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Najib ends, Zahid begins, DAP spins & spins

Two days ago, Najib lost his bid to review the Federal Court decision (which rejected his final appeal). And so he stays in jail.

For more than two decades, DAP had been attacking Najib as corrupt. Before 1MDB, there was the 2002 Scorpene scandal.

Najib was PM from 2009 to May 2018. He was defence minister (1999 – 2008) when a deal was signed to buy the submarines which DAP derided as unsinkable subs, i.e. unable to dive.

In November 2018, a few months after Najib lost his premiership, he was investigated by MACC for bribery over the Scorpene purchase.

As late as April 2022, DAP was still calling on our authorities to dig deeper into the Scorpene affair.

Also last year, the DAP wanted to know why Malaysia is buying littoral combat ships (LCS) from those same folks who make Scorpenes.

DAP senator Liew Chin Tong, who was the then Deputy Defence Minister, said Zahid had approved the LCS project in 2011 when the latter was Defence Minister.

In DAP eyes, Najib had made problematic decisions when he was Defence Minister. In DAP eyes as well, Zahid also made problematic decisions when he was Defence Minister.

For the PN-BN administration, Zahid was considered irredeemably problematic and thus excluded from PM8 Muhyiddin’s cabinet.

For the BN-PN administration, Zahid was considered problematic too, and similarly excluded from PM9 Ismail Sabri’s cabinet.

Most notably, Zahid was not the campaign ‘poster boy’ when BN went into battle for GE15.

Yet for PMX Anwar’s cabinet, Zahid is considered a glittering asset and deserving to be DPM (I). This despite his leading Umno to the party’s worst electoral loss in history.

Twenty years ago, DAP was screaming “Umno corrupt”. Ten years ago, DAP was screaming “Umno corrupt” even louder. Only one year ago until November 2022, DAP was still loudly screaming “Umno corrupt”.

Last December, however, DAP suddenly stopped screaming “Umno corrupt”. And since then, DAP has become the staunchest ally of the unchallenged Umno president.

Nothing is impossible in politics. And the impossible is nothing for DAP spin.



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17 thoughts on “Najib ends, Zahid begins, DAP spins & spins

