientific advancement. The US think tanks (Jewish) began to notice the red flags marching towards the Great United States from China peacefully. The Americans typically over-reacted. But it was Trump who made the first moves to reduce the advance of China whilst playing with the Russians. This did not work with Putin who got all Trump’s colour pix taken in Moscow. He tried to seduce the fat boy away from China. This did not work either. Seamlessly, Uncle Sam from the beginnings of Obama to the actions of Trump and now more of Biden decided to engage China’s rise in the World everywhere and in all aspects. It’s TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT because there is no way to corral China from her enforced slumber by the very antagonists which suppressed her, 1842-1949. In just 30 years China has found her confidence, her rightful World existence and her vision of the future which had eluded her for 150 years 1842-1949. The Americans have taken the extreme hard stance whilst the Europeans with an inkling of history tries to mollify the inevitable proceedings, taking a leaf from Napoleon. Either way, the Americans are up against the wall after their fatal mistake of 1992. Nuclear strikes will eliminate all. Selective aggression will cause much human damage and grieve. In time, the American psyche will weaken like Rome and her Empire or the British Empire. Fortunately for the US, China is weak in her rural precincts which will take another 50 year to catch up with the US. As a small country, our beloved Malaysia has to make the right choice with her right hand on the history books and the left hand on her heart of reality. I believe the Honourable Prime Minister has made the right move as regards the South China Sea. The critics are just trying to be relevant to earn a living ! OMG ! As for tiny Singapore, Singapore who ?

              1. Uncle,

                Anwar is out of his league. You’re so inconsolably distressed by the loss of Pulau Batu Putih.

                PM9 fears that bits of our M’sian territorial waters will be lost.

                1. Madam. Please put all into a logical context. No one seemed to be bothered by the daylight robbery of Sovereign and National Assets by tiny Singapore for years. In fact, they kissed these precious assets away to Singapore without a national referendum. Other countries die to keep one inch of territory or asset. PM9 or 8 ? He was MB of Johor for many years and did not have any feeling of the loss of assets or deliberate over flights by the SAF ! Now, he is worried about losing Malaysian territory which will never materialize because I read DSAI is TALKING ABOUT JOINT EXPLORATION OF OIL AND GAS WITH CHINA ! It’s commonsense to do so because our beloved Malaysia’s coffers are empty. Malaysia has many joint oil ventures with others in the South China Sea. I am surprised you are also unaffected by the huge loss of Sovereign and National Assets via dubious means to Singapore. I really do not know how to make the treasonous loss of Malaysian Sovereign and National Assets to Singapore clearer than this. Unless, I am led up the garden path in full view of all. At the end of the day, I am a Constitutionalist since 1954 never a Communalist.

                2. Madam. Malaysia has to breakout of its cocoon spun by no less the tiny spider Singapore that they are superior! The loss of Pulau Batu Putih is even greater than the Battle for the Falkland Islands in the remote South Atlantic defensively waged against Argentina by Great Britain under Margaret Thatcher. It was not only Sovereignty, National Interest but also what the British stood for. It was not only Pulau Batu Putih which I complained about but the whole list of TRANSGRESSIONS BY ONE TINY STATE OVER A MUCH BIGGER STATE by dubious means. The whole World looks on such acts accordingly. Malaysia is poised to ride the upsurge in China’s economy whilst the Americans are actually WITHDRAWING FROM THE WESTERN PACIFIC in an effort to contain China and trying to leave a time bomb behind, Taiwan. So, far DSAI has his vision focused in the right direction. I view his Policies and Actions in terms of SOVEREIGNTY AND NATIONAL INTEREST of our beloved Malaysia. Anything else is definitely not my concern after all he is the Honourable Prime Minister. He should know better than me.

                3. By having a joint venture in oil and gas exploration with China, the territorial disputes between Malaysia and China becomes irrelevant. Taking the National viewpoint, if DSAI takes this approach which I expect him to, then, he has the Vision, Innovation and Creativity in the National Interest. The United States are more choosy in their investments which may demand all sorts of conditions unable to be fulfilled by Malaysia. Do you know that if you buy a US fighter plane you have to get clearance from Washington whether you can shoot at Singapore or not ? Hence, we ended up with the Sukhoi-29 jets paid for by palm oil. It’s a strange World Madam!

