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Pakatan has ruled S’gor 15 years already

For fully fifteen years and three weeks, to be more precise. Pakatan Rakyat first won Selangor in GE12 which was held on 8 March 2008.

May I humbly ask Selangor dog lovers if life has improved for pooches in their state as compared to before 2008.

Petaling Jaya MP Lee Chean Chung has “urged MBPJ’s internal investigation to be conducted fairly, transparently and without fear or favour”.

So why has 69-year-old Patrick Khoo (pictured below, standing left) been so swiftly charged in court when the MBPJ internal investigation – if concluded – has not even been made known to the public as yet?

This Chinese MP from PKR is “deeply concerned” about the alleged MBPJ assault this week — see @cheanchung tweet above.

His colleagues from DAP, however, appear less deeply concerned as their silence is thunderous.

YB Lee represents PJ which is a non-Malay majority area where homeless dogs are brutally captured.

And where an elderly uncle trying to block their capture was charged yesterday and where, if he is found guilty, can be jailed for up to two years.

So dear PJ residents, do beware that something similar could happen to you. And your dear DAP Adun will be similarly as quiet as a church mouse although your MP (who is PKR) will express his “solidarity” with your plight.

‘Solidarity’ is all well and good but can the Harapan MP explain why the federal government – which is led by his party PKR – is charging Uncle Khoo but not the aggressive MBPJ dogcatcher.

In his March 30 media statement, YB Lee acknowledged: “Clearly, this incident has exposed the flaws in the procedures adopted by MBPJ in stray animal management”.

The ‘flaws’ have clearly been there since 2008. Pakatan – which comprises Lee’s party and their ‘don’t-spook-the-Malays’ DAP ally – have controlled PJ and ruled Selangor more than 15 years. What have they done in their time in power to fix the problem and stop their inhumanity to stray dogs?

YB Lee said further: “The public authority should show consideration, high level of professionalism, care and compassion to all humans as well as animals during their work with the public, as well as being in line with MBPJ’s mission towards a community caring governance”.

Question: Did the Pakatan Harapan appointed local council (MBPJ) “show consideration” in the Uncle Khoo vs dogcatcher case — as YB Lee has said they should?

Question: Did MBPJ display a “high level of professionalism” as YB Lee stated?

Question: Did MBPJ hint at any “care and compassion” as YB Lee has said they’re required to provide to “all humans as well as animals during their work with the public”?

Last question: Do Selangor voters believe that MBPJ has any “mission towards a community caring governance” as YB Lee has claimed?

Harapan talks a good game but the reality on the ground is quite the opposite, isn’t it?

In his conclusion, YB Lee called for “a ‘whole-of-society’ approach in formulating new approaches so that pet lovers, animal right activists, local authority and relevant agencies/individuals can contribute in meaningful ways to create a more inclusive and civilized spaces for human beings as well as animals in Petaling Jaya”.


Big, heavy, sad sad sigh.

NGOs that do not have any governmental clout usually ‘call for’ this and that. Activists who do not hold any positions of authority also ‘call for’ this and that.

A Yang Berhormat who has a seat in Dewan Rakyat as a member of the ruling party can surely do better than merely call for “new approaches” and more “meaningful ways” to resolve the issue.

After all, his party ruling in Selangor had 15 years already to implement different approaches and improved ways. Selangor is after all our country’s richest state too with the brightest and bestest people (Dapsters) residing in it.

Lim Guan Eng previously accused PN of being exclusive because the opposition bloc has 72 Muslim MPs out of its total 74 MPs elected in the general election last November.

The unity government to which YB Lee belongs is, however, supposed to be the ‘inclusive’ political bloc with its many multiracial and multi-religious MPs.

PN’s Muslims MPs do not keep dogs but some of PH’s non-Muslim MPs presumably do. Have any of them done anything for the dogs here?

If dogs in non-Malay majority PJ still cannot enjoy “a more inclusive and civilized spaces” created for them by the multikulti Selangor gomen after 15 years, then how is the PH state gomen any better than an untried PN gomen-in-waiting?

Put this question to your dog if you have a four-footed companion at home.


Yesterday I mentioned that the abused female dog was injured because a Chinese youth in Skudai had set it on fire.

In the picture above, the dog’s foreleg can also be seen to be bandaged. The suspected “lelaki Cina” abuser had also hit the dog repeatedly with an iron rod.