  1. I am never tired of telling every one that our beloved Malaysia is the BEST country in the World unlike tiny bite sized impoverished but rich Singapore which deliberately set up a humongous Ministry of Information staffed by bitter Penangites to service all manner of surveyors who dropped by the tiny State of only 3.5 million citizens. For years, our leaders have submitted we were a small fry compared to Singapore because these leaders did not use their brains to think and surrendered submissively. STUPID. Our beloved Malaysia beats tiny Singapore on every count. Now that we have a NORMAL PRIME MINISTER with impeccable credentials and a cosmopolitan view of the World, to compare Malaysia and Singapore is like comparing cheese and chalk ! In reality, what made Singapore survived so long until its Lee Kuan Yew’s Legacy was shredded to bits by the Covid, Ukraine War, US-Sino tensions etc was the fact that Lee Kuan Yew had a Plan B to exit Malaysia after joining it in 1963. This Plan B is obvious to all who followed the ways and means of Lee Kuan Yew. The US wanted Singapore badly in 1962. Lee Kuan Yew had a deal with the US which guaranteed its existence during the Cold War. Not only that, Uncle Sam blessed Singapore with the Cold War Trades exclusively. Like this there was no more raison d’etre for Singapore to remain in Malaysia. Lee Kuan Yew created some chaos in KL which was the reason for him to exit KL by August 1965. Man proposes. God disposes. Lee Kuan Yew did not see this. By March 2020, his Legacy was in shambles. By March 2023, Singapore could not be better than Malaysia and Spain in the eyes of Beijing. She had to invest in Chungking and more in Guangdong to be closer to China. What about Singapore’s long time US Democratic buddy, the US ? How are the Americans going to react as Singapore moved closer to Daddy ? My feeling is Singapore has now been discarded as irrelevant by the Americans who focused on Thailand as the key in their strategic geo-political thinking -taking a page from the World War II invasion of Thailand and Malaysia by the Imperial Japanese Army which neutered the fortress Singapore in no time at all. Hence, the forthcoming Thai GE in May 2023 will be significant. And the Isthmus of Kra Canal will only be built when the Americans retreat from the western Pacific ! From now on, the Foreign Ministries of Thailand and Malaysia will work overtime. But Malaysia being not only the most strategic geo-politically in ASEAN but the World will be Cat’s whiskers to all and sundry. IT IS AT THIS PIVOTAL POINT OR MOMENT IN THE DESTINY OF OUR WORLD’S BEST MALAYSIA THAT WE HAVE A NORMAL PRIME MINISTER WITH AN IMPECCABLE RECORD AND A COSMOPOLITAN VIEW OF THE WORLD. The only Prime Minister – like this since Tun Hussein Onn 1976-1980 ! On Tun Hussein Onn, we were actually residing at the same place in Dehra Dun, India in 1942 where he was training to be an officer. I was 7 years old. In 1975, we met at Tun Tan Siew Sin’s house. Tan Sri Taib Andak was also there. Tun Hussein Onn was humble and easy to converse with. We were there because Tun Tan Siew Sin made a scene that day at the EGM to gain control of Sime Darby PLC. With the demise of Tun Abdul Razak in April 1975, Tun Tan made his move to be Chairman of Sime Darby PLC by shouting that the Malay ultras were behind this EGM. All present were shocked at his eagerness to be the Chairman because the late Tun Abdul Razak and YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah had earmarked another person to be the Chairman. Later, he gained the support of the Prime Minister Tun Hussein Onn. Tun Tan Siew Sin was left out of all the proceedings prior to the take-over of Sime Darby PLC by the Malays as he committed the unforgivable faux pas of withdrawing from the Alliance at 2.30 pm on 13 May 1969 and he was seen to be pro-British. History is the finest arbiter of the truth. History aside, all of us were waiting for Tun Tan’s promise of a fine chicken a’la king dinner ordered from the Royal Lake Club. Suddenly, Tun Tan said that we would have a dinner of fresh fried eggs from his gardener’s chicken ! Indeed, it was a most memorable day for all of us !

    1. Yes, Sir Ssl ! A Normal Prime Minister with impeccable credentials by WORLD STANDARDS ! The last was Tun Hussein Onn 1975-1980. Before this was Tun Abdul Razak. 1970-1975 And the first was the Tunku- 1957-1969.

      1. Ssl. After his life- long journey to be the Prime Minister of our beloved Malaysia and at the age of 72+, it s unlikely DSAI will steal from the Public coffers. However, by administrating the country normally, thus saving Democracy, there is every chance the World’s glory and untold honours will be bestowed on him like the Nobel Prize for Peace. The Philippines was the first and China, second. Is’nt what all Malaysians want after decades of daylight robbery at the top ?

        1. I just hope you are right Sir.

          I have my doubts & I hope I’m wrong.

          Good luck to our PM.🙏

          1. Ssl. Sir ! I am a Constitutionalist since 1954 never a Communalist. I have seen at the top the Administrations of the Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Tun Hussein Onn and TDM From 2004 – 2022, the Governments became exclusive. As the only qualified epidemiologist trained in the same Cambridge lab as the famous Dr Wu Lien Teh and by the US Army Medical Research Unit Walter Reed Hospital, Washington DC, I offered my services but was ignored. The Hong Kong Government accepted the same in one week with a note of appreciation by the Governor herself. Malaysia ended up with 2,000,000 Covid-19 cases and over 200,000 deaths. And many unnecessary lock-downs. Also, THREE GENS OF REAL MALAY ELITES SELF-IMMOLATED ! 1. 1970-1981. The BMF Gen. 2. 1981-2003. The Renong Gen. 3. 2004 – 2023 The 1MDB Gen. Hence, DSAI offers the last hope for our beloved Malaysia to recover its NORMAL stance. Now he is the only Malay leader who is NORMAL, with an impeccable record and a cosmopolitan view of the World ! Hence, my comments. I agree with you Ssl. THE PROOF OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING. Let us all hope for the very best from DSAI. It’s now or never !

