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Getting our news from Twitter

Twitter is my go-to platform for the news. From Twitter, I go to the various online media after clicking their tweeted headline(s).

The Vibes reported yesterday that 69-year-old Patrick Khoo Khian Wui was charged in court for obstructing MBPJ dogcatcher Azizul Azzim Norehan. Its story was uploaded at 11.27am.

The portal then tweeted out the story at 11.31am.

FMT uploaded its news report headlined ‘Elderly man claims trial to obstructing MBPJ officers’ yesterday at 11.29am.

The portal had tweeted out its story alert just a few minutes earlier at 11.25am.

To recap: The Vibes and FMT featured this story yesterday morning at 11.27am and 11.29am respectively.

In comparison, Malaysiakini only uploaded the story late yesterday evening — trailing the other media coverage by six hours.

BELOW: The same news in Malaysiakini was timestamped 5.35pm

Malaysiakini later tweeted out the story at 5.45pm.

Meanwhile, the story placement in Malaysiakini was also buried far, far, far down the portal homepage — perhaps indicating that Malaysiakini editors did not regard the news as important.

Either that or Malaysiakini did not reckon its readers would be much interested.

I’ve always regarded Malaysiakini as Dapster Sentral and in lockstep with the DAP narrative. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I see Malaysiakini as carrying water for the party.

Well, the DAP Adun in the area where the dogcatcher incident happened has been as quiet as a church mouse.

Since the DAP credo is ‘Do not spook the Malays’ and the dogcatcher involved is a Malay, it is unsurprising that DAP lips are tightly zipped, and that Malaysiakini downplayed the news too.

Some random dude on Twitter named Rahmat Amran tweeted “Kau dah buat perangai macam samseng, kau jerut kepala uncle tua macam kau buat dekat anjing. Sekarang nak charge dia pula?”

My apology to Rahmat for calling him a ‘random dude’. His Twitter account does not have a blue checkmark.

Nonetheless, Rahmat’s tweet (see below) has registered 422,000 views. Therefore, what he said about the “samseng” behaviour of MBPJ must have resonated with a wide swathe of the public, ya?

May I ask Malaysiakini if it has put its ideological allegiance to the DAP ahead of its news sense?



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