It looks like YB Lee of PJ needs to take his “whole-of-society” compassionate approach down south to Skudai, Johor too.



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7 thoughts on “Pakatan has ruled S’gor 15 years already

  1. Aiyoo ! Aiyoo ! These YBs have no brains eh ? The solution is so simple. It is beyond belief. Just change the dog-catchers to those who love dogs ! Just change the cat-catchers to those who love cats. Just change the doctors and nurses to those who love patients. In our disparate society we must find a way to please all. No need to talk and talk on a matter of life and death for the animals and human beings ! No wonder our Deputy Minister was unprepared. No wonder another planned a tour of the churches when the youths should be encouraged to appreciate the beauty of our fauna and flora in our beloved Malaysia. All these fellows DO NOT THINK AND DO NOT SEE IN A COUNTRY WHICH REQUIRES ALL TO BE CONSIDERATE TO PLEASE ALL ie. a person must see (not look) and think to be considerate to all.! Acheh !

    1. Why should a Minister waste precious time and become a 4 minute sports newscaster ? This fellow began with setting up a nursery complete with milk bottles and pacifiers in the Dewan Rakyat on her first day in 2018. Her last adventure was for youths to visit churches which created a storm in her tea cup. Now she will be appearing regularly in a 4 minute sports newscast to report on the poor state of the sports and the youths under her care. For her its not the substance but the presentation ! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels.

      1. Uncle,

        You mean the DAP’s J-star YB who was also Speaker of Dewan Undangan Selangor during PH’s second term.

        1. The fellow is like an amoeba which changes personality all the time. Such creatures can only exist in Malaysia nowhere else.

          1. We Malaysian Chinese should be careful for whom we support. We should put up serious and qualified YBs to represent us seriously. In recent days, a Chinese Deputy Minister was mocked for being unprepared and her colleague was stopped dead in her tracks leading youths to visit a church. In her frustration, she now appears as a 4 minute sports newscaster reporting the sad state of Malaysian sports. As it is, we have not only fakes by the dozens but also Chinese clowns to add to the Malaysian Political circus. It is time, all Rakyat especially these Chinese clowns put ourselves to the wheel of success because when the time comes, no one will help us. Especially we now have a NORMAL and CAPABLE Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to lead us out of the deep corruption and chicanery.

  2. The whole Selangor State is now dotted all over by huge ugly and brooding concrete structures as far as the eye could see. How many are these buildings empty ? No wonder a VVIP had to call Singapore for help ! At the end of the day, it’s the banks which take the rap ! OMG !

  3. Just as I was pointing out the many huge and black buildings dotted all over Selangor and ye olde KL, the Deputy Minister for Local Government and Housing reported with tongue in cheek that the huge overhang of unsold residential units have now been reduced to 27,746 units worth RM 18.41 billions as at December 2022 ! No wonder our dear VVIP Minister for Local Government and Housing, a Dato Neigh rushed to his nearest and dearest, Singapore, seeking urgent help. This phenomenon is a recent Malaysian discovery whereby the higher the density of a plot of land, the more value may be appraised to it. This all began when the Selangor Turf Club sold its huge and valuable land to a penniless fellow from Brickfields for only RM 330 millions and he whipped it up to the high heavens to create RM 1.3 billions out of nothing with no sweat at all but only the hand of ‘god’ on his frail shoulders. Years later, he told me how clever he was as if I did not know the full and true story as told to me by the late Chairman of the Selangor Turf Club. It’s a small, small World. Who pays for the so called ‘mismanagement’ of these deserted giant projects ? The banks, of course ! It seems even the National Trust EPF is now in play in the desperate search for money to cover the real ‘government’ money squirreled away to the 4 corners of the Earth from the Land of the Rising Sun to the Home of the Brave and the Free. We Malaysians certainly know how to look after our money. With the ingenuity of this penniless Brickfields fellow, the stage was set for all to copy-cat his creation of wealth blessed by the hand of ‘god’ as he claimed, with no effort. Every morning when I looked out of the window, I see the complete vista of 21st Century ye old KL of many high-rise buildings – a picture of greed and abuse. 25 years ago, Dato Tan Chin Nam to me that Putrajaya took away many tenants from KL when there were very few high rise buildings in a place not known for trading activities. Hence, the empty commercial buildings not mentioned by the Deputy Minister must be as many as the unsold residential units which statistics revealed only half the true story ! As Chin Kee Onn wrote ‘ Malaya Upside Down’ in 1947.

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