            1. Ssl. Not only that, I sincerely hope DSAI rebuilds the phalanx of real Malay elites to bolster not only the present Unity Government but the future ones as well. Apart from just 2 Chinese Ministers who fit the bill, the others are just clowns. We are now inundated by clowns, fakes, copy-cats, playboys, fellow travellers, liars, charlatans, etc because the revered Constitution stipulates the Malays lead the show without which the non-Malay elites will just sit on their backsides twiddling their thumbs. This is what the Constitution is about as safeguarded by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong and his fellow Royal Sultans. Every major country has elitist institutions for grooming the elites eg. India – Dehra Dun, New Delhi, Bangalore. China- Tsingtao, Beijing U and many others. United States – Ivy League and think tanks. United Kingdom – Oxbridge, London U. France – Her Ecoles in Paris. Japan – Tokyo U., Keio U, Nomura Institute etc. If our beloved Malaysia wants to move up as one of 4 important small countries of the World which is just a whisper away being the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Malaysia but not 3.5 million population tiny Singapore, DSAI may start from scratch and build our future bolstered by REAL Malay elites not fakes, clowns, copy-cats, playboys, fellow travellers, liars, charlatans etc. There is no other way but the hard or difficult way.

  2. See the fortune which God has bestowed on our Honourable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ! The eagerness of great nations to assist him to get our beloved Malaysia on her feet again in since 1981 ! The World recognizes a good man very rapidly these days. It is time for his team to stop their clownish and childish antics of visiting churches by non-Malay youths and should spend precious time learning skills which will contribute to their future like going to Oxford. Look at Singapore today ! A further contraction in their manufacturing activities for export as reported today ! This has happened before the real World r4ecession has even begun. I reckon if the Fed just raises another 50 basis points, the whole of the US economy will go into reverse. This is the bare fact which tiny Singapore faces. Yet with nothing but only their loin cloths, they brazenly shout that SINGAPORE IS WORLD’S BEST ! The fact is now we Malaysians can now shout louder as the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD GIVEN THE NORMAL MALAY LEADERSHIP AS LED BY OUR HONOURABLE PRIME MINISTER DATO SERI ANWAR IBRAHIM ! Our beloved Malaysia inhabited by the best peoples, blessed by natural resources in a fantastic strategic geo-political location in the World! Where else but Malaysia ? Courtesy Shangri-La Hotels. Hence, we are given this chance as led by a NORMAL MALAY LEADER DSAI who will show us the Way back to Normalcy from the stink of corruption and abuse. He will clean up the Augean stables. Like this, our Honorable Prime Minister Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim has SAVED DEMOCRACY IN OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA for all time. I certainly view the fact that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a strong candidate for the NOBEL PRIZE FOR PEACE. A peaceful revolutionary for Democracy and Peace without resorting to the sword. What is better than this in the turbulent World of today ? His biggest Policy moment was to review ALL THE MONOPOLIES OF OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA ! This was where the stink first began ! We must all support him 100% ! No more. No less ! Peace, Harmony, Prosperity will now return as surely as the sun rises to this happy land, called Malaysia ! Acheh !

    1. Uncle,

      I disagree with your characterization of Anwar as ‘normal’.

      His past criminal cases in court implicated a behavioural feature that is “di luar tabii”.

      1. Madam, There are 2 standards. The local and the international . By international standards, he is classified as NORMAL and accepted as the norm by the West. One of them my distant relative in Australia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Private and public local feelings aside, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Today, DSAI said ‘ Power is Trust, not privilege.’ No one said this since 1981 ! I support his momentous Policy to review all MONOPOLIES absolutely. Also, no Malay Leader dare to review this since 1981 ! You are still not aware Malaysia is a desert for true Malay elites as a result we tread on egg shells all the time ? At this fragile moment, we cannot be too choosy because there is none other to choose from ! I do not know what you think of my OZ relative. But I do hope all will realize that it is time for all of us to move on and build a GREAT AND WORLD’S BEST MALAYSIA. Strangely, but now even World’s Best tiny Singapore will agree. Lest you forget, Madam ! Our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong has pardoned DSAI with the support of TDM ! Remember ? So, we all start with a clean slate, you, me and all ! Acheh ! Malaysia Boleh !