      2. We lost not only the Pulau Batu Putih but the TERRITORIAL SEA BED FROM IT AS MUCH AS 30 MILES ALL ROUND AS THE CROW FLIES according to international law ! Stupid.

  3. Uncle,

    China has territorial disputes with almost all its neighbours over land borders and sea borders — Taiwan, India, Nepal, Bhutan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar and Malaysia.

    Asean does not accept China’s nine-dash line.

    Anwar is out of his league to treat with Beijing.

    1. Madam. We shall see how DSAI deals with China. I am only guessing his intentions of turning an insoluble dispute into a win-win situation for both parties concerned. If he succeeds, the South China Sea imbroglio vanishes. I note that you mentioned little Singapore is on your list of territorial disputes with China. How come ? China’s border problems arose from encroachment by the colonial powers when China was weak. I note you left out Vladisvostock and its environs which were grabbed by Imperialist Russia. Here is something for your thoughts. When DSAI was the DPM, he had strong links with the US Democrats like William Cohen and Gore during the Clinton days. But now that he is the PM, is he practicing real politik in his dealings with China. My view is we must keep Malaysia neutral in our dealings with the foreign powers like Switzerland. Malaysia should have a pukka Foreign Office and staff these days. Little Singapore is now seen to kow-tow to their Chinese uncle more than their US uncle. How far can they go walking the straight and narrow line of appeasement by a tiny place with nothing ? Please note my views are in keeping with our Constitution. I note your views are US Republican. True, Madam ?

      1. I left out Russia b’cos Comrade Putin & Chairman Xi are newly BFF whereas ‘dispute’ implies that the two parties disputing. Their respective countries’ old, old dispute might have been put on the back burner for now.

        I copypasted the entry of S’pore in the list gleaned from this (below) and other articles.

        As for my views, I’m neither pro-America nor pro-China. However methinks Biden & the Dems are turning USA into a banana republic.

        1. So far the announced Policies by DSAI are spot on eg i) On Corruption ii) Up-date Insolvency Act iii) Review the Monopolies. iv) On TDM v) Engagement with China. vi) Malaysia’s total Debt. vii) Civil administration. To be effective, DSAI has to follow up and follow up on the implementation of his Polices because our people are famous for saying ‘No problem’ and do nothing thereafter ! Let us all judge DSAI on his Policies because we had his predecessors with no policies since 1981 in a strategic geo-political land full of good peoples and bountiful natural resources compared to the loin-clothed Singaporeans who have nothing. Charity begins at home, dear all ! DSAI is the first Prime Minister since 1981 who recognizes his OWN TRUE WORTH !

        2. Also, DSAI’s ASEAN Policy ! Malaysia should be the ASEAN leader again not tiny Singapore with nothing !

    2. Madam, According to your premise that DSAI is out of his league in his dealings with China, this remark actually confirmed why our beloved Malaysia lost all her Sovereign and National Interest assets to tiny Singapore from 1962 -2022 by the latter uttering the magic words ‘abang-adek’. It was as simple as this. CPTPP and TNB are the latest up-dates for Malaysian goodies in Covid. Ukraine War and US-Sino tensions ravaged Singapore. Have you noticed that most Malaysians lost money in China ? I always tell my friends that there are always mainland Chinese smarter than our local Chinese in the ratio of 100,000 : 1 !

  4. Oh yea ! Oh yea ! You just look at the many huge 500 empty flats per ugly block now not only dotting Selangor but KL as well. You will realize there will be an Armageddon crashing on the banks soon A picture of human greed and abuse. .I reckon there are at least 15,000-20,000 such flats either empty or incomplete ! No wonder the Minister of Local Housing has a problem which CANNOT be solved by Singaporeans in loin cloths ! Take a drive from Federal Highway via Pantai Dalam towards Shah Alam. You see the handiwork of the hands of approvals ! I tried to see crosses in day time. But may be only at night when fully occupied !

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