        1. Uncle,

          I’m aware that Australia Foreign Minister Penny Wong is LGBT. She might be ‘normal’ by Western standards but Malaysia is not a Western country for their standards to apply here.

          In a conservative Muslim country, a homosexual is considered not normal.

          1. Madam, You and me have not been appointed to be a judge of many things. But if we cross the line, only you and me may be the only ones qualified to be the Prime Minister in a biological sense. However, it’s a fantasy or joke ! Please also remember the theft of the National a#Assets since 1981, NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CHARGED OR JAILED. – From the venerable Sime Darby (it’s worth only US 50 cents a share) to the stamps licker in the Government Offices according to the Accountant General. Do you realize because of the continuous leakage of MONEY from all quarters since 1981, our Ringgit, 1972-1981 which used to be ONE RINGGIT = SG DOLLAR 1:03 has become ONE RINGGIT = SG DOLLAR 3:30. In other words, those responsible in safeguarding our Ringgit did not do their duties but were part of it eg 1981 – 2022. Not only that, we now pay RM 9 per char kway teow instead of RM 3 or for nasi lemak, RM 3.50 instead of 75 sens ! This is what it means when no one is charged, no one goes to jail. We ALL PAY AND PAY FOR THEIR FREEDOMS AND HUGE US DOLLAR DEPOSITS OVERSEAS ! However, our beloved Malaysia practices Asian values to the extreme. According to the diplomats, ‘ The Americans easily forget (Trump). The British try not to forget (Boris Johnson), The French never forget (Mali). The Chinese never never forget (President Xi). The Malaysians forgive and forget (All Malaysians). How true, Madam ? Fortunately, DSAI happens to be the Honourable Prime Minster of our beloved Malaysia at this critical juncture blessed no less by our wise, caring and compassionate Yang Di Pertuan Agong TO PUT OUR BELOVED MALAYSIA IN ORDER IN A DEMOCRATIC MANNER. He is NORMAL (by international standards) and NORMAL (by local standards) – pardoned by our Yang di Pertuan Agong with TDM’s support. Please remember I am a CONSTITUTIONALIST never a Communalist. Therefore I support DSAI in the National Interest for the betterment of our beloved Malaysia which Rakyat has suffered SO MUCH IN THIS LAND OF PLENTY ! Quote Deng Xiao Peng,’ It does not matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice !’ Acheh ! As a matter of clarification, when I mentioned NORMAL (behaviour), it is relation TO THE FACT THAT HE HAS NOT COMMITTED TO STEALING THE NATIONAL ASSETS FROM THE NATIONAL COFFERS. Those who did were not NORMAL ( behaviour). Sorry to say you thought in a biological sense of the word. I TOOK IT FROM A PSYCHOLOGICAL SENSE. In other words, those who stole National Assets are not only ABNORMAL BUT FIT FOR TANJONG RAMBUTAN considering the fact they had so much POWER and MONEY AT THEIR COMMAND. Yet, they wanted more and more to satiate their appetites ! Here is a point for you Madam to monitor on DSAI. TO BE EFFECTIVE, DSAI MUST’ FOLLOW UP’ AND ‘FOLLOW UP’ ON HIS POLICIES because we Malaysians are famous for doing nothing by saying, ‘NO PROBLEM’. Madam, you speak English ? Finally, what I always said consistently is in relation to the CONSTITUTION.

            1. Anwar is the ultimate tin kosong.

              You’ll be disappointed pinning your hopes on him, Uncle. Of this I’m sure.

              1. Madam. As a born optimist like all other doctors, we all hope to save lives 100%. But in practice, it’s God’s Will which over-rides us. However, may I kindly ask you whether you have any other alternative to DSAI ?

    1. But so far his Policies tell a different story. To be successful, DSAI must follow up, follow up and follow up on his Policies. He can never assumes his flunkeys to do the work for him ! In the case of a recent Prime Minister who lost his throne, I could not get near this fellow for 2 years because his phalanxes of hangers-on were thicker than the Great Wall of China. That’s a given, Madam !

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